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Pop ups, WordPress Exit Intent Popup, Email Pop Up, Lightbox Pop Up, Spin the Wheel, Contact Form Builder – Poptin

Pop ups, WordPress Exit Intent Popup, Email Pop Up, Lightbox Pop Up, Spin the Wheel, Contact Form Builder – Poptin


El mejor editor de mensajes emergentes de intento de salida, maquetador de formularios de contacto y plataforma de generación de clientes potenciales para tu web

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Create beautiful popups, contact forms, optins, lightbox pop ups, notification bar, and forms in less than 2 minutes. Use exit intent popup and advanced targeting rules to convert more visitors into leads, subscribers, and sales.

¡Crea gratis ahora tus mensajes emergentes y formularios!

How Poptin Pop Ups Can Help Your Business Grow 🚀

  • Grow your email list using email pop ups
  • Capture more leads using lead capture pop ups
  • Get more sales with pop up upsell
  • Recover cart abandonment with exit offers
  • Increase visitors’ engagement with pop ups and inline forms
  • Create a notification bar and update your users about deals and promotions

Poptin forms and popup plugin tracks the website’s visitors’ behavior and shows the right message at the right time. The platform helps to improve conversion rate and turn more visitors into leads, sales, newsletter subscribers, increases engagement, and recovers abandoning website and cart visitors using exit offers and exit intent technology and many other triggers

Open a Poptin account for free
Poptin is a web application that works perfectly with WordPress and many more web platforms. Start creating your first popups and contact forms by opening your free account

You can create anything your marketing heart desires, from advanced overlays to pop-ups, inline forms, lead form widgets, exit popups, and social widgets – it’s all on-brand and fully customizable with our powerful popup builder. Reduce cart abandonment and bounce rate and increase conversion rate!


Our popup plugin includes exit intent trigger on the free plan and many other advanced features. The free plan comes with 1,000 visitors of popups and forms per month.
Unlimited popups, unlimited forms, unlimited integrations, unlimited leads.

¿Qué incluye Poptin?

  • Create popups and contact forms in minutes using a drag & drop popup editor 🚀

  • Choose from a wide range of fully responsive and well-designed popups and lead forms templates, including lightbox, welcome screen, notification bar, floating bar, slide-in, sidebar, Facebook likebox, mobile popups, video pop up, countdown & timer popups and many more

  • Create beautiful inline forms using our powerful form builder: use our designed templates or create your own contact form from scratch. Add your embedded form anywhere on your website using a shortcode

  • Exit intent technology – unlimited exit popups included.
    Our exit intent trigger is included in the free plan. Create any type of exit popup you want for your website (light box, bar, full screen etc)

  • Track your popup and contact form analytics – see how many people visit your site and how many of them have seen your pop ups and overlays. Understand what works great and what doesn’t

  • Advanced targeting options for your pop ups including exit intent trigger, display after time spent on the website, scrolling trigger, display after X pages visited, display after X clicks, inactivity trigger, URL targeting (page level on-site targeting), device targeting, geo-location (by country, including US states), OS & Browsers, IP block lists, days and hours, new vs returning visitors (based on cookies), traffic source (Facebook, Google, Google Ads [Adwords] Youtube, Reddit, Ads, Twitter, Pinterest and any site you want), page source targeting, on-click popup display

  • Show beautiful popups and embedded forms according to each visitor’s unique behavior

  • Add custom images and backgrounds, HTML elements, entry effects, CTA (call-to-action), change the height and width of your popups and forms, control the display location (header and footer, all sides and corners) with our form and popup maker

  • Integrate your popups and contact forms with your favorite emailing system, CRM, or marketing automation platform including: MailChimp, Zapier, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Pipedrive, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Klaviyo, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, and many more

  • A/B testing – what does work better, video popup or popup form? Test one popup or form against the other and improve conversion rate optimization

  • All types of fields – besides the regular name, email, and phone fields, add number fields, textarea, website field, date, select, radio buttons, checkboxes, and hidden field. Use the new fields to make your forms better. You can also use it to gather feedback and to create surveys

  • Gamified popups – create beautiful gamified pop ups and get more sales. Create a spin to win pop up, scratch card, and pick a gift pop ups. Highly recommended for WooCommerce stores

  • Landing page link – collect emails and leads using our simple landing page link. Each popup and contact form has it own landing page link that can be sent via email, message or post it on social media

  • Draft and Autosaving – when you design a popup or form and the process stops in the middle (internet issues, your kid spilled water on your laptop etc), your popup or form is saved as draft. You can go back to it from the Popups and Forms tab

    All your changes will be saved periodically if you work on an existing popup or form. Once you go back to the editing of the popup or form you changed, choose if you want to load the last changes or work on the current version

  • Paquete para agencias: Gestiona usuarios y subcuentas.

  • Deja las ventanas emergentes en piloto automático y mejora tus resultados

  • SEO friendly mobile and desktop popups, and inline forms

  • Cómo automatizar Poptin con Zapier:

    • Send an autoresponder with a Gmail account
    • Registra las visitas de Poptin en una hoja Google Sheets
    • Integración con Aweber
    • Integración con Salesforce y Pardot
    • Integración con Intercom
    • Integración con Marketo
    • Añade notas Trello para nuevas solicitudes de Poptin.
    • Envía un mensaje Slack a los usuarios que vean por primera vez una ventana de Poptin
    • Envía un SMS Twilio a los usuarios que vean por primera vez una ventana de Poptin
  • Create popups and forms in any language: English, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, German, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Thai, Ukrainian, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Persian, Korean and more

  • RTL support: all the popups and forms you create are 100% RTL supported

  • Dynamic tags for your pop ups and forms – add dynamic Merge Tags to your pop ups and contact forms. Display dynamic text or image that is pulled from a class or ID on your page, or even from a UTM parameter. Use this feature to create dynamic pop ups and contact forms based on your website’s content

  • Use our custom HTML feature to embed Playbuzz quizzes, social share buttons, Opinion Stage polls, Apester, Google surveys, Google maps, Typeform, Jotform, Wufoo and more

  • Launch a pop up from another pop up and create double opt-in, triple opt-in or any flow you want. You can create 2-step lightbox pop up or even slide-in with a button that will launch a light-box or a full-screen overlay.

  • You can track the performance of your forms and popups not only on your dashboard but also with Hotjar, Lucky Orange, ClickTale, FullStory Smartlook, Crazyegg, MouseFlow or any other heatmap and session recording tool

  • Cookie targeting: display forms and popups to users with specific cookies. Use this feature to show popups and contact forms based on shopping cart data such as number of items, cart value, etc. You can also target logged in and logged out users

  • Tested with all browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS, Safari, Explorer, Edge, Opera, and more. Tested with all Windows versions, macOS and other operating systems

  • Nuevas características de la RGPD

    • Manually delete leads from the «Leads» tab
    • Change the email of your account
    • Puedes borrar automáticamente los clientes potenciales de manera que no se guarden por más de 1/3/6/12/18/24 meses o que nunca/siempre se eliminen.
    • See the IP address of any lead you get
    • Add a consent checkbox if you want your subscribers to agree to your terms of service before submitting a form
    • Decreased number of cookies
    • Haz clic aquípara saber más sobre los cambios de RGPD de Poptin.

Drag and Drop Inline Form Builder

Create inline contact forms using Poptin. Once you use our form builder and create your contact form, use our shortcode and add the form anywhere on your website. When you create embedded forms with Poptin you can use our smart targeting and triggers options to maximize the conversion rate.

Using our powerful form builder you can create beautiful forms. Use our contact form templates or create your own form from scratch. Add elements that’ll increase your conversion rate like countdown timer, video, custom HTML, images, shapes, attention effect for your button and more.

We support any type of field, including name, email, phone, custom fields, date, website, numbers, dropdown, radio buttons, checkboxes, and more.

You can also connect your contact form to our native integrations, including MailChimp, HubSpot, Zoho, GetResponse, and more. You can also use our Zapier app and connect your embedded form to any platform supported by Zapier. Connect your contact form to our autoresponder, and send an automated email to visitors who fill out the form.

Run A/B tests – use our form builder to create a different version of your form, and also create a different trigger and targeting rules. Display different versions of your contact form using the same shortcode, and find out what’s the best version of your inline contact form.

Want to create a different version of your embedded form for mobile and for desktop? Use our form builder to create different versions for desktop and mobile, and display them using the same shortcode.

Abre una cuenta Poptin gratis
Poptin es una aplicación web que funciona perfectamente con WordPress y muchas más plataformas web. Comienza a crear tus primeros mensajes emergentes y formularios de contacto abriendo tu cuenta gratuita aquí

Gamified Pop ups

An easy-to-use gamified popup builder you can easily integrate to your website. Poptin’s new gamified popups allow you to create three kinds: spin the wheel pop ups, scratch card popups, and gift pop ups. These pop ups are ideal for WooCommerce stores.

Generate more leads and encourage more sales by giving customers an engaging way to earn coupon codes and special offers from you!

We’ve made three different kinds of gamified pop ups for you to offer to your visitors. More games, more fun, and more chances of winning.

Here are three kinds of popups we’ve created for you:

  • Spin to win pop up
  • Scratch card pop up
  • Pick a gift pop up

Wheel of fortune pop ups or spin wheel pop ups let your visitors spin a wheel and get the chance to win one of the many prizes or codes on your wheel. Use the wheel of fortune pop up or spin wheel popup for almost always win situation for your visitors.

Scratch off pop ups or scratch card pop ups are where you set a code and the customer will «scratch» the card to reveal the code for your customers to use in your shop. Use a scratch off popup for that lottery card feel. There’s always a code that customers will win with the scratch cards popups.

Pick a gift pop ups let your customers pick from one of three gifts for a chance to win a special code that can be used in your store. Use the gift pop ups if you want a bit of more thrill, with the visitors getting a chance to win a code or nothing at all.

Appeal to the kids in your customers by adding gamified pop ups on your website.


With the autoresponder, send an automatic email to visitors that submitted your pop ups and contact forms. Send an autoresponder for:

  • A discount coupon to new newsletter subscribers
  • A «Thank you» or a “Welcome” email
  • A discount coupon code when visitors try to leave your checkout page
  • A link to download an eBook, video, guide or manual, or you can also attach the file to the email
    The autoresponder is available on any paid plan

Casos de uso populares

  • Muestra una ventana emergente con un descuento y una cuenta atrás cuando un cliente intenta salir del formulario de pagos para aumentar tus ventas.
  • Muestra una ventana emergente con novedades a los visitantes que han leído y se han desplazado por el 60% de tu entrada y aumenta tu lista de correos electrónicos.
  • Create an inline form on all your blog posts, and sync all your subscribers to your MailChimp account
  • Muestra una ventana emergente con un cupón de descuento de una de tus campañas que incluya un código de seguimiento UTM.
  • Muestra una llamada a la acción en la versión móvil de tu sitio mientras estés trabajando para llegar a más clientes potenciales.
  • Create a feedback form or survey to gather information from your website’s visitors

Poptin works great with WordPress page builders including Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, WPBakery Gutenberg and more.


«Ninguna herramienta para atraer clientes me funcionó… Excepto Poptin. Esta es la única plataforma que me ofrece la flexibilidad que necesito en mis formularios. Genero muchísimos clientes potenciales y en gran parte se lo debo a Poptin.»

Ilan Missulawin, Cofundador de Clickcease

«Comenzar a usar poptin fue facilísimo – ¡Apenas instalamos el widget y lo vinculamos a nuestros avisos, la tasa de conversión de nuestro sitio se fue por las nubes!

Michael Kamleitner, CEO de Walls.io


  • Arrastra y suelta para editar tus Poptins & en la interfaz (WYSIWYG)
  • Elige entre una gran variedad de plantillas y temas bien diseñados y adaptables
  • Gamified pop ups including spin to win (wheel of fortune), scratch card, pick a gift pop ups
  • Create mobile popups
  • Exit intent trigger included in the free plan
  • Funciones avanzadas para interactuar con tu público objetivo
  • Estadísticas en la palma de tu mano
  • Advanced drag and drop editor
  • Fully customizable popups and forms
  • Create beautiful mobile pop ups for your website
  • Design your own stunning mobile pop up


  1. Instala y activa Poptin en tu sitio de WordPress
  2. Crea una cuenta gratuita a través de la pantalla de registro del plugin
  3. ¡Todo listo! Todas las ventanas emergentes que crees con Poptin aparecerán en tu sitio.
  4. Please note: if you create a form, you need to embed the shortcode of that form for it to appear on your website


Tengo una web pequeña, ¿puedo abrir una cuenta gratuita?

Yes! You can open a free account which is for 1,000 website visitors per month. It includes unlimited popups, forms and leads. No credit card required.

How are the Visitors counted?

A unique monthly visitor is anyone who visits one of your website pages with our code in the last 30 days. A visitor can generate several sessions and view more than 1 page, but they will still only be counted as a single visitor as long as they didn’t delete browser cookies, or used a different device or browser. You can always see your monthly usage on the Overview page.

¿Puedo ofrecerle Poptin a mis clientes?

¡Sí!, nuestro plan para agencias te permite crear y gestionar las cuentas de tus clientes.
También puedes crearles cuentas gratuitas a tus clientes y concederles acceso a tu cuenta una vez que se hayan pasado al plan pago (aún si te registraste con el plan gratuito)

¿Qué tipo de tasas de conversión puedo esperar?

Las tasas de conversión de tu web pueden duplicarse, triplicarse o aumentar mucho más. El alcance del efecto positivo depende de varios factores como: el atractivo de las ofertas que hagas en los «poptins» que muestres, cuántos mensajes emergentes y formularios integrados uses, tu público objetivo, el momento de visualización, etc.

¿Necesitaré a un desarrollador web que gestione la inserción del código?

No es necesario ser un desarrollador web, Poptin solo require añadir una sola línea de código. En todo caso, puedes enviarle el código y las instrucciones para incrustarlo directamente a un desarrollador web. Si tu no te llevas bien los códigos y no tienes a quién preguntarle, ponte en contacto con nuestro soporte y estaremos felices de guiarte.

¿Puedo usar mis propios diseños?

¡Sí! Puedes crear mensajes emergentes con diseños únicos y formularios de cualquier tamaño y subirlos al sistema.

¿Se incluyen ventanas emergentes de intento de salida con el plan gratuito?

¡Sí!, puedes crear ventanas emergentes que se activan al cerrar una página con el plan gratuito.

Do you offer migration services?

Yes! We’d love to help you rebuild your popups and campaigns with zero hassle from your side (depending on the amount of pop ups).
We offer migrations services from OptinMonster, Optimonk, JustUno, Privy, Sleeknote, Popup Maker, Popup Builder, Popup box, Elementor Pop ups, Icegram, MailOptin, Klaviyo pop ups, Mailchimp pop ups, WisePops, Brave pop ups, Omnisend pop ups, GetSiteControl, PopupSmart, ConvertBox, Automizely, MailMunch, Hustle, WP Popups, and more

¿Existe algún programa de afiliados?

¡Sí! El Programa de afiliados de Poptin está abierto a todos, no caduca y ofrece una comisión mensual del 25% por cada miembro pago que reclutes.

¿Con qué puedes vincular Poptin?

You can connect Poptin for free to your favorite email platform and CRM including MailChimp, Zapier, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Pipedrive, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Klaviyo, and many more


17 de junio de 2024
I’ve been using the exit intent popups by poptin for a few weeks now and i gotta say im pleased. poptin is really easy to use and pretty intuative. the costumer support is super quick and fast as well. you really dont need to be a tech geek to understand how poptin works and you get the hang of it rather fast.
12 de junio de 2024
We implemented Poptin to enhance the contact form experience, we are leveraging the exit intent popup functionality and it has streamlined the user experience for getting in touch with our team with any question on our site.
12 de junio de 2024
Osama is a great proffesional. Very recommended plugin. Works perfect and the customer service is awesome. Top.
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