WP Armour – Honeypot Anti Spam


This plugins block spammer submissions using honeypot technic. No Captcha or extra verification field hassle to the users. Only lets spam bots to suffer using our spam filter.

What is honeypot ?
As of now spam bots are unable to handle javascript and we exploit this point to add an extra fields to your forms using javascript as spam checker. Since spam bots are not able to see that field, we check if that field exists or not. If that field doesn’t exists we will block spam submission.

It works

  • For WP Comments
  • For WP Registraton
  • For BBPress Forum
  • For Contact Form 7
  • For Ninja Forms
  • For Gravity Forms
  • For WPForms
  • For Formidable Forms
  • For Caldera Forms

How our plugin is different than other honeypot plugins ?

  • Works for most of the forms and wordpress system including registation and comments. So All in one anti spam solution.
  • Spam bots can’t use javascript so we use javascript to insert honeypot field in the form and spam bots can’t fill it to pass spam test.
  • Unique honeypot field name generated for each wordpress installation, so it is hard for spam bots to make one fit for all solution to bypass honeypot spam test.


If you have any issue, you can write to using support forum.

WP Armour Extended

  • Log spam bot IPs.
  • Block spam bot IPs if multiple spam is submitted. Add extra level of spam filter based on IPs. Needed to stop spam bot using unwanted bandwidth and save valuable server resource. Add
  • View what spam bot are trying to submit, so that you are sure our plugin is blocking legit spam bots.

You can get the WP Armour Extended from here

Our other plugins


  • Screenshot #1. WP Armour - Honeypot Anti Spam Settings
  • Screenshot #2. WP Armour - Honeypot Anti Spam Statistics
  • Screenshot #3. Honeypot for Contact Form 7 ( anti spam filter enabled )
  • Screenshot #4. Honeypot for Formidable Forms ( anti spam filter enabled )
  • Screenshot #5. Honeypot for Gravity Forms ( anti spam filter enabled )
  • Screenshot #6. Honeypot for BBpress WordPress Forum ( anti spam filter enabled )
  • Screenshot #7. Honeypot for Comment ( anti spam filter enabled )
  • Screenshot #8. Honeypot for WPForms ( anti spam filter enabled )
  • Screenshot #9. Honeypot for Caldera Forms ( anti spam filter enabled )


  1. You can install plugin directly from WordPress Plugin menu. Search for WP Armour – Honeypot Anti Spam plugin and click on Install OR you can download the plugin and install honeypot.zip from Upload Plugin button from WordPress Plugin menu.
  2. You can also access the settings from WP Armour menu. From there you can change honeypot field name and honeypot spam submission message.
  3. Please check your forms, comments, bbpress, registration to confirm they are working after honeypot is placed. There will be widgets below the forms to confirm spam protection is enabled.


How this plugin is different than other honeypot plugins ?

We have used the honeypot technic differently in this plugin to make it work better. What other plugin does is, they add honeypot field from server side (PHP) and check if the spam bot have filled that field or not. If it is filled it is marked as spam. But in our case, we add honeypot field from client side (Javascript) and check if honeypot field exists or not. Spam bots can’t use javascript and honeypot field is not available for them. This way we can better trap spam bots.

Will it block all the spam submission ?

Spam submission are either created by spam bots or by manual submission from users. Honeypot trap is for spam bots only. So there won’t be submission from spam bots. And ya, it can block russian spam, chinese spam effectively.

Forms i am using is not supported. Can you help ?

Ya, Please write to us using support forum and we will try to add honeypot support to it.

How can i verify that honeypot is working in my forms ?

Honeypot is a trap for spam bots, so it is not visible for users. However, if you are logged in as Administrator, WP Armour Test widget is shown below the form. This will confirm Honeypot anti spam checker is active in that form. And also allows you to test it as spam bot.

Do i need Captcha verification ?

No, with this plugin you don’t need Captcha, reCaptcha or Invisble Captcha at all. Lets avoid hassle for common users. Just activate the plugin and for all supported forms, anti spam filter is enabled automatically.

I am already using reCaptcha but still getting spam. Can this plugin stop spammers ?

Yes. Spam bots are now able to solve the captcha puzzle. So they are no longer effective as spam checker . Our plugin’s javascript based anti spam filter can block them as spam bots can’t use javascript.

I see settings to change honeypot field name. Do i need to change it ?

By default our plugin generates unqiue honeypot field name so that the slim chance of spam bots using the field to submit spam is more slimmer. This blocks them to create one for all type solution to bypass the honeypot field. But even in that case if you get spam bot submission, chaging the field name should work.

Can i see what data spammers are trying to submit ?

With WP Armour – Honeypot Anti Spam plugin it is No. But if you want you can use WP Armour Extended and can see what data spammers are trying to submit. It also have feature to block ip address if there are multiple submission from same IP.


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Registro de cambios

= 1.5.1

  • Added honeypot anti spam support for Caldera Forms.

= 1.5

  • WP Armour Test Panel added in forms. Only visible for Admin.

= 1.4

  • Added honeypot for Formidable Forms
  • Added honeypot spam statistics

= 1.3

  • Rebranding to WP Armour – Honeypot Anti Spam Plugin.

= 1.1

  • Removed unwanted settings.

= 1.0

  • First Release
  • Added honeypot for contact form 7
  • Added honeypot for gravity forms