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Popup Builder is the most complete popup plugin. Html, image, shortcode and many other popup types. Manage popup dimensions, effects, themes.

Popup Builder

Popup anything with Popup builder, create and manage powerful promotion popups for your WordPress blog or website. Powerful, and yet, easy to use popup plugin that will help you to grab your visitors' attention to introduce them your offers, discounts or other kind of promotional notices.

Popup Builder is a popup plugin for WordPress website that allows you to add highly customizable popup windows. This plugin will enable awesome popup in your WordPress website using short codes. You can add unlimited popups with their own configurations. We added effective settings'-panel for each popup. So, you can fully customize the popup themes, colors, sizes and many many other options.

Popups are a good marketing tool, they're impressively high converting. A web page with a popup typically sees more conversions than the same page without a popup. More important, a page with a well designed and thoughtfully implemented popup converts better than one with a poor popup. With Popup Builder plugin you can customize the popup according to your needs.

With popup builder plugin you can insert any type of content, right into your Popup. Insert your popup into any page or a post, easily and fast. Popups that open automatically, are the best solution to attract your visitor's attention. Add some effects to your Popup and your customers won't go unnoticed.

Popup Builder - Features:

  • Create and manage as many popups as you want
  • Customize the look and feel of the popup
  • Set custom animation effects
  • Customize popup animation effect
  • Choose between several popup themes
  • Set popup location on the screen
  • Change popup content background color
  • Customize popup overlay color and opacity
  • Add custom class for popup overlay
  • Add custom class for popup content
  • Redirect user to another page when he/she clicks on popup content
  • Show/Hide Popup for selected User Roles (Admin panel)
  • Responsive popup
  • Scale popup for desktop sizes
  • Network/Multisite popup
  • On click popup
  • Open popup from URL. Example http://popup-builder.com/index.php?sg_popup_id=1
  • Reopen popup after form submission
  • Html popup
  • Image popup
  • Facebook popup
  • Shortcode popup

Popup Builder - 3rd party supported plugins:

  • Contact Form 7
  • Ninja Forms
  • Gravity Forms
  • TablePress - Just add cache_table_output=false to shortcode Ex. [table id=213 cache_table_output=false /]
  • Formidable Forms
  • WP Google Maps
  • HTML5 Maps
  • Review Builder

Popup Builder - PRO features:

  • Iframe popup - you can set the URL you want to load within an iframe and the popup will load that iframe

  • Video popup - embed YouTube and Vimeo videos inside your popup.

  • Social popup - this is a great type of a popup if you need to share/like your site. In social popup we have added all popular social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

  • Age restriction popup - sometimes the site content may not be appropriate for all audiences. In these cases, users may not be able to view the content until they pass age confirmation popup.

  • Create countdown popup - your site is under construction and you are planning to open it in some amount of time, in this case countdown popup is exactly for you.

  • Exit Intent popup - catch your users attention when they decide to leave your site without doing any of the things you want them to do. Exit-Intent popup can briefly interrupt them with a popup message, steering them towards a singular call to action.

  • Subscription popup - this kind of popup provides the easiest way to create an efficient connection between users and your website through subscription popup. With this simple popup solution you can quickly collect subscribers in a very pleasant and elegant way. With our newsletter module you can easily send mass mailings.

  • Create contact form popup - contact popup will allow your clients to write you a message right from the popup.

  • MailChimp popup (separate extension) - create eye-catching, beautiful MailChimp popups to make your users sign up to the mail list right from the popup. You can set up all the design customization according to your needs and preferences!

  • Adblock popup (separate extension) - detect Adblock extensions that block the advertisements of your site and show a message to your visitors via popup!

  • AWeber popup (separate extension) - let your visitors to subscribe to your AWeber subscription form right from the popup.

  • Show popup only when user is scrolling - sometimes you don't want to show the popup right away, it's a good idea to set this option so the popup will be shown to the visitor only when he scrolls.

  • Show popup once per visitor - useful when you don't want to show the popup to the same visitor more than once.

  • Don't show popup on mobile devices - after activating this option, popup won't be shown in mobile devices.

  • Show popup only on mobile devices - after activating this option, popup will be shown only on mobile devices.

  • Disable popup closing - after activating this option, user won't be able to close the popup in any possible way.

  • Auto close popup after X seconds - useful when activated together with the previous option, you can disable manual popup closing but close it after a certain time.

  • Targeting popup - this popup allows you to show a popup depending on user's location. This kind of popup is useful if your product or service is created for a specific region.

  • Show popup for logged in users or vice versa - you can make the popup appear only for the users who are logged in. Or you can make the popup visible only for the users who aren't logged in.

  • Schedule popup - you can schedule the period (in days) when you want the popup to be shown. The users will see the popup during the period of the time you set. (Ex. April 13- May 9)

  • Popup showing frequency - you can select how many times you want the popup be shown to the same user. This means, you can make the popup appear for 3 times, for example, to the same user.

Get Popup Builder PRO package

Customizing the look and feel of the popup is as important as the content itself. That's why Popup Builder gives you the ability to customize the timings, effects, position and size of the popup to your needs.

Popup Builder team constantly works on upgrades and improvements. With our upcoming updates we are planning to add more types of popups.

Thank you for using our popup plugin.

If you think that you found a bug in our Popup Builder plugin or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@popup-builder.com.

Popup Builder

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Última actualización: 1 día ago
Instalaciones activas: 40,000+


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