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Userlike is the leading software for live chat and customer messaging in Germany. It offers a live chat plugin for WordPress that allows you to connect with your customers directly via website chat and their favorite messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Threema and SMS.

The plugin is free, easy to implement and lets you chat with your website visitors within minutes.

All-in-one Messaging

Userlike is an all-in-one messaging solution that supports companies to stay close with their customers along their entire customer journey.

Userlike comes with a modern website messenger for generating leads and following up with customers. Just like popular messaging apps, Userlike’s chat tool allows conversations to take place in real time or pick up later.

To reach your customers outside of your website, Userlike offers integrations with popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Threema and SMS.

With Userlike’s AI Automation Hub you can automate your customer service processes, reduce costs and empower your customers to find answers 24/7. Create AI-powered chatbots, smart FAQ pages and interactive contact form suggestions connected to a central knowledge base that uses machine learning to improve its accuracy over time.

You can also connect external chatbot providers to Userlike via the chatbot API.

¿Por qué Userlike?

Userlike is the leading European, GDPR-compliant chat provider. All data is securely stored on servers within Germany.

Userlike is suitable for any company size and industry as it scales with your needs and business goals. Small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises like Toyota and Nivea already rely on Userlike.

Userlike is a great solution if you are looking for a chat provider that offers website chat, mobile messaging and AI automation.


  • Message Center as central hub for all your customer chats from different channels
  • Website Messenger that can be fully customized to your web design
  • Canned messages (chat macros) for common questions and scenarios to increase service efficiency
  • Integrations with messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Threema and SMS
  • Share and receive various types of media, like images, videos, files and voice messages
  • Intelligent routing to connect customers directly to the right contact or operator they have chatted with before
  • Live translation to chat seamlessly with international customers
  • Browser-based audio and video calls including screen sharing for complex inquiries or product demonstrations
  • AI Automation Hub that lets you create AI-chatbots, smart FAQs and contact form suggestions to automate your customer service
  • Chatbot API to connect existing chatbots to Userlike
  • Analytics to measure live chat performance and service quality
  • Server and hosting in Germany
  • GDPR-compliant, including dedicated data privacy features
  • Integrations with business tools like Pipedrive and Slack, Mailchimp and more


The Userlike chat plugin for WordPress is free. When you sign up, you can test the premium plan „Team“ for 14 days for free. After the trial, you automatically switch back to the Free plan. This gives you Userlike’s Website Messenger including unlimited conversation and contacts and all core features for customer communication in a small team.
Paid plans are available from $90 per month, including access to messaging apps such WhatsApp, 4+ chat agent seats, 4 widgets and powerful service features for professional chat support in a team.

Estudios de caso

Learn more about how Hermes, Toyota and Titus are working with Userlike to generate more leads, reduce service costs and build long-term customer relationships.


  • Chat en vivo para servicio en sitios web y móviles
  • Un eje para todas las relaciones con tus clientes
  • Ajusta el diseño a la apariencia de tu sitio web
  • Hazle seguimiento a tus métricas clave y mejora tu rendimiento
  • Organiza tu equipo por función o idioma
  • Tu cabina de mando para ofrecer un servicio al cliente inigualable


  1. Accede a tu escritorio de WordPress y haz clic en “Añadir nuevo“ en el menú “Plugins“.
  2. Busca el plugin de Userlike, instálalo y actívalo.
  3. Dirígete a «Ajustes» y añade tu Widget Secret de Userlike. Encontrarás tu Widget Secret en el panel principal bajo «Config» – «Widgets», en la pestaña “Install“, haz click en “Credentials for Applications“.
  4. Recuerda guardar tus ajustes…
  5. ¡Felicidades! El Chat Widget de Userlike ahora está visible en tu sitio de WordPress y puedes empezar a chatear 🚀

Nota: Necesitarás una cuenta de Userlike:
Crea una gratis aquí.


With which browsers is Userlike compatible?

The Userlike Dashboard is HTML5 compatible and uses the latest web technologies.

Userlike supports the following browsers:

The last two versions of Safari
The last two versions of Safari for iOS
The last six versions of Edge
The last six versions of Firefox
The last six versions of Chrome

¿Qué ocurre cuando no estoy conectado/a?

When you’re not online, you can decide between a set of behaviors for Userlike’s WordPress live chat plugin. One is to display the website widget in offline mode. Messages from your contact will still land in Userlike’s Message Center and you can answer them as soon as you are available again. Your contacts will be notified via email to pick up the conversation on your website chat. You can also choose to hide the chat plugin outside your service times.

¿Necesito una tarjeta de crédito para registrarme?

No, no tienes que añadir tus datos de facturación para iniciar tu periodo de prueba. Sólo te pedimos información de facturación cuando decides mejorar a uno de nuestros productos de pago. Puedes pagar con tarjeta de crédito, o transferencia bancaria / PayPal para suscripciones anuales.

¿Que sucede después del periodo de prueba?

During the trial you have access to our premium plan Team. After the trial, your account automatically switches to our free product. There are no charges or hidden fees so you can see if Userlike is right for you without any strings attached. With our Free plan you can have unlimited chats with your customers. If you need more features you can always upgrade your account to a premium plan during or after the trial.

¿Ofrecéis chatbots?

Yes! You can create AI-based chatbots directly in Userlike or integrate your own chatbot via the chatbot API.

¿Puedo usar Userlike en mi teléfono móvil?

For your customers, Userlike also works well on mobile devices. For chat agents operating the chat plugin, we recommend using Userlike on your desktop.


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We use Userlike on and and we are thrilled – it is affordable, it´s easy to set up and easy to use. It helps us to serve our customers better. And our customers are happy about having a live chat tool. Thank you Userlike!
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