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MD Price Tracker for WooCommerce


Demostración en directo

MD Price Tracker for WooCommerce amplia la funcionalidad de WooCommerce permitiendo a los clientes de la tienda suscribirse a productos cuando tengan un precio más barato mediante amigables formularios emergentes. Los gestores de la tienda verán todas las suscripciones en la administración de WordPress y podrán decidir si ajustar los precios o si programar una oferta para los productos suscritos. En el momento en el que el precio del producto se reduzca al esperado por el usuario se enviará automáticamente un aviso por correo electrónico al suscriptor.

Main features of MD Price Tracker for WooCommerce

  • All woocommerce built-in product types are supported, including variable and grouped products
  • User-friendly ajaxified modal subscription forms
  • Flexible plugin settings built with native woocommerce settings api
  • About 10 options for choosing the position where to display the modal form trigger button on single product page
  • Email notifications about products cheapening are sent asynchronously in the background to overcome problems such as server crashes or message duplication.
  • All frontend strings and content of email notification messages can be translated thru plugin settings
  • GDPR Compliance: option to show Privacy Policy url on each form and supports Export/Erase Personal Data
  • Option to show tracking forms only for guests, only for customers or for both
  • Option to enable Google reCaptcha to protect form only for guests or for everyone


  • Cómo funciona
  • Subscription form variable product opened
  • Dashboard list of subscribers screen
  • Dashboard General settings
  • Dashboard Emails configuration settings


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP 5.5 or greater
  • WooCommerce 3.6 or greater

Automatic installation

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Plugins menu and click “Add New”
  2. In the search field type “MD Price Tracker for Woocommerce”, then click “Search Plugins”
  3. Once you’ve found our plugin you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”

Manual installation

Manual installation method requires downloading the MD Price Tracker for Woocommerce plugin and uploading it to your web server via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Can I test the settings of the admin panel?

Yes! You can setup Pesonal Demo Sandbox

Where can i get support?

Currently we provide support thru Free WordPress Support Forums, submit a ticket and we’ll look in to it as soon as possible.


7 de octubre de 2021
The plugin is virtually useless, since users' expectations of price reduction are inadequate to the reality of price formation. Many subscribe to a reduction in the price of goods where the discount is already 30% and want to get a price of 30-40% even less, which is completely unrealistic considering the margins. Since the plugin does not restrict the user's request and does not report that this is an unrealistic request, clients are simply lost. They put on hold for such a huge discount and leave the site. We have tried several times to lower prices before their requests, but they do not buy. This plugin is absolutely useless, because it makes the trade offer at the time of visiting the site insignificant. He suggests waiting for an even lower price, rather than buying right now at a discount.
15 de noviembre de 2019
Fantastic plugin! I have been looking for something like this for some time and this plugin integrates very easily and is simple to setup!
18 de septiembre de 2019
Excellent plugin! Hope get more features on the next releases.
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Registro de cambios

Version 0.1.0

  • Initial Release

Version 0.1.1 – 2019-06-14

  • Localization – added missed textdomain for some strings
  • Dev – removed unused methods from MDWCPT_List_Table class
  • Dev – added upgrade method to MDWCPT_Loader class

Version 0.1.2 – 2019-07-17

  • Fix – MDWCPT_Utils::get_option() method sometimes did not return the default value when necessary
  • Dev – in some places, the ctype_digit() method has been replaced by filter_var() for more optimal data validation

Version 0.1.3 – 2019-08-10

  • Fix – In some cases, price cheapening emails were not sent due to race conditions
  • Translation – corrected several typos

Version 0.2.0 – 2020-01-20

  • Fix – support for decimals in expected price field
  • Dev – added action hooks mdwcpt_form_fields_after, mdwcpt_subscription_created, mdwcpt_subscription_updated to be able to submit and process additional data through our forms

Version 0.2.1 – 2020-02-02

  • Fix – activating a plugin with deactivated woocommerce leads to an error
  • Fix – corrected «step» attribute of the expected price field, which sometimes blocked the input of possible values

Version 0.2.2 – 2020-03-27

  • Fix – automatic deactivation of the plugin if woocommerce is disabled
  • Fix – impossible to enter a value less than 1 in the expected price field

Version 0.2.3 – 2020-04-16

  • Fix – due to improper escaping, some special characters were removed from the unsubscribe link, which made it impossible to unsubscribe in rare cases

Version 0.3.0 – 2021-02-05

  • New – for better compatibility with page builders shortcode [mdwcpt_form] now can be used without «product_id» attribute inside wordpress loop
  • Fix – added support for plugins which load html thru ajax ( search filters, infinite scroll pagination… )
  • Dev – reworked google reCaptcha handling