Elementor Custom Skin


Este plugin añade un nuevo estilo a las entradas y al widget archivo de entradas de Elementor Page Builder.

Puedes diseñar un elemento de bucle con una sola plantilla, que podrías usar como un estilo para que puedas crear una cuadrícula de entradas de la forma que desees.

Working on a major release!!! A new widget will be available that would increase the flexibility of loop creation.

New in version 2.2.0

Go to Pagination and you’ll see «Load moare» pagination. It will load the posts trough AJAX. No more boring pagination.

New in version 2.0.0

The biggest newest feature is the Custom Grid. No more boring grid with fixed number of columns.

All you have to do is to create a Custom Grid Template and place the Post Item Widget (placeholder) in your template made with sections and columns, and why not other widgets.

¡Para un breve tutorial consulta las preguntas frecuentes!

Para más detalles y una demostración, consulta nuestro sitio oficial https://dudaster.com/

Nota: Este plugin es una extensión de Elementor Page Builder (https://wordpress.org/plugins/elementor/) y solo funcionará si Elementor Page Builder está instalado.

¡Prueba también Elementor Custom Skin Pro!

Puedes ampliar tu libertad de más maneras de las que imaginas. ¡Compruébalo en https://dudaster.com/ecs-pro/ !


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  1. Sube los archivos del plugin al directorio /wp-content/plugins/secupress, o instala el plugin directamente a través de la pantalla de plugins de WordPress.
  2. Activa el plugin desde la pantalla «Plugins» en WordPress


¿Cómo puedo crear y usar un estilo personalizado?

  1. Crea una nueva plantilla de Elementor y selecciona el estilo del bucle;
  2. Arrastra dentro widgets dinámicos, como título de la entrada y campo de texto con contenido dinámico como resumen de entrada (que viene con el módulo);
  3. Guardar la nueva plantilla;
  4. Cuando diseñas una página o una plantilla de archivo en Elementor, usa el widget entradas en la página y desde estilo (clásico/tarjetas) verás un nuevo estilo llamado personalizado, ¡selecciónalo!
  5. Voila!

¿Dónde puedo encontrar el nuevo tipo «bucle»?

El tipo «Bucle» debería aparecer en Mis plantillas de Elementor como un nuevo tipo

¿Cómo puedo escoger el nuevo estilo personalizado?

Añade a tu plantilla una entrada o un widget de archivo de entradas y desde estilos selecciona estilos personalizados


23 de marzo de 2021
I was working on a project using the author archive. I needed to use Elementor's post widget to list instances of all the post types submitted by each author. The problem was that once the user moved to another page in one post type, all the other post types would also move to that page. Ele Custom Skin's Ajax pagination feature saved the day! Now, page browsing in one post type does not affect the other post types on the author archive page. However, there's one thing. The developer says Custom Grid is his newest, biggest feature. But I do not know how to use it. In fact, I did not know how to use ECS itself initially until I watched a WPTUTs video explaining how to use it. So, I am asking the developer to please release a video or tutorial explaining with an example how to use ECS. Thank you.
2 de marzo de 2021
Thank you for supply such a good feature. definitely 5 star however I would like to add some feedback with WPML issues. I'm using WPML and advanced translation editor. Since I have done translating page where loop exist (which is translated properly in advanced translator editor) the loop is disappearing to translated page (no problems with original page). I can fix this manually if will select the proper loop of the corresponding language by opening the already translated page in the elementor. But this is not correct from the point of view of using WPML. Hope you can find time to fix this in feature, anyway 5 start is yours!`
6 de enero de 2021
This has made me very happy. Spent days searching for something like this without success, but this does the job nicely. Simple extension to Elementor that lets your design and customise your Posts Widget so the post previews look exactly as you want them. Works with custom post types, custom fields, FacetWP, bringing the full power of the elementor design interface to probably the most important screen in your site. Want to add an accordion into your preview? You can. I've been testing it out all day, and so far have failed to break it - and I have a talent for breaking plugins! 1* off because I'm finding the endless pagination feature a bit buggy, but other than that I can't fault it. (And if I can get that to work, it'll be a 5* review and an upgrade / donation.)
1 de enero de 2021
Great plugin for extending Elementor Pro. I need little tweaks to the Posts layout such as the thumbnail on the side rather than on the top. This makes it easy.
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  • Fixed minor issues


  • Added compatibility with Elementor Pro 3.0
  • Added the history to the pagination
  • fixed editing issue with Storefront theme


  • Fixed jQuery ajax dependecies.
  • Added a timeout for preview for speed improvement.
  • Fixed Astra theme css issues.
  • Fixed AJAX charset issue.


  • Fixed issue with Ajax call from third party plugins like Smart Filter.


  • NEW!!! Ajax pagination. Now you can go to Pagination Section in Posts / Archive Posts Widgets and select «Load more» pagination.
  • Solved issue with multiple Custom Grid in one page.
  • Solving Astra Theme Issues with Post Items width shrinkage.


  • Solved Error issue with Dynamic Button Link.
  • Solving Astra Theme Issues with Post Items Padding and bordering
  • Post Title made visible again inside Post Items
  • Solved problem with Forms not being sent.


  • Fixing issues


  • Fixing issues


  • NEW!! You can create your own Custom Grid with Custom Grid Template.
  • Fixed issue with Dynamic Conditions causing «No Content» Error in Elementor editor.
  • Added a little preview in Loop Template editor.
  • Fixed issue with missing Loops from WordPress Admin Bar.


  • Added ability to use dynamic background to Elementor Widgets.
  • Added ability to use dynamic color on Widgets.
  • Added ability to use dynamic color on Sections and Columns.
  • Added ability to use dynamic color on borders, backgrounds and shape dividers.


  • Fixing compatibility issues Elementor Pro 2.9.0


  • Fixing compatibility issues with ACF extended


  • Solved compatibility issues with Elementor 2.8
  • Fixing issue with Title Widget not showing.
  • Added support for Flip Box Widget background.


  • Fixing minor issues.
  • Fixing issue loading css over http.


  • Fixing padding issues with 1.3.6 update.
  • Fixing no results issue.
  • Added some hooks. Documentation will come later.
  • Fixing dependecies issues on some instalations.


  • Corregir un error de plantillas que no son de bucle.


  • Corregir «CSS flashing» añadiendo la hoja de estilo de plantilla de bucle en la sección Head del HTML.


  • Ahora puedes previsualizar cualquier tipo de contenido mientras editas una plantilla de bucle, incluyendo productos woocommerce.
  • Corregido problema de dependencias.


  • Fixed issues missing Post Widget Panel


  • Fixed that annoying Notice


  • Fixed bugs


  • Added a quick link button «Create a Loop Template».
  • Tweak «No Template» default view.
  • Fixed issue in Safari with template selection.


  • Fixing Elementor dependencies for multisite mode.


  • Showing deleted templates in the Custom Skin field fixed.
  • Fixed Overflow issue. Now you can add shadows and other objects that can go outside the loop item.
  • Removed Post Per Page in Archive Posts Widget because it’s a global query and does nothing. Posts Per Page globaly can be changed from Settings > Reading in WordPress Dashboard


  • Fixed missing posts per page


  • Fixed issue with missing Elementor
  • Missing Layout style in Archive Posts Widget


  • Fixed summary length in case of a long excerpt


  • Now works with WPML


  • Fixed bugs


  • Fixed issue with ACF fields for Elementor PRO 2.6.X


  • Fixed issue with Archive dynamic background
  • Fixed issue with Post Custom Skin dynamic background in editor mode


  • Fixed bugs


  • Added support for dynamic background for overlay and motion effects in sections and columns.
  • Fixed bugs


  • Added support for dynamic background for sections and columns. Background motions effects not yet supported.
  • Fixed multi language support


  • Fixed issue with preview template in editor mode


  • Prevent unnecessary loop template loading (Edit with Elementor would look cleaner now)


  • Fixed issue with 100% width


  • Fixed notices issue in WordPress debug mode
  • Removed some unused skin controls from elementor editor


  • Fixed issue with Elementor Pro 2.1.


  • Added Eletheme support. Now you can use {{vars}}.


  • Fixed skin templates query.


  • Fixed some BUGS.


  • Fixed issue with Archive Posts


  • Initial Launch with Loop Elementor My Templates Type