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The Directorist plugin has just got even better with a new update. Meet New Directorist. It is now updated with a lot of new features like featured listings, basic monetization, listing expiration, improved design, email notifications, ability to add price field to a listing, ability to toggle any options and much more. Best directory plugin just got even better than before.

Full ChangeLog of recent releases:

Now let’s have a look at some of the features that make this plugin useful for your directory or classified website.

Beautiful & 100% Responsive Design

The design of Directorist plugin is very elegant and beautiful. Our dedicated designer spent countless hours to design the plugin before we developed it. So, the design of directorist plugin is highly premium that you can not find in any other directory plugins.

Besides, being the most beautiful directory plugin, it is also 100% responsive. So, your users can use your directory site from any devices perfectly.


Make a powerful and beautiful business directory or classified website with the world-first easiest business directory plugin.

There are many business directory plugins out there but none of them is as easy as this business directory plugin. Anyone can turn his website into a powerful and professional directory website with this plugin without having any programming skill.


We do not like to scare user with tons of settings and options. We have implemented a very clean and easily-understandable setting panel where a user can easily customize the plugins. This plugin is extremely fast and powerful and it can be extended with add-ons as per user choice.


You can let user promote their listings to featured listings and charge them for it. You can also charge user when they renew a listing. More monetization features are coming soon.


Featured listings you will be displayed on top of other listings. You may charge a user for it too if you want.


You can now set a default expiration date for a listing or you can set a listing expiration to forever validity.


Users can renew their listings now after listings expire


You can send email notifications to your users in different situations. You can control everything about email notification. You can edit all email templates according to your choice. You build your own email template too.


You can enable and disabled almost all options. Therefore, you get high customizable possibility with this plugin. For example, you can show or hide map on the front end etc.


You can make any business directory site using this plugin. You can also make classified websites like a car selling a website or a land selling website etc.


Directorist is developed using Object Oriented PHP and following WordPress Best Coding Practice. It has a highly optimized codebase. Therefore, it will run faster.


You may know it is very difficult to make a plugin’s design compatible with all themes because of the different layouts and markups different themes use. However, it is not a problem with Directorist. We have invested a lot of time on this plugin to make to 95-100% compatible with ANY WORDPRESS THEMES.


Maybe your theme is 99% compatible with our plugin. However, you want to get beyond that and want 100% compatibility. No problem. We have crafted a premium theme for this plugin and we are giving it for free to our valuable users of this plugin. Now making a modern and professional directory website is just a matter of some clicks.

You can build an amazing directory site like this plugin demo site. Download it from here:


You can extend the functionality of this plugin using free & premium extensions. It is also developer-friendly. Any developer can extend this plugin using different actions and filters provided by this plugin.


Directorist is not developed by a single person. A team of dedicated developers and designers spent countless hours to make this plugin and they are working on it constantly to improve it and to add new features. Therefore, you get the most professional directory plugin from us. As it is backed by a company, you will get premium support now and upcoming years without any worries.


  • Front-end listing submission ( can be disabled if you wish)
  • Front-end listing submission ( can be disabled if you wish)
  • Front-end user dashboard ( can be disabled if you wish)
  • Basic Monetization by featured listings
  • Ability to create classified websites as well as directory websites
  • Extremely customizable
  • Create Unlimited listing based on location and category
  • Unlimited Locations, Categories, and Tags
  • Related listings display
  • Popular listings display
  • Extendable with extensions
  • Ability to use your own custom slugs for every listing and its location and categories etc.
  • Google Map
  • Listing Ratings
  • Listing Reviews
  • Settings export and import
  • Extendable settings ( A developer can add his own settings to the settings page of Directorist using custom hooks provided by this plugins )
  • Display Business Hours for a listing using Business Hour Extension
  • Upload multiple Images and display them in a nice responsive slider using Multiple Image Upload extension.
  • And many more features.


  • Home page
  • Search result page
  • Single listing
  • Registration page
  • User dashboard
  • User profile
  • Add New listing (Backend)
  • Add New listing (Frontend)
  • Checkout page
  • Payment Receipt page
  • All Listings
  • All Listings
  • All listings List (Backend)
  • General Settings
  • Permalink Settings
  • Search Settings
  • Listing Settings
  • Page Settings
  • Extension General
  • Email General Settings
  • Email templates Settings
  • Monetization Settings
  • Gateway settings
  • Offline Gateway Settings
  • Export & Import Settings
  • Order History


  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file and upload the plugin folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory. Alternatively, upload from Plugins >> Add New >> Upload Plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin from the Plugins page.


After successfully installing and activating the plugin, you will find “Directory Listings” menu on the left column of WordPress dashboard. Go to Directory Listings >> Directorist settings and make sure you have added all the pages with correct shortcodes to the settings under pages,links&views settings. (Note: if you install the plugin for the first time then the plugin should already create all the pages automatically for you and assign their ids to the settings automatically. In that case, you just need to click save changes) Then you can add google map api key if you want to display map on the listing. Checkout other settings and customize them as you like. Then save the changes.

Now Go to Directory Listings >> Add New Listing to add your listing items. After adding your desired number of listings, you can check your website. If you have any problem understanding anything, you can always contact us via our website or here on wordpress support forum. We will be happy to help you.

This plugin provides 9 shortcodes. You can see these shortcode names on the directorist setting page > Pages, links & views settings.
Note: It is best to use it in a page with full-width template if possible for the best output.
1. Use this shortcode [search_listing] on any page to enable users to search all the listing. This shortcode should probably be used on your front page if you are making a directory listing website.
2. Use this shortcode [all_listing] on any page to show all the listings.
3. Use this shortcode [add_listing] on any page to enable users to submit listing from the front end.
4. Use this shortcode [user_dashboard] on any page to enable users to see and edit his profile and listing items from the front end.
5. Use this shortcode [custom_registration] on any page to enable users to register from the front end using custom forms.
6. Use this shortcode [search_result] on any page to display listing search result.
7. Use this shortcode [directorist_checkout] on any page to display directorist checkout functionality (required if you use monetization).
8. Use this shortcode [directorist_payment_receipt] on any page to display directorist payment receipt information (recommended if you use monetization).
9. Use this shortcode [transaction_failure] on any page to display transaction error of directorist (recommended if you use monetization).


Not compatible with Polylang

The plugin has nice features, but it is not 100% compatiblw with multilangue framework Polylang. If you use the pretty links of Polylang (what is the default), you will get 404 errors. I went to other plugins that have no problems with Polylang, even when not indicated. I give 3* for the good work.

Great Plugin

Has everything you need to make a directory, especially good to display staff and employees! Very friendly support as well. Keep up the good work 🙂
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Registro de cambios

3.3.0 – DECEMBER 1, 2018

  • Feature – Options to choose redirection after editing a listing on the frontend
  • Fixed – Edit page redirection

3.2.2 – NOVEMBER 12, 2018

  • Fixed – Business Hours extension compatibility

3.2.1 – OCTOBER 31, 2018

  • Fix – Website link displaying issue

3.2.0 – OCTOBER 14, 2018

  • Feature – Import and export
  • Tweak – Removed settings related to Popular Listings and Submit Listing from Settings page
  • Tweak – Added Popular Listings and Submit Listing as widget
  • Tweak – Displayed all categories and locations in the listing search result page instead of displaying top level one
  • Fix – Contact information toggle
  • Fix – Currency symbol
  • Fix – Several minor issues


  • Fixed: Editor could not manage listing from the back end
  • Fixed: Pricing was not showing after saving in editing form as well as in the front end


  • Added Language .pot file for easy translation to any language


  • Fixed some minor issues and made the plugin compatible with stripe payment gateway


  • Highlight: Made the plugin compatible with new PayPal Payment Gateway Extension & Fix some minor issues.
  • Fixed: New order email was not sent to a user if online payment was used like PayPal.
  • Fixed: Markup issue on the checkout form.
  • Improved: Made URL to Payment Receipt Page (==ORDER_RECEIPT_URL==) and Renewal Page(==RENEWAL_LINK==) linkable in Email Templates.
  • Improved: Added currency symbol to the price in Email Template.
  • Added: New URL rewrite rules for PayPal IPN handler.
  • Added: New functions to ATBDP_Permalink Class.
  • Improved: Now new URLs added by the plugin does not need a permalink resaving. Flashing rewrite rules will happen automatically if needed.
  • And some other minor improvement.


  • Fixed Some minor issues and Refactored some codes
  • Fix: Non featured listings were showing as featured.
  • Fix: Promote button was showing for already featured item
  • Fix: a PHP notice was shown if there was no phone number assigned to a listing
  • Fix: Dynamic category icon was not showing under popular listing widget
  • Fix: link to the archive page of the popular listings category
  • Fix: Location on the search page result page and related listings show proper location taxonomy instead of the address value.
  • Improve: Refactor some reusable codes to a function to avoid repetition & improve performance
  • Fix: a bug in the search result page related to post count
  • Improve: Removed some unnecessary old codes related to fetching reviews on search, all listings & dashboard script
  • Feature: Added Quick-tags feature on the editor on add listing page (front-end)


  • Added Monetization option using featured listing
  • Added Featured listing option
  • Added listing expiration features
  • Added listing renewal feature
  • Added a feature for listing auto deletion/trash after the expiration
  • Added email notification features for both user and admin
  • Added customizable email templates
  • Added different events selection option to choose when to send email notifications
  • Fixed Issue: Shortcodes and Auto Embed was not working on the listing content
  • Improvement: Single listing will not use full available space if no widget is not used in the listing sidebar
  • Added option to choose a default action after listing expire
  • Added option to choose default new listing status
  • Added an option to choose default edited listing status
  • Added an option to enable/disable pagination on the ‘All listings’ page
  • Added two new shortcodes for checkout page and payment receipt page
  • Added an Option to Enable/Disable Google Map Globally for all listings
  • Added option to hide google map on any specific menu
  • Added an Option to Enable/Disable Social Sharing
  • Added an Option to Enable/Disable login form inside ‘Submit Your Item’ widget
  • Added an Option to Enable/Disable Contact Information on a Listing
  • Added an ability to display a price for a listing.
  • Added an Option to Enable/Disable Listing Price on a Listing
  • Add an option to enable/disable pagination on the search result page
  • Added a currency setting for displaying price
  • Added a currency setting for accepting payments
  • Added Extra information about a listing on the user dashboard
  • Added a new style of featured listings and they appear on top of other listings on search result page and all listings page
  • Change Location value of a listing on all listings and search result page to location category with a link to their respective archive
  • Made a few missing strings translatable
  • Added New Columns on listings list page in the backend


  • Completely redesigned Settings Panel.
  • A huge improvement made in the design compatibility of the plugin with other themes. Now the plugin is super compatible with most of the themes.
  • Made the plugin more extendable by a developer using plugins hook
  • Removed black background image from search home page and now made the search page more compatible with any theme
  • Added a lot of new options to the settings panel. It means the plugin is now more customizable.
  • Removed a lot of CSS and made the plugin faster and lightweight
  • Added option to add or remove bootstrap CSS. Good option if you have a theme with Bootstrap.
  • Added option to add or remove bootstrap js. Good option if your theme has bootstrap JS because double js won’t conflict.
  • Added option to set custom slug for your listing base
  • Added option to set custom slug for your listing category base
  • Added option to set custom slug for your listing location base
  • Added option to set custom slug for your listing tags base
  • Added Map zoom level
  • Added new options to edit text for ‘no result found text’
  • Added option to enable or disable owner review on his own listing
  • Added auto directorist custom page generator to speed up site creation
  • Added dedicated option to control all extensions
  • Made the settings panel options, sections, menus everything extendable via hooks (for developer)
  • Added Import and export option for plugin settings
  • And much more


  • Added related listing features
  • Added popular listing features
  • Added Rating & Reviews features
  • Fixed some css issues


  • Fixed a css issue


  • Added new shortcode [all_listing] to show all listings on any page
  • Added option to show or hide popular category on search page
  • Made some missing texts translatable


Initial release