FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager


FileBird is a media file manager plugin to help you organize WordPress media library folders by drag and drop.

It allows you to create virtual folders to contain your WordPress media library. So when you move files and folders, that won’t break permalinks to your images in the content.

With FileBird Pro you can save time on WP media management, search for any file & folder, sort them out, add folder gallery, etc. That’s a great way to improve your admin workflow and productivity.


Vídeo de demostración:


Interfaz de usuario amigable
Arrastra y suelta para subir o mover archivos en lote a carpetas. Arrastra y suelta para reorganizar las carpetas y subcarpetas.

Menú contextual inteligente
Haz clic con el botón derecho del ratón para crear, renombrar o borrar rápidamente carpetas del mismo modo a como lo haces en tu ordenador.

Full Control In One Toolbar
FileBird’s resizable sidebar provides you with the ultimate control over all uploaded files and created folders.

Painless Migration
Import and seamlessly synchronize media structure from Enhanced Media Library, WP Media Folder by JoomUnited, WordPress Media Library Folders by Max Foundry, and Real Media Library.

Powerful Search Feature
You can search for file and folder name not only in Media library sidebar but also in FileBird file browser when editing page/post.

Ilimitadas carpetas/subcarpetas (PRO)
Puedes crear ilimitadas carpetas/subcarpetas para todos tus archivos de medios. La versión Lite admite hasta 10 carpetas y subcarpetas.

Various Sort Options (PRO)
Go advanced with 2 ways to sort folders and 8 ways to sort files. This is a great time-saver for all busy WordPress admins & webmasters.

Bulk-Delete Folders
Now you can bulk-select folders and delete them in a single click. All those files will be moved to the Uncategorized folder and remain intact.

Compatible con TLS
FileBird admite idiomas RTL, incluidos hebreo, árabe, etc.

Compatible con muchos idiomas
Este plugin es compatible con los idiomas más populares, como inglés, español, italiano, francés, alemán, etc.


¿Eres administrador de una web WordPress?

Managing a WordPress site means that you’ll be adding tons of multi-media files such as images, videos, audios, documents, etc., into your WP media library.

As a result, your library has to store thousands of files and could become a total mess. WordPress default file name search function is a good thing but it will never match the ease of going directly to a folder. That’s when FileBird comes in to help with managing files in WordPress!

This media file manager gives you the ability to easily organize all files by drag and drop between folders. With FileBird in hand, things will be a lot better than they were.

The best thing about a folder-based structure is it makes it very easy to find the files you need and saves you so much time.

You won’t see WordPress media library not loading, as FileBird smart-loads one folder at a time.

🚀 Tips to manage WP media folders like a pro with FileBird

  • Give files and folders logical, specific names
  • Nest folders within parent folders
  • Resize the left sidebar to get an overview of all folders
  • Upload files to a specific folder by choosing the folder from the drop-down
  • Easily search for the name of file/folder right on the sidebar
  • From the page/post composer, browse files and folders in the FileBird UI
  • Use FileBird block gallery to insert multiple media files in a page, post, and custom post type
  • Keep your folders uncluttered by clearing out the old files using Sort features


FileBird WordPress Media Library Folders has been developed to be compatible with the most popular WordPress page builders, themes and plugins


  • Elementor – Maquetador de páginas número 1 para WordPress
  • Beaver Builder – Uno de los plugins populares de maquetación de páginas para WordPress
  • Maquetador de páginas Visual Composer
  • Plugin Divi Builder de ElegantThemes (PRO)
  • WPBakery Page Builder – Top #1 page builder selling on CodeCanyon (PRO)
  • Brizy – Fast and easy page builder (PRO)
  • Thrive Architect – Fastest, Truly Visual WordPress Page Builder (PRO)
  • And a lot more +++


  • Avada – Top #1 WordPress selling Theme of all time
  • Divi – Tema de ElegantThemes (PRO)
  • Enfold – The user-friendliest WordPress Theme ever made
  • Uncode – The highly anticipated Frontend Editor
  • Jupiter – Elementor Multi-Purpose Theme
  • Flatsome – Best selling WooCommerce Theme
  • Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
  • XStore – Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme
  • KLEO – Community Multi Purpose BuddyPress Theme
  • And a lot more +++


  • WPML – El mejor plugin para WP para traducir y mostrar tu web en cualquier idioma
  • Polylang – Un plugin que te permite crear un sitio WordPress bilingüe o multilingüe
  • Gutenberg – Nuevo editor Gutenberg desde WordPress 5.0
  • Editor clásico – Antiguo editor de WordPress para mostrar carpetas en vista de árbol
  • Slider Revolution – Best selling WordPress Responsive plugin
  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • FooGallery Image Gallery – Responsive Photo Gallery
  • Smush – Compress, Image Optimizer, Lazy Load, WebP Images
  • And a lot more +++


  • Media library folders
  • Drag and drop to organize folders
  • Bulk select and move files to a folder
  • Rename folder in smart context menu
  • Sort folders
  • Sort files
  • Upload files to a specific folder
  • FileBird gallery block settings


Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

FileBird - WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager


Setup is easy and takes fewer than one minute.

  1. Descarga el plugin de, descomprímelo y sube la carpeta [FileBird] a tu directorio wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activa el plugin a través del menú «Plugins» en WordPress.
  3. Ve a tu menú principal de WordPress > Medios para crear una carpeta para gestionar tus archivos.

Ya terminaste. Disfruta.


¿Es compatible con WordPress 5?

Definitely yes! Our plugins are always up-to-date to give you the best user experience.

Cuando creo una nueva entrada, ¿cómo puedo elegir un archivo subido en una carpeta específica?

You can use the search box in FileBird sidebar to find the file or folder you’re looking for.

¿Cómo puedo seleccionar en lote varios archivos y ponerlos en una carpeta?

You can use the Bulk Select button in media grid mode, tick all files you want then just drag & drop them into a folder.

¿Todos mis archivos subidos anteriormente permanecen igual después de instalar este plugin por primera vez?

Yes, you can find them in the All Files folder.

Cuando muevo una imagen a otra carpeta, ¿esta acción afecta a cómo aparece la imagen en mi portada?

No, no lo hace. La imagen todavía se muestra correctamente en la portada del sitio.

If I create a folder or category, does this override the default WordPress path «wp-content/uploads»?

No, it does not. The plugin helps organize files into folders visually. Every file permalink remains unchanged.

Will anything happen to my site if I uninstall FileBird?

No worries, your website will be completely unaffected. Upon deactivation, all your media files can be found in the library under WordPress chronological order.

Where can I find the documentation for this plugin?

You can find it here

How can I get support?

You can reach us here

¿FileBird es gratis?

Yes, FileBird is free of charge for up to 10 folders/categories.

¿Debo comprar un plan de pago?

If you have a large number of files and want to use more than 10 folders/categories, you can upgrade to FileBird PRO here.


25 de septiembre de 2020
Well done. Testing the free version and it worked perfectly. Setup a few folders, dragged some images into them. Well done! Thanks.
22 de septiembre de 2020
Installed it on first project and really loved it from the beginning! The user UI is so simple I even think basic user will be using it without any help from us - web developers and site admins. Will be buying PRO version of this plugin, mainly because of folder limit but also to support this awesome work, this plugin, its really worth it! Thanks FileBird team And I also wanted to mention that it was a little bit harder to figure out how to use some-kind of API, still didn't figured out the Basic authentication but it even doesn't really matter. Because I'm new to WordPress I didn't knew you store data in database.. wow, really unexpected (irony). So after looking up on the simple and really intuitive basic tables structure I used WPquery and created 'own api way' 🙂 But I was little sad you didn't have any written PHP API way. 🙁
21 de septiembre de 2020
Mixed content "Not Secure" message on site was pointing towards Filebird, which is a brilliant addition to Media Library in WordPress. The error was not Filebird after all, proved this by disabling the plugin. 5 star for the Support Team for Filebird who suggested "Really Simple SSL" which sorted the problem entirely.
23 de septiembre de 2020
Very reliable, this plugin helps really with media library with A LOT of files! Maybe should be faster when loading folders, but is good enough to put in production. Now I'm looking for a media deduplicate plugins that move references too, to better reorganize my library!
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Registro de cambios

Sep 16, 2020 – Version 4.0.7

  • Added: User can use API to create folders
  • Improved: Cut/Paste function
  • Fixed: Counter with Polylang
  • Fixed: Import function
  • Fixed: Counter in import message

Aug 26, 2020 – Version 4.0.6

  • Added: Compatible with Cornerstone Page Builder (From X Theme)
  • Fixed: Browser security issue with Microsoft Edge, Firefox
  • Fixed: Conflict jQuery-UI with ACF plugin
  • Fixed: Can’t create table ‘fbv_attachment_folder’
  • Fixed: Screen Option hidden in Media Upload


  • Fixed: Cache issues
  • Fixed: Mobile view
  • Fixed: Compatible with The7 theme
  • Fixed: Improve performance on modal
  • Fixed: Upload bugs
  • Fixed: Count on parent folder
  • Fixed: Small bugs


  • Improved: Notifications
  • Improved: Keep old folders from 4.0 version
  • Improved: Performance


  • Added: Gutenberg block
  • Improved: Keep old folders from 4.0 version after update database
  • Improved: UI/UX


  • Fixed: Update FileBird database
  • Fixed: Bulk delete folders
  • Fixed: Some small bugs


  • Fixed: Auto import folders from old version


  • Added: New designs
  • Added: Use new technology
  • Added: Smooth performance for unlimited folders and large numbers of files
  • Added: REST API for developers
  • Added: Sort files by Name, Date, Modified, Author (PRO)
  • Added: Bulk select folders
  • Added: Bulk delete folders
  • Added: Wipe old data
  • Added: Clean all data
  • Added: Import from Media Library Assistant
  • Added: Import from WP Media Folder by JoomUnited
  • Added: Support Brizy builder
  • Added: Support Fusion builder (PRO)
  • Added: Compatible with KnowherePro theme
  • Improved: Switchers
  • Improved: Text and Popups
  • Improved: Documentation
  • Fixed: Special characters in folder name
  • Fixed: Auto detect site width
  • Fixed: SQL syntax errors
  • Fixed: Bugs in list view
  • Fixed: Duplicate queries
  • Fixed: Bugs with WPML
  • Fixed: Small bugs


  • Added: Support Thrive Architect
  • Added: Language files for Taiwan (Thanks to soga172)
  • Fixed: List view order item bug
  • Fixed: WPML bug
  • Fixed: Scroll bar
  • Fixed: Some smart bugs
  • Fixed: Tree view show modal


  • Added: New FileBird layout
  • Added: New icon
  • Added: Separate Folder(s) for different user
  • Added: Import files from 2 media library plugins (Enhanced Media Library by webbistro and WordPress Media Library Folders by Max Foundry)
  • Added: Folder sort, folder search
  • Fixed: Support PolyLang
  • Fixed: Count
  • Fixed: Splitter
  • Fixed: Rename folder in list view mode
  • Fixed: Some bugs in right to left screen
  • Fixed: Move large folders
  • Fixed: Filter is hidden when using Smush plugin
  • Removed: Unused css
  • Removed: Unused libraries


  • Added: FileBird Gallery Block
  • Improved: Optimize FileBird Modal
  • Fixed: Can’t edit Image in media setting
  • Fixed: CSS corrupts site menu
  • Fixed: Conflict with Menubar icon plugin
  • Fixed: Uncategorised view the following error message
  • Fixed: Some small bugs


  • Improved: Remove unuse CSS
  • Fixed: Elementor
  • Fixed: List view don’t load images
  • Fixed: ACF plugin CSS conflict
  • Fixed: Remove trigger which conflict with Divi builder
  • Fixed: Conflict with Gridd Theme
  • Fixed: Count uncategories items


  • Added: Option turn on/off load FileBird JS at front-end for page builders
  • Improved: Removed CDN for customScrollBar
  • Fixed: Small bug will Elementor
  • Fixed: Select option doesn’t not change in modal popup upload
  • Fixed: Only call move image when moving folder position


  • Fixed: Go Pro version links


  • Fixed: Security required


  • Improved: Performance and Optimize Code
  • Improved: Optimize Code
  • Improved: Optimize Code
  • Fixed: Sorting error in list view
  • Fixed: Conflict with WordPress Customize Function
  • Fixed: Some small bugs
  • Fixed: «nt_wmc_folder» in Google Search Console results
  • Fixed: Error in full front end Divi Page Builder editor
  • Fixed: PHP notice on line 582 and 586
  • Fixed: Load JS script on front end
  • Fixed: Error «FileBird is loading» on Elementor builder
  • Fixed: Compatible with FooGallery and Final Tiles Grid Gallery
  • Fixed: Warning notice in WordPress
  • Fixed: Margin Overlay
  • Fixed: Other small bugs


Jul 24, 2019 – Version 2.3
* Improved: Fast append treeview
* Improved: Prevent public folders link
* Improved: CSS UI
* Fixed: Prevent plublic taxonomy folder
* Fixed: Query database callback alltime
* Fixed: FileBird treeview show on top left in product editor in WooCommerce
* Fixed: Can’t drop file when create first folder
* Fixed: Work with WPML when Post Types Translation: Media tick not translatable
* Fixed: 10 folders create in Lite version
* Fixed: Bulk select moving images into folders by itself
* Fixed: Move folder with length folder text
* Fixed: Resize bar not save in min minimum width
* Fixed: Remove map file library
* Fixed: Conflict photo gallery


Jun 13, 2019 – Version 2.2
* Added: RTL display
* Added: Hebrew language
* Added: Support Advanced Custom Field
* Fixed: Create new folders in edit attachment page
* Fixed: RTL languages in Beaver and Divi builder


Jun 04, 2019 – Version 2.1
* Improved: Change drag-drop library
* Improved: Optimize drag-drop
* Improved: Change drag-drop to trigger folders, list view
* Improved: Change syntax jQuery
* Fixed: CSS not show in all folders treeview from classic editor
* Fixed: Move many files
* Fixed: Move all categories
* Fixed: Auto Deselect bulk when none file
* Fixed: Count file selected in bulk select
* Fixed: Conflict with Avada theme
* Updated: CSS
* Removed: Unused files


May 29, 2019 – Version 2.0
* Added: Treeview interface in page, post, custom post type
* Added: Treeview interface in Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor Builder
* Added: Treeview interface for Gutenberg
* Added: Bulk auto deselect when change folder
* Added: Compatible with WPML 4.x version
* Fixed: WPML 3.9 conflict
* Fixed: Move one file not click image
* Fixed: CSS over when edit folder
* Fixed: Load too much database
* Fixed: Treeview interface Elementor Builder
* Fixed: Upload images
* Improved: No load FileBird files on frontend if not use builder
* Improved: Optimize FileBird
* Improved: UI/UX
* Removed: Unused files


Mar 13, 2019 – Version 1.8
* Added: Compatible with Elementor
* Added: Compatible with Visual Composer
* Added: Compatible with Beaver Builder
* Added: Refresh folder
* Added: Save position for resizable sidebar
* Added: Russian Translation
* Improved: Languages and Documentation
Improved: Doesn’t jump to destination folder when moving files
* Improved: CSS
* Improved: Clean code
* Fixed: Removed WordPress notification
* Fixed: Categories dropdown from Media Library popup
* Fixed: Folder structure when insert files in page/post
* Fixed: Press double clicks for OK/cancel button
* Fixed: Bulk select error
* Fixed: Scroll to view folders
* Fixed: Many small bugs


Dec 14, 2018 – Version 1.7
* Added: Drag and drop files to folders for List mode
* Added: Count items after dragging
* Added: Load effect while dragging
* Added: Hover effect (List mode and gird mode)
* Added: Show loading progress bar when upload file
* Improved: CSS
* Improved: Clean code
* Improved: Loading effect smoother
* Fixed: Resize bug when dragging back
* Fixed: Hide list attachments after load attachment
* Fixed: Conflict with 404 to 301 plugin
* Fixed: Error in Theme Customize Tab
* Fixed: Some small bugs


Aug 15, 2018 – Version 1.6
* Fixed: Some small bugs


July 2, 2018 – Version 1.5
* Added: Display location latest folder place use.
* Improved: New UI/UX
* Improved: Change icons
* Improved: CSS styles


March 28, 2018 – Version 1.4
* Improved: New drag and drop Javascript
* Fixed: JS conflicts


March 18, 2018 – Version 1.3
* Fixed: Load files in folder
* Fixed: More bugs


March 10, 2018 – Version 1.2
* Fixed: Drag and drop files
* Fixed: More bugs


March 5, 2018 – Version 1.1
* Fixed: JS conflicts
* Fixed: Drag and drop folders


May 1, 2016 – Version 1.0
* Version 1.0 Initial Release