WP Data Access


WP Data Access is a powerful data administration, publication and development tool that allows you to perform database related tasks from your WordPress dashboard. An intuitive user interface helps to create fully responsive publications and data administration pages. No programming skills required!

For advanced users, the plugin support more complex features like remote database access, master-detail pages, lookups, WordPress role integration, WordPress user integration and a layer around your WordPress database which allows you to add database table and view specific functionality like dynamic hyperlinks and WordPress media library integration.

Dashboards and data widgets

Design your own dashboards using custom data widget

  • Manage all your data on one location
  • Share data widgets on back-end, public and external pages (PREMIUM)

Editor de datos

Publish responsive tables

  • Easy level: no coding skills required
  • Advanced level: JSON configuration
  • Expert level: add custom JavaScript functions
  • Export to CSV, Excel, PDF and SQL (PREMIUM)
  • Print publication (PREMIUM)
  • Copy publication to clipboard (PREMIUM)
  • Full-text search (PREMIUM)
  • Multiple advanced search options (PREMIUM)
  • Interactive Search Builder (PREMIUM)
  • Search Panes (PREMIUM)
  • Custom queries (PREMIUM)
  • Custom post types (PREMIUM)


Create charts from SQL queries (Query Builder integration)

  • Bar, column, line and pie charts, histograms, gauges and data tables

Explorador de datos

Data and database administration

  • Gestionar bases de datos locales y remotas
  • Import and exports multiple formats
  • WordPress Media Library integration
  • Inline editing (PREMIUM)
  • Full-text search (PREMIUM)
  • Multiple advanced search options (PREMIUM)

Query Builder

Execute SQL directly from your WordPress dashboard

  • Trabaja en varias consultas SQL simultáneamente (mediante pestañas)
  • Save and reuse queries
  • Protects WordPress table structures and data
  • Interactive Visual Query Builder (PREMIUM)

Proyectos de datos

Write your own WordPress apps

  • Auto generated CRUD pages (including parent-child relationships and lookups)
  • WordPress role integration
  • WordPress media library integration
  • Accessible from the WordPress dashboard and public pages
  • Inline editing (PREMIUM)
  • Full-text search (PREMIUM)
  • Multiple advanced search options (PREMIUM)

Data Forms (PREMIUM)

State of the art responsive data apps

  • Turn your Data Project into a responsive data app (no additional configuration needed)

Geolocation (PREMIUM)

Convierte la tabla de la base de datos en un mapa que se puede buscar

  • Google Maps integration
  • Definir los ajustes del mapa mediante una tabla
  • Dynamic marker layout configuration
  • Usar la ubicación estática o del usuario
  • Mapa de búsqueda con radio ajustable

Diseñador de datos

Crear tablas e índices

  • Crear y modificar tablas e índices
  • Supports reverse engineering and reconciliation

Plugin Settings

Manage plugin behaviour, style and security

  • Many detailed plugin settings
  • User access and permission
  • Integrated WordPress role management

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(1) Upload the WP Data Access plugin to your blog
(2) Activate it
(3) Navigate to the WP Data Access menu

1, 2, 3 and you’re done!


18 de abril de 2022
Excellent and reliable work and support even in the free version. This plugin is a must for working with your database, saving you precious time. Thank you Passionate Programmers for your work!
1 de abril de 2022
The free version of the plugin worked like a charm for me. Thank you very much, highly recommended!
26 de marzo de 2022
With this plugin you might do almost anything. A must have to access to data stored on the databases.
6 de marzo de 2022
This is a great plugin. The author Peter is very responsvie and has provided great documentation and code examples. I looked at a number of alternatives but the functionality of this plugin won me over, especially the ability to have a google like search with an empty table on start up. This was exactly what I was looking for! The Premium pricing is also very reasonable. Thanks for an excellent product!
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