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Ya sea una campo suelto o una página completa, Custom Content Shortcode es un grupo de comandos para mostrar el contenido de tu página donde lo necesites.

Con el shortcode [content] se pueden mostrar cualquiera de los siguientes elementos: entradas, páginas, tipos de contenido personalizados (CPTs), campos personalizados (postmeta), imágenes, menús y zonas de widgets.

El shortcode [loop] realiza bucles de consultas. Puede, por ejemplo, mostrar los productos de una categoría, o los extractos de los 5 productos más recientes. Las consultas se pueden realizar usando parámetros como: tipo de contenido, taxonomía, fecha, y campos personalizados (postmeta).

Puedes leer la documentación en Ajustes -> Custom Content


Here are some of the included features:

  • Dispone de un gran número de parámetros para mostrar el contenido de tu página.
  • Muestra contenidos en función del valor de un campo, de si el usuario ha iniciado sesión, etc.
  • Vista general de la estructura de contenidos de tu página
  • Rutas relativas para enlaces e imágenes
  • Cachear los resultados de una consulta.
  • Opcional: campo de galería, detección de dispositivos móviles, matemáticas

Compatibile con otros plugins: Advanced Custom Fields, WCK Fields and Post Types


  • Documentation and examples
  • Content overview page
  • Gallery field


  1. Install & activate from Plugins -> Add New
  2. See: Settings -> Custom Content



It’s a rich and well conceived plugin. If you need some of these features, this is the best.

A perfect utility

A perfect utility, we can make other plugins dynamic with "Custom Content Shortcode" is an indispensable plugin.

Depth of functionality is amazing!

The first WP plugin that actually _amazed_ me. I created a account just to be able to leave this review. IMO this plugin + Custom Post Type UI + Advanced Custom Fields are the only things you need to make _any_ information structure in WordPress, without having to code php templates. (or Custom Post Types WCK, I only have experience with Custom Post Type UI) The volume of functionality in this, at first glance simple, shortcode plugin is astounding. The developer truely understands what programming tools are all about. The ability to sort, filter, have exceptions, nest, loop etc is what is lacking in 90% of other plugins. The first shortcode plugin that does not trade in user friendliness and integration with other plugins for flexibility or functionality. Detailed documentation as well. I come from a Drupal+Views background and the lack of a powerful, native Views-like functionality in WP has frustrated me, but no longer. Highly recommended. Suggestions: - The documentation, while correct and extensive, is organised a little bit confusing, I had to poke around and experiment. It could do with a clearer structure of examples/use cases.

State of the art conception. An essential plugin.

Custom Content Shortcode is THE way to go to take control of your WordPress installation if you cannot modify the source code, either because you cannot access it (eg. if your site is hosted on, or because you simply don't want to. These shortcodes are perfectly well thought and designed, they are just coherent and consistent all the way. It just feels like they are a native feature of WordPress. Combine with custom post type plugins like WCK and ACF to unlock the full power of WP, without the need to modify a single source file. The provided documentation is handy and enough to get started. Suggestion: There should be a way to list the installation's available post types and fields, right in the documentation section. That would be very handy. Tip: enabling the "Raw" option in the plugin settings will allow you to effectively disable the WordPress formatter where needed in order to do absolutely anything you need within WordPress pages and posts, with complete control over the output by using HTML, CSS and shortcodes from this plugin. Thanks for this plugin and for maintaining it!
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Registro de cambios


  • Pass: Allow passing user fields that are arrays or objects – thanks to @jrevillini
  • Improve compatibility with PHP 5.3


  • Compatibility with WP 5.0.2 and PHP 7.2
  • Improve support and documentation for shortcodes inside HTML attributes


  • [link] – Add parameter download; set “true” or file name


  • [if user_field contains] – Support searching multiple user fields
  • [related] – Support ACF relational type users
  • [related user_field] – Support related posts from a user field


  • [if image] – Check correct current post when inside [related]


  • [related] – Add parameter offset to skip the first X number of posts
  • [if] – Improve logic to count repeater fields


  • [each] – Add default field count for each term’s post count


  • [if] – Add parameter count for field value array, such as relationship fields
  • [if] – Improve field=content,excerpt with parameter contains
  • [is] – Allow nested
  • Content overview: cleaner list of shortcodes


  • [loop], [loopage] – Add parameter query to use custom query variable for pagination


  • [user] – Add field registered and parameter format (“relative” or custom format)
  • Settings – Add option to enable shortcodes in widget title


  • [format] – Add parameters split and part; handle field values of number type in list
  • [attached] – Add field download-url, to get URL to actual PDF file instead of generated preview image
  • [url register] – URL to registration form under wp-login
  • [pass] – Add parameter trim=all to remove all white space, new lines, tabs
  • ACF [related] – Add parameters start and count
  • Improve use of content filter with other plugins; support for Beaver Themer in progress


  • Minor fixes in reference pages