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Quick download button is a download button for WordPress. You can easily add a better download link to your post with this plugin. Use shortcode or Gutenberg block.


  • Display file size and file extension.
  • Create a download button link with shortcode with options
  • Link your download button to anywhere on the web where it’s publicly available.
  • Allow free music download, video download, PDF download, spreadsheet file download and more.
  • Hide download link
  • Wait before download, you can specify how many seconds you want the user to wait before download starts ( Gutenberg Only for now)
  • Show the user a message while waiting for the download to start.
  • Support for external download link
  • Shows download file extension for ‘pdf’,’mp3′,’mov’,’zip’,’txt’,’doc’,’xml’,’mp4′,’ppt’ and images ( png, gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp)
  • Support for htm, html, ps, tex, xml, txt, csv, xlsx (Microsoft Excel), pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint), js, css, php
  • Open external download in new tab
  • Force file download
  • Support for WordPress Gutenberg

Basic Usage

** Shortcode **
Open the post or page you want to add a download button to, paste the shortcode example below

[quick_download_button title="Download" url="http://yoursite/wp-content/upload/fileto_download.pdf"]

The url value needs to be replaced with your media link URL. To change the title, enter a different text in the title value. The default value is Download.

More Shortcode Usage

** Open link in a new window **

To open the download link in a new window (tab), set attribute ‘open_new_window» to true. To open link in the same window set the attribute to ‘false’ See example below:

[quick_download_button title="Download" open_new_window="true" url_external="https://google.com"]

** Set the button background color (color_bg=»#ffc107″), set waiting timer (wait=15) and waiting message (msg=»Please wait 15 seconds») **

[quick_download_button  title="Download" color_bg="#ffc107" open_new_window="true" wait=15 msg="Please wait 15 seconds" url_external="https://google.com"]

** Link to external URL **

To use external url, add url_external attribute

[quick_download_button title="Download" url_external="https://google.com"]

** Auto calculates file size. **

To let the plugin generate file size, make sure the file URL link is in the WordPress upload directory when using with shortcode e.g wp-content/upload and change filesize value to 1 like below

[quick_download_button file_size="1" title="Download" url="http://yoursite/wp-content/upload/fileto_download.pdf"]

** Add file size manually **

The plugin can calculate the file size for you by entering 1 in the filesize value. You don’t have to enter it manually but in case, enter the file size value in the filesize attribute like below.

[quick_download_button file_size="14.5MB" title="Download" url="http://yoursite/wp-content/upload/fileto_download.pdf"]

** Hide icon for file extension **
To hide icon image for the file extension, set the extension value to 0. Note, this will also hide file extension text.

[quick_download_button  title="Download" filesize="1" extension="0" url="http://yoursite/wp-content/upload/fileto_download.pdf"]

** Show icon image and file extension text **

To show both file extension icon and text, set extension value to 1 and extension_text to 1

[quick_download_button  title="Download" filesize="1" extension="1" extension_text="1"  url="http://yoursite/wp-content/upload/fileto_download.pdf"]

** Gutenberg Block **

  1. Open the post you want to add a download link to, click on add block icon (+).
  2. Under Media, click on the Download Button icon.
  3. Click on the button to change the title, click on the download icon next to the button to upload a file for download.
  4. Enter a suitable title in the text box, the default title is download. All done!

** More Gutenberg Usage **
To hide the file size, use the advanced option in the Gutenberg settings. Click on the Additional CSS class(es) and add ‘hide-size’ to the class.

To use in a theme file (Developers)

To use in your theme file, add the code below with necessary attributes and values.

echo do_shortcode('[quick_download_button title="Download" url="http://yoursite/wp-content/upload/fileto_download.pdf"]');


To contribute and improve this plugin please visit the Git repo.



Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

  • Download Button


  1. Upload the quick-download-button folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Delete Quick Download Button plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress


Can this plugin be used to hide (protect) download link on my site?


Can this plugin be used to display download file size on my site?



4 de abril de 2022
This is the Simple and Clean plugin for Downloads. Please Update it to latest wordpress version.
16 de marzo de 2021
This is by far the most simple and straightforward download button I have used so far. I only wish there was a settings page to hide for example filesize
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1.0.8 August 13th, 2022

  • Fixed message not showing up when user is waiting for download.

1.0.5 July 23rd, 2022

  • Add support for multi site.
  • Add wait time attribute and background color attribute to shortcode.