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Poll Maker plugin is developed to build awesome polls and conduct interactive elections super easily and quickly.

Looking for the best poll plugin for WordPress via which you can create a poll in minutes?
Our WordPress Polling Plugin gives impressive tools to create powerful and simple polls. You have 5 poll types to choose from, advanced settings, dozens of style options included 6 pre-build themes, and many more functionalities a professional poll builder will wish for.

Poll shortcode
[ays_poll id=’your_poll_id’]

And here is vital to say that it is responsive to all kinds of gadgets. It has interactive content and is a captivating way to get in touch with your users as soon as they arrive on your website. This helps to spread democracy among users or employees. The most number of votes that is resulted from the live poll was the presidential poll in the world. It sounds like «will trump win» poll. Consequently, that was a big web poll which brought a huge information result.
So, you just need to write a couple of good poll questions, create funny polls and your website traffic is guaranteed with us!

WordPress Poll maker plugin features, advantages

Poll question editor

There is a default WordPress classic editor for adding and editing the poll question.
You can use it for formatting your question text and adding media.

Poll types

This WordPress Poll plugin gives you an opportunity to make 4 types of online polls:

  • choosing – You can add as many options for choosing as you want. There is also an option that allows users to add their custom option(Pro).
  • rating – With this type you can make polls with rating a single product. Poll maker allows you to choose the type of rating: with stars or with emojis. It depends on the subject you want to examine.
  • voting – With this type you can make polls with voting. Here is again two types: like/dislike or emojis.
    It is an easy way to understand users love your product or not.
  • dropdown – Available only in Pro version – You need to write the possible answers in the field of ‘Answers’ which are 2 by default. The participants need to choose one answer from a list of choices presented in a dropdown menu.
  • VS (versus) Available only in Pro version – This is the type for making competition with two products or persons. There are awesome styles for making versus polls.

Social sharing

The social share opportunity is another awesome option that this WordPress Poll plugin offers you. By enabling the option, the poll participants will be able to share the poll to their social accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This will have a huge impact on the awareness and popularity of your poll. Moreover, it will boost the traffic to your website. It is Great, isn’t it?

Notify admin by email

With our Vote plugin, you can be notified via email each time a vote is submitted. All you need is to enable the Results notification by email option from your poll’s settings and enter your email address in the corresponding field. It allows you to be informed and doesn’t check your admin dashboard frequently.
Save your time and in the meantime be informed with our WordPress Voting Plugin!

Schedule Poll

Now there is wide used function: schedule. We also include this function into our poll builder plugin.
It saves a mass of time. For example, if you are going to make a poll in the near future you don’t need to remember and set an alarm for that. You can make your poll right now and set a start date for displaying it.
Also, it is important to set an end date for the poll, as long as you may need to check product rating for a specific period of time. The plugin will show the expiring message after the end date, which provided from the dashboard.#1 poll plugin for WP, don’t you agree?

Limit by user roles

This feature allows you to select specific user roles for displaying your online poll. Only users with the selected user group can take the poll. Also, you can set the restriction that only logged in users have permission to take the poll. There is a message parameter for every option.

Limit to vote only once

If you want to have a fair polling system this feature very important for you. It allows the user to vote only once so the final results of the poll will be objective.

Templates and style options

The poll maker has 7 awesome templates (4 of them available only in Pro version). You can choose your preferred template and customize it with style options in our free online poll maker plugin.. There are 13+ style options for customizing the poll’s view. You can customize colors, images, border, backgrounds.

Information form with custom fields

Want to get more info from your website visitors with the WP poll plugin? It is possible with the help of our plugin. Please note that the functionality is available only in Pro version. You can add information form to your poll. After or before taking the poll user must fill his information like name, email, phone or any other information you have added into the form. So it is a very useful tool for collecting user’s data and using it for your marketing.

Mailchimp integration

This feature is available only in Pro version of our online voting tool. MailChimp is a powerful online tool for email marketing. We’ve made integration with Mailchimp which allows you to collect users’ emails automatically. It saves a lot of time and gives you an opportunity to make a huge community.


  • Offline As most of the people do not answer directly to the questions of elections when they are recorded so this quick poll allows them to answer truly suchlike questions. And here we can add that poll gives completely another result.

  • By online polling system, you conclude to more data which is the key to success of nowadays world. This easy poll builder can give you an information on anonymous users which will bring again and again MAXIMUM RESULT OF DATA. You know you have succeeded when your poll captivates your audience with engaging and interesting questions.

You can use a poll as a means to interact with your audience, both get and give some information about your sphere, and use the answers as a basis for the development of your company. That is why we can say that by poll results you can get the information, for instance about the upcoming elections or just voting the Team Leader in your office at the same time spreading democracy. So your users’ opinion and feedback may be a good ground for making your features better and suitable to their needs.

The effectiveness of the poll depends on the questions it asks your users in order to keep them interested and engaged. You should know your target audience very well and choose appropriate topics to discuss with them. Think thoroughly when suggesting options for the answers. Keep the variants diverse, so that the users have a wide range to choose their answer from.

Easy in use

If you want to create powerful and simple polls, it is essential to have a tool like this Poll & Vote Plugin at your disposal.
The phenomenon of easy poll maker is just for this case. The most essential information is, that you can create your own rating poll on one page. You don’t need to create separate poll give style to it, give color to questions and answers, etc. these all you just do in one page in our poll maker. And after it do tour poll. You can easily make your own news poll, art poll, etc. in one page. For instance custom the poll yourself for the aim of motivating your employees and get quick responses. And the number of polls is unlimited. You can create any kind of poll questions connected with video, audio and image poll.

You can custom here:

  • Settings
  • Style (theme, icons, colors)
  • Variants of polls
  • Default WordPress editor

The advantage of the poll is that the users do not need to go to other websites for voting it is an instant poll.

It has types of functions of
a) voting
b) choosing
c) rating (rating-emoji, rating-stars).

So by these different types of poll questions assume this or that answers. This allows to construct any kind of question such as video, photo, audio, etc. and you can insert whatever you want with shortcodes.


  • Survey need time, additional information, type mode, etc.
  • As for the poll, it is time-saving, easy to use, results in more data, anonymous users and you can custom yourself.
    That is why this way of getting information is more flexible and useful than survey.
    Our poll also has a widget possibility and while installing the plugin widget is also installed. A number of websites are most likely to place the poll on the sidebar keeping it dominant. So your clients do not need to waste their time while participating in some elections they just do it on the spot by one click and this provides the huge amount of result. And also the dashboard gives information about users’ IP address which is the most important thing in the nowadays modern world.

Why choose our plugin?

  • Easy to use and time-saving
  • All in one page
  • Types: choosing, rating, voting
  • Themes dark/light
  • Result/data
  • Always will be updated


  • Poll types – choosing, rating, voting
  • Unlimited polls
  • Unlimited answers
  • Unlimited results
  • Different icons
  • Categorize polls
  • Category-multiple view
  • Reports in dashboard
  • Social share buttons
  • Notification by e-mail
  • Limit users rate once
  • Only for logged in users option
  • Limit by user roles
  • Style settings (10+)
  • Two themes
  • Live preview

PRO Features

  • Includes ALL Free version Features and
  • VS type of poll (versus)
  • User information form
  • Ability to add custom option
  • Extra 2 themes
  • Results with charts
  • Export results to CSV
  • Custom Form Fields
  • Text instead of results
  • Vote reason option
  • Voted user location
  • SMTP integration
  • Import/Export polls
  • MailChimp integration
  • Campaign Monitor integration
  • Zapier integration
  • ActiveCampaign integration
  • Slack integration
  • Anonymous poll
  • Allow multivote
  • Password protected poll
  • Vote session
  • Send mail to user
  • Messages based on answers
  • Display category shortcode
  • Leaderboard
  • Poll creation by user
  • SendGrid integration
  • GamiPress integration
  • Google sheet integration
  • More on the way …

Poll Demos

Don’t forget, in case of any problems or upcoming questions feel free to contact us via e-mail info@ays-pro.com.


  • Poll Maker - front end poll preview gif
  • Poll Maker - front end poll preview
  • Poll Maker - front end poll preview
  • Poll Maker - dashboard polls list
  • Poll Maker - dashboard edit poll
  • Poll Maker - dashboard edit poll
  • Poll Maker - dashboard edit poll style
  • Poll Maker - dashboard poll results
  • Poll Maker - dashboard preview gif


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  • Poll Maker


There are two ways to install Poll maker: the easy way, when you install Poll maker from your WordPress dashboard, and the not so easy way, when you install it from WordPress.org.

  • 1.1 The easiest way to enjoy Poll Maker:
  • 1.1.1 Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • 1.1.2 Go to Plugins
  • 1.1.3 Add New
  • 1.1.4 Search for Poll maker
  • 1.1.5 Click to install
  • 1.2 The second way:
  • 1.2.1Download the zip file from https://wordpress.org/plugins/poll-maker/
  • 1.2.2 Go to Plugins
  • 1.2.3 Add New
  • 1.2.4 Upload plugin
  • 1.2.5 Choose file ays poll_maker.zip
  • 1.2.6 Click to install

  • 1.3 In order to install the Poll maker from WordPress.org you must unzip the archive and copy the poll-maker folder into your plugins folder (\wp-content\plugins).
    After one ofthis steps you can activate the plugin from the Plugins menu.
    Once activated configure any options as desired and you can enjoy our Poll maker.


1. How can I add a Poll in my site?

At first, you need to install the plugin and create a Poll in it. After it, a shortcode will be
generated which you can add wherever you want in your site. And then you can see your Poll.

2. Are there any limitations in the way of making questions for Poll.

The plugin has no limitation in the way of making questions Poll. You can make a Poll
yourself and can add as many Polls as you want. And, you can construct any kind of Poll
question such as video, photo, audio, etc. And you can insert whatever you want with shortcodes.

3. Can I add the same poll in different pages?

Yes, of course. You can add the same Poll at the same time in different pages of the site. You
can also add the Polls in widgets on sidebar. And this does not interrupt the traffic of your site.

4. How to check the results in Poll?

After the installation of the plugin you will need to open settings («Poll maker» in dashboard)
and entering «Results» section you will find the results of your Poll with the help of filters.

5. How many types are there in the Poll?

Our Poll has the following types: voting, choosing, rating (rating-emoji, rating-stars)

6. What shall I do in case of any problem?

Our support team works very hard to provide answers within 24 hours. We do our best for
giving you thorough answers. For the future, we also plan many new and fantastic features and,
of course, new updates.

7. How can I add a poll on the widget?

There are two Polls set by default in our plugin. For adding a Poll in widget you need to
follow the instruction: Go to the widget section and if you have a Poll in our plugin, you will see
there our widget. Then put it on the sidebar and select the Poll and a width for it. Afterward, we
can say that it is a widget poll.


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  • Fixed: A PHP conflict on the results page


  • Improved: Pie chart design on the front-page
  • Fixed: Poll Logo displaying issue in Live preview
  • Fixed: Hide background image option’s tooltip issue


  • Added: Show result by pie chart option
  • Added: Show result by column chart option


  • Removed: 3rd party includes


  • Added: Message notification in the shortcode for all polls


  • Fixed: Style issue concerning checkboxes on the front-page


  • Added: Allow collecting information option from logged-in users


  • Added: Multivote for answers on the choosing type
  • Added: Temporary deactivation button within the deactivation popup


  • Added: Vote reason option


  • Added: Poll box shadow parameters


  • Fixed: Enter key issue in answers table
  • Fixed: Show login form style issue


  • Fixed: Background gradient option conflict with border-color option
  • Fixed: Message loading effect displaying issue in minimal theme
  • Fixed: Deactivation issue in wp 4.3.1 version
  • Fixed: Add new category issue in wp 4.3.1 version
  • Fixed: Enqueuing styles conflict with Elementor plugin


  • Fixed: Category Filter problem on the admin dashboard


  • Removed: Empty poll title notification while saving
  • Removed: Empty category title requirement
  • Removed: Empty category next/previous buttons text requirement


  • Added: Ask a question icon
  • Removed: Empty answers notification while saving in the Choosing type
  • Fixed: Information form conflict with PHP 8 version
  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.7


  • Added: Demo button in the plugins page
  • Added: Title name live displaying on the Dashboard


  • Added: Message displaying loading effect
  • Fixed: Some PHP errors in the Styles tab
  • Fixed: Default category removing issue
  • Changed: Category filter ordering by ASC on the Results page


  • Added: Default message on the Answers chart tab
  • Added: Ctrl+S saving combination on the Category page
  • Added: Ctrl+S saving combination on the General settings page
  • Fixed: some php errors
  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.6.2


  • Added: Answers chart tab on the Results page


  • Added: Category filter on the results page


  • Added: Border color changing option
  • Fixed: Answer choosing conflict with Mozilla browser
  • Fixed: Information form and See Result button conflict


  • Added: Default type choosing option


  • Added: Our products submenu
  • Fixed: Hide background image on result page issue


  • Added: Add answer field by pressing Enter button in choosing type
  • Added: Remove answer field by pressing Backspace button in choosing type


  • Added: Default category choosing option


  • Added: Ctrl+S saving combination option
  • Fixed: Guntenberg selecting poll issue
  • Fixed: View more button style issue in Twenty Twenty-One Theme


  • Added: Answers numbering option
  • Fixed: Category filter and search conflict
  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.6.1


  • Added: Select category filter in polls list table
  • Fixed: Category next-previous buttons style issue


  • Added: Loading effect size-changing option


  • Added: See Results after clicking on the button suboption
  • Added: See Results directly suboption


  • Added: Previous button in the category shortcode


  • Added: Do not show the poll suboption in the Schedule option


  • Added: Expired/Unpublished polls custom message displaying in the Category Shortcode option


  • Added: Expired/Unpublished polls message displaying in the Category Shortcode
  • Fixed: Answer animation issue


  • Added: Ability to mute answer sound on the front-end


  • Fixed: Font-awesome css conflict with Elementor plugin


  • Fixed: Sending results notification by email option issue
  • Locked: New Pro features


  • Fixed: Category shortcode next button issue
  • Fixed: Disable answer hover issue


  • Fixed: Radio buttons’ conflict with Twenty Twenty-One theme


  • Improved: Live preview display
  • Changed: Categories’ list table pagination count
  • Changed: Results’ list table pagination count


  • Fixed: Main color-changing issue
  • Fixed: Answer styles checkbox issue


  • Fixed: Save buttons’ issue


  • Fixed: List tables multiple checkbox issue
  • Fixed: Conflict with Link Library plugin
  • Changed: Polls’ list table pagination count


  • Added: Limitation users by Cookie and IP
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.6


  • Added: Limitation users by Cookie


  • Added: Search option for polls


  • Added: Option for adding logo image for Poll


  • Added: font-size changing option for answers
  • Added: Show passed users avatars option
  • Added: German language translation
  • Added: Spanish language translation
  • Added: French language translation


  • Added: Answers sorting for «choosing» poll type in front-end


  • Added: Answers ordering for «choosing» poll type
  • Changed: Answers container style


  • Added: CodeMirror editor for Custom CSS textarea
  • Fixed: Style conflict with Result by ID Shortcode


  • Added: View results option in Polls list table
  • Fixed: Filtered Poll results count in the list table
  • Fixed: Buttons translation issue
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.5.