Elements kit Elementor addons (Header & Footer Builder, Mega Menu Builder, Layout Library)


ElementsKit is an ultimate All in one addon for Elementor Page Builder. It includes most comprehensive modules, such as Header Footer Builder, Mega Menu Builder Layoutkit etc under the one hood. It has 55+ custom widgets to create any sites with ease. It has some most unique and powerful custom controls for Elementor, such as Image Picker, Ajax Select2, Advanced Widget and many more. Why do you need multiple plugins? Where everything under the one hood?

Elements kit Elementor Addon have Exclusive features that blow your mind. Like our Mega Menu Builder, Header and Footer Builder layout library, One Page Scroll, Sticky Content, Parallax Effects, you will get tons of Premium features that you have never imagined.

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  • Mega Menu Builder
  • Vertical Mega Menu
  • 45+ Pre-designed Header & Footer Templates
  • 55+ Free and Premium elements
  • 500+ Ready Sections
  • 230+ Ready Pages
  • 30+ Widget Presets
  • WooCommerce Widgets
  • One Page Scroll
  • Sticky Content
  • Parallax Effects
  • Multi Widgets area
  • Elementor Gallery Pack. Filterable, Masonry, Grid
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Fully Responsive
  • Expert Support Team
  • Build with Elementor

Layoutkit library

With ElementsKit we have Layout library features where over 7+ ready-made home available and 300+ ready-made section available. Just click the layout icon and insert it into your site, it’s so easy to use without any hassle like import JSON. You will get a complete native feel when you use this.

250+ Ready blocks

Elements Kit All in one elementor addon comes with 250+ readymade blocks. Make any website on the fly with readymade blocks from the Exclusive layout kit library. You don’t need to create from scratch just input the design from layout kit library and modify according to your need that’s it. Your site now ready to launch.

Modular based and Lightweight

Elements Kit build optimization in mind. We develop our plugin Modular based so if you don’t need any addons or shortcode. You can enable/disable specific elements from Elements Kit option panel to prevent overloading your website with Extra CSS or JS code you will not use which helps your website have a blazing fast performance.

Completely Customizable

Every elementor widgets have Huge customizable options to control any widgets modify according to your needs. You can build any style you want with our plugin.


We have over 40+ elementor widgets with our free plugin. And Every elementor widget Build with care. We can say that this elementor widget pack is best in town with design as well controls and features You will be really amazed to use the free version that will give you exactly the premium feeling.

  1. Heading Title – An attractive heading title is a very important element of any webpage. Like our other elementor addon the heading title addon comes with a different feature where you can use multiple predefined style with heading title, heading subtitles, heading description with separator.There are different types of custom options to change the style,color, border, background, positioning, motion style and lots of interesting features on the fly at your own choice. Check out our video screencast

  2. Button – Most effective button widget for website interaction design which inspires users to take action. Create and customize your own button with text,color,hover effects,motion effects and other features by using our elementor button in just a few clicks. Check out our video screencast

  3. Team Menber – Use an ideal widget to show the awesome team members who are responsible for making the organization to a new level and to publish their names, positions,thoughts, pictures and social media links.Show your awe-inspiring team member by using our perfect elementor widget in a very easy way. Check out our video screencast

  4. Accordion – Make your important content readable to the user with accordion elementor widget on your pages without scrolling down. By using accordion widget in your pages, posts, template files, and anywhere on your site, the length of the page can be shorthand.Features your content by using our elementor widget make it more readable with more attractive custom color,icon,style and motion effects.

  5. Tab – This widget will help you to create content in tab format for your website.In just a few clicks you can customize your own tab like choose color,reorder,display both vertical and horizontal tabs style and many more advanced features by using our elementor widget.

  6. Social Media – Are you looking for the best widget to show social media information to your sites so that the visitor can connect with you,like and follow your profiles? Here we have our best solution for this.Establish your own customizable social media info through our social icon widget with different shapes,colors,styles,borders and many other features.

  7. Recent Blog – This widget is very helpful for the blogger who wants to customize their blog content,design without any knowledge of HTML or CSS .Our blog elementor widget comes with features like layout, query and meta data.Select post at your own choice like recent post,selected post and category post in a very easy way with just a few clicks.

  8. Client and sponsor logo – Want to display your client or sponsor logo in your websites so that the potential client can know details about your client and sponsor? Use our premium elementor widget to customize logo widget with unique styles.

  9. Countdown Timer, Clock timer – It is really important to showcase the site visitor about such events: new website launch, time left until a product release,sale ending time etc.Here we have our best and easy solution with our eye-catching countdown timer elementor widget which has lots of attractive styles,timer modification and expire action features.

  10. FAQ – One of the best ways to gain new customers and save time with this elementor widget by answering constrant questions.Our FAQ elementor widget comes with a listing layout,shows answers below every question where you can customize the content design with different unique styles.

  11. FunFact – With this interesting elementor widget you can testify to the huge number of fascinating facts about the world around us for the fun loving and curious people.Like our other widgets FunFact elementor widget have many customization options like content,background and others for every section.

  12. Icon box – An obvious Icon box elementor widget is needed for building a website mainly used for product and service page. Display your products and services in an attractive way through our elementor widget with customization options like icon type,read more,badge,content,icon box container,background,overlay and many more.

  13. Image Accordions – This elementor widget will help you to show multiple images in a shortened way,the image will expand in just one click.We want to introduce you our most amazing elementor addons with accordion effect with many extraordinary features and customization options in the title,content,button and action icon area.

  14. Image Box – If you are looking for an elementor widget that will show an image with heading and description,our image box elementor widget is a perfect match for this.You can customize hover border bottom,image,body and button with our elementor imagebox widget exactly how you desire for.

  15. Piechart – Elementor pie-chart widget helps you to display multiple types of data into a visual form.By using our elementor Pie-Chart widget you can design pie-chart styles,chart content and percentage according to your expectations.

  16. Pricing – Demonstrate your clear product value with pricing table so that the potential client will get attracted and become your permanent client.We want to offer you our modern pricing table elementor widget which will help you to customize header,price tag,features,button,pricing figure,ordering and many more advanced features.

  17. Progress bar – Do you want to visualize your projects progress with a number that will speak for you? So let’s try out our latest progress bar elementor widget.Our progress bar elementor widget accompanied with different styles that you can anticipate your progress bar with unique styles.

  18. Testimonial – Show your client side’s awesome feedback on your sites with perfect testimonial elementor addon which will attract the visitor and make it more trustworthy.Like our other elementor addons, testimonial addon have various user friendly customizable options like layout,wrapper content style,description,title separator,client etc.

  19. MailChimp – Basically mailchimp is the easiest way which helps you to create and manage mailing list,automated mailing,newsletter and many other options.Through our mailchimp elementor addons you can personalize your sign-up form with attractive and multiple styles.

  20. Header Info – It is said that first impression is the last impression.The first thing that catches a user eye on the website is the header. So it is very important that your header info must be perfect. By considering this matter we have designed header info widget exactly what you desire for.Our header info elementor widget contains header, icon, text, content, styles with color, typography and other advanced features.

  21. Image Comparison – Do you want to display your image widget that will be able to compare two images and gives attractive before and after effect? Here we have come with an amazing solution for you. With our current image comparison elementor widget, you can compare the image by selecting vertical or horizontal.In addition, like our other elementor widget there are lots of pro features too like custom CSS,motion effects,border and much more.

  22. Call to action – If you want to bring image,button and content and other features under one box and grab your visitor attention,then call to action widget is the best technique for this.We are offering you our most amazing call to action widget preset with an attractive design which will help you to gain more customers.

  23. Video – To give proper product information,use video widget and make your website top rated in search ranking and grab more attention from the user side. It’s not an easy task to upload videos on your sites.But no worries,our main goal is to make your task easy. Through our video elementor widget you can easily upload, preview, autoplay, play on mobile, Image overlay and so on with different styles and many more advanced features.

  24. Post Tab – This elementor widget is to display your blog, popular post and recent post in a professional way.It will attract user attention and make your blog more readable. Our elementor post tab widget will allow you to select categories,post count,select column with unique styles and different advanced features.

  25. Category List – There are lots of subject or topic on a website.Display every section of the topic in different categories so that the reader can easily understand your content.Add your own category in a listing method with various styles,layout and other advanced options.

  26. Post list – Show your content or blog in a listing method. It’s a tricky way to grab more attention from the user to use post list to your sites rather than writing paragraph. Customize your post list with our post list elementor widget bt selecting category,change layout,text,metadata and many more.

  27. Page list – Like our post list elementor widget, page list will show a list of all pages to your sites.Show or hide your pages with your own choice. You can also change layout,target,icon,text,subtitle and many more latest option.

  28. Offcanvas Menu – It’s the best option for you if you want your user will navigate less. Display your demo,registration or important content with the help of this slider off canvas menu.We offer you our best header off canvas menu changeable content,styles, panel,layout,typography and advanced options.

  29. Drop Caps – This widget is basically for showing a large letter at the start of a text to grab more attention from the visitor. Use our drop caps elementor widget to customize color,content and other more.

  30. Social Media

  31. Nav Menu – Do you want your user to navigate different pages with just one click? We are really glad to introduce you to our simple and customizable nav menu elementor widget which will provide you the ability to create drop down menu,mega menu with different menu settings, submenu item styles,submenu panel styles,humburder styles,mobile menu logo and other advanced styles at your own choice.

  32. Dual Button – This elementor widget will help you to display two stylish button side by side.Our duel button elementor widget have seperate button setting options with attractive styles.

  33. Business Hours – Stay updated with your business hour on your sites so that the customer gets to know about your openings and make a deal with you accordingly to your preferred time. Use our business hour elementor widget with perfect design and styles to attract customers.

  34. Social share – Now-a-days social media is a great platform to gain publicity overnight.Use social share elementor widget to share your blogs,post,latest update to upgrade the popularity of your sites. We will give you the best choice to design your social share icon,text,position and many more.

  35. Caldera Form – Build your complex form in an easy and seamless way with caldera form elementor addon.Our caldera form elementor addon comes with different types of form,you just have to select your desire one.You can also change the design,pattern of the form layout,input,button and others.

  36. Contact form 7 Contact form – Want to get all the information directly from the customer end and also in a filtered manner? Inform user about the exact reply time and some initial steps,they can take earlier through our contact form elementor widget.This contact form 7 elementor widget will allow you to create various types of customizable options like level,input,buttons, layout,styles and lots of advanced appearances.Check out our video screencast:

  37. **Metform elementor ** – Most flexible and design-friendly Contact Form builder for elementor. build any form on the fly with metform builder. It can manage multiple contact forms, and you can customize the form with an elementor builder.

  38. Ninja Forms – Are you a non-technical person? Do you want to design your website form in a professional way? Don’t need to worry about that. We are always there for you with a solution. Our Ninja Form Elementor Widget will give you the best options including drag and drop field, layout, title and description, required field notice, success message, input and textarea, field description, placeholder, submit button, errors and others more to build your own forms exactly how you want.

  39. Wp forms

  40. We forms – Are you getting bored watching outdated form that looks tacky?.This elementor We form widget will help users register,give data,add request,contact, sending email and many more things in a very easy way.With our we form elementor widget you can select your form according to your choice from the drop down option.You can also styling it with color,fields,level,button and many more.

  41. Search – If you want your user to find out your previous post,content easily then we have come with an easy solution for you.Our search elementor widget will show you exactly what you are searching for.You can also personalize color,position,border etc of the search elementor widget.

  42. Header Info : It is said that first impression is the last impression.The first thing that catches a user eye on the website is the header. So it is very important that your header info must be perfect. By considering this matter we have designed header info widget exactly what you desire for.Our header info elementor widget contains header,icon,text,content,styles with color,typography and other advanced features.

  43. Lottie A json based Animation file format that is designed to create animations for any type of platform including iOS, Android, web and React Native. Create your own high-quality Animation With our Lottie Elementor Widget. Just easily export json file or Provide URL, Enable Reverse, Autoplay, Loop, Render Type, Select Hover options and lots of other features. Check this out in our video screencast:

  44. Post Grid: ](https://wpmet.com/plugin/elementskit/lottie/) This Elementor Widget will help you to display your special content, image, post, product etc in a group with different styles without any knowledge of coding skill. Our Post Grid Elementor Widget has customizable options including categories, post count with grid styles, motion effects etc. Check out our video screencast:

  45. Table Press ](https://wpmet.com/plugin/elementskit/tablepress/) – This Elementor Widget will allow you to create your brand-new table in a very easy way. Here we have our most powerful Elementor Widget for Table Press. There is a drop-down menu where you can select any type of table. Moreover, there are enable or disable options for nav hide, search hide, footer info hides, pagination hide. There is more styling for table, header, body, filter and search options.

Exclusive modules

We have developed Awesome exclusive modules which saved tons of time when you are developing your site. As well it will saved your time to develop your site within shortime.

  • ElementsKit Header and footer builder We have built this with Elementor builder to provide your introductory content in the header and group of content or links at the footer which will encourage users to take action. Our ElementsKit plugin will help you to create your header and footer template with a logo and menus. Also you can use the constants in pro version to show any page you like. there are three types of conditions you can select such as Entire Site, Singular, and Archive. Basically, you can choose which page you want to add your Header and Footer. there is an activation option like you can active or inactive the Header and Footer whenever you want.

Megamenu builder (PRO Layout) – Develop user experience with your sites and cover all the necessary categories by using mega menu. It’s the best way to navigate the deepest section of your sites with just one click with this drop-down menu. You can build your own mega menu beyond your expectation with our mega menu builder. Our most unique feature is you will have two options for mobile view to show your submenu, one is “Builder Content” and another one is “Wp Sub Menu List”. Other pro features are drag and drop menu builder panel, auto add pages, social links menu, display location, pages, content, menu, badge, post, custom links, categories, and many more. Check out our video screencast:

  • Onepage scroll: One page scroll is a module of elementsKit. Add any page with one page full screen scroll.

Exclusive PRO Addons widgets

  1. [ https://wpmet.com/plugin/elementskit/gallery/ ](Gallery & portfolio) – Showcase your recent photos,company environment, events etc for your visitors with elementor image gallery portfolio widget. Our elementor image gallery widget comes with an easy solution to create your beautiful gallery with content, layouts, thumbnails, overlay, filter,captions and sequence animations and many more.
  2. Advanced Accordion (PRO) – The most advanced accordion widget that will bring your sites to a new level and make your user spend more time on your sites. This accordion adds any content you want and elementor widgets can be used in this advanced accordion. If you are looking for elementor widget that will show extra content with premium and full customizable options, our advanced accordion elementor addon will give you those advanced features beyond your imagination. Check out our video screencast

  3. Advanced Tab(PRO) – This advanced tab widget is the best choice for you if you want to show your content or other information in different tabs. This tab adds any content you want and elementor widgets can be used in this advanced tab widget.

  4. Timeline (Pro) – Show your events, story in chronological order to make it more user friendly that means more understandable by using timeline. Create your timeline with our latest elementor timeline addons both vertically and horizontally. There are many advanced styles in timeline, content, and line with background, border, positioning, responsive etc.

  5. Advanced Chart (PRO) – Show your real time data on your sites with advanced chart elementor widget so that users can easily understand your large number of data and relation between them. This elementor widget will help you to select different types of chart from the drop down at your own choice. You can also change data, color, level, categories, tooltip, legend, title, animation, and other awesome features.

  6. Data Table (PRO) – It’s not an easy task to show data tables on your sites according to your choice. Show your data in a filtered way with our data table elementor widget. You can show a huge number of unsynchronized data in a sorted way with our data table elementor widget. Easily upload custom or CSV file and get sorted data in the table with customizable table, body content, search, info, navigation, info, entries, header image, and other more options.

  7. Creative button (PRO) – Customize your button in a creative way with our creative elementor button widget which will help users to take action. You can create your elementor button widget with many hover effects, content, button, border, shadow,icon, and many other advanced creative designs.

  8. Motion text (PRO) – It’s human behaviour that gets attracted to motion things easily. Keeping that in mind we have designed our elementor motion text widget with eye-catching motion animation, spilit text animation with styles, color, typography, text shadow, and more premium resources.

  9. Instagram feed (PRO) – Instagram is the most popular social media now-a-days. By using instagram feed elementor widget you can update your pictures directly from your instagram account in different ways and upgrade your bonding with your followers. Keeping that in mind, we have created the awesome instagram feed elementor widget just to make you feel satisfied. It is designed with flexible styles, colors, layout, header, footer with many more advanced features.

  10. Facebook feed (PRO) – Want to showcase your facebook update to your sites so that you can easily get in touch with your followers? Get more followers and save your time by using facebook feed elementor widget. Now you can display your facebook profile, groups, pages, photos, albums, and others to your website with our customizable facebook feed elementor widget. You can change every section with hover, animation, loading effects, elementskit effect etc on just a few clicks.

  11. Twitter feed (PRO) – Display your twitter image, profiles, your tweets automatically to your sites with twitter feed elementor widget. This will increase communication with your customer. To make this communication more effective we have built our twitter feed elementor widget with customizable styles, layout, cover photo, header, content, read more, hashtag, action, media, and many more exclusive options.

  12. Woocommerce Product List (PRO) – Display your product list in category wise or product wise so the user can easily get their desired product and purchase them. Through our elementor woocommerce product list widget you can choose the listing option, order by, product limit, pagination, layout,title, rating, price, add to cart etc with many more amazing styles, color, and motion effects.

  13. Woocommerce Product Carousel (PRO) – Using slider is the best way to grab people’s attention. To obtain more productivity and sales,display your product with a woocommerce product carousel elementor widget. Like our woocommerce product list widget, you will get attractive styling and advanced features like filter, layout, carousel setting, navigation, animation, and more.

  14. Woocommerce Category List (PRO) – With this perfect elementor widget, you can display your product in category wise. Customers can choose category and get their desired product.Our powerful woocommerce category list elementor widget allows you to filter your product category by manual or by parent. Thus you can select all if you want and the order can be sorted..There are others pro features like layout, title, product count with customization styles, item, image, level, and many more.

  15. Woocommerce Mini Cart (PRO) – People often get irritated by adding multiple items to their cart because it makes the user navigate back to the cart page again and again. To solve this problem we have designed a simple and powerful woocommerce mini cart widget which will help users to add their desired product from any page. This elementor widget comes with multiple options like icon, cart visibility, alignment etc. There are many other customizable styles in cart button, body, header, item, subtotal, button with many more advanced pro features.

  16. advanced toggle – One of the smartest pro features of ElementsKit. This awesome widget allows you to switch between one section to another section with just one click. It’s so advanced that to see the other section, you don’t need to scroll anymore. With this eye-caching widget you can Choose Styles, Color, Set Alignment, Edit Tab Content, Control Tab and many more.

  17. Vertical mega menu – Display your Mega Menu Vertically to your site. There are many more styling options to provide a perfect look of each featured item. By our exclusive widget you can customize your Megamenu Content, Select Icon, Choose Icon Color, Choose Badge Text, Color, Position. You can also select the vertical menu position as Relative or Top and also set the Width.

  18. Hotspot (PRO): Display your image in a more informative way. This hotspot Elementor Widget will help you to point out a specific part of your image in an animated way and create a visual appearance that will attract the user’s attention. Our Hotspot Elementor Widget comes with a bunch of styling features like color, indicator, content, hover, animation, loading effects, elementskit effect, and so on.

PRO Modules Features in premium version

  • Parallax options with SVG library and animations (HOT)
  • Sticky content in any place.
  • Header footer in specific page or post.
  • Add Icon and label in the mega menu.
  • Widgets area



  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. All Settings will be found in Admin sidebar -> elementskit menu
  4. (Make your instructions match the desired user flow for activating and installing your plugin. Include any steps that might be needed for explanatory purposes)


How to use elementskit?

Login your WordPress dashboard, From the left menu click elementskit icon.

Any video documentation?

We have video screencasts. Please check here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdRHvH6znIw&list=PL3t2OjZ6gY8MVnyA4OLB6qXb77-roJOuY

Elementor editor fails to load or not working?

It’s due to your server PHP settings. Increase your server PHP memory limit from the wp-config.php file or php.ini file. If you don’t have an idea about it. Please contact your hosting provider and ask to increase
* PHP memory_limit = 512M
* max_execution_time = 300


21 de septiembre de 2020
The support from the team is great, solving problems becomes easy, also, the features of this plugin just makes our day easy. A Must use plugin!!
21 de septiembre de 2020
An excellent design tool that - even in its free form - has many slick add-ons for design using elementor. And on the rare occasion that any problems do arise active support when needed. Would recommend this plugin to anyone looking for a quick way to design in style
15 de septiembre de 2020
I'm only using the free version of the plugin and the support is fantastic! There's so many great plugins out there but can often be poorly supported. This is a great plugin and the support backs it up
14 de septiembre de 2020
In the ElementsKit Lite, the NavMenu feature for the mobile device Hamburger was not handling the menu background and text colors properly in WP/Elementor Pagebuilder (they The background and text were same color. After sending a few screenshots along with a good description, problem was solved by sending me CSS code that fixed the problem. Thank you to Benjir
14 de septiembre de 2020
Basically I was looking for a woo-commerce product listing plugin and I found Ekit. Downloaded it successfully. After few hours of using it, I wondered that it's not only a plugin for woocommerce but also a comprehensive solution for Website development that covers everything. Thnks Elementskit!!
14 de septiembre de 2020
I used several addons for Elementor. But I felt that Elementskit is a bit different from the others. Its an integrated plugin that helped me to make my website without any trouble. I could get all the necessary plugins and layouts within this plugin and view all these in a single plane of glass. Another point that I really need to highlight and appreciate is their support.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Elements kit Elementor addons (Header & Footer Builder, Mega Menu Builder, Layout Library)» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios

Version: 2.0.5
New: New controls added in Dribbble, Behance and Pinterest Feed
New: New controls added in Yelp and trustpilot Review
New: New Pro widget Google Map added
Fix: minor css issues fixed
Fix: nav menu sub-menu indicator and hover background color issue
Fix: removed fixed width from Social Share Widget, text and both style
Fix: minor bugs and theme compatibility issues fixed for Team Widget
Improved: Team Widget popup markup and style optimized for better clearity
Improved: css and scss folder and files organized

Version: 2.0.4
Fix: Blog Posts widget grid style layout breaks
Fix: Nav Menu arrow icon disappear issues fixed
Fix: Fixed isotope js conflict issues
Fix: Fixed column layout breaking issues of the widgets
Fix: some nav widget controls weren’t visible on mobile
Tweak: deprecated elementor js api removed.
Improved: JS code optimized for Gallery and Hotspot Widgets

Version: 2.0.3
Fix: Megamenu hidden issue
Fix: Megamenu dropdown hidden issue
Fix: Menu fatal error fixed
Fix: Missing dropdown caret icon in the menu
Fix: Mobile menu logo and close icon disappear issue
Fix: Minor nav menu widget text color issue in responsive view
Fix: ekiticon conflict with other themes

Version: 2.0.2
Fix: menu issue

Version: 2.0.1
Fix: compatibility issue

Version: 2.0.0
Fix: Template import issues has been fixed
Fix: All compatibility issues with elementor latest(3.0.0+) version has been fixed
Fix: All W3C Markup Validation issues has been successfully validated
– Bundled all CSS files for improving load time and performance by reducing the number of requests.
– For Front-end: 15 css files marged & minified into 1 files.
– For Back-end: 12 css files marged & minified into 1 files.

  • Bundled all JS files for improving load time, performance, conflict by reducing the number of requests.
  • For Front-end: 20 JS files marged & minified into 1 files.
  • For Back-end: 22 JS files marged & minified into 1 files.

  • In the admin, deffirent css and js file has been separated. It’s has been loading based on the setting pages.

  • We used lots of third party JS Plugins. But right now we are using elementor supported JS Plugins. Like:

  1. Slick js
  2. Magnific JS
  3. Masonry
  4. Date picker and so on.
  • There was a Huge amount of unused CSS code. We have optimized all of them.

  • There was like 200 lines of JS code which has been optimized. because:

  • We can use html/css instead of JS like image-accordion etc
  • Used cached js code(By function) instead of repeated code
  • Some of the widgets like ‘Timeline’ widgets had heavy JS code. We make it totally lightweight. Such: Instead of raw scroll functionality, we have used elementor waypoint function.

  • We have removed vendor-prefixed extra code and again merged it into a css file.

  • Fixed settings page bugs

  • Improved settings design for a better look and best UI.

  • Added version number for all of our enqueued CSS and js for default browser caching and it will improve overall site performance.

  • Improved UI for megamenu widget

Version: 1.5.12
– Latest elementor 3.0.1 compatibility added

Version: 1.5.11
– Improved Nav menu widget
– Changed ekit menu position in admin
– improved post tab widget

Version: 1.5.10
– Fixed Nav menu issue

version: 1.5.9
– elementskit icon rendering issues fixed
– social-media href duplication issues fixed
– minor js issue fixed for Onepage Scroll Module

version: 1.5.8
– fixed elementskit icon conflict
– added width control on megamenu settings

version: 1.5.7
– Elements Kit widget builder Beta released. https://youtu.be/zE6TMrkZeOI
– Fixed few css bugs

version: 1.5.6
– Archive link add post tab
– Woo product carousel markup leaked issue
– Woo product list markup leaked issue
– Menu width functionality (menu panel add settings feature)
– Update gallery link issue (remove)
– Menu panel background color issue (Update)
– menu indicator icon style (update)

version 1.5.5
Updated Lottie Widget
Updated Woo_Product_List
Updated Woo_Product_Carousel
Updated Nav_Menu
Updated Gallery

version 1.5.4
New: added Lottie Widget
New: added onepage-scroll module
Tweak: Some widgets control modified
Fix: CSS Improved
Fix: JS Improved

version 1.5.3
Fix: mobile sub-menu issues fixed
Fix: CSS Improved
Fix: JS Improved

version 1.5.2
Fix: menu broken fix
Fix: CSS Improved
Fix: JS Improved

version 1.5.1
Fix: megamenu popup issues
Fix: Url attribute added correctly in all widgets
Fix: Advanced tab, accordion, offcanvas etc popup issues fixed
Fix: Conflict fixed with the latest elementor
New: Onepage scroll module added
New: Nav menu custom breakpoint control added
New: Nav menu custom humburger icon control added
New: Widget advanced toggle added
New: Widget vertical menu added
New: Widget hotspot new style added
Removed: elementskit.ttf file

version 1.5.0
Fix: Responsiveness fixed on woo-product-carousel widgets
Fix: css bug fix on popup
Fix: post-list widget meta date
Fix: Testimonial widgets improved style
Fix: CSS Improved
Fix: JS Improved

version 1.4.9
Fix: More secure modal
Fix: Removed container from blog post widgets
Fix: CSS Improved
Fix: JS Improved

version 1.4.8
Fix: Widgets Improved
Fix: Elementor Compatability Improved
Fix: Megamenu bug fixed
Fix: Woo Product list widget mobile Compatability Improved
Fix: CSS Improved
Fix: JS Improved

Verson 1.4.7
New: RTL feature added
Fix: Latest elementor compatibility
Fix: WPML compatibility
Fix: Page list new tab issues
Fix: google indexing issues
Fix: IMG linked on image box widget
Fix: Popup broken issues
Fix: CSS Improved
Fix: JS Improved

Verson 1.4.6
Removed unnecessary dynamic tag from widgets.

Verson 1.4.5
Fix: Compatability issues with elementor latest version
Fix: Excluding template files from search engines

Verson 1.4.4
bug fix – admin settings saving error

Verson 1.4.3
Fixed admin data not saving in all deactive mode
Icon box button hover effect fixed
Wpml mega-menu fixed

Verson 1.4.2
Fix: wpml megamenu conflit fixed
FiX woo carousel, testimonial, postgrid, post-tab addon

Verson 1.4.1
Fix: added reset query in the blog post widget
Fix: added icon from control in the search field
Fix: Icon box animation fixing
Fix: ImageLoaded js issues in image comparison and gallery widget
New: added new url control in gallery widget to make each item linkable.
New: added new dashboard design
Fix: JS Improvements
Fix: CSS Improvements

Verson 1.4.0
Update icon-box
Added icon from control in the search field
Added link control in gallery
Added a control from img comparison ,
Updated woo cat-list hover title color
Update dashboard design

Verson 1.3.9
Added Tablepress compatibility
Fix: Woo cat list hover title color
Fix: License page popup in the dashboard
Fix: Error on Empty category in the post list widget
Fix: Nav menu active color
Fix: Some spelling mistakes
Fix: Fun fact overlay missing issue
Fix: Testimonial layout issues in the widget control
Fix: Testimonial rating control
Fix: Gallery popup image issues

Verson 1.3.8
Fixed banner modal issue
Added Weform compatibility
Added wpform compatibility
Added Ninja form compatibility

Verson 1.3.4
Bug Fixed
WordPress 5.3 compatibility

Verson 1.3.3
Bug Fixed
Menu parent liable in mobile

Verson 1.3.2
Bug Fixed
Update Social API

Verson 1.3.0
Fontawesome 5 supported.
Widget area bug fix for off-canvas widget
added new controls to tab, accordion
Minor css fix

Verson 1.2.7
Polylang Support for Search widget – Thanks to Alain Melsens
CSS Bug Fixed
Fixed Elementor pro popup issue
Header footer support for twenty nineteen and My listing theme.

Verson 1.2.6
Missing ajax-loader.gif
Accordion active tab issue
New controls to the page list, post-list widgets
Controls aren’t working on icon box, image box
Off-canvas hide issue in the nav-menu widget (mobile view)
CSS improvement
Admin icon missing

Verson 1.2.5
Fixed 3rd party plugin compatible issue.

Verson 1.2.4
Burger menu issue fixed
Post tab bug fixed

Verson 1.2.3
Huge Performance improvement

Verson 1.1.3
Performance improvement
CSS Bugfix

  • Initial release