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Meta Box es un conjunto de herramientas potente, profesional y liviano para que los desarrolladores creen cajas meta personalizadas y campos personalizados para cualquier tipo de entrada personalizada en WordPress.

Meta Box helps you add and details on your website such as pages, posts, custom post types, forms and anywhere you want using over 40 different field types such as text, images, file upload, checkboxes, and more.

On top of that, each WordPress custom field type has extensive internal options for unlimited content possibilities. Complete customization and control is just a few clicks away.

Adding WordPress custom fields and custom meta boxes for custom post types is quick and painless: Select the field types you want in the user-friendly Online Generator, then copy and paste the code into your child theme’s functions.php file.

¡Toma! Toda la potencia sin complicaciones.

Hay también disponibles extensiones gratuitas y premium para añadir características mejoradas. Puedes gestionar la visualización y organización de tus campos personalizados de WordPress, las condiciones bajo las que aparecen y convertirte en el mago definitivo de los datos en WordPress.

También puedes echar un vistazo a la lista completa de extensiones y para más detalles.


Create any type of metadata or custom fields in WordPress

Correcto, cualquier tipo. No importa donde necesites insertar datos personalizados y características, los campos personalizados de WordPress de Meta Box te ayudan con infinitas opciones para empezar.

Estos son solo unos pocos de los tipos de datos que puedes personalizar:

A wide-range of field types and options

Piensa en tus campos personalizados estándar de WordPress e imagínalos infinitamente aumentados. Esto es lo que las numerosas opciones de Meta Box te permiten:

Amigable para desarrolladores

Como desarrollador ya tienes bastante trabajo. No deberías tener que crear un nuevo sistema al completo para cada proyecto. Usa Meta Box para tu mayor comodidad.

Puedes usar Meta Box y sus campos personalizados para cualquier tipo de contenido personalizado en WordPress en tantas webs como quieras, así que también puedes usarlo en proyectos para clientes.

  • Has an ultra-lightweight, yet powerful API that won’t overload your site.
  • Add only what you need instead of getting stuck with a bundle of features you don’t even want that bloat your site.
  • Meta Box easily integrates with any theme and plugin, and supports Composer!
  • We use the native WordPress meta data storage and functions for ease of use and lightning-fast processing.
  • Has a lot of actions and filters so you can build or change a site’s appearance and behavior in the plugin.

Don’t love coding? You’re in luck!

If you prefer a more visual system to create custom fields in WordPress, you can choose one or all of the extensions below:

These plugins have a ton of features to make quick work of any project:

  • All the power of Meta Box without touching a single line of code.
  • Designer-friendly, lightweight and work at top-notch speeds.
  • Export your custom fields and settings to PHP. Then, add it to a new site without needing to install this extension for an incredibly lightweight option.


Extensiones gratuitas

Extensiones premium

  • MB Admin Columns: Display WordPress custom fields in table columns in admin.
  • MB Blocks: Crea bloques personalizados de Gutenberg con PHP usando la misma sintaxis en Meta Box.
  • MB Custom Table: Save custom fields to custom tables instead of the default meta tables to reduce your database’s size and increase its performance.
  • MB Frontend Submission: Create frontend forms for users to submit posts.
  • MB Revision: Track changes to custom fields in WordPress with revisions. You can compare and restore the changes smoothly.
  • MB Settings Page: Create settings pages for themes, plugins or websites with beautiful syntax.
  • MB Term Meta: Add custom fields to categories, tags or custom taxonomies.
  • MB User Meta: Add custom fields to users.
  • Vistas MB: generación de campos personalizados y creación de plantillas de portada para WordPress sin tocar los archivos del tema.
  • Meta Box Builder: Create custom meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • Meta Box Columns: Display eye-catching custom fields in WordPress by putting them into 12-column grids.
  • Meta Box Conditional Logic: Add visibility dependency for custom meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress.
  • Meta Box Geolocation: Automatically and instantly populate location data with the power of the Google Maps Geolocation API.
  • Meta Box Group: Create repeatable groups for better appearance and structure.
  • Meta Box Include Exclude: Show or hide meta boxes by ID, page template, taxonomy, or custom function.
  • Meta Box Show Hide: Toggle meta boxes by page template, post format, taxonomy and category.
  • Meta Box Tabs: Painlessly create tabs for meta boxes with multiple styles and icons.
  • Meta Box Template: Make defining custom meta boxes and WordPress custom fields way easier with templates.
  • Meta Box Tooltip: Display help information for custom fields with tooltips.

Documentación detallada

Facilitamos amplia documentación periódicamente actualizada, así como tutoriales acerca de cómo usar MetaBox y los campos personalizados en WordPress para que los aproveches de la forma más eficiente posible.

Aquí hay algunas guías para comenzar rápidamente con Meta Box y crear tus propios campos personalizados de WordPress:

Lee más información en la página de documentación de Meta Box.

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  • Campos de texto
  • Campos básicos
  • Campos avanzados
  • Campos para subida de archivos de imagen
  • Campos de medios
  • Campos de taxonomías de entradas


  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for Meta Box
  3. Click the Install Now button to install the plugin
  4. Click the Activate button to activate the plugin

Get started here.


10 de mayo de 2024
ACF does not have custom database tables. We did an extensive test with load on changing a term on a woocommerce product CPT with custom fields. With ACF it took 15 minutes and with metabox their custom database tables it was less than 20 seconds!!!! Highly recommend metabox. Their team is amazing, great support. Never going to leave this tool.
27 de noviembre de 2023
Great plugin, easy to use, been a fan for years. Unfortunately, as of WP 6.4, this plugin breaks the ability to preview posts. I’d amend this review with a higher score once that’s fixed, but it’s a major problem.
25 de noviembre de 2023
Compared to the competition, the design and extensibility of this plugin is significantly better. Its performance is better and it doesn’t suffer from code bloat. Its learning curve is a bit steep, however that is what really sets it apart from the others. The support team is pretty responsive with tickets and the documentation is pretty good! I’ll be using the pro version of plugin going forward for custom setups. Cheers~
21 de noviembre de 2023
The more I use MetaBox the more I see it can do so much more than I thought. They are also constantly releasing real life training examples, which is very helpful. Plus lots of documentation. Thanks so much for the hard work and effort you put in.
31 de octubre de 2023
I tried Metabox because of its custom table feature, but I’ve been utilizing ACF. Everything operates without a hitch, and the documentation for configuring custom fields is excellent.
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Registro de cambios

5.9.9 – 2024-06-20

  • Fix show hide checkbox tree
  • Fix default value not display as selected time
  • Fix datetime field not removing value when set inline & timestamp = true

5.9.8 – 2024-05-08

  • Fix activation error on ajax request since WordPress 6.5

5.9.7 – 2024-04-18

  • Revert fix for Meta Box Conditional Logic

5.9.6 – 2024-04-17

  • Add progress bar for field file_upload
  • Force returned value of sanitize color to string
  • Enqueue assets for FSE and widget (with block editor) screens
  • Fix jumping layout for Meta Box Conditional Logic
  • Fix errors when using cloneable map/osm fields

5.9.5 – 2024-03-26

  • Add save_format settings to time field
  • Field icon SVG not displaying

5.9.4 – 2024-02-27

  • Fix security issue when users set object id in the helper functions where they don’t have permission to view (such as private posts)

5.9.3 – 2024-02-02


Fix security issue of the output shortcode [rwmb_meta] not escaping. Users can disable escaping (to revert the previous behavior) by adding this snippet:

add_filter( 'rwmb_meta_shortcode_secure', '__return_false' );
// or
add_filter( 'rwmb_meta_shortcode_secure_{$field_id}', '__return_false' );

Other changes:

  • Fix compatibility with PHP 8.3
  • Fix not showing more than 10 saved users or terms

5.9.2 – 2024-01-22

  • Validation: fix PHP warning when fields has non-consecutive keys
  • Icon field: fix custom icon not working
  • Update jQuery Validation to 1.20.0. Props Maarten.
  • Prepare css to be inlined. Props Maarten.

5.9.1 – 2023-12-25

  • Fix preview posts not working in the block editor in WP 6.4.
  • Icon field: allow to set relative path/URL for settings
  • Icon field: add support for scanning CSS file (icon_css setting) and parsing CSS class
  • Autocomplete field: fix not saving first value if the value is 0 (integer).

5.9.0 – 2023-11-22


Add new icon field type, which supports Font Awesome Free, Font Awesome Pro and custom icon set. Can be used with icon font with CSS file or with SVGs. See the plugin docs for how to use it.

The icon field type will be added to the new version of Meta Box Builder soon, which will allow you to configure its settings with UI.

See full changelog here.