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A simple and easy way to add custom google fonts to any WordPress theme without coding. This plugin integrates with the WordPress Customizer so you can preview google fonts on your site in realtime. It’s compatible with any theme.

It also allows you to create custom theme specific font controls in the admin settings area to control particular css selectors. Once created, these custom font controls are instantly available in the customizer no coding required!

¿Qué hace este plugin?

  • This plugin allows you to take full control of your theme’s typography in any WordPress theme (no coding required).
  • It allows you to choose from over 600+ google fonts and font variants to insert into your website without coding.
  • Allows you to preview font changes on your website in realtime using the WordPress Customizer.
  • Create Unlimited Custom Font Controls: Create custom font controls in the admin area that are instantly available in the Customizer preview.
  • Allows you to preview what your theme will look like with the new google fonts before you save any changes.
  • Allows you to create your own font controls and rules in the admin area (no coding required).
  • Te permite cambiar fácilmente el aspecto de tu web con un solo clic de botón.
  • Automatically enqueues all stylesheets for your chosen google fonts.
  • Allows you to add google fonts to your theme without editing the themes main stylesheet which allows you to update your theme without losing your custom google fonts.

Funcionalidades del plugin

  • Live Customizer Preview: Preview google fonts without refreshing the page in real time right in the WordPress Customizer.
  • Over 600+ Google Fonts to choose from as well as a list of default system fonts.
  • Funciona en cualquier tema de WordPress. No hay que tocar código.
  • Automatic Background Updates: Updates the google fonts list with the latest fonts automatically once.
  • Listo para traducir: Se incluyen los ficheros MO y PO.
  • Seamless WordPress Integration: Uses the WordPress customizer for the live preview and has a white label admin area that looks like it is a part of WordPress.
  • Custom WordPress Customizer Control: One of a kind control only available with this plugin.

¿Para quién es este plugin?

  • Anyone who is looking for an easy way to use google fonts in their theme without coding.
  • Theme Authors: you can use this plugin to add custom google webfonts to your theme.
  • Great for use on client projects or for use on existing websites.
  • Gente que está contenta con su tema pero que necesita una forma fácil para cambiar la tipografía.
  • Cualquier persona con conocimientos básicos de selectores CSS (para añadir reglas de fuentes personalizadas)

Funcionalidades para desarrolladores

Please note: We are currently working on producing in-depth documentation for theme developers which will be available shortly.

  • Cross Browser and Backwards Browser Compatible (Tested in all major browsers).
  • Probado y funciona en WordPress 4.1.
  • Uses Action Hooks and Filters: For advanced integration.
  • Seamless WordPress Integration: Live preview is integrated into the WordPress Customizer and the settings page follows core WordPress design guidelines.
  • Uses the WordPress Options API to store and retrieve options.
  • Highly Secure: Checks user permissions, uses nonces and the WordPress Security API.
  • Uses the Screen Options API and Ajax to allow you to easily show/hide metaboxes on the admin page.
  • Rock solid, Robust Code: handcoded, tested and beautifully formatted in Sublime Text.
  • Uses WP Ajax for an enhanced admin experience.
  • Código fuente totalmente comentado.
  • Strong Usability Testing.
  • Enhanced Performance: Will only load a particular google font (using wp_enqueue_script()) once and uses the Transients API in the admin area.

Créditos y donaciones

  • Plugin Tag-it jQuery de Alex Ehlke. (Usado en la página de configuración)
  • Chip Bennet’s Oenology Theme. Alot of inspiration for best practices and WordPress Customizer integration taken from this theme.
  • Otherwise, this plugin has been entirely written from scratch in Sublime Text by Titanium Themes with some code taken solely from WordPress core.

If you have found this plugin useful please donate here


  • Resumen del plugin.
  • Antes y después.
  • Live Customizer Font Control Preview - Font Styles Tab.
  • Escoge entre más de 600 fuentes de Google y previsualízalas de forma instantánea sin actualizar la página.
  • Cambia el color de las fuentes en tiempo real.
  • Crea tus propios controles de fuentes para tu tema.
  • Manage any CSS Selector with your custom font controls.
  • Your custom control is instantly available for real time preview in the customizer. No coding required!
  • Consulta y gestiona todos tus controles personalizados en el área de administración.


Esta sección describe cómo instalar el plugin y hacerlo funcionar.

p. ej.

  1. En el escritorio de WordPress ve a: Plugins > Añadir nuevo
  2. Busca «Easy Google Fonts»
  3. Localiza el plugin «Easy Google Fonts» de Titanium Themes y haz clic en el botón Instalar ahora.
  4. Activa el plugin etiquetado como «Easy Google Fonts».
  5. ¡Ya está!


Para ver una demo rápida consulta el screencast vimeo.


17 de agosto de 2020
Having a large selection of fonts without a preview is pretty much useless. I know what I'm looking for, anything close would be great. But without the ability to see if the font is serif, sans serif, display, etc. I'd have to spend hours just figuring out what all these fonts look like. I'm expected to work faster than that.
21 de junio de 2020
Plugin asks you list every control you want to style from theme's CSS - how is this "A simple and easy way to add google fonts to your WordPress theme"??? No thanks.
4 de diciembre de 2019
We recommend this plugin constantly to Organic Themes users. It's an excellent solution for changing the fonts on your website. Plus, it's all accomplished within the WordPress Customizer, and we love any solution that uses that uses the native Customizer!
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Easy Google Fonts» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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Registro de cambios

1.4.4 – WordPress 5.0 compatibility update

  • Updated webfonts.json with the latest google fonts.
  • Last minor update before major rewrite.

1.4.3 – WordPress 4.8 compatibility update

  • Updated webfonts.json with the latest google fonts.
  • Updated includes class-egf-frontend.php to only output styles if there is a selector.

1.4.2 – WordPress 4.7 compatibility update

  • Fixed issue where the font controls weren’t saving in WordPress 4.7.
  • Updated the font list.

1.4.1 – Urgent update

  • Fixed issue where the plugin wasn’t taking effect for screen sizes under 700px

1.4.0 – Plugin update

  • Now automatically removes white spaces added to the api key on the settings page.
  • Started rewriting part of the code for eventual media query support.

1.3.9 – Stylesheet Update

  • Updated the appearance in the customizer for the new changes in WordPress 3.4

1.3.7 – Important Update

  • Addressed potential security issue on the plugin admin page – Hardened security and escaped any attributes passed via the URL throughout the plugin.
  • Now added support for arabic and telegu and devangari subsets.
  • Updated JSON decode when parsing fonts for servers running an older version of PHP.

1.3.6 – Updated Stylesheet Enqueue

  • Addressed issue on certain servers where a 400 error was being returned when making a http request to google.

1.3.5 – Changed Stylesheet Enqueue

  • Removed esc_url_raw() as it was causing a 404 error when fetching the stylesheet from google.

1.3.4 – Customizer js API Update

  • Implemented font search to make it easier to browse google fonts (using the chosen js plugin).
  • Implemented border controls.
  • Implemented border radius controls.
  • Completely rewritten the control javascript to utilise the new customizer js api (using backbone and underscore templates).
  • Preview performance enhancement: Completely rewritten the preview javascript to utilise the new customizer js api.
  • Performance update: Each font control now only registers one setting per control.
  • Performance update: The functionality for each font control is lazy loaded to increase the customizer load speed.
  • All settings for each font controls are handled by json objects (removed any hidden inputs and json2 library dependancy).

1.3.3 – WordPress 4.1+ Update

  • Added patch for WordPress 4.1
  • The code is going to be rewritten in Backbone for future releases.

1.3.2 – Big Update

  • Now combining all of the font requests from google fonts in a single http request.
  • Introducing Panels: A new customizer feature in WordPress 4.0 that makes it easier to manage alot of font controls. Our plugin creates a new panel called Typography.
  • Google fonts are now separated into the following categories to make them easier to navigate: Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Handwriting, Monospace.
  • Now the plugin keeps font state when user switches page in customizer.
  • Now there is a separate section for default and custom font controls.
  • Improved the help tab in the admin area to help people obtain a google api key.
  • Synchronised Force Styles between the Manage Font Controls and the Edit Font Controls Screen
  • Fixed issue with the font weights not showing up for the customizer control.
  • The plugin now checks and handles occurances where theme developers have removed all default controls.


  • Changed order of style outputs
  • Futher UI Improvements


  • Critical Update: Made the plugin WordPress 3.9 compatible
  • Performance tuned the plugin
  • Removed recursion during runtime.
  • Updated local font list


  • Performance enhancement for older browsers implemented. Safe to upgrade.


  • Big Update: Complete Rewrite of Plugin
  • New controls: Background Color, Margin, Padding and Display.
  • Added Subset support.
  • Introduced a large amount of actions and filters for theme developers.
  • Big performance enhancement. The old version used to register 32 settings per control, this is now down to 3.
  • Lightning fast customizer loading times, under 1 second.
  • Rewrote the plugin into classes and views to make it more managable for future development.
  • Rewrote the plugin into classes.
  • MO/PO language files now included.

= 1.1.1=
* 3.8 Admin integration


  • Full google fonts transient integration.


  • First plugin release.