WP Markdown Editor (Formerly Dark Mode)


If you want to quickly edit content in WordPress without thinking about blocks, WP Markdown Editor is the perfect choice for you! Get an immersive, peaceful and natural writing experience with the coolest editor – WP Markdown Editor.
Whether you are a Markdown fan or newbie as a Markdown writer, you will love WP Markdown Editor. This is the simplest plugin for a developer to write content in WordPress.

El uso de la tecnología durante la noche puede tener un efecto negativo en tu vista. WP Markdown Editor también oscurecerá los colores de tu escritorio de administración, lo que te facilitará el trabajo nocturno.

Use WP Markdown Editor plugin to create a stunning dark version for your WordPress admin dashboard. Dark Mode works automatically as per their preferred operating system preference.

WP Markdown Editor (Formerly Dark Mode) Features

  • Typography Settings – You can change the typography of your editor screen, using four different fonts, and controls for font size, line height, line width, and paragraph spacing.
  • Ready-made Color Schema – Quickly choose your favourite color from the ready-made color schema available in WP Markdown. Highlight and edit your content the way you want.
  • Syntax Shortcuts – A Markdown cheat sheet is available for you which shows other keyboard shortcuts for heading, formatting and the interface.
  • Emoji Supported – You can make your content more interactive and attractive with emojis. WP Markdown supports all types of emojis in your write up.
  • Custom Colors – You can customize the background text and color as you want with the custom color feature of our WP Markdown. Pick the color schema of your preference and make it yours!
  • Makes it easy and fast – formatting in WordPress without thinking about the blocks.
  • Dark Mode Switch – You can toggle between the dark and light mode using the admin bar dark mode switch menu anytime.
  • Auto Match OS Theme – Automatically shows Darkmode if the OS preferred theme is dark.
  • Remember Dark Mode – The dark mode remains saved once you activated the dark mode.

¿Cómo se usa?

After activating the plugin, a new row action Edit (Markdown) will be added in the post/ page table row actions.
For editing any page/ post with the markdown editor, you need to click the Edit (Markdown) button in the post/ page row actions.
Then you will redirect to the Markdown editor and can start editing with the markdown syntax.
You can find the Markdown editor shortcuts by clicking the keyboard icon at the right-bottom side of the editor.

You can see a Dark mode switch added to the admin bar menu.
You can toggle between the dark and light mode by using that switch any time.

Politica de privacidad

WP Markdown Editor usa el SDK de Appsero para recopilar algunos datos de telemetría después de la confirmación del usuario. Esto nos ayuda a diagnosticar más rápidamente los problemas y a hacer mejoras en el producto.

Por defecto, el SDK de Appsero no recopila ningún dato. El SDK solo empieza a recopilar datos básicos de telemetría cuando un usuario lo permite a través del aviso de administración. Recopilamos los datos para asegurar una gran experiencia de usuario para todos nuestros usuarios.

La integración del SDK de Appsero NO EMPIEZA INMEDIATAMENTE a recopilar datos, en ningún caso, sin la confirmación de los usuarios.

Aprende más sobre cómo Appsero recopila y usa estos datos.


  • WP Markdown Editor in default color.
  • Ready-made Color Schema.
  • Color customizing options.
  • Typography customizing options.
  • WP Markdown Editor More options.
  • WP Markdown Editor Settings.
  • WP Markdown Editor shortcuts.
  • Dark Mode Switch Button.
  • Admin Dashboard in Dark Mode.


¿Qué hace este plugin?

You can write and edit content easily in WordPress without thinking about blocks and hassle of formatting with WP Markdown. It also brings a dark mode flavour for you!

How can I get familiar with the commands for using the plugin?

A Markdown cheat sheet is available for you which shows other keyboard shortcuts for heading, formatting and the interface.

Is there enough color available in it to highlight my content?

Yes, choose your favourite color from the ready-made color schema available in WP Markdown. You can also customize the colors for highlighting the background and image of your content.

Does it support emojis?

Yes, WP Markdown supports all types of emojis in your write up.

Is this plugin compatible with all modern browsers?

Yes, We have tested this plugin in all modern browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc) works without any issue.

Do I need to know any programming language for using this plugin?

WP Markdown is a developer’s way of writing content. Developers or coding folks will love it. But even if you are a newbie, you can easily use the plugin once the commands are familiar for you.


31 de mayo de 2021
I liked this plugin back then when it was just called Dark Mode. It used to be a small and effective extension and did what it was expected to do. I wouldn't care if someone took it over or the original authors decided to take a new direction, but along with all the bloat it's getting, it is also becoming increasingly obtrusive. It's now throwing popups and reminders all over the place, and if it wasn't enough they started to periodically spam your mailbox with the same meaningless messages. No other extension does this and I've tried a few. So here's my rating. I appreciate all your hard work guys but you are just being too much lately. There's plenty of competition for this plugin and they are right now what Dark Mode was a couple years ago. I switched to one of them and I'm not looking back. You might want to reconsider your marketing strategy or whatever you call it.
22 de mayo de 2021
Another case of someone buying an abandoned plugin to take advantage of its large userbase and completely repurposing it for a quick and easy profit. Stay away!
4 de mayo de 2021
Me encanta, me ayuda a mantener la vista relajada y trabajar por horas
6 de abril de 2021
WP Markdown is a dodgy plugin - they will use your data for to spam your your private dashboard. Avoid this plugin.
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Version History


  • Update: Updated the FluenCRM webhook


  • Fix: Fixed the dark mode flicker issue


  • Fix: Fixed sanitization using proper sanitize, escaping functions


  • Update: Removing Markdown functionality from the plugin. Giving proper credits to Iceberg plugin which we forked to enable the Markdown functionality. Markdown functionality has been moved to premium version only because of the WordPress plugin team’s guideline


  • Update: Restore old darkmode algorithm
  • New: Added new fonts
  • New: Added music components


  • New: Added Settings Page


  • Fix: Fixed OS Aware Darkmode


  • Fix: Fixed Christmas Offer Notice


  • Fix: Fixed WordPress 5.6 Compatibility


  • Fix: Make Darkmode as Default Theme of the editor


  • Fix: Fixed the classic editor dark mode
  • New: Add color palettes for Gutenberg editor
  • New: Add Dark Mode color theme to Markdown editor.


  • New: Write post/ page with markdown syntax (Markdown Editor)
  • New: Add admin bar switch menu
  • New: Add OS aware dark mode
  • Remove: Removed the Dark Mode checkbox from the user profile settings


  • Nuevo: Añadida compatibilidad parta el plugin RankMath


  • Nuevo: Añadidos esquemas de color del editor Gutenberg
  • Nuevo: Añadida la integración de Appsero


  • Estilo: corregido un problema de estilo con las subidas de medios y el escritorio de salud del sitio.
  • Corrección de fallo: permitir que el plugin sea instalado en cualquier directorio, en lugar de forzar dark-mode
  • Varios: actualizaciones del estilo del código PHPCS.
  • Varios: eliminados los archivos CSS no usados.
  • Varios: actualizaciones de la documentación.

3.2 – March 15, 2019

  • Actualizado el autor y los enlaces de GitHub.
  • Eliminada la constante PLUGIN_VERSION. Ahora, la versión del plugin se obtiene dinámicamente, por lo que no es necesario actualizarla manualmente.