Creates a ‘Coming Soon’ page that will show for all users who are not logged in. Useful for developing a site on a live server, without the world being able to see it


  • The default page that is displayed (this can be overridden)
  • The editing screen with the default page selected
  • The editing screen with the custom text option selected
  • The editing screen with the custom HTML option selected


  1. Sube la carpeta al directorio /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activa el plugin en menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress
  3. If you want to change the look of the page that is displayed, click Settings->Under Construction and change the settings there.

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Installation Instructions
  1. Sube la carpeta al directorio /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activa el plugin en menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress
  3. If you want to change the look of the page that is displayed, click Settings->Under Construction and change the settings there.
Ya he terminado y he desactivado el plugin, pero el mensaje “en construcción” ¡se seguirá mostrando!

Al desactivar el plugin, no debe volver a mostraser la página en construcción. Para asegurarte a conciencia, prueba borrando los ficheros del plugin. También puede pasar, que después de desactivar el plugin, lo veas sea una versión almacenada en la cache. Prueba a reiniciar el navegador, trata de limpiar la cache en el servidor y forzar una vez mas el reinicio. Si tienes instalado y activo un plugin para gestionar la cache como W3 Total Cache ¡asegúrate de limpiar la cache también!

¡No puedo ver la página en construcción!

Si has accedido a tu página web, no podrás ver la página en construcción ¡Es una funcionalidad! De esta manera podrás continuar trabajando normalmente. Si quieres comprobar como se muestra tu página en construcción, puedes hacer alguna de estas cosas a) salir de tu página, b) trata de verla con otro navegador, o c) trata de ver la página en modo incognito

¿Qué tipo de código HTML puedo poner en?

You enter the contents of the entire HTML file. You can include inline styles, or links to external style sheets and external images.

¡Tengo una idea para tu plugin!

That’s great. I’m always open to user input, and I’d like to add anything I think will be useful to a lot of people. Visit the homepage for this plugin and leave a comment, and I’ll add the functionality as soon as I can.

¡He encontrado un error en el código!

Oops. That’s sure awkward. If you find a problem with this plugin that you can reproduce, if you wouldn’t mind leaving a message on the homepage for this plugin with how you made it break, I’d really like to try and fix it! Also, this is incompatible with a couple plugins out there, specifically ones that change the default login url.

Este plugin me ha ayudado mucho ¿cómo puedo contribuir a su mantenimiento?

I’ve had a few people ask me this. If you like it, please go to WordPress.org and rate it! Then more people can enjoy it. If you REALLY like it, you can always buy me a coffee. 🙂 There’s a donate link on my site.

No has respondido a mi pregunta en esta sección

Sorry, I get a lot of questions. But visit the homepage for this plugin and leave me a comment. They go right to my inbox, and well I might not be able to for a few days, I promise I’ll get back to you.


I Use It On Every Site I Build – An Essential Bit Of Kit

This is a neat and highly useful little plugin that I install as standard with each WordPress Installation. It allows me to block the public ( and clients ) from seeing the site whilst it is being developed and enables me to play around with various designs in private without a 101 armchair critics blurting comments every 5 minutes.

An essential and lightweight bit of kit.

Full of security holes

Hack is in the wild. Three sites were hacked, only thing in common was this plugin. Upon close programming inspection, it’s filled with security holes. Last update was a band-aid. Do not use until security is up to par. Input sanitation and denying direct access.

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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

“underConstruction” es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.

“underConstruction” ha sido traducido a 4 idiomas. Gracias a los traductores por sus contribuciones.

Traduce “underConstruction” a tu idioma.

¿Interesado en el desarrollo?

Revisa el código , echa un vistazo al repositorio SVN , o suscríbete al log de desarrollo por RSS .

Registro de cambios


  • Fix PHP warnings and update WordPress version compatibility.


  • Add ipv6 support https://wordpress.org/support/topic/underconstruction-ipv6-support


  • Add capability check for options page. Requires publish_pages


  • Remove banner from dashboard


  • Minor options page update


  • Minor UI update to work nicely with WP 2.8
  • Added the ability to bundle an under-construction.php file with your theme and have the plugin use that


  • Fixes a bug where users couldn’t log in


  • Fixes a bug where users who aren’t admins wouldn’t be able to use the admin area of the site if the under construction plugin was enabled
  • Adds French translation (my thanks to David Thomas at studio de création sympathique)
  • Removed the screenshots from the downloadable bundle in order make the plugin install faster
  • Fixed a minor security issue where users with valid credentials could view a single page when logging in
  • Sorry for all the updates lately


  • Fixed an issue identified Charlie Eriksen. Listed as Secunia Advisory SA52881. Fixes a security issue that could possibly result in the plugin being inadvertently deactivated.
  • Fixes a typo on the options screen


  • Fixed an embarrassingly old bug caused by using the old plugin registration API. It would result in a “has_cap is deprecated…” warning. Sorry ‘bout that folks.


  • Fixed a bug where a warning could get emitted causing errors to be printed to the screen


  • Added the ability to allow certain IP addresses to see the site
  • Added the ability to have a 301 redirect instead of having the “Coming Soon” page
  • Added the ability to restrict what level of user can log into the site (Thanks Gerry for the feature request!)


  • Fixed an issue where single quotes were being escaped on custom HTML pages. They will now be unquoted when printed to the screen


  • Made UC a bit more of a ‘good citizen’ in terms of storing its options. No options will be left behind when deleting the plugin now, and when deactivating, all options are compressed to one archive record. If reactivating the plugin, the options will be returned to how they were before deactivation.
  • Fixed a bug where the custom text fields might say “empty” by default
  • Ensured compatibility with 3.0-alpha
  • Added a warning message if javascript is disabled in the management screen.


  • Added the ability to switch on and off while keeping the plugin active
  • Added the ability to send different HTTP headers (503 or 200)
  • Added the ability to simply customize the default text, or display the default page
  • Tweaked the page slightly to be a little prettier


  • Fixed a bug where clearing the text wouldn’t cause it to revert to the default.


  • Fixed a bug where deactivation would trigger an error


  • First version