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Our Beliefs
We, as humans, are wired to trust our feelings! No matter how much technology transforms, we still need social proof to be assured. People tend to buy on emotion, not logic. WiserNotify helps you connect with your customer to increase trust and sales. Through interactive social proof notifications & widgets, we create an emotional response and transform their online experience into a real-life lead conversion instantly

How does it work?

Wiser Notify is working Software as Services model.
People are influenced by what other people are saying about your services. Wiser Notify performs a similar thing. It shows what other people are doing on your site. We pick up live visitor activities from your website & show it to new visitors. After installing Wiser Notify, you can show social proof notification in your store to get more sales with your existing traffic.

Wiser Notify has an advanced & 100% customize notification system that helps to increase the e-commerce store\’s conversion rate within a very short timeline.

What are the features and benefits?

10+ dynamic social proof notifications & awesome widgets like review feed, subscriber, whatsapp & announcement popup.

  • Show live visitor count notification
  • Show ‘Recent\’ Signup & Purchase in the notification.
  • Show ‘Bulk’ Signup & Purchase count in the notification.
  • Show ‘Recently viewed’ page count in the notification.
  • Show customer ‘Review’ and its total count in the notification.
  • Show YouTube video with its views, comments, subscribers count in the notification.
  • You can customize notification using the below options.

  • Choose notification design from the notification template gallery.

  • Set your brand color & combination in the notification.
  • Set text lines as you want.
  • Set display rules.
  • Add data-sources.
  • Make clickable notification by setting a ‘call to action’ button on it.

You can see advanced visitor insights & notification performance too.

  • Visitor reports with time duration filters.
  • Notification performance shows unique visits count, impression, click, hover & CTA event count.
  • Visitor profile card with site\’s visiting history.

Advance analytic & goal setting.

  • Advanced analytic show unique visitor, impression, click & hover count.
  • Measure notification performance by setting the goal.
  • Compare every data point into the chart.

A/B testing & reporting

  • Create notification varrient and do A/B test with different copy, CTA, images, and setting to achieve best results.

How does Wiser Notify lower customer acquisition costs & improve conversion rate?

Wiser Notify, increase engagement of visitors & establish their trust on your website. Notification creates urgency & curiosity in visitors’ minds by showing what other customers are doing or saying about your site & product. It also creates social validation, and FOMO (fear of missing opportunity) will convert more visitors into customers. This way, it helps to lower customer acquisition costs & improve your conversion rates.


Please visit help documents http://help.wisernotify.com
Our Privacy policy https://wisernotify.com/privacypolicy
Our Terms & Condition https://wisernotify.com/termsconditions
Our Security statement https://wisernotify.com/security
GDRP https://wisernotify.com/gdprfaq

Take care: Wiser Notify doesn’t show any sensitive user information like email id & contact details, which may give away their identities.

We are GDPR compliant.
WiserNotify is compliant with the current GDPR. We value the privacy & rights of our users and their customers. As part of our GDPR compliant process, we have reviewed and updated our internal systems, processes, database, and documentation. Also, build the features that help our client to be GDPR compliant. Data will be redacted following Shopify’s Policies.If you are using WiserNotify as a customer and have agreed to our terms of service, you do not need to sign an additional Data Protection Agreement. As of May 25th, 2018, our terms of service include providing compliance with GDPR.
If you are a Partner or a customer who needs further documentation of compliance with WiserNotify acting as a Processor, you can sign our DPA. For that, We are requesting you to email on support@wisernotify.com for further information. We have appointed a Data Protection Officer & you will get reverted once you submit the request.


  • It helps to improve your conversion rate using a comprehensive social proof & FOMO marketing strategy.
  • Take the number of users, sales, reviews, and more, that you've collected and put on the website.
  • Make notification look and feel that suits your branding need. No tech skill required
  • Advanced notification timing & data setting options
  • Decide how and when to show your notifications with WiserNotify's robust display options.
  • See in real-time what's happening across all your site with detailed analytics and insights for each notification


Wiser Notify plugin installation is simple & straightforward and requires no programming or special skills. It will work with woo commerce plugin & normal WordPress site too.
Wiser notify works like software as services. To activate the plugin, you need one account with any subscription plan. Right now, we are offering a free & paid plan. After installation, you need active it & enter the API key from the wiser notify dashboard panel.
Next, all things you can manage from your WiserNotify Dashboard account.


• Install the plugin through the WordPress plug-in screen OR unzup the plugin archive to ‘/wp-content/plugins’

• In the WordPress ‘Plugins’ page, activate the plugin.

• Select \»Wiser Notify\»“ menu item on the sidebar.

• Copy over your API key from Wiser Notify dashboard and paste it here in plugin & click on Submit button.

•   After verifying API key, you can start creating notification.

    Note: you must have at least one plan so purchase it through dashboard.

• After that you can add \»New Notification\» and follow the wizard steps & finish it.
• Done. Sit back and watch how social proof boosts your sales & improve conversion rates!


Wiser Notify is a cloud based service working on SaaS(Software as Service) model and the plugin communicates with the Wiser Notify servers, including remote webhook calls, data collected includes product details and customer details.

Wiser Notify plugin calls Wisernotify backend server on \»API Key submission\» & verify their customer & also, add \»JavaScript code \» on customer\’s website.

This JavaScript code added into website to display notifications. It required to show notifications like recent visitors, recent purchases & signup on your front-end store.
Wiser Notify plugin will make webhook remote calls to Wiser Notify back-end server on each signup & new order happening in WooCommerce store. Data sent via webhook to Wiser Notify back-end server is limited to the few anonymous pieces of information. Its required for plugin functionality: order ID, customer first name, customer shipping city, province and country, timestamp of created order, list of ordered products with following data product ID, product name, product image URL and product URL.
Wiser Notify exposes public / private key encryption protected REST endpoint for Wiser notify back-end service access to limited access to your WooCommerce orders history (same data exposed as on webhook event). This endpoint is used by Wiser Notify back-end server
on first access of settings page and on user’s request for changed orders threshold settings.


Having Questions in mind? See our FAQ:

We’ve tried to list generally asked.

How do i start ?

Click Here https://app.wisernotify.com/signup, Signup with any of mention options, Select Plan as per your requirement, Install this plug-in on your WooCommerce website. Yes, Start creating notification through dashboard panel.

How do I choose the best plan for my website?

Our plan is restricted with number of unique visitors count so based on your website visitor, you can choose the right plan. We are not charging for notification impression.

Are you offering Free plan?

Yes, We do offer Free plan too with limited visitor quota.

How does Wiser notify secure my data?

We used advance security to store your data on our server. We use charge-bee for payment processing. We never store your full card details on our server. Even when you delete or ask us to cancel your account. We delete all records from our server.

Is it any performance issue occur after adding Wiser notify pixel script tag on my site?

Our script loads in 94ms. Its best one. Size of script is up to 35kb. It\’s also the lowest in the industry. Wiser Notify Pixel loads asynchronous way, so it will not affect your site speed or SEO things.

How does Wiser Notify charge us?

We will charge you in US Dollar($). We have monthly & yearly plan. In monthly plan, We will charge you every 30 days. Its automate process. We will inform you before going to charge.

How many no. of notifications i can create in my account?

You can create as many as you want. There is no restriction on paid plan.

Can we control notification on mobile devices?

Yes, In setting, You can configure the position of notification like top or bottom. Also hide it if you want.

How do you offer support?

Yes, We don’t charge for support, We believe it\’s our duty to provide you not to charge it separately. Right now, Our support team available for 18 hour in a day & Sunday off.

Can i cancel my account & get refund?

Yes, You can cancel it. On cancellation, We will stop charging from next billing cycle. You can use our services until your current visitor quota available. For refund, We have 14 days money back policy. If you ask us to refund your amount before 14 days, We will not ask single reason & refund your amount.

Are you offering 3rd party data integrations on request?

Yes, Right now we have 30+ integrations. We are keep adding as per client request.

Can I customize notification design as per my branding?

Yes, you can customize notification. In notification wizard, you can see color & text option where you can write your content & set your color combination.

Do you have notification templates options or just one notification design?

Yes, We have notification templates gallery. Right now we have two template design. We are keep adding it. Also, build new notification design as per client request. It should be unique & creative one.

For more details, you can visit: http://wisernotify.com/faq.html


9 de diciembre de 2021
I love Wiser Notify and I'm using over 200+ Notifications each day. I include it in each website and marketing plan we offer. Their support is super fast at resolving any issues and don't need you to spell out each piece of information for them. So stoked to have such a solid tool. THANK YOU!
31 de mayo de 2021
WiserNotify is a hidden gem! I cannot stress enough how good it is. Clean, super intuitive and with excellent support. But most importantly... it works! On one of your clients ecommerce site we achieved 98% increase to the conversion rate! Well done guys!
22 de octubre de 2020
The plugin works beautifully in my WP site. Thank you for creating the plugin. Please, keep it alive and updating it. All the best!
26 de marzo de 2020
You Should Put This Plugin on first list to do online social prof. Absolutely WORKS and you must chat customer support. They very very friendly
8 de enero de 2020
Found This Plugin Very Useful To Get All Notifications That I Need, Very Simple To Use, Just Need To Verify API Key.
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