Flamingo es un plugin de almacenamiento de mensajes originalmente creado para Contact Form 7, que no almacena los mensajes enviados.

Después de activar el plugin encontrarás Flamingo en el menú de la pantalla de administración de WordPress. Todos los mensajes enviados desde formularios de contacto estarán ahí listados y podrás buscarlos. Con Flamingo ya no tendrás que preocuparte de perder mensajes importantes debido a problemas del servidor de correo o una mala configuración en la configuración del correo electrónico.

Para información más detallada revisa la página de documentación de Contact Form 7.


  1. Sube toda la carpeta flamingo al directorio /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activa el plugin desde el menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress.

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Instrucciones de instalación
  1. Sube toda la carpeta flamingo al directorio /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activa el plugin desde el menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress.



This plugin, like Contact Form 7, is in desperate need of some better interaction/UX design and some friendlier documentation. The functionality this plugin provides should be built into Contact Form 7, and the “Subject” and “From” columns should be configurable easily and not some weirdo garbage like this that you have to go hunting for: https://contactform7.com/save-submitted-messages-with-flamingo/

Exporting saved messages does not include metadata, but a bunch of useful information is stored in the metadata. Trying to search or sort messages is frustrating and barely functional. If you mark a message as “not spam”, it resets the date to the current date, which is absolutely not the expected behavior.

In short, if you’re looking to use this with anything more complicated than a basic contact form, you should get another plugin.

Works, but has a very serious flaw

I run a site for a client. We used this plugin until we found out that when you get to larger (50k+) number of submissions, then it causes Contact Form 7 submissions to slow or fail completely. The request stalls, millions of calls get made to the database, and the user gets no feedback.

Uninstalled it, and saw an immediate drop in submission time from 30-40 seconds to basically no time at all.

Beware until this is specifically addressed.

Time saver and simple install – Just what I was looking for

The Flamingo WordPress plugin is a very valuable time saving plugin. As a PHP programmer with knowledge of the MySQL DB I used to hand code this kind of stuff. It’s not difficult to code this kind of stuff but there are many manual steps to make it all work together.

This plugin allowed me to do a 1.5 hour job in 30 mins. And this was the first time I installed it. Next time it will be a 10 min job!

Thanks, I5

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