Flat Preloader


Flat Preloader helps you create the loading page with many excited gif icons.

You can select where the loading page will be shown, such as home page or all pages.

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  • More than 110 icons
  • Show preloader immediately when a link is clicked
  • Allow showing preloader on a specific post (any post-type)
  • Add custom icon url if you don’t like the available icons.
  • Add text under loading icon.
  • Add delay time. The loading icon will fade out after the delay time.
  • «Unlimited» CSS loading animations [Pro]
  • Change the background image, color, or gradient [Pro]
  • Change the size, and color of the text under preloader [Pro]


  • Configurar
  • Configurar
  • Demo 1
  • Demo 2
  • Pro - Configurar
  • Pro - Background color with opacity
  • Pro - Background gradienta
  • Pro - Background image + custom gif


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Use the Settings -> Flat Preloader screen to configure the plugin.
  4. Choose your style and enjoy.


13 de enero de 2023
The fact that it works immediately after clicking is great & unique. Even the default preloaders for Elementor & Woodmart theme dont work immediately after the click....،They work only after the server first response flat preloader works immediatelly!!!!!
11 de diciembre de 2022 1 respuesta
Awesome plugin. Used it to deploy a gif of my logo as the page preloader
23 de octubre de 2020 1 respuesta
This plugin does exactly what it says. It is easy to use and you get almost immediate support from the developer. In less than an hour, he was able to identify my problem and provide a fix which worked perfectly. If you are looking for a preloader that is light weigh and really easy to use, look no farther, this is the one.
24 de septiembre de 2020 1 respuesta
I've tried others but this one is better than all of them and it works fine.
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Fix: prevent constant variables conflict with other code.


Test: latest WordPress version compatible
Fix: loading screen is not hidden when clicking on the browser’s back button (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/preloader-does-not-disappear-after-browser-back-navigation/)


Fix: loading screen is not hidden on Divi Builder


Fix: undefined keys when install Flat Preloader for the first time.


  • Introduce new plugin: WP Block Mindmap. There are no new features or bug fixes.


  • Minor updates to support pro version. There are no new features or bug fixes.


  • Feat: Allow multiple post ID for custom display


  • Introduce Flat Preloader Pro


  • Improve: Settings page UI


  • Feat: Show preloader immediately when a link is clicked


  • Feat: Able to collapse/expand the icons list
  • Improve: Settings page UI


  • Feat: Allow showing loading icon on a specific post (any post-type)


  • Fix: XSS on front-end


  • Improve: Securing the input & output of settings


  • Improve: Securing the input & output of settings


  • Chore: Update button «Buy me a coffee»


  • Fix: Missing verify nonce which allows CSRF attack.


  • Feat: You can add custom icon url if you don’t like the available icons.
  • Feat: Able to add icon alt text. This will help improve SEO score of your page.
  • Improve: Show total icons count in each icon section.


  • Fix: Change HTML event from DOMContentLoaded to load. I encounter an issue when some websites use optimization plugins to minify JavaScript and load JavaScript with defer. If the script is loaded with defer, it will execute before DOMContentLoader. Hence, the loading screen will be stuck and will not be hidden.


  • Update: Remove text domain header.
  • Update: Change text domain from ‘flat_preloader’ to ‘flat-preloader’


  • Fix: The overlay does not remove after faded out.


  • Feat: Add more 60+ animated icons.
  • Update: Get rid of jQuery. The script that shows the loading icon on the front-end is pure JavaScript.
  • Update: Styles of hover, active animated icons in the settings page.


  • Update: Re-arrange the settings page.
  • Feat: Add text under loading icon.
  • Feat: Add delay time. The loading icon will fade out after the delay time.


  • Fix: cannot scroll the site when it was rendered in iframe.


  • Fix: remove duplicate slash from asset URLs


  • Add Modern Flat icons


  • Add more icons
  • Add options to select where the preloading page will be appeared