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WP EasyCart is a powerful FREE WordPress eCommerce store & WordPress Shopping Cart plugin that installs into new or existing WordPress blogs and websites.

Get a full WordPress eCommerce shopping cart store within minutes! Sell retail products, digital downloadable goods, gift cards, donations, services and more!

Sell your products on social media with Facebook and Instagram premium extension. Market your products across your online WordPress store and Facebook social media.

ecommerce shopping cart editions

WP EasyCart comes in 3 different shopping cart editions to cover every online store need.

FREE eCommerce Edition – Unlimited Products, Unlimited Orders, and sell with PayPal Express, Square, and Stripe.
Professional eCommerce Edition – No Fees, 30+ Additional Payment Gateways, Live Shipping Calculators, Coupons, Promotions, Order Editing and More!
Premium eCommerce Edition – Same Great Professional Edition plus apps for Desktop, Tablet, iPhone, and Android plus 10+ Premium Extensions! Facebook & Instragram, ShipStation,, Quickbooks for Desktops, MailChimp, and others!

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ecommerce store for every theme

The WordPress Shopping Cart plugin will automatically create 3 new pages in WordPress for the store, cart and account. Customize with all our basic design features, utilize multi-currency & multi-language features, even add one of our dozen widgets to a sidebar to help you start selling your products.

Go FREE or Go PRO/Premium

WP EasyCart is a FREE eCommerce plugin that lets you sell unlimited products, manage orders, utilize basic shipping & taxes, and collect payments using PayPal Express as well Square or Stripe!

Upgrade to the Professional or Premium edition and unlock order editing, 30+ additional payment processors, coupons, promotions and other marketing material.

With the Premium edition, you get all the great features of a Professional edition, plus access to 10+ extensions.
* Facebook & Instragram Feed
* ShipStation
* Quickbooks for Desktops
* Groupon importer
* Mailchimp
* And many more…

Premium edition users can also use our external apps for PC/Mac computers, iPad/Android tablets, and iPhone/Android phones.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions

Payment Options

WP EasyCart’s FREE shopping cart edition comes with PayPal Express, Square, and Stripe to collect payment from nearly any country in the world securely and quickly.

The Professional & Premium editions come with 30+ live payment processors such as Square, Stripe,, FirstData, Payment Express, PayPal Pro, Intuit, and many others.

Unlock ALL the payment gateways we offer in either of these popular editions. View a comprehensive list of all free and paid edition payment gateways: All Payment Gateways

Shipping & Taxes

WP EasyCart’s FREE shopping cart edition comes with extensive table rate shipping for price, weight, quantity and percentage based systems. Setup standard taxes based on states/provinces & countries.

The Professional & Premium shopping cart editions include all our live shipping integrations with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, and Australia Post. For taxes, you can utilize TaxCloud API for accurate city by city tax rates.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions

Order Management

WP EasyCart’s FREE shopping cart edition lets you manage orders from within WordPress. Print sales receipts & packaging slips, add shipping notes, email customers, and view order information in one easy location.

The Professional & Premium shopping cart editions allow you to edit every line item, add new line items, and edit all the customers order data for a complete business solution.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions


All EasyCart eCommerce plugins come with SEO editing for every product, menu and category you create to help selling your goods. Social sharing also lets your visitors immediately link to products that you sell.

With the Professional & Premium editions, you unlock all the eCommerce marketing options available in EasyCart; including coupons, promotions, gift cards, and abandoned cart systems.

Connect your store with Facebook and Instagram with our Premium extension. Manage feed info and automatically push latest stock and product information to Facebook and Instagram hourly, daily, or weekly.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions

Getting Started in eCommerce

Simply install the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, activate, and walk through the settings to start selling your items. Configure PayPal Standar, Square, or Stripe for a quick and easy way to get your eCommerce platform running and sell your items quickly.

Unlock your WordPress shopping cart when you are ready with more powerful features by visting WP EasyCart.

Compare all shopping cart store editions: Compare Shopping Cart Editions

We have a full eCommerce support center at WP EasyCart including an online users manual, video tutorials, and community forums.

Watch our Installation Video

Other popular eCommerce videos that we offer:

More videos can be found in our Video Library!


  • Professionally eCommerce shopping cart fits in nearly any theme!
  • Beautiful product detail displays!
  • Tile products in 1,2,3,4 or 5 column layouts!
  • Utilize dark background or light background themes!
  • Use our Widgets in sidebars!
  • Beautiful Storefront displays and related product!
  • Choose from several pre-designed layouts!
  • Manage all of your product details from our administrative console!
  • Responsive Design for mobile, tablet, and desktop!
  • Beautiful Layouts with responsive image areas!
  • Streamlined powerful checkout with 30+ gateways already integrated!
  • Administrative Wizard for 5 step setup process!
  • Manage all your store products with ease!
  • Store order management is easier then ever and very powerful!


Literally install a full WordPress Shopping Cart in less than 5 minutes! Harness the most powerful store for WordPress in a few easy steps!

  1. Install and Activate the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. Just log into your wordpress admin, visit plugins -> add new and search for ‘EasyCart’.

  2. Once you Install and Activate, we recommend you walk through our simple 5 step wizard to setup the intial pages, payment, taxes, and shipping. It only takes 1 minute and you can always change these settings via the WP EasyCart -> settings page.

  3. Start adding your store products using the products menu!

Watch our Installation Video

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More videos can be found in our Video Library!

Installation Documentation

We offer full online documentation for every panel and you can see a comprehensive ecommerce store installation guide using our support area. We offer a full support center with online documentation, video library, and community forums for users to utilize and help compliment your shopping cart store.

View our Docs site to learn more: WP EasyCart Documentation

Preguntas frecuentes

Where can I get documentation or shopping cart demos?

We offer a full service website with online documentation, video tutorials, community support forums as well as demonstration sites running our various templates at WP EasyCart .

Can I use your eCommerce software to display, but not sell products?

Absolutely! If you do not need to sell anything, but would like to leverage our software to display products, please feel free to do just that! You can just put the store into catalog mode and it removes the ability to add to cart the products.

Can I sell my products on Facebook & Instagram?

Yes! With our Premium edition, you can use our Facebook & Instagram feed to publish your products into a Facebook Catalog. This lets you setup a shop on facebook, create compelling carousal ads across social media, and more!

What are the PRO and Premium eCommerce Versions?

FREE version comes from WordPress and offers limited features for you including PayPal standard, manual payments, unlimited products, product variations, order management, and so much more. Features such as coupons, live shipping rates, promotions, and many more are not included in the FREE version. Upgrading to PRO will unlock ALL core features and gets you updates and support for a year. Upgrading to Premium will get you everything in PRO plus access to our extensions and iPad, Android, and Desktop applications.

What extensions are in your Premium Edition?

Facebook & Instagram allows you to sell across social media. Quickbooks offers automated syncing down to your desktop quickbooks version. ShipStation offers order syncing for easy shipping management, labels, and email tracking. allows buying and paying for postage. Groupon, extra tabs, mandrill and mailchimp email, optimal logistics, affiliate WP Rates, and Bluecheck offer a variety of third party integration extensions that you get as part of our premium edition. Visit our website for full Premium benefits, including our mobile apps and push notification systems.

How does an eCommerce license work with your software?

The FREE plugin is the full WordPress eCommerce shopping cart software version; however, the PRO and administrative software that is downloaded from our website is licensed software. The PRO software will add all core features and the Premium version will allow access to our administrative software, apps, and extensions. You may continue to run the FREE WordPress plugin, but must purchase a license to use our PRO or administrative software.
Each license is good for one website URL or WordPress installation. You may transfer a license from a development environment to a production environment at any time; it is your license once you purchase one.
Licensing gives you features such as coupons, promotions, live shipping rate calculators and more. Plus you will receive support from our staff individually rather than through our community open support systems. For more information on licensing, you can view our website.

Do I have to pay monthly?

Not to us. the FREE version has no additional cost. Our PRO and Premium plugins give access to our software with updates and support for a year. Your payment gateway provider such as PayPal,, FirstData or others may or may not have monthly fees, but nothing through EasyCart.
If you purchase a monthly hosted plan, then we do have a monthly charge program for those who prefer this method.

Will it work in my Theme?

Yes! EasyCart works on 3 WordPress pages, which are automatically created on installation. Our installer walks you through the steps quickly and if you have any theme issues, your theme developer or our staff can assist.

What Ecommerce payment gateways do you have?

We offer over 30 different gateways. Popular ones include Square, SquareUp, PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, PayPal Payflow,,, FirstData, eWay, Payment Express, Sagepay, 2Checkout, Dwolla, Nets Nexaxept, Payfort, Realex, Redsys, Skrill, beanstream, braintree, Chronopay, Virtual merchant, Geomerchant, intuit, MIGS, Moneris Canada, Moneris US, NMI, Payline, Paypoint, Secure Pay, WorldPay and others. Check our documentation for a full up to date listing.


junio 20, 2019
After my experience with other WP stores this is the BEST by far. The ease of pushing out products,integrating with your wordpress themes all easy. The support is great! Usually get a answer within a few hours. Always giving great answers no matter how silly my question was. No doubt about it they want you to succeed.
junio 20, 2019
I have been using WP Easy Cart for over one year and now deployed on 5 websites with absolutely zero issues. When I do have an issue, always very minor tweaks, and I submit a ticket, it is responded too usually with several hours at most personally and answered. I love this company and their product.
mayo 8, 2019
Brilliant plugin, the best I have ever come across. Very intuitive, user friendly and COMPREHENSIVE.Great support via video & text tutorials. Tried it free for a few days and jumped in a bought the PRO version. Highly recommended.
mayo 2, 2019
I started with the free version of WPEasyCart but ended up with the Professional version. I've worked with a lot of e-commerce software over the years and I'm really impressed by how full-featured WPEasyCart is for such a reasonable price! Their support so far has been outstanding! Very quick and responsive. I've tested WooCommerce and other WordPress carts and WPEasyCart is by far the best, most intuitive and full featured without having to spend a lot on extra plugins and add ons.
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  • Improvement – Inserting category, checks for existing post and creates one if not to prevent permalink failure.
  • Improvement – Category details in admin now have a view on site button for easier access to the category on front end.
  • Improvement – WooCommerce importer upgraded to use image direct url, less errors.
  • Improvement – Store status now offers tool to repair permalinks for various items in the store, use in case of having issues.
  • Improvement – Various hooks and filters added to the product pricing display for upcoming extension release.


  • Bug Fix – Duplicating product now duplicates conditional logic
  • Bug Fix – Updating plugin now properly attempts to add new language if applicable.
  • Bug Fix – Model number validation provides more accurate error message
  • Bug Fix – Subscription insertion when creating a subscription product from the product slide out.
  • Bug Fix – Conditional login any/all was not displaying correctly on page reload.
  • Bug Fix – Missing css on next, previous, first, and last buttons on tables.
  • Bug Fix – Dashboard graphs now properly adjusts time to local time, which matches the order display.
  • Bug Fix – Left stats in admin now match up with orders by adjusting to local time.
  • Bug Fix – Dashboard and left stats now remove discounts and refunds from totals for more accurate statistics.
  • Bug Fix – Deleting a product was leaving data in database for option items, properly cleaning up now.
  • Bug Fix – Various validation improvements.
  • New Hooks – Lots of various hooks and filters added to the cart for easier customization by developers.


  • New Feature – New Promotion type discount applies when x number of products in cart.
  • New Feature – Recaptcha, if implemented in account settings, applies now to the inquiry product form.
  • New Feature – Notification that coupon does not apply to cart items when coupon applied.
  • Improvement – In the admin, if a product has unlimited stock quantity, now shows the infinite symbol for clarity.
  • Improvement – Now update your email for your license in the registration page/
  • Improvement – Email receipt for admin has user’s email as the reply to email address
  • Bug Fix – In the admin, editing a user, changing user email address without actually changing it was throwing error.


  • New Feature – Stock notification email subscribers now available.
  • New Feature – Advanced option conditional logic, make some options appear or hide based on other options (advanced only).
  • New Feature – Page restrictions now allows for successful login and access or no access redirects. Create a login, selling page, and content page with this feature.
  • Bug Fix – Small recaptcha validation issue
  • Bug Fix – Admin was not accepting all email addresses when creating a new user.
  • Bug Fix – Max filesize for uploads expanded to use the server settings.
  • Bug Fix – Customer uploads were not deleting on removal from the cart.
  • Bug Fix – Google data was including zero value even when it shouldn’t show up at all (no reviews).
  • Bug Fix – Stripe double click could double submit order if done fast enough.


  • Bug Fix – SquareUp Australia version removes postal code due to request from Square.
  • Bug Fix – Payfast API change, adjustments made.
  • Bug Fix – Quantity within subscriptions plus button fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Tax within subscriptions shown prior to submitting payment, updated as address changes.
  • Bug Fix – Gutenberg blocks were missing in some cases, updated to show in all cases.
  • Bug Fix – Downloads list in admin sorted by order id.
  • Bug Fix – Space before search query in admin caused issues
  • Improvement – Search in admin now matches more specifically for better, quality search results.
  • Improvement – Sign up for newsletter feature may now show on final checkout page.


  • New Feature – Facebook and Instagram product feed extension in our premium software coming this week.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe subscriptions, update credit card information bug fix.
  • Bug Fix – Goals in admin were not subtracting discounts from sales total.
  • Bug Fix – Some links within the live editor were incorrect.


  • Bug Fix – No quantity tracking issue with plus button on details page.
  • New Feature – Stock tracking in cart can be set to seconds, minutes, or hours to hold items for a customer during checkout.


  • New Feature – Turn on stock tracking in which adding an item to the cart removes the item from stock for a set number of hours.
  • New Feature – Set the number of hours to keep items out of stock in the cart. After that expiration time items are available to new customers to purchase again.
  • New Feature – Force all pages to SSL secure for your entire site with a single option in the checkout settings. You must have an SSL to use this feature.
  • New Feature – Promotions now have the option to give free shipping on a single product, category of products, or manufacturer.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe refunding fixed for the connect method.
  • Bug Fix – Virtual Merchant possible bug fixed.


  • New Feature – Force reset of a user’s password from the admin and the user list bulk actions screen.
  • Improvement – Sessions permanently removed from the cart.
  • Improvement – If coupon code used on checkout, it will show in the email receipt.
  • Bug Fix – Dashboard stats at the beginning of the year had missing data in specific cases.
  • Bug Fix – Backorder with max quantity combination had display issues.


  • New Feature – Integrated shortcode creator with Gutenberg editor.
  • Bug Fix – Order date and time fixed to adjust to your local WordPress timezone.
  • Bug Fix – Compatibility fix with Elementor editor.
  • Bug Fix – Manage subscriptions missing from account in some instances.


  • Bug Fix – Version skip to fix order date display issue in the admin on some systems.
  • New Feature – Set the main store page status (featured or not) when creating the product.
  • New Feature – The option to show a free in store pickup works for all rate types now.
  • New Feature – Order date displays with time now, set to the local date and time of the order for the blog.
  • Bug Fix – Promotional date fixed to start at midnight of start date and end at 11:59PM on the end date selected.
  • Bug Fix – Promotions free shipping option (or discount) was not updating display of the shipping rate cost.
  • Bug Fix – USPS, UPS, and FedEx now prevents errors by having zero weight on a shippable item.
  • Bug Fix – USPS, UPS, and FedEx now prevents invalid calculations on carts with mixed shippable and non-shippable items.
  • Bug Fix – Admin, categories limit feature would not let the user update the number to display per page.
  • Bug Fix – Various pricing issues with combinations of handling fees, free shipping, expedited shipping, etc…


  • Bug Fix – Continue shopping custom link now applies to cart, empty cart, and cart success page.
  • Bug Fix – If store page gets set to WordPress front page, EasyCart tries to automatically fix this.
  • Bug Fix – Static shipping method was requiring a weight on products to show shipping page, but unnecessary for this type. Switched to checking for number of shippable products.
  • Bug Fix – Billing/Shipping address was not loading into the cart variables when logging into EasyCart account.
  • Bug Fix – Guest order print receipt link could fail if session lost, corrected with guest key.
  • Bug Fix – Gift card resend email was not showing a loader in admin on click.
  • Bug Fix – Print gift card print in account was not working.
  • Bug Fix – Print gift card in guest order in email receipt link was not working.
  • Bug Fix – Duplicating an order item sets the sort order to last to make for more consistent ordering on front-end.
  • Bug Fix – Specific option types switching between was not working.
  • Bug Fix – Advanced option set sorting on a product was not working on the front-end.
  • Bug Fix – Multiples of the same advanced option added to a product would not allow a customer to select a different value on the front-end.
  • Bug Fix – Dimensions option type was not displaying on the cart.
  • Bug Fix – Small cost items with a promotion could cause a rounding error on the unit price, effecting only the display.
  • Bug Fix – Promotions were not working with one-time price adjustment option items.
  • Bug Fix – Tax Cloud was not handing one-time price adjustments, now sending that information to Tax Cloud as its own line item.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal eChecks were setting order to completed immediately, when they should be pending until it clears and the webhook triggers to apporove the order.
  • Bug Fix – Large stores have a search box for products on orders, this now allows a search of either the SKU or the product id.
  • Bug Fix – Date picker was missing jQuery UI css for most sites.
  • Bug Fix – Date picker for promotions start and end date was not formatting output consistently, varied based on WP settings.


  • New Feature – Now can add products to cart with options using direct linking and option set url variables.
  • New Feature – Coupons can have minimum purchase amounts required. E.g. get 25% off when you buy 2 items.
  • New Feature – Order quick view now includes a quick list of products in the order.
  • New Feature – Customize the return to store URL with a new setting in checkout settings. Default is the store main page.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon was not applying first time when directly added via URL on the cart page.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon action rows in admin were disappearing on smaller devices.
  • Bug Fix – Deleting a coupon was not removing the custom post type, causing duplicate naming issues in permalinks.
  • Bug Fix – Square Importer, redirection issue corrected.
  • Bug Fix – Square Importer, fixed variants and variant pricing.
  • Improvement – Added service product types to list of product types in the product creation panel.
  • Improvement – Classic retail product type sets to shippable by default.
  • Improvement – Updated SagePay US to Paya
  • Improvement – Escaped title for Google Analytics and Facebook JS.
  • Improvement – Notice showing on product details if product is not activated OR not available on main store page.


  • New Feature – Optional, single click trial sign-ups for pro now available.
  • New Feature – SquareUp product importer added.
  • Improvement – Choose product type on product creation (donation, download, subscription, etc…)
  • Bug Fix – PayPal express fix for those using mmenu for jQuery (various themes and plugins use to power their menu).
  • Bug Fix – Store status duplicate view corrected, cleanup of information as well.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon existence check for Stripe fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Free item coupon with subscriptions fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Min quantity on advanced quantity grid fixed to allow zero of some items, still require one total.


  • New Feature – Enable/Disable product quick add features.
  • New Feature – Quick add product now add stock, shipping, and tax options through the quick editor slide-out.
  • New Feature – You can now display pricing as a range, e.g. $50-$99.
  • New Feature – Abandoned cart emails can now be set to any range of days, default is to send email reminder after 3 days.
  • New Feature – Braintree now allows refunds from the admin.
  • New Feature – Currency can now be switched by adding, for example, ?eccurrency=USD in the URL.
  • Improvement – Braintree updated to latest API, uses their JS system to load credit card fields via an iframe for a more secure card processing system.
  • Improvement – UPS updated to the latest API requirements.
  • Improvement – On invalid login, including forgot password link in the error message.
  • Improvement – External apps and external app services updated and bug fixes added.
  • Improvement – Coupon code duration options updated to add clarity.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon duration in months was not working properly with Stripe.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon creation was missing some validation.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon cannot have an expiration more than 5 years in the future (Stripe requirement).
  • Bug Fix – Advanced quantity grid option was not displaying properly to the admin in the order details.
  • Bug Fix – Customer review submit language was missing for German, French, and Spanish.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon expiration issues retained on page refresh, rather than showing a valid coupon.
  • Bug Fix – Currency conversion fix for converted currency and dynamic pricing loading in cart.
  • Bug Fix – Elementor notice can now be hidden.


  • New Feature – Now the ability to log in as a user from the admin, this allows for quick admin troubleshooting for customers.
  • Improvement – Minimum and maximum quantities now apply to the quantity grid option set.
  • Improvement – Order status now showing on order list display in the user’s account.
  • Improvement – Stats feature added to the product list display, hover to see all time views. Plans to expand this feature in the future.
  • Improvement – If using a subscription duration, it is now showing as $xxx.xx/mo for x months.
  • Improvement – Can now remove the email logo, delete button added.
  • Bug Fix – Option item quantity tracking display issue fixed for swatches option set two.
  • Bug Fix – Currency display with comma in place of decimal caused incorrect sub and grand total.
  • Bug Fix – Subscriptions with initial fee now allow coupons to be applied to that fee.
  • Bug Fix – Compatibility fix for facebook meta where width and height do not properly generate from image.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe subscription renewals next and last charge date now correct.
  • Bug FIx – Currency radix symbol fixed for previous price display.


  • Patch – DB upgrade issues with 4.1.0.
  • New Feature – iDEAL payments now available with Stripe (Selling in Euros only)
  • New Feature – Google Recaptcha now available in the account settings to require valid users only on login or registration in the account page.
  • New Feature – Option items can have custom download products, which override the product’s download file.
  • New Feature – Option items can have a custom download added to the final purchase (multiple downloads available).
  • New Feature – Export/Import of products now includes advanced options so that you can quickly link up advanced options to lots of products.
  • New Feature – Option in shipping settings to hide the shipping rate from users on the initial cart page.
  • Improvement – Option ID now visible in the option list in the admin.
  • Improvement – Sorting by SKU available in the product list.
  • Improvement – Design settings now allow you to square off corners in the cart.
  • Improvement – Design settings now allow you to change the font shopping cart wide.
  • Improvement – If missing a DB table for the cart there is an alert in the admin.
  • Bug Fix – Quick product edit link now available for basic product linking with model number in url.
  • Bug Fix – Category list in Internet Explorer design fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Subscriber note in the admin was mis-labeled.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal fixed for orders below 0.50.


  • New Feature – Volume pricing can now apply across all variants OR to each individual variation combination.
  • New Feature – When viewing a product as an administrator, you can click edit on the top black bar to quickly navigate to the product edit screen.
  • New Feature – Links can pass values into advanced options using the value ?o5=item where the number 5 is the option_id. always use the letter o lower case. Item can be an optionitem_id for checkboxes, radio buttons, combos, and swatches.
  • New Feature – Option sets can add a URL Variable to the option, allowing for custom information to be passed into a product using a URL Variable.
  • New Feature – Pass coupon code directly to the store using ?ec_coupon=couponcode. This will auto-apply the coupon to the cart for the customer.
  • New Feature – New quick edit screen for orders, ability to quickly update the order status and tracking info as well as send the tracking email to the customer.
  • New Feature – New order page bulk action allows you to mass update order statuses.
  • Bug Fix – Day, Month, Week, and Year are all in the language files now for subscription item billing duration display.
  • Bug Fix – Updated Beanstream to Bambora to reflect their name change.
  • Bug Fix – Basic combo boxes with option item tracking was not working properly after level 1.
  • Bug Fix – Coupon expiration date input, on the admin side, standardized to avoid WordPress variations and possible errors.


  • Patch – In case people are missing socket from php, added a quick patch bypasing this.
  • Bug Fix – DHL fix for live shipping rates.
  • Bug Fix – DHL fix added account number to system to improve rates for those with custom rates.
  • Bug Fix – DHL fix for checking connection status on non-US customers.
  • Bug Fix – Advanced option set fix for our option wizard on text input, text area, date, number, etc…
  • Bug Fix – Option sets cannot enter empty information.
  • Bug Fix – Default selected country only allows you to choose enabled countries now, prevent possible data errors.
  • Bug Fix – Shipping country not setting issue resolved, only for very specific circumstances.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe now allows free users to select currency.
  • Bug Fix – User can no longer select home page for store page, fixing 404 bug.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal can now switch accounts on pro version.
  • Bug Fix – Updating order status manually to approved updates inventory.
  • Bug Fix – Manual connection for PayPal Express fixed.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal guest checkout where user enters email in checkout details no longer updates to match PayPal’s email address.


  • Bug Fix – Added css class to prevent STM Configurations JS files from destroying the select boxes of the shopping cart and allowing checkout to work with themes that use this plugin.
  • Bug Fix – Low stock and out of stock emails were not sending at the correct times for PayPal Express.
  • Bug Fix – Square was not allowing a manual update of the access token.
  • Bug Fix – Users now cannot enter slugs as empty or with spaces or dashes at the start or end of the slug, preventing 404 errors with products.
  • Improvement – New message on 404 page when user logged in as an admin and on an EasyCart store page to help support those with 404 errors on products.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express webhook issue resolved.
  • Bug Fix – Pro users on PayPal Express randomly experiencing no PaymentID from PayPal now have a work-around to prevent strange behavior.
  • Bug Fix – Can no longer accidently delete option items for text areas, text inputs, and others that require an option item to function.
  • Bug Fix – DHL now allows KGs, must select metric sizing for this to work, previously only allowed inches and KGs, which are not compatible on DHL.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal order pending issues should be resolved on free and paid version.


  • Improvement – UPS, USPS, and FedEx improved parcel calculation for more accurate rates.
  • Bug Fix – Square Payments fix for international free users.
  • Bug Fix – Square Payments on free version disable toggle was not working.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express bug fix for bypassing terms.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express bug fix for stock quantity emails.
  • Bug Fix – Account personal information fix for no changes made.
  • Bug Fix – Mobile menu was missing gateway logs.
  • Bug Fix – FedEx live shipping fix for dimensions under 1 inch.


  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express issue fixed with line items missing titles.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express on paid users reverted to require extra review payment page to prevent possible issues.
  • Bug Fix – Square free users that are not selling in USD fixed so that fee was always in USD (Square requirment at this time).


  • Bug Fix – Possible missing webhook for PayPal, fixed to ensure the correct order status shows as the order is approved/voided/refunded.
  • Bug Fix – Minimum order amount errors implemented for Square and Stripe.
  • Improvement – PayPal first page PayPal button size restricted for 1 column layouts.
  • Bug Fix – Pro users with PayPal Express and using their own credentials updated to prevent issues.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express items sting length max implemented to prevent errors on submitting order.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express redirect urls, when something goes wrong, fixed to show a valid URL and prevent PayPal errors.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express sandbox webhooks fixed to approve orders.


  • New Feature – In the Settings -> Shipping Settings if you are using price, weight, percentage, or quantity based shipping you can add free local pickup by turning this option on.
  • Improvement – Added notice for Elementor Page Builder users to help minimize issues with that plugin.
  • Improvement – PayPal use on the final page of checkout is now an instant order placement upon submitting payment with PayPal instead of asking user to review and confirm their order.
  • Bug Fix – Discounted items with currency conversion caused incorrect subtotal (no discount) and was introduced in version 4.0.40.
  • Bug Fix – Admin side was converting currency based on front-end choice, now only showing in base currency for admin.
  • Bug Fix – Stock could be oversold on high usage, low quantity sites. We now verify quantity prior to submitting the order, lowering risk of overselling what is in stock.


  • Bug Fix – Content restriction causes store to be inaccessible in some cases where default meta is a different value. Going back to no redirect url resulting in no redirection to minimize issues.


  • Bug Fix – PayPal with currency conversion failed sometimes due to conversion rounding issues on line items.
  • Bug Fix – USPS with override rate and method set to low cost was showing that rate instead of the override rate.
  • Bug Fix – Order conversion rates sometimes mismatch due to conversion rounding issue. This fixed overall.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal with orders api disallows user to change shipping, pro users this is allowed.
  • Bug Fix – Gift card redemption fixed, message was not showing due to js error.
  • Bug Fix – USPS handling USPS api server down time preventing errors.
  • Bug Fix – Securing a page with EasyCart options and no redirect URL now takes user to account page as a fall back.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal advanced options remove line breaks and special characters to prevent possible bugs and issues.
  • Improvement – Order details print receipt or packing slip now opening in new window.


  • Improvement – PayPal express buttons can now be updated to multiple colors and shapes.
  • Improvement – Payment page payment selection for PayPal improved to match design better.
  • Improvement – Product user role feature now allows you to select logged out users only.
  • Bug Fix – Menu count for products that include user role updated to reflect user role selection.
  • Bug Fix – Advanced options added to object caching feature.
  • Bug Fix – Importing products loop bug fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Using Square and agree to terms now requires user to agree to terms to submit the order.
  • Bug Fix – Square currency combo removed as it is dependent on account rather than the user’s choice.
  • Bug Fix – Store status for PayPal fixed.


  • New Feature – PayPal Standard replaced with PayPal Express on our Free edition! This makes for less errors and higher conversions for anyone using PayPal!
  • New Feature – Now require users to agree to your terms prior to creating an account (required for new GDPR compliance). Enable in the account settings for the EasyCart.
  • New Feature – On swatch selection the selected item label is shown next to the option label in bold.
  • New Feature – Advanced option select box searchable on the product edit screen.
  • New Feature – Re-order option items for an option by dragging and dropping and clicking save sort.
  • New Feature – Re-order categories by dragging and dropping and clicking save sort.
  • New Feature – Re-order advanced options by dragging and dropping within the product edit screen. This helps for those with large number of advanced options for a product.
  • New Feature – You can now edit volume pricing line items.
  • Bug Fix – Square token refresh not working on servers that disallow file_get_contents, fixed to try multiple methods to get new tokens.
  • Bug Fix – Quick add url link fixed to go along with new session system.
  • Bug Fix – URL slug creation was allowing 2+ dashes, which caused a 404 error. This now limits to one dash in a row.
  • Bug Fix – WPML translation not working for category view shortcode.
  • Bug Fix – WPML translation not working for category widget for sub category items.
  • Bug Fix – EasyCart product posts were not setting date created or modified in the database.


  • Bug Fix – Volume pricing fix for cart display.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express setup saving issue in pro system fixed.


  • New Feature – Square now available in our FREE version! Includes a 2% application fee. Upgrade today for no fees!
  • Improvement – Product custom post linking updated to improve linking reliability for customers that make lots of changes to permalink structures.
  • Improvement – Square connect automatically selects the correct currency for the account.
  • Bug Fix – Some servers with session speed improvement having issues on load. Correction made to improve performance.
  • Bug Fix – Permalinks with a store having a parent page were incorrectly linking.
  • Bug Fix – EasyCart apps with product add/update/duplicate and Yoast installed were not working well together (Yoast Bug). This has been bypassed to match regular store admin.
  • Bug Fix – USPS allowing zero weight products that are considered free shipping items (stop setting to minimum weight).
  • Bug Fix – Creating new user in the admin where password was invalid was not properly handling validation.


  • Update conflict possible, issue patched to 4.0.36 to minimize impact.


  • Version permalink possible issue patched to 4.0.35 to minimize impact.


  • Version skip to align with PRO plugin version number.


  • Bug Fix – Media library issue caused by invalid filter argument count on some servers.
  • Bug Fix – Session issue with non-https adding to https fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Session issue with first add to card via ajax.
  • Bug Fix – Subscription based content locking fix for free trials and cancelled subscriptions.
  • Bug Fix – Square added disconnect feature.


  • New Feature – Categories can now be given a priority value, where the categories will be sorted by priority descending and then alphabetically ascending.
  • New Feature – Allowing multiple products, user, or user roles in the page security section. This selection allows multiple products selected for example that lead to only one of many to be purchased for access. Same for user and user roles, giving you the ability to give a page content access to multiple users at once.
  • New Feature – Product edit screen now allows you to enter a custom note to be displayed on the email receipt and the order details, expanded from the success page only. This content can be different for each.
  • Improvement – Session management greatly improved to help limit DB size.
  • Improvement – Payments page simplified in the free version.
  • Bug Fix – Downloads media library items were not storing properly for access later (although links were correct on immediate upload).
  • Bug Fix – Advanced options add new slide out was not working on the product edit screen.
  • Bug Fix – Live shipping no longer allows free text entry for country or state unless the country allows this. This prevents data errors by your customers.
  • Bug Fix – USPS upgrades all zero weight packages to 1oz to prevent errors on invalid product setup.
  • Bug Fix – Email logo upload fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Option item quantity import now updating the overall quantity to improve the stock quantity report.
  • Bug Fix – Large product export fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe, if no SSL is used will notify the merchant right away to the issue.
  • Bug Fix – If advanced options selected, you can no longer select option item quantity tracking or option item images (never worked) and alerts the user of the problem.
  • Bug Fix – Slideouts in admin improved for mobile.
  • Bug Fix – Selecting options and then immediately exporting the option item quantity values was empty, this has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Backorders were not working with option item quantity tracking, this has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Editing a subscription product the user could not see the membership url field.


  • New Feature – Add new products quickly with our product quick add. This is available in the product list page and on the last page of the setup wizard.
  • New Feature – Quickly connect with PayPal Express using our new one-click connection method!
  • Bug Fix – Stripe new connection method if you do not use Sandbox mode it would not properly submit payments. Corrected to work with or without Sandbox being setup.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe new connection method lists your webhook. Please visit our docs if you do not know where to place this in your account.


  • New Feature – Add an option set directly from the product edit screen! This includes option items if needed for that option type.
  • New Feature – Stripe available on FREE edition! Sell with a live gateway now on your free version! Application fee per transaction applies. Upgrading to a licensed version will remove the application fee.
  • Improvement – UPS, USPS, and FedEx using new packaging algortithm to improve accuracy in box sizing on purchases.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express orders were not properly updating the stock quantity or sending gift card emails.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal IPN listener for products with option item quantity was not updating quantity for this feature.
  • Bug Fix – Order totals were always rounding to 2 decimal places, causing 3 decimal pricing to round up or down during checkout.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe plan creation was failing on the latest Stripe API. We added the API verison to prevent these types of bugs in the future.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe subscriptions on create account card would never process.
  • Bug Fix – Saving shipping method type on change now preventing some small bugs.


  • Bug Fix – Critical fix for PayPal IPN for those on some Windows servers were having issues accepting the PayPal IPN with a change made in the last update.
  • New Feature – Resend order email button on the order management (details) screen.
  • New Feature – Resend all selected order emails on the order list screen.
  • Improvement – Braintree now allows you to add your merchant account id, which allows for multiple currencies in a single Braintree account.


  • Bug Fix – Free version PayPal selection was saving, but loader was not fading out.
  • Bug Fix – Some users selecting Square and clicking connect was not saving the selection quickly enough, added a save on the live gateway change to prevent issues.
  • Bug Fix – Tax Cloud +4 update may have not updated the user’s zip code prior to calculating tax. This has been corrected.


  • Bug Fix – Possible bug if user updates plugin without visiting an admin page on DB updates resolved.
  • New Feature – PayFast is now a third party payment option (South Africa Payments).
  • Bug Fix – Tax Cloud updates user’s zip code in US to include the +4, should help improve user tax rates.
  • Bug Fix – Subscription viewing orders updated to order by date properly.
  • New Feature – Button included on user edit screen to go to their orders.
  • New Feature – Orders can be filtered by user.
  • New Feature – Pages can now be restricted to require a product purchased, a subscription, a specific user, or a specific user role. Selecting one of these also gives you a way to redirect the user to a different page to sell them the product to access the content.
  • Bug Fix – Braintree currency is by account not set in code so this option has been removed.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express redirect on payment authorization fixed to allow for back click to cart screen.
  • New Feature – Advanced date option type now uses the jquery date picker to improve usability.
  • New Feature – You can now enter a message to show the customer on the success page for each product. Great for providing download links, instructions, or other useful information about their purchase.
  • New Feature – Order receipts include the order date now.
  • Bug Fix – Square payments now includes a currency selector, which was required for Canada based Square accounts.
  • Bug Fix – USPS with large items that require multiple packages now only shows rates that apply to all packages.


  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express fixed to match PayPal expected flow & bug fixes included.
  • Improvement – PayPal Express payments can be refunded in the EasyCart plugin.
  • Bug Fix – Dashboard yearly graphs fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Large number of option items and quantity tracking causing performance issues. Vastly improved in this area.


  • Bug Fix – PayPal Express production bug fix.
  • Improvement – Square now allows you to choose a location in the setup rather than defaulting to a specific location in your account.
  • Bug Fix – Square setup in store status now working for oAuth 2.0 connection method.
  • Bug Fix – Stripe subscription renewals now properly determine if item is shippable or not. Important for ShipStation integration.
  • Bug Fix – PayPal IPN listener upgraded to prevent multiple order confirmations when IPN fires multiple times.
  • New Hook – Added hooks in the admin to wrap the order details buttons. This allows for extending the order details admin area for plugins like ShipStation.


  • New Feature – Square payments now using oAuth 2.0 for quick 1-click connection to your Square account.
  • New Feature – Products can be locked down to a single user role. This allows users to create a Wholesale user role and hide products from non-wholesale users.
  • New Feature – Product Option Item Quantity can now be exported/imported for quick update of a product’s option item quantities.
  • New Feature – Advanced option type ‘number’ can be set to a min, max, and step.
  • New Feature – Swatches without images show up as text/html swatches (basic and advanced).
  • Bug Fix – If user removes the decimal length for currency it would break the store, now this is fixed to fall back to 2 decimals in error.
  • Bug Fix – Cart display shortcode plus/minus buttons were not working.
  • Bug Fix – New products were not showing correct download fields immediately.


  • New Feature – PayPal Express available for PRO users.
  • New Feature – Basic weight adjustments for basic option items now available.
  • New Feature – Advertise PayPal Credit for PRO users and PayPal Express.
  • New Feature – Orders can be filtered by product sold.
  • Improvement – UPS and USPS calculate new boxes when max weight or dimensions is exceeded, which allows rates to show more often.
  • Bug Fix – Amazon S3 for new accounts uses latest signature type, fixes bucket access for some users.
  • Bug Fix – Safari and shopping cart on small screens now shows the scroll bar to indicate the cart can be scrolled right and left.


  • New Feature – Facebook pixel integration completed. PRO version only and access in the wp easycart => settings => third party. This includes events for product details view, add to cart click, cart view, checkout details view, payment view, and success page information. This will track revenue for your store in the Facebook pixel analytics page.
  • New Feature – Dutch translation added.
  • New Feature – Dashboard stats now allows filtering by product.
  • New Option – Hide pricing on the packing slip using the additional option.
  • Bug Fix – Live shipping rate editing fixed
  • Improvement – Intuit now has a 1 click connection. QB Online coming soon.
  • Improvement – Square now offers refund from order details panel.
  • Bug Fix – WooCommerce and OSCommerce importer redirects fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Over 100% of your goal now shows how much over 100%.
  • Bug Fix – Queries fixed for stats.
  • Bug Fix – Store status fixed for Intuit and Square.


  • Bug Fix – Order editing icons were out of position due to a css issue. This prevented order editing.


  • Bug Fix – Intuit updated to work with oAuth2.0 accounts.
  • Bug Fix – Admin areas had areas where 2 column display caused formatting issues, this has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix – Language editor fixed to correctly display double quotes.
  • New Option – Subscriptions can be setup to pull billing and shipping information from the first order.


  • Correction – SecureNet was updated to WorldPay, the new owner of SecureNet, to prevent confusion for users.
  • Bug Fix – Downloads are again being uploaded to the EasyCart data folders, which make it easy to secure your downloadable product files.
  • Bug Fix – Stats were loading on too many pages and in some instances caused admin load issues. This has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix – Currency versions that were not standard x,xxx.xx were causing errors in the admin.


  • New Feature – Viewing your store is now available from a simple button under the easycart logo in your admin.
  • New Feature – Ability to trial our professional software was added. Changes to free software are display purposes only.
  • New Feature – Option to quickly install demo data and view store page from setup wizard.
  • Fix – Default store view is 3 columns with dynamic image sizing to improve initial setup design.


  • Fix for option editing in the admin (could not access option items).


  • Gift card screen updated to make more clear for admin.
  • Other plugin notifications no longer load into the EasyCart screens.
  • Duplicating products no longer resets the product sort or paging.
  • Deactivating plugin now asks for anonymous feedback (optional).


  • Stripe subscriptions login issue resolved.
  • Stripe based card errors are now more descriptive.
  • Simple settings save issue resolved in email section for single option.
  • Stripe based refunds were not inserting correct info to EasyCart.
  • Cancel button fixed on state edit or add new screen.
  • Stripe subscriptions no coupons now hides header.


  • New Feature – Inventory management page added in products for quick reference to the current stock levels.
  • Fix – New Stripe accounts were not compatible with PayPal at the same time.
  • Fix – Enable/Disable countries was not working on the front-end.
  • Fix – Various translations missing and added throughout the cart.
  • Fix – Realex account issue resolved.
  • Fix – Last updated field was not being updated for orders.
  • Fix – Coupon options updated to make more sense to the user.
  • Fix – Stipe coupons apply only to the subscription that the user is checking out with (doesn’t show valid for wrong product even though it is valid and does not apply).
  • Fix – Searching for an order by first + last name was not working and now searches both terms independently.


  • Fix – Subscriptions with coupons now shows the updated pricing as you enter a coupon.
  • Fix – Admin forms now all have names, ids, and novalidate to prevent possible plugin conflicts.
  • Fix – Removed product insert/update post code to prevent conflict with Yoast.
  • Fix – If error has occurred and no post exists, system checks and creates new post for products to prevent linking errors.
  • Fix – Realex Third party now allows you to enter your account name (in cases that it is needed).
  • Fix – First Data/Payeezy added back missing variables in set-up.
  • Fix – Abandoned cart emails fixed to translate based on the checkout language.
  • Fix – Product titles in order confirmation were not being translated.
  • Fix – Translation fixed to be case insensitive on language code, helps with WPML.
  • Fix – Account previous order titles were not translating.
  • Fix – Dynamic menu cart was not translating with WPML.
  • Fix – Cart widget title now translates if translation entered on widget title.
  • Fix – Disabling visual editor for your account now works with the product editor.
  • Fix – Option set order fix for duplicating products.
  • Improvement – Paypal standard shows info on adding IPN listener in the set-up box.
  • Improvement – Subscriptions pricing display easier to understand for customers.


  • Fix – New Stripe accounts require tokenization via their js system, this has been added, while keeping old method in place for existing customers that do not require this.
  • Fix – Product with option item quantity tracking enabled no longer causes add to cart error when option item data missing.
  • Fix – Amazon S3 setup incorrectly no longer causing issues with editing products.
  • Fix – Docs form submission via HTTPS to prevent browser notices.
  • Fix – WPML translation added for categories and manufacturers on the product details page.
  • Fix – Added back place to update expedited shipping in the shipping settings.


  • Fix – Setup wizard showing to existing users, which is now fixed from v 4.0.8.
  • New Feature – Setup wizard for new users now available to help more people get setup more easily.
  • Fix – Coupons inserted/removed from Stripe when added/removed/updated in admin.
  • Fix – Yoast conflict resolved.
  • Fix – Settings no longer displayed in uppercase to prevent save issues in case sensitive fields.
  • Fix – Option item javascript loading again.
  • Fix – Basic options added back basic price adjustment.
  • Fix – Saving description fixed for switch from visual to text in the product edit area.
  • Fix – Ajax admin url fixed on windows servers.
  • Fix – Newsletter signup box location fixed when WP EasyCart menu item is high on list.
  • Fix – Removed unnecessary options in the settings -> design area.
  • Fix – Calendar formatting fixed for multiple locales.


  • New Feature – Categories now allow search when adding products or removing products from that category.
  • New Feature – Added option to opt in for basic usage tracking to help improve the plugin.
  • Fix – Live shipping rate setup test added back to admin.
  • Fix – Double quotes in text fields causing issues on the display side.
  • Fix – Product import no longer updates the GUID for the link.
  • Fix – Google Merchant XML feed feature added back.
  • Fix – Stripe webhook help steps updated for new Stripe GUI.
  • Fix – VAT type switching issue fixed.


  • New Feature – Ability to duplicate an entire option set.
  • New Feature – Store items ‘slugs’ now controlled in the edit screen and no longer automatically update with the product title, preventing linking errors.
  • Improvement – Saving in master/details now shows processing and prevents double form submissions.
  • Improvement – Enabling/disabling a country also disables that countries states/provinces/counties/territories.
  • Improvement – Countries and states only show in tax setup if they are enabled.
  • Fix – Billing information save fixed.
  • Fix – PHP Notices and warnings that may have impacted some users have been corrected.
  • Fix – Renamed linking to select2 to make specific to WP EasyCart, preventing possible conflicts with WOO
  • Fix – $ and % now allowed in coupon codes.
  • Fix – Shortcode for product item with style 2 image now shows properly with new system.
  • Fix – Paging in the sub menus, sub sub menus, and option items was not linking properly.
  • Fix – Exporting products with carriage returns or quotes fixed.
  • Fix – Deleting of menus, sub menus, or sub sub menus now unlink the product to prevent data errors.
  • Fix – Basic Options should always be required.


  • Fix – Order details shipping information updated to clarify edit when no content exists.
  • Fix – Order customer notes fixed.
  • Fix – Order details customer information reorganized to make more sense.
  • Fix – Order details partial refund fix + display fix on refund.
  • Fix – Order details for file uploads has a link to the file.
  • Fix – Product description and specs between WP and apps with quotes conflict fixed.


  • Feature – Order Details panel completely redesigned for easier viewing and managing of orders.
  • Feature – First install offers a quick way to setup your email notifications.
  • Feature – Admin allows you to delete images now.
  • Fix – Shipping emailer was missing order id.
  • Fix – Added back remote app management options to the user role section.
  • Fix – Corrected wording on option items for having free shipping on specific option item selected.
  • Fix – Creating new user was showing email exists when it shouldn’t have.
  • Fix – Deleting gift cards fixed.
  • Fix – System now remembers your per page selection.
  • Fix – Added back global handling rate shipping option.
  • Fix – Upgrade panel shows the user they have the PRO plugin installed, but not activated, to prevent confusion.
  • Fix – Color jQuery added to improve usability when picking colors.


  • Fix – Realex payments fixed.
  • Fix – Admin on update product permalink fixed.
  • Fix – Admin product link to store fixed.
  • Fix – Admin product list filter by category fixed.
  • Fix – Shipping information and totals information moved to top of order.
  • Fix – Admin page title fixed to show subpage you are on rather than main page only.
  • Fix – Apostrophes within the admin were not being handled properly, fixed across all admin pages.
  • Fix – Model number extension setting was not saving.
  • Fix – Product details menu js move to head to fix some sites.
  • Fix – Missing Amazon S3 bucket locations added.
  • Fix – Admin product details product tags section added back.
  • Fix – Front end fixed when basic options added and advanced options set and added, it was showing both, which was incorrect.
  • Fix – Added missing Eway options.
  • Fix – Added missing payment express option.
  • Fix – Admin editing option item, image swatch box not does not disappear on load.
  • Fix – Admin product details, downloads section now shows proper download location (S3 or Own Server) on enabling.


  • Fix – Updating description or specifications when on text view of the editor was not saving.
  • Fix – Images for OG tags fixed for new system.
  • Fix – PHP 5.6.x installations did not support cal_days_in_month and removed and replaced with a custom, more compatible, function.
  • Fix – Export (orders, products, accounts, subscribers) functions fixed to match admin console formatting, better results with this.
  • Fix – Hooks missing from the order export added back into new admin.
  • Fix – Demo data install/uninstall issues resolved.
  • Fix – Print order and packing slip issues fixed.
  • Fix – Logo upload feature bug fixed.
  • Fix – Shipping information to save and email customer fixed and now emails admin a copy.
  • Fix – 2Checkout options added into V4
  • Fix – Square options added into V4
  • Fix – Product Exporter over 500 products bug fix.
  • Fix – Store status mysqli/mysqli bug fix.
  • Fix – Docs search from your dashboard now functions for V4.
  • Fix – Price, Weight, Percentage, Static methods all now include the shipping zone that was missing.
  • Fix – Static methods added back free shipping threshold and shipping order value.
  • Fix – USPS live rate codes were incorrect in the PRO plugin.
  • Fix – Live shipping rates were not handing override price and free threshold correctly.
  • Fix – Live shipping in PRO missing setup options.


  • New HTML based admin introduced! No more Flash needed! Update today.
  • New FREE version with PayPal Standard included.
  • All Lite and Standard licenses will automatically be upgraded to PRO.
  • PRO version now available for the EasyCart. Check it out today!
  • Fix – Made correction to allow PHP 5.2 and lower to function with the plugin.