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WordPress organization chart plugin is a nice and handy tool for creating simple and nice organizational charts. If you have any suggestions about the functionality, just let us know.

You can check the demo of the plugin here:

Features of Free version

  • User-friendly interface
  • Works great with all actual WordPress versions
  • Responsive(mobile-friendly) design
  • Gutenberg-ready plugin
  • Ability to add unlimited themes and elements
  • Ability to add image for each element
  • Ability to duplicate the organizational charts or themes
  • Ability to add horizontal scrolling instead of mobile view
  • Ability to select theme for each element
  • Ability to change the organizational chart background color and border radius
  • Ability to enable Popup functionality
  • Ability to configure Popup styles
  • Ability to set User Permissions

Also, our plugin has a premium version, so you can upgrade the free version and get more functionality – WordPress Organization Chart Premium

Features of the Premium version

  • Built-in themes for the elements
  • Customizable elements
  • Ability to change the title and description font family
  • Ability to change the elements border styles
  • Ability to change the elements background color(gradient)
  • Full Screen functionality
  • Drag and Zoom functionality
  • Ability to set a responsive view after the element

If you have any questions, issues or even suggestions occurring our plugin, you can contact us at SUPPORT FORUM.

Below we listed the WordPress Organizational Chart plugin options list. If you click on the element edit button, you will see a popup window with the following settings.

Element Settings

Information tab

  • Type the URL – Type the element image URL or upload it using the «Upload» button.
  • Type the title – Type the element title in this field.
  • Type the description – Type the element description in this field.


  • Select the theme – You can select the element theme using this option.

Theme Settings

General Settings

  • Responsive(Add a horizontal scroll, Mobile view) – This option allows to select how to display the organization chart, if the is is bigger then the container.
  • Background Color – Choose the container background color.
  • Border Radius – Type the container border radius.
  • Padding – Type the global padding values.

Line style

  • Set the line color – This option allows to set the global line(border) color.
  • Line Height – This option allows to set the global line(border) height.

Item style

  • Background Color – Select the element background color.
  • Minimum Width – Type the element minimum width.
  • Minimum Height – Type the element minimum height.
  • Image width – Type the element image width.
  • Image height – Type the element image height.
  • Image Border Radius – Type the image border radius.
  • Image Margin – Type the image margin option values.
  • Title font – Configure the title font style by clicking on the pencil icon(available options are: Font Family, Color, Font Size, Line Height, Letter Spacing, Font Weight, Font Style).
  • Title Margin – Type the title margin option values.
  • Description font – Configure the description font style by clicking on the pencil icon(available options are: Font Family, Color, Font Size, Line Height, Letter Spacing, Font Weight, Font Style).
  • Description margin – Type the description margin option values.
  • Item Border – Configure the element border style by clicking on the pencil icon(available options are: Item Border Type, Item Border Color, Border Width, Border Radius).


  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Back-end
  • Back-end
  • Front-end


Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

  • WpDevArt organization chart


First of all, download the plugin ZIP file.

  1. After that, log in to WordPress administration panel.
  2. Go to the «Plugins» page, then click on the «Add New» button. You will see an «Upload button», click on it.
  3. Then click on the «Choose file» button and select our plugin zip file.
  4. Click on the «Install Now» button and after installing, activate the plugin.


How many themes or elements can I create?

You can create as many themes or elements as you need.

I have an issue or a suggestion, how can I contact you?

Use the support forum of our plugin on

What PHP version support the plugin?

Our plugin supports PHP 5.4 and higher versions.

How can I insert it with the shortcode?

Use this shortcode – [wpda_org_chart tree_id=1 theme_id=1].


8 de marzo de 2024
Brilliant plugin and brilliant support the finished chart looks and works perfectly! Thank You!
5 de enero de 2024
I had quite a complex chart to create so I purchased the premium version which isn’t expensive. I did have an issue with the layout but the tech support guys fixed it the same day.
23 de febrero de 2023
Great module with great support! It would even be better if there would be a drag and drop function and if you could create more complicated charts, but the current features are solid.
21 de mayo de 2022 1 respuesta
Great plugin! It is very easy to use. The service attitude and efficiency of technical support are very good, and they can actively solve users’ problems.
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