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Instagram Feed Gallery is the most user-friendly Instagram plugin for WordPress. It allows you to showcase your Instagram feed or Instagram tags on your website.

This Instagram Gallery plugin offers you two different layouts to display your feeds, a grid gallery or a carousel slider. It also lets you create hashtags feeds, a feature that is usually available only the premium versions of other plugins.

Formerly Instagram Feed Gallery

This plugin was formerly known as «Instagram Feed Gallery». WordPress forced us on August 8, 2019 to change the name of the plugin due to use of the «Instagram» word in the name. We apologize for the problems that the downtime may have caused to you.

Instagram Token setup

Unlike other plugins that require creating an app with the developer tools, our Instagram Feed plugin offers you a one-click setup.

All you need to display your Instagram user or hashtags pictures is clicking on the «Add New Account» button and your Instagram access token will be automatically generated and saved.

Instagram Premium

Instagram Feed Gallery is a freemium plugin which allows you to include an unlimited number of user accounts and then create a separate feed for each of them.

It also includes two extra layouts and offers a lot of customization options like a ‘Load More’ button, a box mode for the feed with colors and borders, the option to display the user profile avatar image, username and custom description and a lot more.

Pro Features:

  • Multiple Instagram User Accounts
  • Masonry Instagram Gallery layout
  • Highlight Instagram Gallery layout
  • Boxed mode for your Instagram Gallery
  • Display user profile in your Instagram Gallery
  • Display Instagram Pictures in a card
  • Display user info inside Instagram Pictures popup
  • Display image caption inside Instagram Pictures popup
  • Display image likes inside Instagram Pictures popup
  • Change Instagram Pictures popup description position
  • Load more button


  • Instagram Feed Gallery PRO / Account
  • Instagram Feed Gallery PRO / Feeds
  • Instagram Feed Gallery PRO / Feeds / Layouts
  • Instagram Feed Gallery PRO / Load more button
  • Instagram Feed Gallery PRO / Masonry layout


  1. Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress
  2. Search for «Instagram Feed Gallery»
  3. Click «Install»
  4. Go to Instagram Gallery / Account in your admin dashboard
  5. Press the «Add new account» button and generate the access token
  6. Go to Instagram Gallery / Feeds and press the «Add new gallery» button
  7. Configure your Instagram Gallery
  8. Press «Update» button and then copy & paste your shortcode

Preguntas frecuentes

Can I display pictures from Instagram Tag?

Yes, you can.

Can I display pictures in Instagram Widget?

Yes, you can.

Why my pictures are not showing on page?

You have to update your Instagram access token to display user media.

How to add Instagram Gallery to a widget?

Go to your admin dashboard, and add new Instagram gallery, then go to widgets, add Instagram Gallery Widget and select the Gallery item from the dropdown list.

Why there are two popups on image click?

There may be some other plugins(like: fancybox, elementor) which also uses image links to open popup. Try to disable popup images option in the setting panel of this plugin, which will allow other plugins to work.


16 de octubre de 2019
This tool is amazing. To be able to post on instagram and automatically shows in our website. This way our website is updated automatically.
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  • Premium. Instagram User Feed load more button
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  • Premium. Instagram User Feed popup caption and likes options
  • Premium. Instagram Tag Feed load more button
  • Premium. Instagram Tag Feed load more button colors
  • Premium. Instagram Tag Feed popup caption and likes options


  • Fix. Reload on Instagram token removal
  • Fix. Show Instagram token even if user profile id is empty
  • Fix. Undefined Instagram username


  • Improvement. Instagram token generation simplified
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  • Fix. JS files issue with WP5 solved


  • Fix. speed improvements and small changes


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  • Fix. Imstagram Carousel dotted nav removed
  • Fix. Instagram Carousel removed zoom image on hover


  • Fix. Elementor confliction fixed
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  • Fix. IE 8,9 Carousel support dropped


  • Fix. Spanish Translation added
  • Fix. Tags picture limit removed
  • Fix. Caption option removed
  • Fix. Post link added in popup


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  • Fix. added option to change carousel arrow color


  • Fix. CSS issue fixed


  • Fix. some API code fixes


  • Fix. user media API update


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  • Fix. open Instagram page on image click


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  • Fix. API update for Tags fixed


  • Fix. added FIX for localization code issue


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  • Fix. code updated for better performance


  • Fix. Instagram API error quick FIX added


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  • Fix. browser online check status removed
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  • Fix. Carousel spacing bug fixed
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  • Fix. Carousel popup bug fixed
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  • Fix. Gallery image sizes fixed to square display
  • Fix. some CSS fixes


  • Fix. Carousel image sizes fixed to square display
  • Fix. added caching of images to speedup loading
  • Fix. display type Slider removed
  • Fix. old-shortcode warning message removed


  • Fix. Instagram profile link/button added in Carousel view
  • Fix. wp_nonce removed because of conflicts with cache plugins


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  • Fix. added option to choose custom hover color


  • Fix. cURL warning issue fixed


  • Fix. cURL warning added


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  • Fix. clean setting on un-install


  • Fix. display likes and comments
  • Fix. old shortcode support ended
  • Fix. deprecated Slider view option


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  • Fix. non-english tag/account supported


  • Fix. IE images issue fixed


  • Fix. Admin Panel UI updated
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