Stronger WP. Limit access to critical WordPress areas, even for other admins.

Fuerte-WP is a WordPress Plugin to enforce certain limits for users with administrator access, and to force some other security related tweaks.

Some features included are:
– Configure your own super users that will not be affected by changes and tweaks enforced by Fuerte-WP.
– Enable and force auto updates for WordPress core, plugins, themes & translations.
– Disables XML-RPC API.
– Disables WordPress theme and plugin editor, for non super users.
– Disables installation of new themes and/or plugins, for non super users.
– Restrict editing or deleting super users, for non super users.
– Restrict access to some pages inside WordPress admin panel, like plugins or theme uploads, for non super users. Restricted pages and areas can be extended vía configuration.
– Remove (and restrict) items from WordPress menus, for non super users.
– Disable Plugins installation (via WP’s repo or upload). Also disable plugins deletion.

Check the full feature set at here.


  • Main options page.
  • Emails configuration.
  • Restrictions.
  • Advanced restrictions.


  1. Install Fuerte-WP from WordPress repository. Plugins > Add New > Search for: Fuerte-WP. Activate it.
  2. Configure Fuerte-WP at Settings > Fuerte-WP.
  3. Enjoy.


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You can read the full FAQ at GitHub.

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