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Force Refresh is the best plugin for requesting browsers to refresh their page. Perfect for single-page applications or pages that bring in feeds, this simple plugin will allow you to force a page refresh for users currently visiting any page of your site.


  • Support for both parent and child themes.
  • Allows an admin to simply click a button to request browsers to refresh their page. This is done within between 30 seconds and two minutes after making the request.
  • Ability to add refreshing capabilities to any role using the «Invoke Force Refresh» capability.
  • Ability to refresh on a per-page or post basis.
  • Customizable client-side refresh intervals.

Feature Requests and Bug Reports

Please report any feature requests you have or bugs you encounter under the Support tab. This is a new plugin and I’m hoping to add more user-requested features to make this useful to developers.


  • Under Tools, you can click "Refresh Site"
  • After clicking the button, you'll receive confirmation that you've requested connected browsers to refresh.


Upload the Force Refresh plugin to your site, and then simply activate it. To force a refresh, just navigate to «Tools», click on «Force Refresh» and click the button that says, «Refresh Site.»


1 de diciembre de 2018
This plugin just made my job way easier. Thank you. This is not
18 de mayo de 2018
The plugin works like a charm. The update which includes support for adding the Force Refresh capability to non-Admin roles like Editor and Author is exactly what I was looking for one of my project ! The author is very helpfull ! Thank you for your plugin !
24 de octubre de 2017
Before this plugin, I was living in Winslow Homer's The Fog Warning - venturing ever-so-closely to success, but stuck with an insurmountable problem ahead of me. Thank you, plugin creator, you brought me safely to shore. I needed the ability to push page updates to users on my site, but not at preset intervals - like most plugins around page refresh do. Showing a live event on a page, I wanted the ability to push a page change as soon as the event ended, to seamlessly move from video to static content - all without asking users to refresh the page or opening a new tab. This plugin made it possible. Interface is simple, and the entire operation requires a single click whenever I wanted to push new content to my audience. HIGHLY recommend. This is a fantastic plugin.
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  • Adds support for refreshing custom post types


  • Adds the ability to choose from one of four pre-set refresh intervals, from 30 seconds up to 120 seconds.
  • Adds support for displaying a Force Refresh button in the WordPress Admin Bar
  • Adds support for forcing a refresh on a per-page or post basis.


  • The ability to perform a refresh is now assigned to a capability called, «Invoke Force Refresh» – allowing you to granularly control what types of users and roles can invoke a refresh.


  • Update dependencies


  • Code cleanup


  • Bug fixes


  • Initial release