Tagembed: Social Media Feeds For Twitter, Google Reviews, Youtube and More


Tagembed is a leading social media aggregator tool that lets users aggregate content from over 18+ social media networks. The plugin is extremely easy to use and has a no-complex structure. Users can enhance the overall look and efficiency of the widget by using a wide variety of customization options offered by the platform.

Displaying social media feeds on the website is every marketer’s best bet due to the amazing benefits that come along with it. You too can join along and enjoy the advantages simply by installing the Tagembed Social Media Feed WordPress Plugin

The Tagembed plugin also offers a content moderation panel to its users for monitoring the content before making it live on the website. Users can analyze the performance of the social media feeds by getting proper insights. The platform has an ever-active back support team for assisting the users if they come across any glitch or hindrance while using the plugin.

Aggregate Content From Various Sources

  • Embed Instagram Feeds: Seamlessly collect content from one of the most super vibrant platforms with the Instagram feed WordPress plugin. Aggregate the content using specific hashtags, usernames, mentions, etc.
  • Embed Facebook Feeds: Collect content from one of the most popular and highly used social media platforms in the world with the Facebook feed WordPress plugin. Fetch content from specific profiles, usernames, mentions, etc.
  • Embed Twitter Feeds: Social media users leverage Twitter as a microblogging platform to express their views and opinions openly. Integrate their tweets into your marketing efforts using the Twitter feed WordPress plugin.
  • Embed Google Reviews: Do your customers love your products and leave their positive reviews? Extract their voice and integrate them into your WordPress website using the Google Reviews WordPress plugin to win over the trust and confidence of your potential customers!
  • Embed From Other Platforms: Apart from this, collect dynamic content from social media platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Airbnb, Yelp reviews, TikTok, etc.

Simple Steps to Embed Social Media Feeds

New Users

  • Go to the Plugin Section on your WordPress dashboard and click on Add New.
  • Search Tagembed & Install or Upload Tagembed Plugin Zip Folder.
  • Activate the Tagembed Widget.
  • Register or Sign Up with Tagembed WordPress plugin.
  • Click on Add Feed to collect social media feeds from your desired networks.
  • Choose your connection type i.e.- handle, mention, hashtag, list, page, etc. to fetch the feed as per your preference.
  • Select from 10+ Layouts, Personalize feed style and setup moderation.
  • Click on Display Section to preview and Copy Short Code.

Existing Users

  • Login into the Tagembed WordPress plugin.
  • Post Login, find existing widgets and feeds or Add New Feed to collect social media feeds from your desired networks.
  • Click on Display Section to preview and Copy Short Code.

Steps to Embed Feed on Page or Posts

  • Add new block, search «tagembed», select the block and a dialog box appears.
  • Paste the short code and click on «Embed».
  • Update the website to see the published content.
  • Kudos! You will have successfully embedded social media feeds on your WordPress website.

Main Features Of The Tagembed Social Media Feeds WordPress Plugin

  • Instant real-time content update: The website gets updated the moment you upload content on any of the social media platforms. If simply put, it enables curating and displaying the fresh content automatically.
  • Content moderation: With a dynamic filtering option, curate and manage the content before flashing it on your website. It helps you avoid unwanted & irrelevant content and fetches the highest quality content.
  • Custom CSS: Your ideas of a more creative, personalized, & engaging social media wall will come to existence with the custom CSS features offered by Tagembed.
  • Responsive widgets: It offers quick and responsive widgets that manage all your social media handles and their heaps of content. Embedding social widgets doesn’t alter the performance but ensures the smooth and steady functioning of your website.
  • Customized feeds: Modify your social wall on the website with customization features such as layout, themes, color styles, banner, background & more. Design and compose distinct social posts, visual galleries, etc to embed on any website.
  • Robust analytics: The flexible and robust in-built analytics feature integrated into the platform manages the widget’s performance by creating reports regarding views, active users, customer engagement, total impressions, click-through rates, etc.
  • Code-free: Embedding the widget is entirely coding-free. It doesn’t require any expertise and liberates you from pesky codes and their complex integration methods.
  • Free Forever: Tagembed offers a budget-friendly “FREE FOREVER” plan. With zero cost incurred, unlock the door of various compelling features and convert your monotonous website into a modernized one.

Why Choose The Tagembed WordPress Plugin?

  • Boost Engagement of your visitors: People enjoy social media! Imagine the impact it would have on your audience when you integrate social feeds into your website. It can be quite tedious to engage your audience and adopting this strategy is the best way to tackle it.
  • Build Your Brand’s Social Proof: Your existing customers add more value to your brand through their validation. Adding such content to your website can help you gain their trust and confidence by displaying your customers are enjoying your brand and its products.
  • Escalated Sales & Conversions: More than 85% of customers go through User-Generated Content during their purchase-related decisions. Once you have the trust and confidence of your customers, they will be more likely to purchase your products.
  • Robust Customer Support: We highly value and love our users and work hard to let them enjoy a seamless experience. However, if you come across any technical glitch or hindrance using the plugin, reach out to us and we will get back to you right away.

Featured Reviews

«Numerous features, constantly improving, and incredible assistance – Never expected I would be able to get such a bundle of features at no cost. It fits my marketing budget, provides great support, and continuously works on improving.»

«Simple to use and provides amazing results – Very simple to use, and provides amazing features, and that too free of cost. Extremely happy with this plugin.»


We provide remarkable service we’d want to experience ourselves!!
For any query, contact us at: support@tagembed.com


  • Example preview of widget
  • Example preview of widget
  • Example Website with Grid Layout
  • Example Website with Carousel/Slider Layout
  • Example Website with List/Table Layout
  • Signup or Login to your Tagembed Account
  • Click on "Copy Code" icon from the Widget Section
  • Paste Code on Page or Post to display feed
  • Choose from 10+ Layouts


Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

  • Tagembed: Social Media Feeds For Twitter, Google Reviews, Youtube and More


  • Access the admin panel. In the plugin menu, click on “Add new” and search Tagembed. Install it and click on “Activate now”.
  • Download the Tagembed plugin zip file and unzip it. Upload the file in the /wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress website. Click on the activate button.

Post activation, visit Tagembed widget plugin and copy the shortcode. Integrate the code on the website’s page where the feeds need to be displayed.

Step by Step Guide with Screen Shots : Installation Guide: Social Media Feed Plugin For WordPress


What is the need for a social media feed plugin?

Social feeds give a fresh and neoteric look to your website. It boosts user engagement and increases conversions. User-generated content is trusted over any marketing campaign. Your brand culminates in the process of being admired by the audience.

Is this plugin free?

Yes, the plugin is absolutely free. We offer a FREE FOREVER LITE plan with all the exclusive features to enhance your website performance. Also, there are variants of higher plans available with enhanced features.

Will the steps require coding?

No. Embedding social media feeds on your website is entirely code-free.

Do I need to register separately for the plugin?

No. Either register on the website or through the plugin.

Can I display multiple Social Media feeds on my website?

Yes, you can connect 18+ Platforms using Tagembed’s wordpress plugin.

What layouts can I use to showcase my social media feeds?

You can choose from 10+ different layouts i.e. Masonry, Grid, Slider, etc.


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Waste of time. Demo version and free version requires a credit card. it's a joke.
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