Lightbox Gallery


From 0.7.1, the default view changed to Colorbox due to the license regulation by the plugin directory. If you would prefer the prior Lightbox to Colorbox, you need to get the script from the setting page.

The Lightbox Gallery plugin changes the view of galleries to the lightbox.

  • Lightbox display of Gallery
  • Tooltip view of caption of images
  • Displays the associated metadata with images
  • Divides Gallery into several pages
  • Extends the default Gallery options
  • Additional settings are set in the option page
  • Switch to the Highslide JS display

You can also make regular images appear in a lightbox. See Faq.


If you have translated into your language, please let me know.

How to use

How to use this plugin is basically the same as the way to add [gallery] which has been adopted
by over WordPress 2.5. Lightbox Gallery plugin automatically converted the default view of gallery
into the lightbox view. Photo captions are displayed as tooltips. Photo descriptions are displayed
when the lightbox pops up.

Ajustes avanzados

There are three additional options to extend the shorttag [gallery].

  • lightboxsize

The image size when the lightbox pops up. The default is medium, but you can change to full.

[gallery lightboxsize=”full”]

  • meta

Defines whether the exif information is displayed. The default is false.
If you want to show the photo info, set true. The exif shown on the lightbox includes camera body,
aperture, focal length, shutter speed, and created timestamp.

[gallery meta=”true”]

  • class

Adds a class attribute of the gallery. The default is gallery1.

[gallery class=”gallery2″]

  • nofollow

Adds the attribute, rel=”nofollow”. The default is false.

[gallery nofollow=”true”]

  • from, num

Defines from which and how many photos are displayed.
If the number of photos is over that of num, the navigation will be shown.
You can use the navigation option almost same as the wp_link_pages function.

[gallery from=”5″ num=”10″]

  • pagenavi

If you would like not to show the navigation, set 0. The default is 1.

[gallery num=”10″ pagenavi=”0″]

Known Issues / Bugs


  1. Deactivate the plugin
  2. That’s it! 🙂


  1. lightbox-gallery screenshot 1

    Lightbox Gallery


  1. Activar el plugin a través del menú ‘Plugins’ en WordPress
  2. Just upload images and write down the [gallery] shortcode in the post content.
  3. That’s it! 🙂

Lightbox Gallery will load ‘lightbox-gallery.css’ and ‘lightbox-gallery.js’ from your theme’s directory if they exist.
If they don’t exist, they will just load the default ‘lightbox-gallery.css’ and ‘lightbox-gallery.js’ that come with Lightbox Gallery. This will allow you to upgrade Lightbox Gallery without worrying about overwriting your lightbox gallery styles that you have created.

  • Edit the lightbox-gallery.js and check the path of line 2 according to your settings.
  • There may exist localized images in ‘images’ directory. Replace default images with them.

Preguntas frecuentes

  • How can I make regular images appear in a lightbox without [gallery] shortcode?

Just add rel=”lightbox” into “a” tag. Here is a sample.

<a href=”image.jpg” rel=”lightbox” title=”this is a caption”>
<img src=”thumbnail.jpg” alt=”” />

  • How can I handle multiple galleries in one page as separate ones?

If you would like to handle galleries separately, add different class names
into [gallery]. ex) [gallery class=”gallery2″]

  • Java Script does not seem to be loading?

Check out your theme has wp_head() in the header and wp_footer() in ther footer.


Poorly written

I rename my wp-content folder for every project. This plugin does not recognize that.

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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


  • Code cleaning.


  • CSS loading in a child theme.


  • Backward compatibility: caption loading.
  • Code cleaning.


  • Responsive output.
  • Gallery code renewal.


  • Farsi (fa_IR) – Ehsan Razavi


  • Bugfix: support for WordPress 3.5.


  • Danish (da_DK) – Jacob Voldby
  • Bugfix: rel=”lightbox”


  • Bugfix: lightbox image path.


  • The default view changed to Colorbox.
  • Slovak (sk_SK) – Viliam Brozman


  • Due to the license restriction, the highslide script has been removed.
  • Bugfix: key transition.


  • Swedish (sv_SE) – Anders Martensson
  • Bugfix: button images of sub directory WordPress.


  • Option to add rel="lightbox" automatically in the post insert.
  • Code cleaning.
  • Bugfix: addition of esc_attr().
  • Croatian (hr) – Tomislav Konestabo
  • Hindi (hi_IN) – Outshine Solutions
  • Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) – leonanu


  • Lightbox and Highslide path.
  • Czech (cs_CZ) – Petufo
  • Germany (de_DE) – Michael Wruck and Tacitus Media
  • Romanian (ro_RO) – Anunturi Jibo


  • jQuery lightBox plugin license changed.
  • Hungarian (hu_HU) – Zsolt Vereb and Feriman


  • Enforced loading option of lightbox gallery scripts.


  • Bugfix: JavaScript error.


  • If you set the class attribute into [gallery], galleries are handled separately. ex) [gallery class=”gallery2″]
  • Support for the Highslide JS.
  • Support for the javascript loading in the footer.
  • Turkish (tr_TR) – Hakan Demiray


  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) – Emmanuel Carvalho
  • Belorussian (be_BY) – ilyuha
  • Combine jquery.lightbox.css and jquery.tooltip.css into lightbox-gallery.css


  • Default thumbnail size and lightbox size.


  • Spanish (es_ES) – Daniel Tarrero
  • Polish (pl_PL) – Otmar
  • Bugfix: translation miss.


  • Dutch (nl_NL) – Peter Arends


  • French (fr_FR) – BenLeTibetain


  • Bugfix: JavaScript.
  • Russian (ru_RU) – Fat Cow


  • Bugfix: page navigation.


  • Loads lightbox-gallery.js from your theme directory.
  • Italian (it_IT) – Gianni Diurno.


  • from and num attributes for gallery division.
  • Additional settings are set in the option page.


  • Bugfix.


  • Bugfix.
  • Output jquery and lightbox scripts only in the replated page.


  • Bugfix.


  • Bugfix.


  • nofollow attribute.


  • ISO attribute


  • class attribute.


  • rel="lightbox" to make regular images appear in a lightbox.


  • Versión inicial.