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Imagify – Optimiza imágenes y convierte WebP y AVIF | Comprime imágenes fácilmente

Imagify – Optimiza imágenes y convierte WebP y AVIF | Comprime imágenes fácilmente


The Best Image Optimization Plugin For WordPress

Imagify is the most advanced image optimization plugin to help you resize and compress images. You can now use its power directly in WordPress to optimize images and reduce the weight of the photos you want to add to your site – image optimization is all done with just one click and without sacrificing their quality.

Imagify is the best WordPress image optimizer. The plugin lets you optimize images in one go with its asynchronous bulk optimization option. You can resize your images on the fly – they will be automatically optimized at the best compression level. If needed, you can always restore your images to their original versions.

On top of optimizing images, you’ll choose the best WebP plugin and AVIF plugin for WordPress. Imagify also converts your images to WebP and AVIF, the next-gen formats for lighter images that will speed up your WordPress site, improve user experience, and even SEO. Convert WebP and convert AVIF will make a difference in image optimization, you’ll see that from yourself.

Lastly, it’s easy to use the best image compression plugin for better site performance. Speed up your WordPress site and improve Core Web Vitals thanks to Imagify’s state-of-the-art image optimization process.

Our video explains why Imagify is the easiest image optimization plugin and shows how it makes your website faster thanks to lighter images.

Resize and Compress Images Without Losing Quality

Imagify is a great image compressor and the ultimate solution to optimise images. You are able to resize and compress images from the most common image formats as well as PDF format. In case you have many images to optimize, you can also resize images in bulk thanks to our async bulk optimization option. In just one click, you will be able to compress multiple images super easily. Imagify compresses all your images in the background, so you can leave the page and not worry about anything.

Many of your high-quality images may be in sizes that are much too large. To reduce image size and compress large images, Imagify has a setting that allows you to choose a maximum width for all of your images, and if you upload images that are larger than that size, it will resize large images for you during optimization. Imagify will resize images proportionally without cropping them.

With such a great image optimizer like Imagify, you’ll get your images automatically optimized at the best compression level and quality – thanks to the Smart Compression Mode.

When using our image compression tool, Imagify, you will enjoy smaller file sizes and faster loading times. But the best part is that you will optimise images and reduce their weight without losing quality: why should you have to choose between beauty and speed? If you want to compress images, it’s now easier than ever with Imagify!

Convert Images to the WebP and AVIF Formats

Thanks to Imagify, you can take a step further in your image optimization process. You can also convert all your images to next-gen image formats such as WebP and AVIF. WebP format, as well as the AVIF format, offers superior image compression and quality and is a way to optimise images and speed up their loading times on websites. To convert images to next-gen format, using the Imagify plugin will save you a precious amount of time.

With Imagify, WebP compression and conversion are indeed super easy. Wondering how the convert WebP option works? Imagify will automatically enable WebP and convert your images to WebP. You can also easily convert WebP images to AVIF.

If the «Create Next-gen formats versions» option is enabled, the AVIF version of optimized images will be created automatically. Simple as that! Thanks to the best WebP and AVIF plugin for WordPress, you’ll be able to take advantage of the automatic convert WebP feature in no time, plus you’ll always have the convert AVIF option.

Imagify can also display the AVIF images directly on your front-end. But because some browser versions don’t support AVIF yet, Imagify lets you have both optimized versions of the original format images and the WebP versions ready. Imagify will serve the AVIF version if a visitor’s browser supports it and the WebP format if not (if you have previously converted the images to WebP).

WebP is definitively an excellent replacement for jpeg, png, and gif images, and the same goes for AVIF, which improves your image performance even further. Imagify offers WebP conversion for all image formats: you can convert gif to webP, jpeg to WebP, and even png to WebP. You can also benefit from AVIF conversion and convert gif to AVIF, jpg and jpeg to AVIF, ng to AVIF, and even WebP to AVIF!
Whatever your favorite image format, let Imagify optimise your images!

Optimise Images to Make Your Site Faster and Improve Core Web Vitals

Did you know that image optimization and web performance go hand in hand? In fact, when it comes to web page speed, one of the first things you should do is optimize your images. Large and heavy image sizes will indeed slow down your website and provide a bad user experience to your visitors – and that’s why you should compress images. On the contrary, when you optimise images and improve image loading speed, you should see a direct improvement in your website speed and performance. With Imagify, it’s time to say goodbye to images taking too long to load.

Images are one of the largest influencing factors in the Core Web Vitals. Image compression will ensure your images load faster and improve your overall website performance, including your Core Web Vitals metrics. If you’re looking to improve user experience and speed up your WordPress site, images are a good place to start.

Even Google tells you to take care of your images! If you have ever run a performance audit on PageSpeed Insights, you might have seen the “serve images in next-gen formats” opportunity popping up. Another PageSpeed Insights recommendation related to images is to “efficiently encode images”. When you use Imagify, you will be able to address both recommendations and fix your images for a faster website.

¿Qué piensan nuestros usuarios de Imagify?

Here’s what our users have to say about us after optimizing their images with Imagify:

«Images and other media are the largest parts on your web pages (most likely). Therefore don’t forget to optimise images for the web before adding to your site. For WordPress there are many optimisation plugins available. My favourite is Imagify» — Mark Wilkinson

”To give your images a slimming treatment, without altering them aesthetically, there is a great plugin on WordPress: Imagify. Simple, efficient and functional, it’s really worth a look.”— WP Marmite

«Imagify es una herramienta maravillosa, potente y fácil de usar. Es rápida, compite y supera otros plugins/software ya consolidados. ¡Impresionante!» — Simon Harper

«Si quieres «exprimir» lo más posible tus imágenes y reducir el peso de tu sitio web de manera profesional…Imagify» — Ivica Delic

«Imagify es sin duda el más increíble entre los plugins WordPress para la compresión de imágenes: ¡imperdible!» — Eric Walter

¿Imagify es un plugin gratuito?

You can optimize for free 20MB of images (that’s about 200 images) every month. You can also convert to the next-gen WebP format for free.

¿Necesitas comprimir más imágenes? Echa un vistazo a nuestros planes: https://imagify.io/pricing

Want Image Optimization Tips?

If you want to know more about using WebP images on WordPress, improving your PageSpeed score with Imagify, or compressing multiple images online, take a look at our blog: https://imagify.io/blog/

It’s packed with advice on image compression and so much more!

*How to Convert Images to WebP on WordPress with Imagify

*How to Optimize Images on WordPress for Performance and SEO

*How to Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality (and Save Space)

*How to Resize and Compress Multiple Images Online (Easy Methods)

*How to Make Photos Load Faster on WordPress: 6 Key Tactics

*How to Optimize Images for Page Speed (and Google)

Who Are We?

Somos WP Media, la empresa que está detrás de WP Rocket, el mejor plugin de caché para WordPress.

Nuestra misión es mejorar la web: la estamos haciendo más rápida con WP Rocket y más ligera con Imagify.

¡Ponte en contacto!

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License: GPLv2 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html


  • Optimización de imágenes por lotes

  • Página de los Ajustes

  • Página de los medios

  • Página Otros Medios


Método Administrador WordPress

  1. Ve a tu área de administración en WordPress Plugins > Añadir
  2. Busca Imagify (usando el formulario de búsqueda)
  3. Haz clic en «Instalar» y activa el plugin
  4. Opcional: busca los ajustes de página en Ajustes > Imagify

Método FTP

  1. Sube la carpeta completa imagify dentro del directorio /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activa el plugin desde el menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress
  3. Opcional: busca los ajustes de página en Ajustes > Imagify


How can I measure the impact of Imagify on speed score?

Puedes utilizar GTMetrix y Google PageSpeed Insights para comprobar las sugerencias relevantes. Se recomienda probar las siguientes métricas antes y después de la optimización de la imagen:

  • Total Page Size (GTMetrix)
  • Optimize images (GTMetrix)
  • Serve images in next-gen formats (PageSpeed Insights)
  • Efficiently encode images (PageSpeed Insights)

What makes Imagify better than other image optimizer tools?

Imagify es un optimizador de imágenes extremadamente poderoso: nuestro algoritmo de compresión avanzado, comprimirá las imágenes y reducirá su peso sin sacrificar su calidad.

Imagify también es muy fácil de usar. Gracias a su diseño intuitivo, puedes familiarizarse fácilmente con la interfaz y los servicios sin pensar en ello.

And our dedicated customer support will help you fix any issue with your image optimizing process. Support is available via contact form, either on our website, or directly on your Imagify plugin settings page.

How many websites can I optimize with Imagify?

You can use Imagify on as many websites as you wish. Your image optimization quota to compress images will be shared evenly across all of the websites.

Si necesitas más control sobre cómo se usa su suscripción de Imagify, puedes crear subcuentas para asignar una cuota para cada una.

How does the WebP feature work on non-supported browsers?

Imagify will deliver images in the original format for browsers that don’t support the next-gen WebP format automatically, so there is nothing further to be done.

Is Imagify compatible with NextGEN?

Yes, Imagify is fully compatible with NextGEN Gallery, the most popular photo gallery plugin for WordPress. All Imagify optimization features related to NextGEN Gallery images are located and usable within the NextGEN Gallery menus and pages. So when you add images to your NextGEN galleries, you’ll be able to optimize them as well.

¿Cuáles formatos se pueden optimizar?

Imagify can optimize JPG, PNG, WebP, PDF files and GIFs (whether animated or not).

Cuando optimizas archivos JPG, PNG y GIF, Imagify también creará versiones WebP de tus imágenes originales y todos los thumbnail (miniaturas) (si tienes esta opción activada).

How should I know which image compression level is best for me?

Don’t worry! Imagify comes with the Smart Compression Mode. It means that your images will be automatically optimized for the best possible compression ratio and quality. There’s nothing else to do – just enjoy your lighter and faster images.

How does the image optimization process work?

The image optimization process is performed on our servers. Once done, Imagify returns the optimized image to your server. We do not edit images’ titles or any other information, so there is nothing further to be done on your end than to compress images. Your original images will be moved to a dedicated backup folder (just make sure to keep the Backup option active in Imagify settings).

How long are images stored by Imagify?

Once your images have been optimized via the WP plugin, the compressed images stay on your end forever (even if you delete the Imagify account).

During the optimization process, compressed images sent via the API or WordPress plugin are stored for one hour on our server (they are already sent back to your site and stay there safely).

Using the online application, compressed images are stored for 24 hours (with a free account) and for unlimited time if you have a paid subscription.

Can I restore images after compression?

Sí, siempre que la opción de copia de seguridad esté activa en los ajustes de Imagify (está activa por defecto cuando activas el plugin).

If I remove Imagify, will my images stay compressed?

Yes, your images will stay compressed even after removing Imagify (and even after you delete your Imagify account).

Si uso Imagify, ¿necesito seguir optimizando y redimensionando mis imágenes con Photoshop?

Do not waste your time resizing and optimizing your images in Photoshop. Imagify takes care of everything to compress your images!

¿Se eliminan los datos EXIF de las imágenes?

EXIF data is not removed.

He usado Kraken, Optimus, EWWW o WP Smush, ¿Imagify será capaz de optimizar aún más mis imágenes?

Absolutamente. La mayoría de las veces, Imagify podrá todavía optimizar tus imágenes aunque hayas usado ya otra herramienta de optimización.

¿Las imágenes originales se cancelarán?

No. Imagify remplaza automáticamente las imágenes originales con su versión optimizada. La opción de copia de seguridad te permite mantener las imágenes originales y restaurarlas con un clic.

¿Es posible volver a optimizar las imágenes con un nivel de compresión distinto?

Yes. By activating the backup option in the plugin, you can re-optimize each image to lossless compression with a single click.

¿Qué pasa cuando el plugin está desactivado?

Cuando el plugin está desactivado, las imágenes existentes se quedan optimizadas. Las copias de seguridad de las imágenes originales seguirán disponibles si has activado la opción correspondiente.

On which web hosts can the plugin be used?

The plugin can be used on all hosts including «managed hosting» providers like WP Engine.

Is Imagify compatible with Multi-Site?

Sí, Imagify es 100 % compatible con multisitio.

Can we use Imagify on WordPress.com?

Es posible usar el plugin Imagify en WordPress.com si tienes una cuenta Business.

Do you offer support?

Sí, el equipo de Imagify ofrece soporte técnico completo por correo electrónico para preguntas sobre optimización de imágenes. Puedes contactarnos a través de https://imagify.io/contact/.

¿Cuándo está disponible el soporte?

Actualmente, nuestro soporte está disponible de lunes a viernes de 8 AM a 10 PM CET. Respondemos cada correo electrónico, por lo que puedes esperar nuestra respuesta en un plazo máximo de 24 horas (salvo durante los fines de semana).

Is registration free?

Sí, y no es necesaria una tarjeta de crédito.

Do you offer a trial version?

No. Sin embargo, obtienes 20 MB de cuota al mes gratis para optimizar tus imágenes (alrededor de 200 imágenes).

Where do I report security bugs found in this plugin?

You can report any security bugs found in the source code of the site-reviews plugin through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team will assist you with verification, CVE assignment and take care of notifying the developers of this plugin.


22 de julio de 2024
Imagify, along with WP Rocket, are must-have plugins if you want to improve your website speed and SEO standings. These plugins are absolutely critical for any WordPress website our agency builds, updates, or conducts SEO on. The advanced optimization capabilities are better than any other image optimization plugin we’ve tried in the past. Highly recommend!
13 de julio de 2024 1 respuesta
Превосходная степень сжатия, хорошо справляется с файлами .png, в отличие от других аналогов. Небольшой недостаток – довольно медленно сканирует при первом запуске, но, это мелочь.
12 de julio de 2024 1 respuesta
We looked around all over for a solution to speed up our sites, and to improve the media section it only made sense to go with Imagify. Together with WP-Rocket, it has greatly improved performance all around. Highly recommend!
11 de julio de 2024 1 respuesta
I use Imagify on an online magazine, which is of course very image-heavy and comes from a wide variety of sources and I used to have to optimise every photo myself. It saves a lot of time and effort.
10 de julio de 2024 1 respuesta
very good plugin. I saved a lot of space on the server
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  • Enhancement: Allow to choose which Next-Gen images should be generated in UI
  • Enhancement: Guard against image size that’s not a string
  • Enhancement: Guard against file type that doesn’t match existing mime type
  • Bugfix: Fix a fatal error related to “WP_List_Table”


  • Enhancement: Prevent updating .htaccess when switching between AVIF and WEBP generation features
  • Enhancement: Display the smallest size of the image in the Media Library image details section
  • Enhancement: Correctly delete all Next-Gen versions when restoring the Original Image
  • Enhancement: Bump minimum version to PHP7.3
  • Bugfix: Fix the problem with progress bar when disabling AVIF generation
  • Bugfix: Fix a bug when number of images in the Bulk Optimization section was not correct
  • Bugfix: Fix the original/optimized image comparision bug
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Update compatibility with Next-Gen Gallery to match AVIF images
  • 3rd-party compatibility: Update compatibility with AMP, Regenerate Thumbnails and WooCommerce to work correctly with AVIF images

  • Bugfix: Preserve «Display images in webp format» configuration when updating.


  • New Feature: Introduce AVIF generation feature

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