«…IssueM destaca de verdad.» — WPMU

IssueM es una de las piezas clave de la plataforma líder WordPress para editores.

IssueM transforma a WordPress en una potente plataforma de publicación de ediciones digitales. Muy popular entre las revistas de antiguos alumnos, revistas de comercio, sitios de noticias, y publicaciones científicas, entre otros editores de publicaciones periódicas, IssueM trae a la web el eficaz y familiar modelo de publicación basado en ediciones. Hay un gran número de ventajas en este modelo de publicación basado en ediciones:

  1. A los editores les encanta que la publicación digital basada en ediciones de IssueM ralentice el ritmo de publicación adaptándose mejor a los flujos de trabajo existentes;
  2. Y los lectores adoran la experiencia de lectura en gran formato, menos frenética y bien organizada.

IssueM viene lleno de funcionalidades—¡y gana más con cada nueva versión! Una vez instalado, IssueM permite a los editores:

  • Crear ediciones
  • Crea artículos y asigna artículos a ediciones concretas
  • Publica ediciones (incluyendo todos sus artículos) de una sola vez
  • Muestra las ediciones anteriores en la atractiva página de archivo de «Ediciones anteriores»
  • Muestra una lista de artículos de la edición actual en cualquier lugar del sitio mediante un widget
  • Permite a los lectores buscar contenido entre todas las ediciones
  • Selecciona artículos destacados para mostrar en un escaparate rotatorio de artículos
  • Emplea la funcionalidad de programación de WordPress para programar y automatizar el lanzamiento de una edición
  • Presenta ediciones en una atractiva página de resumen de contenidos lista para usar (pero también personalizable)

Entre otras ventajas:
* IssueM funciona con cualquier tema de WordPress.
* IssueM está respaldado por el equipo dedicado de desarrolladores y editores de zeen101.
* IssueM es un proyecto activo, con nuevas actualizaciones y con nuevas características que se liberan con regularidad.
* El desarrollador de IssueM, zeen101, está comprometido a proporcionar un soporte de primer nivel.
* IssueM es gratis.

La publicación basada en ediciones dentro de la web está cogiendo fuelle. Más y más editoriales tradicionales están comprendiendo que usar en la web la misma planificación que se usa para la versión impresa de sus ediciones —en comparación a implementar un canal continuo de contenido— no solo no es solo un paso atrás, sino que es un cambio que es bien acogido por los lectores que, a menudo, están saturados gracias a ese canal continuo de información. Según crece este modelo de publicación, también crece el ecosistema de IssueM. En la actualidad, zeen101 ofrece las siguientes extensiones y plugins asociados que complementan y mejoran IssueM.

  • Leaky Paywall, when paired with IssueM, makes charging for issue subscriptions simple. Sell subscriptions to your content using any schedule (weekly, monthly, annually, etc.) and price you like. Set your «leak level» to define how many articles readers are allowed to view without a subscription for any time period you set. For example, you can allow unsubscribed readers to read 3 articles per month before a subscription is required. Leaky Paywall also allows you to set limits by content type as well. Leaky Paywall is a paid plugin.
  • UniPress brings your IssueM issues to iPhone and Android devices as your publication’s very own app. Build a stronger relationship with your readers by providing them with a dedicated app that they can have in their pocket every day. All your issues, articles, posts, and pages flow into the UniPress app framework that zeen101 will brand as your magazine, set up, and submit to the Apple and Android app stores. It couldn’t be easier. UniPress is available now. (The IssueM integration is currently under development and will be available soon.)
  • El plugin Issue-to-PDF permite a los editores transformar sus ediciones digitales en PDFs con solo pulsar un botón.
  • Want to convert your blog posts into issues? The Issue Migration Tool will migrate any post content you choose into article content, so that you can include it into your IssueM issues. Quickly create a special issue or start an issue based magazine or news site.
  • If you need more power in your search box, the Advanced Issue Search add-on allows your readers to comb through your content in a way that isn’t possible with the standard WordPress content search.


  • Berkeley Science Review – Edición actual
  • Berkeley Science Review – Edición anterior
  • Berkeley Science Review – Archivo de ediciones
  • Simmons Field Educator – Edición actual
  • Simmons Field Educator – Archivo de ediciones
  • Einstein College of Medicine – Edición actual
  • Einstein College of Medicine – Edición actual con menú de ediciones anteriores (programación personalizada)
  • Einstein College of Medicine – Archivo de ediciones
  • Law Practice Today – Edición actual
  • Law Practice Today – Archivo de ediciones
  • IssueM – gestión de ediciones
  • IssueM – añadir nuevo artículo
  • IssueM – ajustes del plugin
  • IssueM – ayuda


  1. Sube toda la carpeta issuem a tu carpeta /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Ve a la página de ‘Plugins’ en el menú y activa el plugin.


¿Cuáles son los requisitos mínimos de IssueM?

You must have:
* WordPress 5.3 or later
* PHP 7 or higher

¿Cuál es la licencia de IssueM?

  • IssueM es GPL.


31 de octubre de 2020
Our site has now used IssueM for 3 years. Readers can see and click to read all articles in an issue, scroll through them in order, browse them by categories of interest, and find back issues. IssueM has structured our magazine effectively and allowed the editors (who are non-technical) to keep our file structure tidy. With 500 Articles or so a year to manage, IssueM’s structure has encouraged and embedded a tidy procedure. It is great to be able to prepare a new edition in the background and then publish it when it is ready by simply changing the draft status of the Issue to Live. We would like more, of course! The documentation is weak so setting up took some time and a lot of trial and error but the results, after writing some CSS to get a reasonable look and feel, was worth the effort. It is reliable. Many thanks to Zeen for your product.
16 de mayo de 2020
It’s a great concept, but my god is the documentation miserably bad! There is literally no source to how you can actually arrange the content in a proper way anywhere! They just show you sites that have in some way made the layout properly. Very poor documentation gives this good useful idea a 1 star. It’s just so hard to know anything about how to use this effectively.
3 de septiembre de 2016 1 respuesta
Easy to install and use to create issue based publications. What impressed me the most was the extent that IssueM developers went to help me out to customize my theme code to work with their plugin code (especially since I am a beginner and needed plenty handholding), to specify the pagination for only articles within each issue. Very professional, quick, helpful, and generous! They offered quick and detailed responses, as well as patience, to all of my questions! Thank you for a great plugin and awesome service, would definitely recommend for all
3 de septiembre de 2016 2 respuestas
Thanks for such a quick response (less than 10 mins on a Friday night) to my inquiry. After I built my issue with two articles as a test, I couldn’t get it to show up in the sidebar. I sent off a quick email, but found the answer in the forum. I needed to go over to the dashboard, settings, permalinks and then it cleared the permalinks and the magazine issue showed in the sidebar as advertised. I’m just a little disappointed that the issue looks much like a series of normal blog posts rather than a magazine (with columns etc, and options for typography) if you use it as is. Maybe in the future?! Keep up the good work. We really need a good magazine option plugin for Wordpress sites.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«IssueM» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


«IssueM» está traducido en 2 idiomas. Gracias a los traductores por sus contribuciones.

Traduce «IssueM» a tu idioma.

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Revisa el código , echa un vistazo al repositorio SVN o suscríbete al registro de desarrollo por RSS.

Registro de cambios


  • Update display of pdf line in archives shortcode
  • Update links


  • Remove external dependencies from plugin


  • Code cleanup


  • Fix pagination on IssueM archives
  • Update WP admin menu icon


  • Fix some styles
  • Add attributes to do_issuem_archives_get_terms_args filter
  • Update html on issuem archive issues


  • Sanitize parameters


  • Add ability for 3rd party plugins to add settings tabs
  • Fix index error during post save


  • Display latest issue in widget even if it has no articles attached
  • Fix cover image setting on issue page


  • Add admin columns on article for issue, categories, and tags
  • Display categories in article list widget even if they are empty
  • Fix javascript error that was breaking settings page


  • Fix excerpt filtering when content has oembed
  • Add issuem_article_post_type_args filter for adjusting article post type before registering
  • Add article taxonomies to post type editor in block editor
  • Add issuem_archives_issue_url filter


  • Add fix for issue order
  • Add fix for capability error
  • Enable block editor support on article post type


  • Añade valores meta para comprobar la consulta de miniaturas y rotativos destacados


  • Usa medios para gestionar la imagen de portada de una edición
  • Soluciona la ordenación por orden de edición en la tabla de administración
  • Actualiza cómo se guardan los metadatos del artículo durante la edición en lotes, de modo que las opciones no se pierdan
  • Añade el filtro issuem_widget_after_issue_cover
  • Actualiza el logotipo de administración


  • Añade filtro para los estados


  • Soluciona fallo causado al usar caracteres especiales en contenido/extractos
  • Añade argumentos a los nuevos ganchos de ajustes (HT: pressupinc)


  • Actualiza el constructor para PHP7


  • Dos ganchos de acción para permitir múltiples formatos de artículo
  • Cambia split() por explode() para mejorar compatibilidad con PHP7
  • Soluciona error tipográfico en la comprobación de orden de ediciones


  • Fixing bug preventing uploads in Issue Taxonomy
  • Fixing bug when saving Issue Taxonomy
  • Add check to is article page conditional to fix a bug with redirect_canonical


  • Add array keys for option values on issue statuses to fix problem with translations changing the values that were being checked elsewhere
  • Add filter for issuem_active_issue_slug
  • Add filter for issuem_draft_issue_tax_query ;
  • Add filter to pre get posts draft tax query
  • Fix header output error in admin


  • Check if currently set post type is a string before adding article to the preferred array type


  • Add aritcles to is_author query
  • Remove extra slash in css and js link URLs
  • Use explode instead of split to create array of article category slugs
  • Use correct variable name issue instead of issuem_issue in the featured thumbs shortcode


  • Modify how we add article to the post query in pre_get_posts


  • Updating WP_Widget calls for deprecated use in WP4.3


  • Escaping add/remove_query_arg calls properly


  • Create add-ons page to showcase available IssueM add-ons from within the plugin
  • Add helpful descriptions on the IssueM settings page
  • Clean up HTML errors
  • Update support links and information
  • Add link to settings page from plugin listing page


  • Update styling of article notice and add the ability to dismiss the notice


  • Fixing bug preventing WP Categories from working in the Article List Widget


  • Better verification for clever users who might know what your next draft issue is named, so they can’t see it
  • Make sure we verify the post exists before setting the content


  • Prepping for IssueM Pro integration!
  • Changing feed templates to order posts by menu_order over post_date
  • Add default settings for rotator options
  • Updating links to go to
  • Update help page layout and improve documentation
  • Add RSS feed to zeen101 to IssueM settings page sidebar
  • Update layout of settings page
  • Add rate issuem widget to issuem settings page
  • Clarify description for Article Format meta box
  • Update list of wp contributors
  • Add second param to get_issuem_author_name to not output name as a link
  • Use the number input for font size inputs
  • Update settings notification so it actually displays
  • Add tabs to IssueM settings page
  • Change issue_url output to only the term slug if use tax links is checked in settings
  • Redux of feature image rotator options


  • Setting issuem_issue cookie properly for article views
  • Added issuem_issue setting for taxinomical links
  • Update support links to point to
  • Added link to issue name in the IssueM Active Issue widget
  • Added DATE to issuem_replacement_args to get access to post date
  • Added function to get the article excerpt by id for use in the featured thumb shortcode when the excerpt need
  • Update featured rotator so that caption is clickable
  • Added media queries to featured thumbnail layout and clean up font styling from the article list
  • Added message to IssueM Article Format section describing what it does
  • Update layout and position of IssueM Article Options on edit article page


  • Adding missing code to display PDF link in widget when External PDF Link is not empty and set to display PDF links


  • Fixed readme
  • Fixed messed up constant variable name


  • Updating IssueM references to point to zeen101
  • Update show_thumbnail_byline variable
  • Add title field to IssueM Active Issue widget
  • Change object name to article instead of post for the featured thumbnail category list arguements
  • Add display thumbnail byline to issuem settings page
  • Filter the_content plus… Related to commit 854d12b79c2b7701ad1712fff6f387246ee5a218
  • Applies ‘the_content’ filter to article content
  • Changing merged pull request (minor update)
  • Update issuem-functions.php
  • Customizing Flexslider to deal with conflicting themes/plugins that enqueu their own version
  • Fixed activation hook function call
  • Move inline css to admin css file’
  • Replace file uploader with wp media uploader for default issue image
  • Remove toggle arrows from settings boxes
  • Add settings sidebar for additional content
  • Update layout of settings page
  • Fixing responsive issue with captions in flexslider


  • Fixing featured thumbnail shortcode to show categories properly
  • Adding filter and CSS class for no articles found message on articles shortcode
  • Add getting started video and text to issuem help page


  • Adding Order Direction to IssueM Article Widget
  • Adding limit/next/previous capability to archive list
  • Fixing tested up to line in readme.txt
  • Adding args attribute to modify get_terms for archive shortcode
  • Add styling to center featured thumbs with percentages
  • Change featured thumbnail shortcode layout markup and remove font family styling


  • Fixed Article Category widget dropdown bug


  • Fixed Issue Ordering Bug


  • Updating POT file
  • Added new filter for leaky paywall to restrict PDF downloads
  • Fixed article category sorting bug
  • Fixed article import bug with Issue’s missing meta data
  • Added fix for query reset on widgets
  • Added fix for category ordering in shortcode
  • Updating some CSS and tested up to version
  • Added option for the [issuem_archives] shortcode to generate issue urls using get_term_link instead of based on the shortcode page with a backup to the previous links in the event of an error


  • Added integration for upcoming Issue to PDF plugin
  • General Code Cleanup


  • Fixed bug in Extrenal Link setting for Issues
  • Fixed bug in displaying WordPress author as First & Last name
  • Fixed some PHP docblock


  • Added function/hook to add featured image to article post type, if not supported by theme
  • Rewrote flush rewrite rules activation hook for better performance
  • Fixed version number in PHP comments
  • Added option to set page for issue archives
  • Added filter to set default page content for issue archive page (if no content exists)


  • OpenSourceInitiative Release!

  • Fixed typo in Editor permissions


  • Fixed bug in advanced search shortcode
  • Added pre_get_posts filter call to modify the WordPress Categories/Tags query if not using IssueM Categories/Tags
  • Added shortcode to display current issue title
  • Fixed IssueM Category and Tag names
  • Fixed permissions
  • Fixed typo in str_ireplace helper function


  • Fixed bug in shortcodes when using the IssueM Category Order field. Must set use_category_order=»true» in the issuem_articles shortcode.
  • Fixed bug in shortcodes not displaying the Author name when «Use IssueM Author Name instead of WordPress Author» option is set.


  • Fixed bug in shortcodes defining the specific issue slug.
  • Fixed i18n text domain directory typo
  • Fixed typo in advanced search form
  • Added Swedish translation
  • Fixed error in issuem.pot file


  • Modifed CSS styling to deal with themes overwriting the Featured Image Rotator
  • Added Spanish translation


  • Modified archive shortcode to use external link setting depending on issue logic
  • Added ‘archive_issue_url_external_link’ filter to set the external link for as the primary article URL too
  • Added ‘issuem_author_name’ setting to IssueM user interface


  • Fix permalink rewrite cache issue for new users
  • Added i18n support for future translations
  • Added ‘issuem_author_name’ filter for users who do not want to use the built-in WP-User authors
  • Switched from jqFancyTransitions jQuery slider to FlexSlider for responsive functionality


  • Fixed bug in buyer’s news


  • Added informational buyer’s news section to articles page
  • Added show_featured option to articles shortcode (off by default), to prevent articles in the rotator/thumbnails from also appearing in the article list


  • Fixed bug getting new version information from IssueM API
  • Added API warnings and errors


  • Fixed bug with issue order causing last Issue ID to be first regardless of order
  • Added ‘article_category’ argument to issuem_articles shortcode, now you can specify a single category


  • Set default issue order to issue_order for widgets
  • Enabled issue order sortable column in dashboard, set it as the default sort
  • Fixed some missing l18n text
  • Added orderby option to article list widget
  • Added issuem_issue_url filter for users who want to change the default Issue URL
  • Added ‘external link’ field to issue meta, for users who want to link to a PDF/URL not hosted on their own site
  • Fixed bug caused by users who set the Issue Order for only some of their issues
  • Fixed bug in issuem_replacements_args workflow


  • Set default issue order by issue_order instead of issue date
  • Added filter to set default page content for issue page (if no content exists)
  • Hot linked cover image to issue page in Active Issue widget
  • Added CSS to Article List Widget to highlight current article (if on one)
  • Fixed Article List Widget so it displays empty issues


  • Fixed bug IssueM Migration tool link showing up when it was not enabled
  • Fixed bug in Active Issue Widget, not showing default IssueM issue image when not specific issue image was set


  • Added IssueM Migration Functionality, to migrate Posts to Articles
  • Fixed issuem_archives shortcode to display correctly
  • Added CSS and JavaScript auto version matching with IssueM version


  • Fixed PHP Warning bug for site with no issues
  • Added ability to users with ‘manage_issues’ permission to see Draft issues
  • Added ability to specify an issue in the issuem_articles, issuem_featured_rotator, and issuem_featured_thumbnails shortcodes


  • Fixed Verify API button
  • Fixed Archived Issue default format alignment
  • Fixed IssueM Cookie settings


  • Added RSS Feed filtering, so draft issues do not show up in RSS feed and only the active issue article shows up by default
  • Added category and number of Article options to Article List widget
  • Solución de errores menores


  • Beta Release
  • General Code Cleanup
  • Added ability to choose open target for PDF links
  • Added a number of helper functions
  • Fixed template names


  • Beta Release