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25 de julio de 2018
I'm used to using Backup and Migrate module in Drupal - and this has some of those same simple free features. All I wanted was to do database backups and I build versions of my site. Darwin saved me when I had to revert to one of those earlier structures (I was building custom content types in POD) and the content migration tool I used screwed up of all PODs! I wasn't expecting PODs to be so breakable - but thank goodness I was able to click the restore links on my backups until i found the one with the pre-migration POD setup. One thing that would make this plugin nicer is if we could Name the version - or add a note - but other wise if people take a little time to try it out - they will see this is the most straightforward backup tool on Wordpress right now - and not secretly hitting you up for the PRO paid version. Good work!
30 de enero de 2017
I had an issue with my backup files downloading from FTP with FileZilla incorrectly but after changing filezilla to Binary only everything works perfectly and it's so easy and free. Support was the best and fastest ever. highly recommended +++
9 de enero de 2017 1 respuesta
I have purchased licenses from two of the most popular backup plugins to pay for the ability to migrate using them. They work. They are also somewhat finicky when it comes down to restoring or migrating. But, indeed, they do work. However, Darwin is pure genius. Simple. Reliable. Easy to set and forget. Aleksandr is working on off-server storage of the backups to AWS as I understand it and that is the only "feature" missing from this plugin. Even so, currently you can get the backup link emailed to you, copy it to the clipboard,or download the backup from the admin end of WordPress. You can also download the backup via ftp and store it in your favorite off-site cloud. So, you have options until the off-site storage feature is complete. To top it all off, IT REALLY IS FREE! ALL FEATURES! No paying for the extras. As to support, I have not experienced support as professional, thorough and prompt as Aleksandr provides. There are several plugin developers providing great support, but very few of those are as complete, timely, and helpful as Aleksandr. He communicates! Even if he doesn't have an immediate answer he will tell you so and when you can expect it. Aleksandr and Darwin Backup are the true cream of the crop. I am an independent Artist painting in oils. I developed my own site with WordPress and I have recieved NO compensation for what I wrote here. You can trust it to be true and written from personal experience.
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