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Revision Notes


Enter a message describing the changes you are about to save in the Publish box, to be displayed around the admin. This is especially helpful amongst groups of editors, but can also be useful for your future self.

Important note: This plugin requires WordPress 4.4 for full functionality. Versions below 4.4 will be able to enter and save revision notes, but will only display the latest note in the All Posts list.


Pull requests and issues on GitHub welcome.


  • Revision note field in the block editor sidebar
  • Revision note field in the classic editor publish metabox
  • Note displayed in the revisions metabox
  • Note displayed on the revisions comparison screen
  • Note displayed in the posts list table


Revision Notes is most easily installed automatically via the Plugins tab in your dashboard.


Where are all the settings?

Revision Notes is meant to be a plugin that «just works» when activated, and does not currently have plans to be complex enough to warrant any settings of its own.


25 de abril de 2022
This is a simple addition to the WordPress backend, but it makes a huge difference when you are managing a website in a team. Another feature that I would love to see in WordPress core…
3 de septiembre de 2016
I love this, my only problem is forgetting to add the note. I'd love to have an option to make the note required before updating the post.
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Registro de cambios


  • Block editor support (with thanks to theMikeD, TimothyBJacobs, and johnwatkins0)


Thanks to Kenshino for the following:
* Initialize the plugin after the point custom post types are registered.
* Set a translations directory per plugin standard.


  • Initial release