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3 de septiembre de 2016 2 respuestas
There is something very off about this plugin. For the cost this should be incredible. But it is not updating like it should. Only compatible with a certain list of themes and to call it free at all is laughable at best. This is called, 30 day money back guarantee last time I checked. Yes, something I went for right away when I realized, oh, it doesn't work. And where in Gawds name is even those couple of 4 or 5 stars out of 7,000 plus downloads that say they bloody love it. Since there are some bloggers that can afford the very best and wouldn't care about cost if its the best. They should be there somewhere unless its just one of those secrets, LOL, we don't want anyone else to know where a bunch of people start using it and ruin it for us. I guess that is possibly, but I seriously doubt it since they would be just selling the crap out of it and 5 staring it at the same time.
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