Listo is a simple plugin that supplies other plugins and themes with commonly used lists (such as lists of countries, subdivisions of countries, and currencies). Listo is also able to filter list items based on defined subgroups. For example, Countries provides a list of countries and dependent territories based on the ISO 3166 standard (249 items), and its subgroup ‘un’ only includes members of the United Nations (193 items).

Listo tiene actualmente las siguientes listas y subgrupos.

  1. Countries (countries) — A list of countries and dependent territories based on the ISO 3166 standard (249 items).


    • un — Members of the United Nations (193 items)
    • olympic — Countries and dependent territories that have their National Olympic Committee (205 items)
  2. Subdivisiones de Estados Unidos (us_subdivisions) — Lista de subdivisiones de los Estados Unidos de América basado en el estándar ISO 3166-2:US (57 items).


    • states (50 items)
    • districts (1 item; District of Columbia)
    • outlying_areas (6 items)
  3. Monedas (divisas) — Lista de monedas basada en el estándar ISO 4217 (156 elementos).

    Subgrupos: Ninguno

  4. Time Zones (time_zones) — UTC offsets.

    Subgrupos: Ninguno

  5. Subdivisiones de India (in_subdivisions) — Lista de subdivisiones de India basado en ISO 3166-2:IN standard (36 items).


    • states (29 items)
    • union_territories (7 elementos)


  1. Sube la carpeta completa listo al directorio / wp-content / plugins / .
  2. Activa el plugin mediante el menú de ‘Plugins’ de WordPress.


29 de agosto de 2020
LISTO is an excellent little addition to Contact Form 7. Saves lots of time. Only one small snag in the list of countries is that they're sorted in alphabetical order of the 3-letter code for each country, rather than the country's name. Most of the time that makes hardly any difference, except for the United Kingdom, whose three-letter code is GBR, which places the UK between Gabon and Guinea (or somewhere around there) in the drop-down list, making it v diff to find. But this is easily sorted. Just manually move that line by editing the list in the file countries.php in wp-content/plugins/listo/modules/. Problem solved. Great plugin.
11 de mayo de 2020
Excellent and useful plugin, unfortunately list countries are not accurately by alphabetical order. Thanks to the community, add this to you function.php and it will work like a charm. function wpcf7_listo_ordered( $data) { sort($data); return $data; } add_filter( 'wpcf7_form_tag_data_option', 'wpcf7_listo_ordered', 11, 1 );
27 de abril de 2017
Great plugin. Just want to suggest adding the date of birth option with date: 1 to 31, the months and years
7 de marzo de 2017
It makes the work easier. I'm using it with Contact Form 7.
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  • REST API: Adds the permission_callback argument to the endpoint definition.


  • «Stable tag» refers to trunk.


  • Modified some code following the WordPress coding standard.
  • Confirmed compatibility with the current WordPress.
  • Language files have moved to so removed them from the plugin package.


  • Added a REST API endpoint.
  • Añadido el módulo in_subdivisions (Subdivisiones de India).
  • Se actualizó el módulo de la lista de países del grupo olímpico en función de los países y territorios dependientes que tienen su Comité Olímpico Nacional.