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Plugins Garbage Collector (Database Cleanup)


El plugin de limpieza de la base de datos explora la base de datos y muestra las tablas más allá del núcleo de la instalación de WordPress. Algunos plugins de WordPress crean y usan sus propias tablas de base de datos.
Esas tablas a menudo se dejan en tu base de datos después de desactivar y borrar el plugin.
Con la ayuda de este plugin, puedes comprobar tu base de datos y descubrir si está limpia o no.
También se podrían mostrar columnas adicionales añadidas a las tablas del núcleo de WordPress.
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Procedimiento de instalación:

  1. Desactivar el plugin si tienes instalada la versión anterior.
  2. Extrae el contenido del archivo «» al directorio «/wp-content/plugins/plugins-garbage-collector».
  3. Activar el plugin «Plugins Garbage Collector» a través del menú «Plugins» en el menú de administración de WordPress.
  4. Ve al menú del elemento «Herramientas»-«Plugins Garbage Collector» y explora tu base de datos de WordPress si tiene algunas tablas olvidadas de plugins antiguos.


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14 de febrero de 2024
Love this plugin. Does what it says. Detects unused tables from deleted plugins and allows to delete them. If some tables with same prefix are not selectable you can use other database management software like phpmyadmin to delete them. Also be careful and always double check before deleting database tables.
25 de enero de 2023
Thanks for a really nice plugin. I’ve used it on dozens of websites and it it works flawless. Here are a few suggestions for UX improvements that would make it five stars: Add a «Delete all unsused tables» button as a shortcut Make it possible to sort the rows by clicking «Table name», «Records», «KBytes» and «Plugin name» Display a summary of the amount of saved KBs after deleting unused tables. Keep upp the good work!
24 de noviembre de 2022
This plugin is extremely simple to use and does exactly what it is supposed to do. I love being able to delete tables full of items left over from long removed plugins, making the database more compact and therefore speeding up the site.
18 de julio de 2022
The plugin will still show you what tables are either not in use or for a plugin that is not activated. Always do a full backup of your table prior to using this or any db plugin. I find the Duplicator plugin is a great way to backup databases and highly recommend that plugin – its free for databases and it will depend on your host configuration as to how large a site you can fully backup using it without needing the pro version. On my webhost I can use free duplicator even though my site is 2gb in size due to the images and large amount of content. When you checkmark a table now it hides it auto, and you have to rescan to see that it is checkmarked. Then if you hit the removal button at the bottom, you will go through some prompts and eventually it will perform the removal action and if you rescan it will no longer show the table. But if you go into mysql subsequently the tables are still there. So I think the author has an issue. So in summary the analysis of the database still works but the removal function does not work correctly, in my experience.
2 de julio de 2022
I don’t know at what point it stopped working. It no longer detects tables left behind by uninstalled plugins and simply displays a message saying that the database is optimized. It is no longer useful.
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0.14 [03.04.2022]

  • Update: «Known plugins» JSON data files were moved from Amazon Web Services S3 to Yandex Cloud Object Storage.
  • Update: «Delete Tables» button label was replaced with «Delete Selected Tables».
  • Update: Additional confirmation request was added before database tables deletion. It contains the list of tables selected for deletion.

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