Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

Hide Title


This plugin allows the author of a post or page to hide the title and it’s containing HTML element from the single view ( is_singular() ).


  • This Meta Box will be added to the Edit screen for pages & posts


  1. Upload the hide-title folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activa el plugin a través del menú «Plugins» en WordPress


He actualizado a la versión 1.0.2 y el plugin ha dejado de funcionar. ¿Por qué?

It is possible that your theme does not have the wp_head function in it’s header.php file. In general all themes are suppose to have it, and version 1.0.2 looks for it to prevent adding bad code to the <head> area of the page. If you have access to your theme file simply add <?php wp_head(); ?> to header.php just before the </head> tag. If not, this plugin will no longer be compatible with your theme.

Hey! This plugin is hiding things I don’t want hidden!

By default this plugin looks for the .entry-title class and hides it. If it doesn’t find it it will look for any h1 or h2 elements that contain the title and hide them instead. To change the default .entry-title selector to something that makes more sense to you, add the following code to the functions.php file of your current theme:

global $DojoDigitalHideTitle;
// Be sure to replace ".your-selector" with your selector!

As noted in the comments, you’ll need to replace the string .your-selector with the css selector you’d like hidden. It can be any valid css selector such as h1, .myclass, #myid, etc. I recommend using a class or id to avoid accidentally hiding unforeseen elements.

I don’t want to edit my theme files, can’t you just add an option page?

I could, but I’d like to avoid adding Yet Another Options Page if I can. If enough people request it though, I’ll go ahead and bite the bullet.

Who is the author of this plugin anyway?

Este plugin ha sido desarollado por Randall Runnels de Dojo Digital. En marzo del 2015, el plugin no era compatible con la última versión de WordPress. Al encontrar el problema, Brandom Kraft aporto la solución, pero no recibió respuesta. Contacto con el equipo de Plugins de con una oferta para asumir el desarrollo y actualizarlo. El equipo de plugins contacto y ninguno de los dos recibió la aprobación de Randall, no hizo caso en absoluto, o el correo electrónico rebotó.


2 de julio de 2019
I just heard about this trying to find a way to hide some pages from the wp site because there are just way to many in navigation bar, so I said wow hmmm nice idea. WRONG it's activated and showing in Hide ALL plugins but it's nowhere to be found to be able to use it on any pages... removing it, it's not worth my time to try to find a needle in a hay stack. Just sent them an email but read their requests was gone unattended so, I came here.
23 de mayo de 2019 1 respuesta
I find this plugin to be very beneficial. Hopefully as the updates happen, it addresses/fixes some of the issues. I can say it does work on WP 5.2.1 (I'm using it on my site now). It seems to work fine on manually created pages on Wordpress, but for other extensions - not so much, for example, WooCommerce. The option shows to hide the title, however when I visit one of the WooCommerce created pages (ie. Store), the title remains shown. I can't speak on the un-install aspect, as I plan to keep this. Hopefully the developers continue with the updates for us. Thanks!
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Hide Title» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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Revisa el código , echa un vistazo al repositorio SVN o suscríbete al registro de desarrollo por RSS.

Registro de cambios


  • Fixed Deletion Error
  • Removed WP-Updates
  • Added a body class of dojo-hide-title


  • Tested New Update Functions for future releases


  • Fixed Deletion Error
  • Added WP-Updater Support


  • Now compatible with latest versions of WordPress
  • PHP 4 is no longer supported.


  • Fixed a jQuery bug which prevented fallbacks in the case that the selector was not found.


  • Added logic to flag when wp_head has run to prevent changes being made to the title in the >head< area.
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple meta field entries.


  • Changed the jQuery to use a less brute force method of hiding the title.
  • Added a set_selector() method to allow end-users to specify the css selector to hide.