Edwiser Bridge – WordPress Moodle LMS Integration


Edwiser Bridge – The #1 WordPress and Moodle Integration plugin that provides a robust platform to sell Moodle courses online.

Are you a Moodle user, who creates courses and wants a robust integration with WordPress/WooCommerce to sell them.
Then you are in the right place. Edwiser Bridge is the only WordPress plugin that provides stable and robust integration between the two platforms.

Edwiser Bridge provides the necessary platform for you to sell your Moodle courses through the default payment gateway, PayPal.

So to enhance its functionality and achieve a fully automated WooCommerce Solution for the purpose of selling your Moodle courses, you may consider choosing Edwiser Bridge Pro to be installed on both your Moodle and WordPress sites.

Principales características si quieres vender mejor tus cursos Moodle –

CourseFront –

  • Integration between your WordPress and Moodle sites,
  • Connect Moodle with multiple WordPress sites,
  • Courses from single Moodle site could be sold through multiple WordPress sites.
  • Import your Moodle courses to WordPress,
  • Synchronize Moodle course categories to WordPress,
  • Set the Moodle courses as drafts,
  • Sell courses through WordPress and take payments through PayPal,
  • Synchronize enrolled course data for users.
  • Synchronize Moodle course images with WordPress.
  • Automated 2-way synchronization between each WordPress site and your Moodle site,
  • The course progress of student is synced from Moodle to WordPress in real time.

Course Access Control –

  • Automation user registration in Moodle,
  • Activar/Desactivar la inscripción a los cursos,
  • Identical login credentials to access courses in Moodle,
  • Set course access time from WordPress,
  • Actualizar cursos previamente sincronizados,
  • Enroll / Unenrol users from WordPress,
  • Provide refunds to your students from WordPress.

Conecta tu Moodle con múltiples sitios WordPress

  • Now connect single Moodle site with multiple WordPress sites,
  • Courses from single Moodle site could be sold through multiple WordPress sites,
  • Automated 2-way synchronization between each WordPress site and your Moodle site,
  • Secured and efficient transfer of information across sites,
  • The course progress of student is synced from Moodle to WordPress in real time.

Why would someone choose the Pro version over the base version?

  • If you wish to create a complete WooCommerce shopfront to sell your Moodle courses.
  • If you want to sell your courses through payment gateways other than PayPal.
  • If you want to create purchase invoices automatically for your course buyers.
  • If you wish to sell an add-on product along with your Moodle course.
  • When you want to provide seamless access between your Course Shopfront and Moodle LMS.
  • If you sell your courses to companies.
  • If you are interested in integrating with WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce solution in WordPress, this will allow you to sell your Moodle courses through more than 160 payment gateways.
  • Courses could be sold through subscriptions with ready integration with the WooCommerce Subscriptions add-on.
  • Ability to set variations on courses and sell them through your store.
  • Ability to bundle multiple courses as a single product or multiple products under a single product.
  • When coupled with the WooCommerce Integration extension, your course buyers could then purchase multiple courses at once.
  • Course Buyers could also enroll multiple students in the purchased course,
  • Cohorts are created for each purchase made by the course buyer.

Productos Edwiser adicionales, que brindan una mejor experiencia a tu Moodle –

Edwiser RemUI

The Best theme for Moodle is one that is built to provide a superior user experience in Moodle. It also provides enhanced functionality to ease the process of course creation and navigation.

Edwiser Forms

An easy to use tool that lets you create any form in Moodle using a drag and drop interface. Contact form, Survey form, Feedback form, or registration form any form that you need can now be developed within a few minutes.

Edwiser Site Monitor

A free plugin that helps you manage your Moodle site performance right from the admin dashboard of Moodle. It provides essential site information like CPU Status, Memory usage etc.

Edwiser Course Formats

A free plugin that provides you with two distinct course formats for your Moodle courses if you wish to improve learning and course engagement among students.

Edwiser Reports

It is a powerful tool that can help you improve your Moodle LMS. This plugin provides advanced reporting capabilities. It allows you to track and analyze learner progress, course performance, and LMS usage. You can create custom reports by combining various data points.


  • Ajustes generales para Edwiser Bridge
  • Ajustes de conexión para Edwiser Bridge
  • Sincronización de cursos desde Moodle a WordPress
  • User Enrollment Data Synchronization.
  • Ajustes de la pasarela de pago PayPal.
  • Cursos importados de Moodle en el escritorio de WordPress.
  • Course Edit Page.
  • Orders of Courses Purchased from WordPress.
  • Order Edit Page.
  • Refund edwiser bridge order.
  • A student can update their profile details from the frontend.
  • Shortcode for User Dashboard with Orders and Account details.
  • Courses archive page template.
  • Courses page Shortcode to display edwiser bridge courses.
  • Display courses with category grouping using eb_courses page shortcode.
  • My Courses page Shortcode.
  • Single course page template.
  • Edit email notification template's content.
  • Moodle Set-up wizard.
  • Moodle Set-up wizard: General Settings.
  • Moodle Set-up wizard: Web Service Settings.
  • Moodle Set-up wizard: WordPress Site Connection Settings.
  • Moodle Set-up wizard: WordPress Site Connection Syncronisation settings.
  • Moodle Set-up wizard: Settings Summary.
  • Wordpress Edwiser Bridge Statistics.
  • Wordpress User login page.
  • Wordpress User registration page.


Requerimientos Mínimos

  • PHP version 5.6 or greater
  • WordPress 5.8 o superior
  • Moodle 3.10 o superior

Instalación automática

  • Go to the Plugins menu from the dashboard.
  • Click on the ‘Add New’ button on this page.
  • Search for ‘Edwiser Bridge’ in the search bar provided.
  • Click on ‘Install Now’ once you have located the plugin.
  • On successful installation, click the ‘Activate Plugin’ link to activate the plugin.

Instalación manual

  • Download the Edwiser Bridge plugin from WordPress.org.
  • Now unzip and upload the folder using the FTP application of your choice.
  • The plugin can then be activated by navigating to the Plugins menu in the admin dashboard.

Instalación automática del plugin Moodle

  • Download the Moodle edwiserbridge plugin from here.
  • Ve al menú de plugins en Moodle.
  • Click on Install plugins.
  • Upload plugins zip file.
  • Then click on Install plugin from the Zip file.

Instalación manual del plugin Moodle

  • Download the Moodle edwiserbridge plugin from here.
  • Ahora descomprime y sube la carpeta en el directorio local de Moodle usando la aplicación FTP de tu elección.
  • The plugin can then be activated by navigating to the Plugins menu in the dashboard.

Configuración de Moodle

Take a look at the link below and follow the steps provided to configure your Moodle website.
Moodle Website Configurations


Does Edwiser Bridge support Multi-lingual/WPML?

Unfortunately, Edwiser Bridge is currently not compatible with Multi-lingual/WPML solutions.

Do WordPress and Moodle need to be installed and running on the same server?

No, it’s not required. Both systems can be installed on the same server or on different servers.

Which course details are imported when synchronizing courses from Moodle to WordPress?

When courses are imported from Moodle, the course title, description, images and course category are imported to WordPress.

¿Puede un sitio WordPress usar múltiples sitios de Moodle?

No, esto no es posible usando Edwiser Bridge.

¿Puede un sitio de Moodle conectarse con múltiples sitios WordPress?

Yes, if you are using Edwiser Bridge version 1.4.0 onwards, you will now be able to connect your Moodle site to multiple WordPress sites.

¿Puedo usar otro método de pago en lugar de PayPal para vender mis cursos?

Yes, you may opt for Edwiser Bridge Pro, which will allow you to integrate all the WooCommerce supported payment gateways.

¿Si deseo sugerir alguna nueva característica como parte de Edwiser Bridge? ¿Dónde debo hacerlo?

Puedes publicar todas tus solicitudes de nuevas características y también votar por solicitudes de características similares compartidas por otros miembros de nuestra comunidad en nuestro foro de ideas.

Take a look at the link below to see the full list of questions that will help you navigate the Edwiser Bridge plugin.
Frequently Asked Questions for Edwiser Bridge

Also, check our knowledge base for more queries
knowledge base for Edwiser Bridge


14 de septiembre de 2022
Great experience from the support team. And quick also. Very responsive.
31 de marzo de 2022
This plugin works like a charm! We had the Edwiser team install and set this up for us and nothing has ever been easier. My site is seamlessly connected to Moodle with SSO and User Sync. We had a small issue that was resolved very quickly by the Edwiser support team. They are very professional and quick to respond. I have no complaints, only praise for this team and plugin! Thanks, Edwiser!
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Registro de cambios


  • Tweak – WooCommerce HPOS compatibility.
  • Tweak – PHP 8.1 compatibility.


  • Feature – Moodle plugin update notification and One-Click update on Moodle.
  • Feature – Multiple courses enrollment from the user profile edit page.
  • Tweak – Added Hooks after email verification complete.


  • New – New consolidated Edwiser Bridge PRO plugin.


  • Feature – Error logging and reporting functionality
  • Feature – Sync Course images from moodle
  • Tweak – added student role id and product virtual, downloadable check in test enrollment
  • Tweak – user deletion email for wordpress user deletion


  • Feature – Added email verification process on user registration from edwiser user account page.
  • Feature – Added already enrolled tag in the course when the user is already enrolled in courses.
  • Tweak – Simplified test connection error messages at Moodle and WordPress.
  • Tweak – PHP 8.0 compatibility.


  • Feature – Moodle plugin update notification on WordPress.
  • Tweak – Simplified Test Enrollment error messages.


  • Feature – new custom fields plugin
  • Tweak – improved licensing process


  • Feature – added google reCAPTCHA validation on user-account page.
  • Feature – added Brazilian Real (BRL) in paypal


  • Fix – Fixed selective sync fatal error issue


  • Fix – Added missing lines in eb-admin.js file.


  • Feature – Added course enrollment test for users who face issues with enrollment.
  • Fix – Fixed color for warning notice.
  • Fix – Fixed course access expiry date for subscription renewal


  • Tweak – Remove the take this course button from the deleted course.
  • Tweak – After deleting the course from Moodle course status will get changed to draft on the WordPress site.
  • Fix – Solved Edwiser Bridge expire time issue on user enrollment synchronization.
  • Fix – Fixed repeated user unerollement emails for deleted courses.
  • Fix – Solved WordPress user data update issue on user account page, in case the user was not linked to Moodle.


  • Feature – Added Setup Wizard for on WordPress as well as Moodle plugin.


  • Tweak – Added compatibility to WordPress 6.0.


  • Tweak – Changed textdomain to edwiser-bridge as per wordpress guidelines and added compatibility with old textdomain.
  • Tweak – Added compatibility with Moodle 4.0.


  • Fixed: Course acrhive page fix for wordpress version less than 5.9.


  • Tweak – Added compatibility to WordPress 5.9.1.
  • Tweak – Added comaptibility with Twenty twenty two theme.
  • Tweak – Improved course manual enrollment syncronization functionality.
  • Tweak – UI improvements on user account page.


  • Fix- Fixed error on user account page for reset password hook .


  • Feature – Setting to ignore the SSL certificate check to improve connection check with moodle.
  • Feature – Ability to the course manual enrollment status sync and enabled (Require Edwiser Bridge moodle plugin 2.1.3).
  • Feature – Ability to enable course manual enrollment.
  • Tweak – Improved Moodle test connection error message now added more details about the error.
  • Fix- Fixe for the auto plugin installation/activation process from Edwiser bridge.


  • Feature – Added functionality to create course on WordPress if created on Moodle.
  • Feature – Repurchase option for the suspended course on single course page.
  • Fix – Removed registration section from user-account page if registation is disabled from settings.


  • Feature – Added option on WordPress Edwiser Bridge settings to add Moodle role id which is used while creating users on Moodle.
  • Tweak – Optimized user-account page functionality which further improved the page speed.
  • Tweak – Optimized My Courses page functionality which further improved the page speed.


  • Fix – Solved My-courses page login link issue for non logged in users.
  • Tweak – Modified course archive page, single course page, user-account page, eb_course shortcode page and my courses page templates.
  • Feature – Added course category wise filter and sorting functionality on course shortcode page.
  • Feature – Added stats page in Edwsier Bridge settings.
  • Feature – Added all Edwiser WordPress and Moodle extensions latest versions on stats page with Moodle plugins download link.
  • Feature – Added Edwiser Bridge configuration details like Moodle site details and course count on stats page.


  • Feture – Added the password filed on user registration window.
  • Feture – Added link user account functionality if the account is created on moodle and exist on wordpress.
  • Feture – Added Setting to show hide course archive page in frontend.
  • Feture – Added search functionality on manage enrollment page.
  • Tweek – Added space before username in new user account email template.
  • Tweek – Improved the test connection error message.
  • Tweek – My Courses page progress service call optimisation.
  • Fix – Paid order was showing HTML in notes.
  • Fix – Help popup was showing html on setting page.
  • Fix – User Linked success message style fix.


  • Fix – Fixed security issues added abspath check.


  • Fix – Fixed security issues related to the nonce.


  • Fix – Fixed paid product redirection issue.
  • Tweak – Added compatibility to SSO plugin.


  • Tweak – Modified plugin files include way minimized use of ABSPATH constant.


  • Fix – Added security fixes for WordPress API (Issue report credits: Nick Blundell nickb@appcheck-ng.com).


  • Tweak – Removed defines and Added security checks.


  • Tweak – Solved connection settings save issue.


  • Tweak – Added security checks.


  • Feature – Theme compatibility with Divi.
  • Feature – Theme compatibility with Flatsome.
  • Feature – Added Bcc field in the email template.
  • Feature – First name, last name and password synchronization when user profile is updated.
  • Feature – Course deletion synchronized on WordPress site when course is deleted from Moodle.
  • Tweek – New enrollment status that is Suspend is added on the WordPress side.
  • Tweek – Added date sorting in the Manage Enrollment page.
  • Tweek – Triggered email for backend user enrollment in course.
  • Tweek – Course progress functionality added on the My Courses tab of the User account page.
  • Tweek – Added Sidebar support for course archive page.
  • Tweek – UI Improvements for course cards on all pages..


  • Fix – Added permission callback in register_rest_route to fix the notice genrated in the wp 5.5 and above.


  • Fix – Fix for the register_rest_route was called incorrectly.
  • Tweek – Added common function to check the array value.


  • Tweak – Compatibility with WordPress 5.5 and Woocommerce Integration 2.0.1 .


  • Fix – Solved admin js console issue causing error while test connection.


  • Feature – All required Moodle settings are now able to configure from the Edwiser Bridge settings.
  • Feature – Settings and connection summary page will be shown on the Moodle.
  • Tweak – Admin user unenrollment from edit user page and manage enrollment page will unenroll user from course irrespective of thr enrollment method and the enrollment count.
  • Tweak – Modified Moodle service creation process.
  • Fix – Unenrolment from Moodle use to decrease only WordPress enrollment count now it will make enrollment count as 0.


  • Tweak – Changed user enrollment email functionality to make it compatible with Edwiser Bulk Purchase and Group Registration 2.2.0.


  • Feature – Added functionality to show a set-up wizard on Moodle plugin installation to create web service automatically with authorized user.
  • Feature – Added functionality to add missing functions on linking the existing web-service.
  • Tweak – Added functionality to show all non added Moodle web service functions on test connection functionality.
  • Tweak – Added buttons on settings page for help and rating.
  • Fix – While synchronizing courses if all checkboxes are not ticked then nothing was happening fixed this issue and now courses gets created in WordPress with a status as published.
  • Fix – WordPress enrollment record timezone was not same as the WordPress timezone so fixed it.


  • Tweak – Added functionality to synchronize large number of users.
  • Fix – Paid orders sometimes were not getting completed for new users. This issue has been resolved.
  • Fix – Solved the title issue appearing without elipses on course card.
  • Fix – Removed blank spaces added automatically before email templates.


  • Fix – Removed admin notices.
  • Fix – Solved eb-my-courses course progress issue.


  • Feature – Users will be enrolled in the course in the WordPress site when they are enrolled manually in Moodle directly.
  • Feature – Email template for User enrolled directly in Moodle.
  • Feature – User will get un-enrolled from the course on WordPress site if the same user gets un-enrolled from the course on Moodle site.
  • Feature – Email template for user un-enrollment directly in Moodle.
  • Feature – User account will be created on WordPress site if a user is created on the Moodle site.
  • Feature – User account will be deleted on WordPress site if the user is deleted from the Moodle site.
  • Feature – Email template can be sent when the user deletion happens in Moodle.
  • Feature – Course progress shown on the eb-my-courses page.
  • Feature – Default user role can be set for the newly created users if they are created from Edwiser Bridge user-account page or through any of its functionality.
  • Tweak – Start, Resume and completed buttons on the eb-my-courses page according to the course completion status.
  • Fix – course synchronization settings was synchronizing courses even if they are not checked. This has been resolved.


  • Feature – Added option to add link for the redirection from eb-my-courses page if user is not enrolled in any course.
  • Feature – Added option to disable and customize recommended courses section in eb-my-courses page.
  • Feature – Added option to add and customize recommended courses for the single course page.


  • Característica: se agregaron términos y condiciones opcionales en la página de cuenta de usuario según la configuración del servidor.
  • Tweak- Added user meta data related to the edwiser-bridge while exporting the users data.
  • Tweak- Added functionality to remove user meta data related to the edwiser-bridge while erasing the users data.
  • Tweak- Added privacy policy data on the WordPress privacy policy page.


  • Tweak – Added missing JS and CSS Files.


  • Característica – Nueva funcionalidad de orden agregada.
  • Característica: se agregó un aviso de administración en el backend para calificar Edwiser Bridge Plugin.
  • Tweak- Added Biographical Information on the user-account dashboard.
  • Tweak- Added premium extensions tab in the edwiser-bridge settings.
  • Tweak- Added terms and condition pop-up on the license activate page.
  • Solución: la página eb-courses mostraba los cursos en la categoría principal y secundaria.
  • Corrección: Las categorías sincronizadas de Moodle no sincronizaban la descripción de la categoría.


  • Característica: funcionalidad de reembolso para el pedido realizado mediante el complemento Edwiser bridge.
  • Característica: plantilla de correo electrónico para el administrador y el cliente sobre el reembolso del pedido
  • Característica: configuración para enviar una notificación de reembolso al correo electrónico específico o al correo electrónico de los usuarios del administrador.
  • Característica – Nuevo estado de la orden (Reembolso).
  • Característica: nuevo meta box en la página de orden eb para mostrar el historial de actualización de estado de orden. En caso de reembolso completo, el estado del pedido cambiará a reembolsado.
  • Característica: ha restaurado la página de la cuenta de usuario, se han agregado menús para páginas como Dashboard, cuenta de usuario, pedidos y mis cursos.
  • Twik – Now user can view there woo and eb orders on the same page.
  • Twik – To display multiple courses from the same order on the user order page.
  • Twik – For the security purpose, added password confirmation fields on the user account page.
  • Twik – Updated the eb-courses page sliding buttons.
  • Solución: el tema de la altura de elemento de la cuadrícula de cursos en mi página de cursos y cursos.
  • Solución: se ha solucionado el problema del estilo del botón «TOMAR ESTE CURSO


  • Feature – Functionality to display courses by category in eb_courses shortcode.
  • Feature – Functionality to display eb_courses shortcode output horizontally scrollable.
  • Feature – Functionality to display courses in a single row using eb_courses shortcode.
  • Feature – SSO compatibility to login user on registration after clicking on enrolled course.


  • Feature – New page for the admin to manage user enrollment.
  • Feature – New email template for the Moodle account creation.
  • Feature – Functionality to disable email notifications.
  • Feature – Functionality to place the order for the free course to maintain the purchase history.
  • Tweak- Added the order and Buyer details on order page.
  • Tweak- User gets un-enroll from the course on the order status marked from completed to pending or failed.
  • Tweak- Updated the user order details on the user account page and added the order status column.
  • Fix – User not getting created on moodle when username contains the uppercase characters.
  • Fix – My courses shortcode showing only 10 courses not more than that.


  • Feature – Functionality to display the users moodle account link unlink status on users list table for the admin user.
  • Fix – Fix for the plugins default data update on plugin update.


  • Feature – Functionality to set course access expiry days.
  • Feature – Introduced functionality to email template customization for the mail sent to the user from the Edwiser Bridge plugin.
  • Feature – Update Moodle as well as WordPress user profile from shortcode eb_user_account.
  • Feature – Added the settings to enable login redirection to my courses page.
  • Feature – Send the test email to check the modified email template.
  • Feature – Shortcode eb_courses to list courses.
  • Feature – Shortcode eb_my_courses to list specific user’s courses.
  • Feature – Shortcode eb_course to show single course. Argument id i.e Course ID decides which course to show.
  • Tweak – Added page(My Courses) to display the user’s enrolled courses.
  • Tweak – Redirect user to my courses page on login.
  • Tweak – Translation ready – fix missing strings.
  • Tweak – Notification on un-enrollment from the course.
  • Tweak – Archive course page layout improvement.
  • Tweak – Single course page layout improvement.
  • Tweak – Redirect non-logged in user to the Access course/Checkout page on click of the Take this Course after login.
  • Tweak – Deprecated shortcode eb_user_profile. Use shortcode eb_user_account.
  • Fix – Changed Credentials spelling.
  • Fix – Undefined index: HTTP_REFFER.
  • Fix – Permalink issue.
  • Fix – Call to undefined class EBPaymentManager.


  • Added new currency in PayPal for the Australian Dollar, Polish Zloty, Danish Krone and Singapore Dollar.
  • Fix – Resolved Paypal Sandbox mode issue.


  • Fix – Minor issue in page creation functionality.


  • Fix – Issue in overriding templates in themes.
  • Tweak – Unified licensing section for all Edwiser Bridge extensions.
  • Tweak – Refactored & optimized whole plugin codebase using tools like PHPCS & PHPMD.


  • Feature – Added a new shortcode [eb_user_profile] which creates a user profile page that lists users data & enrolled courses.
  • Fix – Timeout problem in course enrollment.
  • Fix – A bug that was preventing plugin translation.
  • Tweak – Minor modifications to improve enrollment & synchronization process.


  • Fix – A bug that could cause problems on password reset & user enrollment process


  • Plugin Launched