Insert Headers and Footers


Inserta fácilmente códigos de cabecera y pie de pagina

Insert Headers and Footers es un sencillo plugin que te permite insertar códigos como el de Google Analytics, CSS personalizados, el Pixel de Facebook y mucho más dentro del header y footer de tu sitio WordPress. ¡No necesitas editar ningún archivo de tu tema!

The simple interface of the Insert Headers and Footers plugin gives you one place where you can insert scripts, rather than dealing with dozens of different plugins.

Features of Insert Headers and Footers

  • Rápido de configurar
  • Sencillo para insertar scripts
  • Inserta códigos en la cabecera y/o códigos en el pie de página
  • Add Google Analytics code to any theme
  • Add custom CSS across themes
  • Introduce código de Facebook pixel
  • Insert any code or script, including HTML and Javascript


This plugin is created by Syed Balkhi and the WPBeginner team.

What’s Next

If you find this plugin useful to insert header and footer scripts, please leave a good rating and consider checking out our other projects:

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Insert Headers and Footers is the easiest way to insert code in your WordPress headers and footers.

Our goal is to make using WordPress easy, both with our WordPress plugins and resources like WPBeginner, the largest WordPress resource site for beginners.

Hasta aquí todo. Espero que Insert Headers and Footers te sea útil para incluir scripts en tu web.

Muchas gracias.
Syed Balhki


  • Settings Screen


  1. Instala Insert Headers and Footers subiendo el directorio insert-headers-and-footers al directorio /wp-content/plugins/. (Ver las instrucciones en como instalar un plugin WordPress.)
  2. Activa Insert Headers and Footers a través del menú Plugins en WordPress.
  3. Insert code in your header or footer by going to the Settings > Insert Headers and Footers menu.


Can I use Insert Headers and Footers to install Google Analytics?

Yes, you can insert your Google Analytics code in the Scripts in Header field.

¿Puedo usar Google AdSense con «Insert Headers and Footer»?

Para verificar tu cuenta o etiquetar tu página para Auto ads, copia el código AdSense proporcionado en el campo «Scripts in Header».

¿Cómo desactivar el plugin para una página en concreto?

Puedes utilizar uno de los tres filtros boleanos disponibles: disable_ihaf, disable_ihaf_footer, disable_ihaf_header así como volver al valor «true» para desactivar la opción de impresión de página completa o específicamente del header o footer de una página en concreto.


13 de diciembre de 2019
This is exactly what I need! It is easy to use and it works perfectly for me! Thank you!
23 de noviembre de 2019
I needed this plugin to add the Google Analytics tracking code to my blog. I was able to do this, and the plugin was easy to use.
5 de noviembre de 2019
Thanks for the plugin, it's so easy to use an end-user could use it! Nicely done.
6 de octubre de 2019
I tried to add a simple JS to the copyright in the footer. It should look like: © Copyright 2019-2019 Owner of Website's LLC. All rights Reserved. Design completed by My Company, LLC using the Divi Theme Designed by Elegant Themes | Power by WordPress The second Date will change with java script automatically each year. But instead of this, I get another section UNDER the footer with no design at all, not same colors, etc. It will not add inside the footer but BELOW it. If I try and add the whole code to the Appearance>Customize>Footer>Bottom Bar, I just see the whole code on the page. So either way, I'm unable to do any inline JS code at all.
16 de septiembre de 2019
The plugin adds code to the desktop version but not mobile. I've used another plugin and it had a field for both desktop and mobile. I tested after adding the code using your plugin and it works great on desktop, but the codes were completely not present in the mobile site. Hope you guys will update this as this plugin is considered useless in 2019.
5 de agosto de 2019
Was looking for a long time an easy plugin to add google analytic tracking code with out to use child theme. Found this one on oceanwp admin recommendation. it does exactly the job with out usefull code. Thank you
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Registro de cambios


  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 5.2
  • Updated text-domain standards and in plugin header


  • Actualización de FAQs
  • Introducidos tres nuevos filtros: disable_ihaf, disable_ihaf_footer, disable_ihaf_header


  • Code cleanups


  • Corregido para usuarios de PHP de versión menor que 5.5


  • Probado con WordPress 4.7.2
  • codigo limpiado


  • Probado con WordPress 4.3
  • Fix: plugin_dir_path() and plugin_dir_url() used for Multisite / symlink support


  • Fix: Dashboard widget logo URL when RSS feed cannot be loaded
  • Fix: WordPress 4.0 support
  • Added: POT language file


  • Improved settings UI for WordPress 3.8+
  • Bumped minimum version requirement


  • corregido el archivo leeme


  • codigo limpiado


  • Corregido la carga CSS innecesaria


  • Versión inicial