Powered Cache – Caching and Optimization for WordPress – Easily Improve PageSpeed & Web Vitals Score


Powered Cache is a comprehensive caching and optimization plugin for WordPress. It’s easy to use and dramatically boosts site performance in a few clicks.

Powered Cache Free contains everything that you need to optimize your website performance, and the Powered Cache Premium plugin and its extensions unlock even more tools and functionality.

Features ⚡️

Simple and easily configurable: You can import and export settings with a single click.

Page Caching: Lightning-fast pages. (Trusted by enterprise-grade websites)

Object Caching: Speed up dynamic pageviews. It supports Redis, Memcached, Memcache, and APCu.

Page Cache Rule Management: Need advanced caching configurations? Got it covered under advanced options. Details

File Optimization: Easily minify and combine CSS, JS files.

Database Optimization: Keep redundant data away from your database.

Media Optimization: Enable Lazy Load, control WordPress embeds, remove emoji scripts.

Combine Google Fonts: Combine Google Fonts URLs into a single URL and optimize the font loading.

Rewrite Support: Automatic .htaccess configuration for the ideal setup. The cached file can be served without executing PHP at all.

Mobile Support: Separate cache file for mobile, in case want to use the separate theme for the mobile.

Logged-in User Cache: If you have user-specific content or running a membership site, it creates cached results for the logged-in users.

CDN Integration: Integrate your website with CDN; you just need to enter CNAME(s) and corresponding zones.

Cache Preloading: Creating cached pages in advance. This feature will keep caching layer warm.

Prefetched DNS: Resolve domain names before resources get requested. Reduce DNS lookup time.

Gzip Support: Compress caching files with gzip.

Built-in Extensions: Cloudflare, Heartbeat

Multisite Support: You can activate network-wide or site basis. It’s compatible with domain mapping.

Smart Cache Purging: Only purge the cache that is affected by the content changes.

Compatible: Tested and compatible with popular plugins.

Battle Tested: Trusted by enterprise-grade websites.

Built-in Extensions

Built-in extensions (aka add-ons) shipped with Powered Cache to provide more functionality.

Cloudflare: Cloudflare compatibility and functionalities Free
Heartbeat: Manage the frequency of the WordPress Heartbeat API. Free
Varnish: Varnish cache purging Premium only
Google Tracking: Powered Cache will host Google scripts on your server to help satisfy the PageSpeed recommendation. Premium only
Facebook Tracking: Powered Cache will host Facebook scripts on your server to help satisfy the PageSpeed recommendation. Premium only

Premium Features

Here is a list of the amazing features included in Powered Cache Premium:

  • Critical CSS & Load CSS Asynchronously.
  • Image Optimizer. On the fly Image Compression and WebP conversion.
  • Sitemap Preloading.
  • Scheduled Database cleanups.
  • Varnish extension.
  • Google tracking extension.
  • Facebook tracking extension.
  • WP-CLI commands are ready to save your time.
  • Top-notch premium support.
  • No Ads on the plugin page.

By upgrading to Powered Cache Premium you also get access to one-on-one help from our knowledgeable support team and our extensive documentation site.

Learn more about Powered Cache Premium

Contributing & Bug Report

Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on Github. Some of our features are premium only, please consider before sending PR.


Documentation site: https://docs.poweredcache.com/

Developer Docs: https://poweredcache.github.io/docs/ (Hook referance)

From within WordPress

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Powered Cache’
  3. Activate Powered Cache from your Plugins page.
  4. That’s all.


  1. Upload the powered-cache folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Powered Cache plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. That’s all.


  • Basic Options
  • Advanced Options
  • File Optimization
  • Media Optimization
  • CDN Integration
  • Preload Options
  • Database Optimization
  • Extensions


How do I know my site is being cached?

The easiest way is to make sure your site is being cached. Open your site in incognito mode of your browser and right-click on the page. If you see <!-- Cache served by PoweredCache --> information that means you are getting a cached result.

Is it compatible with multisite?

Yes, it’s 100% compatible with multisite. You can activate it on the network-wide or per-site basis.

Is it compatible with domain mapping?

Yes, it’s compatible with Mercator and native domain mapping feature with WordPress core.

What is the built-in extension?

We designed Powered Cache is a complete optimization solution for WordPress. However, we believe that your system should be tailored to your needs without the added weight of unwanted functionality. We strive to perfect this balance with our built-in extensions.

What about mobile caching?

We support mobile devices and user agents, if your template is not responsive you can use mobile caching with a separate file. It all works.

How to get premium version of plugin?

You can buy from poweredcache.com

Is it compatible with Cloudflare?

Yes, you just need to enable Cloudflare extension.

Is it compatible with Jetpack?

Yes, we don’t get any problems with Jetpack.

Is it compatible with WPML?

Yes, it’s compatible with WPML.

Is it compatible with ecommerce plugins?

Yes, you can use with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and BigCommerce. If you are using any other eCommerce plugin, just make sure dynamic pages are excluded from the cache.

How can I disable caching for a particular page?

You can disable caching from the meta box in the post editing page or enter pages in the «Never cache the following pages» under the «Advanced Options» section.

Can I export/import settings?

Yes, you can find export/import options in the «Misc» sections of the settings page.

Does it cache API requests?

Yes, it caches GET requests on API. If you have query parameters on the request, you will need to allow query parameter in the»Accepted query strings» under the «Advanced Options» section.

Is it compatible with PHP 8+

Yes, it’s compatible with PHP 8+


8 de noviembre de 2022
This is the perfect plugin if: Memcached is enabled on your hosting server and you want to use only one plugin to handle page as well as persistent object caching; and you require a light-weight caching plugin that is easy to set up in minutes instead of hours and still give good page scores. The dashboard is neat and a pleasure to navigate. Just be sure to check your site at each step, especially when you enable the "Combine CSS files" and "Combine JavaScript Files" options. In our case, enabling "Combine JavaScript Files" prevented a lightbox plugin from working properly. Support on this plugin is excellent.
5 de noviembre de 2022 2 respuestas
Easy to setup and very powerful cache plugin. Settings tabs are grouped accurately and you can find what you need in a few seconds. Works great with Redis. Free version has all enough features to get started with. (the most important features are in the free version - which should be appreciated, IMHO) Idea & Wish: - would be great if to add disk-based object caching in the future. (for those who don't have Redis/Memcached) - wish you will keep simplicity/liteweight approach. more features != better product. - wish you to continue supporting and improving the plugin so that it will become one of the most popular cache plugins in 1-2 years.
16 de septiembre de 2022
Powered Cache is simply the best caching plugin for Wordpress. It is easy to set up, it is faster than most of its competitors, and the support is very kind and helpful. The plugin supports many advanced features like object caching (Memcache), page preloading, separate mobile caching, async cache cleaning, and preconnecting. It is very clean and lightweight without any bloat features, and offers all this in a one single package. Overall, it is a great caching plugin, and I'm surprised that it isn't as popular as some other premium caching plugins that offer less features.
11 de julio de 2022
Very fast plugin. I've tested several plugins, including premium versions, and this one is just too fast. The caching system makes a difference and this one is the best in my opinion.
6 de mayo de 2022
Powered Cache is one of the best cache plugins, IMO. It has all of the key features every cache plugins should have and great extra features such as object cache drop-in, varnish extension, WP-CLI commands. I also think it has well written, secure and developer friendly code base.
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Registro de cambios

2.5.2 (January 20, 2023)

  • Fix: revert subdirectory deletion with delete_page_cache()
  • Fix: Delete related page cache on purging the current page cache.

2.5.1 (January 19, 2023)

  • Fix a regression issue with the lazyload.

2.5 (January 19, 2023)

  • Added: Beaver Builder Compatibility
  • Added: Elementor Compatibility
  • Added: Divi Compatibility
  • Added: Purge Current Page admin bar item for singular page.
  • Refactor: .htaccess rule generation and Apache 2.4 improvements.
  • Fixes: PHP 8.1+ deprecation fixes.
  • Bump required WordPress version to 5.7.
  • Small tweaks & package updates.

2.4.4 (October 11, 2022)

  • Fix: Cloudflare cache purge
  • Fix: Object cache removal on uninstalling the plugin
  • Small tweaks & package updates.

2.4.3 (July 5, 2022)

  • Compatibility fix for older versions of WPML.

2.4.2 (June 29, 2022)

  • File optimizer bug fix.

2.4.1 (June 25, 2022)

  • Fix «Try Premium Today» button

2.4 (June 16, 2022)

  • Improvements on WPML compatibility: Purge/preload cache for a specific locale.
  • Added woocommerce-multilingual compat.
  • Small tweaks & package updates.

2.3 (May 18, 2022)

  • Improvements on file optimizer.
  • Improvements on CDN and file optimizer module bootstrapping.
  • Added WPML domain mapping compat.
  • Added bearer token support for Cloudflare extension.
  • Added async cache purging (experimental feature)

2.2.1 (April 26, 2022)

  • File Optimizer CDN integration fix.

2.2 (April 25, 2022)

  • Added: Image optimizer.
  • Added: Swap Google Fonts.
  • Added: Cache miss reason.
  • Added: Preconnect resource hint.
  • Improvements: CDN module (refactored).
  • Improvements: Lazy Load (modernized).
  • Fix: Windows compatibility issues.
  • Fix: Transients clean-up from DB when object cache in place.
  • New filter: powered_cache_fo_disable to control file optimizer.
  • New filter: powered_cache_is_local_site.
  • New filter: powered_cache_cdn_extensions.
  • New filter: powered_cache_preconnect_resource.
  • New compat: Cornerstone builder.
  • Tested: WordPress 6.0

2.1.2 (March 28, 2022)

  • Fix: Lazy Load issue.

2.1.1 (March 15, 2022)

  • Added a new compat: Cookies and Content Security Policy plugin.
  • Change post pecific cache control capability. (edit_posts to edit_others_posts)
  • Fixed: Make sure cdn_hostname and cdn_zone have index 0 for placeholder.
  • Fixed: normalize vary cookie value.

2.1 (March 14,2022)

  • Added: Critical CSS Settings.
  • Added: Post specific file optimization options.
  • Added: Jetpack boost compatibility
  • Improvements: Settings page UI on mobile.
  • Improvements: CDN Integration.
  • Improvements: Cache Preloading.
  • Fixed: Google fonts combine.
  • Fixed: CSS minification should work when the group contains a single file.
  • Fixed: CDN integration warnings.
  • Added: Automatic CORS configuration for .htaccess and nginx.
  • Bumped minimum WP requirement to 5.1


  • Tested with WP 5.9
  • UI Update
  • Fix a potential notice about the user agent


  • Small UI updates
  • Fix: metabox registration on the screens other than post


  • Hotfix: don’t break block editor on reusable blocks


  • Fix: Smart cache purge on post update.
  • Localization improvements: Set script localization correctly.
  • Improved WPML compatibility.
  • Added .htaccess execution rule for file optimizer.

Detailed changelog located in changelog page