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Hatchbuck for WordPress allows you to easily embed Hatchbuck forms inside any pages or posts using simple shortcodes. It makes it very easy to insert website tracking code on any page, post or site-wide. We’ve added some extra tools to help Hatchbuckers capture more leads and build their email lists.


Current version includes:

  • Gutenberg form block to easily insert forms in your layouts [NEW]
  • Embed Hatchbuck forms with shortcodes anywhere in WordPress
  • Insert website tracking code on any page, post or site-wide
  • Admin toolbar shortcuts to your Hatchbuck app
  • Scroll box to capture more leads
  • Addons to extend plugin’s functionality
  • Compatible with Classic Editor plugin
  • Compatible with ClassicPress


Submit your issues, feedback, and suggestions in the WordPress support forum.

Additional Resources

For additional information and resources:

  • Visit ProjectArmy to learn how we can help you turn your WordPress into a lead generating machine.
  • Visit Hatchbuck to learn more about marketing automation and sales software.

Special Thank You

This plugin is based on Insert HTML Snippet plugin by f1logic.


  • This is the main page where you can add and manage your Hatchbuck forms.
  • Plugin addons page where you can enable and disable addons.
  • Insert shortcode on any page/post through visual editor.
  • Scroll box addon settings page and scroll box screenshot.


  1. Visit «Plugins» page and click on «Add New».
  2. In the search box, search for «Hatchbuck».
  3. Click on «Install» button.
  4. Click on «Activate» link.
  5. Once activated, you will have a new menu option called «Hatchbuck».

Plugin includes a video tutorials. Visit «Help» tab to watch them. You can find all video on our Youtube channel.


Where do I find Gutenberg block?

If you want to use Gutenberg block, you’ll need to activate this addon under Hatchbuck > Addons. Remember, you need WordPress version 5.0 and up to use Gutenberg block.

How do I embed form shortcode into my template file?

Please use do_shortcode() function. For example: <?php echo do_shortcode('[hatchbuck form="HTML-form"]'); ?>

Where do I find Hatchbuck API keys?

Go to Account Settings > Data > API to get API key.
Go to Account Settings > Data > API > Tags to get a specific tag key.

Will Hatchbuck track scroll box subscribers?

At this point no. Hatchbuck API does not allow to set a tracking cookie, so we can’t track visitors that completed scroll box form. The moment Hatchbuck allows cookie to be set in API, we’ll add that functionality.

Tip: Add an email confirmation for scroll box subscribers, asking them to click on a link in your email to confirm subscription. When they click that link, Hatchbuck will begin tracking them.

Where can I get support?

Please visit «Support» tab above to request help on forums. We try to respond in a timely fashion.

Can you style and/or create forms for me?

Yes, we can help you with Hatchbuck forms. We can style them any way you like, help you reduce spam submissions, create multi-step forms, and much more. Contact us with your request »

Where can I submit bugs and/or feature requests?

Visit plugin’s GitHub page to submit bugs and feature requests.


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


  • Added Gutenberg form block to insert forms
  • Verified Classic Editor plugin compatability
  • Verified ClassicPress compatability
  • Bummed required versions
  • Added debug.log in case of any errors


  • wp_enqueue_script/style was called incorrectly in admin/menu.php (Bug #9)
  • WP Widget uses __construct now to improve compatability
  • Improved compatability with PHP 7.2, older PHP versions will still use create_function


  • Fixed PHP notice issue
  • Updated sidebar


  • New addon: Scroll box with Hatchbuck API
  • New addon: Site-wide tracking
  • Updated settings, text and help section
  • Added ACE Editor to highlight syntax when adding forms
  • Cleaned up code and UI
  • Updated branding to match new Hatchbuck logo


  • Fixed PHP 7.0 compatability issue


  • Fixed add_query_arg vulnerability
  • Fixed issue with orange button setting (Bug #3)
  • Limited hatchbuck.js to admin, so it doesn’t show in frontend


  • Fix for metabox issue certain users have


  • Fixed metabox error/issue


  • Fixed and consolidated javascript fixing possible bug with another plugin (Bug #2)
  • Added new page Addons
  • Added new setting to enable/disable tracking metabox per post type
  • Added first Addon: Form Widget to display forms in sidebars


Initial release.