Postcode Redirect


This plugin will check a users postcode and based on the value will redirect the user to another website or display a default message. This will help you to deliver a more user friendly experience with your website. Can Also Aid Your Seo
Can be used with any five, six or seven digit alpha-numeric post code.
The plugin compares the first two digits three digits or four digits of a users input with your post code lists.
If a match is found the redirect is activated, if no match is found a default message is displayed.
The postcode check is activated when the user presses the enter key or the postcode input box loses focus.
Can be only used with UK postcodes.


  • You Can Redirect To Two Url’s.
  • Redirect Upto Fifty Postcodes To Each Url.
  • Personalize Error And Success Messages.
  • Use Shortcode [postcoderedirect] To Display Anywhere.
  • Redirect Users Or Customers To More Friendly Local Url If Successful.
  • Uk Postcodes Only Accepted.

Additional features, exclusive to Premium plans include:

  • Redirect upto 200 postcodes four different Urls.
  • Redirect upto 300 postcodes six different Urls.
  • Redirect upto 400 postcodes eight different Urls.
  • Redirect upto 500 postcodes ten different Urls.

Shortcode Usage

Put the shortcode [postcoderedirect] where you want on your webpage including sidebars. Only put one instance of the shortcode on a webpage although you can use multiple instances across your website.

Installation is simple.

  1. Upload The Plugin Files To The /wp-content/plugins/ Directory, Or Install The Plugin Through The WordPress Plugins Screen Directly.
  2. Activate The Plugin Through The ‘plugins’ Screen In WordPress.
  3. From The Menu Click Postcode Redirect Settings And Input Your Redirect Url And Postcode List.
  4. Insert Postcode Redirect Shortcode On One Of Your Pages.


Will the plugin work on my theme?

Yes, this plugin is compatible with all themes and plugins. You can be sure that it works in the best possible way.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, the plugin does not modify the theme and/or plugin files. This is 100% safe.

I need to apply Css to the input box.

Simply open plugins/postcode-redirect/css/style.css in your favourite editor. Add your Css and save.

I need to use Zipcodes?

Simple go-to


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