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SKT Templates is an Elementor and Gutenberg themes library and allows you to select from over 100s of designs to choose from. All you need to do is view the demo and then select import and install. It takes care of the importing and allows you to edit the template from within your dashboard. It works with any popular theme or you can choose to use any theme from our SKT Themes free.

These templates allow you to import them into your existing website and edit them and use them to build professional websites.

Importing a single page template is very easy and you can do it on your existing WordPress website as well.

All of the templates are being downloaded from our test server at SKT Themes.


Kindly check documentation : click here

Se puede usar para cualquier sitio de negocios o personal

The designs and templates apply to wide range of businesses like hotels, lodging, spa, salon, construction, personal, blog, fitness, medical, health, charity, pet, maintenance services and a lot more.

Todo lo que tienes que hacer es echar un vistazo a la demostración e importarla para hacer uso de ella.

Funcionalidad ampliada

Extend the functionality by choosing any of our SKT free themes from our website and downloading them so that the whole template including header and footer and full features can be made use of.

In case you like any of the themes displayed and want to get all the pages of the theme and show just like shown in demo on our website then you can choose to buy the single theme from our page.

However as said earlier you can still use the plugin and the templates with any of your existing theme or websites.


¿Funcionará con mi tema el plugin SKT Templates?

Of course it will work with any WordPress theme provided it does not conflicts with Elementor plugin.

¿Son GRATIS todas las plantillas?

All the themes displayed in our plugin backend are free of cost. In the initial release we are launching 60 designs. However we will soon to updating the list to over 100+ within a month’s time.

¿Puedo importarlas en una web existente?

Yes you can however its recommended to use it in a fresh or blank WordPress installation because if your existing website has plugins or your existing website theme conflicts with Elementor you might land up in trouble. So either take a backup of your existing site before doing so or else install in a fresh/blank WordPress website to test it.

¿Puedo desactivar el plugin después?

Yes if your site import is done and you are currently editing via Elementor or if you have already set up the site you can deactivate the plugin.


  • Directorio de plantillas
  • Búsqueda de plantillas
  • Detalles de la plantilla
  • Comprobación de plantilla adaptable
  • Importación de plantillas en Elementor


La activación del plugin SKT Templates es como la de cualquier otro plugin.

  1. In your WordPress admin, go to Plugins > Add New
  2. In the Search field type «SKT Templates»
  3. Under «SKT Templates» click the Install Now link
  4. Una vez que el proceso esté completo, haz clic en el enlace Activar el plugin
  5. Ahora, puedes usar la página de escritorio de SKT Templates
  6. Realiza los cambios deseados y, después, haz clic en el botón «Guardar los cambios» en la parte inferior


16 de enero de 2023 3 respuestas
My product images on my shop are not showing some products using one of the themes called minimalist theme. I tried everything from uninstalling and installing my plugins. Re-uploading pictures even tried disabling lazy load.
7 de octubre de 2021
Thank you very much to "SKT Themes Team" for an excellent work. Regards, Oscar
18 de febrero de 2021
Although I use the free version of the plugin I got extremely quick support when I had an issue with my website. Furthermore, even the free templates are very good and make the website look very professional. Usually, such templates are offered in the paid version in other themes.
21 de agosto de 2020
Our purpose was to give something great to community and hopefully we were able to do it. If demand rises we plan to increase the number of templates to 100.
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Added Movers and Packers template in Elementor Templates.


Added SKT Hotel template in Elementor Templates.


Added Maintenance Services template in Elementor Templates.


Added SKT White template in Elementor Templates.


Added SKT Sushi template in Elementor Templates.


Added SKT Restara template in Elementor Templates.


Added SKT Physiotherapy template in Elementor Templates.


Added SKT Pizzeria template in Elementor Templates.


Updated Freemius SDK.


Added SKT Coach template in Elementor Templates.


Added SKT Glass template in Elementor Templates.


Added SKT Golf template in Elementor Templates.


Added SKT Trekking template in Elementor Templates.


Added 4 Templates Diwali, Cyber Monday, Black Friday And Halloween In Elementor Templates.


Added GB SKT Salon template in Gutenberg Templates.


Added GB SKT Ayurveda template in Gutenberg Templates.


Added GB SKT Insurance template in Gutenberg Templates.


Added SKT UI UX template in Elementor Templates.


Added GB SKT Skin Care template in Gutenberg Templates.


Added GB SKT Sandwich template in Gutenberg Templates.


Added GB SKT Plants template in Gutenberg Templates.


Added SKT Resort template in Elementor Templates.


  • Added Complete Set Of Specialist Template And SKT Karate Template In Elementor Templates.


  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.0


  • Added SKT Ecology template in Elementor Templates.


  • Added Palm Healing Lite template in Elementor Templates.


  • Updated freemius to version 2.4.3


  • Added Complete Set Of Woman Template.


  • Added Complete Set Of Taxi Template.


  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.9.
  • Added SKT Wildlife Template In Elementor Templates.


  • Resolved Plugin Break Issue For Other Languages.


  • Added Complete Set Of Wedding Cards Template.
  • Resolved WooCommerce Ajax Conflict.


Added Complete Set Of Mechanic Template.


Added Complete Set Of Extreme Sports Template.


Resolved SKT Blocks issue and added freemius deactivation form feedback


Added 8 Coming Soon templates in Elementor Templates.


Added 15 templates in Elementor Templates.


Added 15 templates in Elementor Templates.


Added 16 templates in Elementor Templates.


Added 1 template in Gutenberg Templates and 2 templates in Elementor Templates.


Major Update – Changed Gutenberg Block Editor from UAG to SKT Blocks


Added 2 templates barter and bicycle shop.


Resolved issue related to few users getting Fatal error due to generic autoloader class.


Resolved Gutenberg Templates Importing Issue.


added 18 templates in Elementor templates


added 10 templates in Elementor templates


added 1 template in Gutenberg templates


Resolved Templates Design Repeating Issue.


Major update added Gutenberg templates.


Updated tags for certain themes and added two new templates.


Actualizado el aviso de administración y la redirección.


  • Removed unused code and made code changes as per reviewer suggestions and plugin guidelines.


  • Primera versión del plugin