Este plugin ha sido cerrado el 26 de agosto de 2022 y no está disponible para descargar. Motivo: Problema de seguridad.



21 de abril de 2022 1 respuesta
Sorry, but the developer is a crooked-handed lamer. I’m using plugin about 2 years. For 3 times after updates my CSS settings were erased – and I had to make them new, after today’s update Plugin made giant load of my sql with deleting from wp_helpful table. I don’t know what exactly was deleted, but all my sites on the server were laying for 3 hours.
21 de marzo de 2022 1 respuesta
Hi there, thanks for creating this amazing plugin. It is a pleasure to use. And the support you offer is outstanding and very fast! Keep up the good work!
18 de marzo de 2022 1 respuesta
great plugin, keep on it
31 de enero de 2022 1 respuesta
This is very good plugin and great, But in network I have a lot of database error WordPress database error Table ‘x_db.wp_112_helpful_instances’ doesn’t exist for query … I will back and change my rating and review when this problem fixed. Regards
16 de diciembre de 2021 1 respuesta
Was good until updated, then it deactived feeback altogether and I missed out on 3 months of feedback. Horrible.
30 de noviembre de 2021 1 respuesta
I must say, I am not normally this pleased with a plugin. It is exactly what I was looking for, as I use it on my product documentation pages on two websites. I’m very pleased.
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