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This is the first and only WordPress plugin that allows you to track Android cell phones in real time. You can watch the cell phones being tracked using google maps or OpenStreetView maps and you can store and reload routes easily for later viewing. The plugin is fully responsive and this means that it will display properly on any device such as a cell phone, tablet or desktop computer.

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Preguntas frecuentes

I don’t see any of my locations on the map.

There can be many reasons for this but usually it means that you don’t have a clear view of the sky. This can be because of trees, tall buildings or even really cloudy weather. Gps cell phones do not work very well inside a building unless you are near a window. Try finding an open space with a clear view of the sky.

Some people have a problem with permissions in MySQL. If you are a developer and want to see of this is the problem, check out this issue on Github. Feel free to ask a question on that issue if you think it relates to you:

I see three routes near Seattle, what do I do with those?

They are just a demo to show you how it works. You can safely delete them whenever you want.

What is the “View All” button?

This allows you to view all of your routes that you have stored. To view an individual route either select the route from the drop down box or click on one of the markers.

What is the “Auto Refresh” button?

Tapping on this will allow you to track your phone in real tine. The map will automatically be updated every minute.

What is the drop down box below the map?

That shows all of your routes. For instance, suppose you track your phone on Monday for 3 hours and then Tuesday for 2 hours. You will then see two routes in the drop down box.


Screwed up Theme - Can't Use without major testing and tweaking


Activating GPS Tracker messed up the appearance of the WordPress site.

Using Lucious Child Theme on Genesis 2.3.1 framework Theme on WP 4.5.3

Deactivated and Deleted GPS Tracker before I could even see if it worked. Tis a shame as apparently others have had issues with Theme compatibility as well.

Sell as service

Scan Protector


With this plug-in can I sell as a service to customers?

Can I use a paid membership plug-in and sell this as a service?


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Registro de cambios

1.0.4, July 14, 2016

  • Updated documentation to show new help forum,

1.0.3, September 29, 2015

  • Can now be used with unlimited number of android phones
  • Fixed Google Maps library so that it would not be instantiated twice

1.0.2, November 22, 2014

  • renamed Gamajo_Template_Loader to GpsTracker_Gamajo_Template_Loader to avoid namespace clashes with other plugins
  • changed from bootstrap container to container-fluid
  • added height to buttons

1.0.1, November 10, 2014

  • Enabled deleting routes
  • Fixed button color

1.0.0, October 27, 2014

  • First official release!

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