Free Livestream – Live Video Streaming with Hapity


Broadcast your message with one-click video streaming across social media, direct from your own WordPress website.

  • One-click Broadcasting
    Instantly publish a free livestream from your site with just one-click. Getting set up should be the least of your worries, which is why you can install and enable the plugin, then start sharing your message with the world in under five minutes.
  • Free Video Hosting
    Hapity hosts your videos for you, for free, on its cloud storage: there’s no need to upgrade your WordPress hosting, and you won’t use up your bandwidth.
  • Reach Every Audience
    No more scheduling headaches! One-click enables you to post links to your live video streams to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Your Content. Your rules.
    When you live-stream directly from Facebook or Twitter, you don’t own the content you’ve generated. Hapity enables you to create video streaming from your own website while sharing across social media, so you keep ownership of everything you create. Hapity will even generate backups on your mobile device.

  • Five Minute Set Up
    Set up is fast and simple. Download the plugin, install and enable broadcasts, so you can focus on sharing your message with the world from the get go.

  • OBS Support is included now
    We have included open broadcast software integration with Hapity platform.

And did we mention Hapity offers you a free livestream? Your video streaming is handled at no cost.

Hapity includes:

  • One-click broadcasting
  • Stream directly from your site
  • You own all the content you livestream
  • Set up in less than five minutes
  • Simultaneous broadcasts across social media channels
  • Social media posts include inbound links back to your site
  • Automatically generated backups on mobile
  • Free video hosting: videos are all hosted on Hapity cloud servers at no extra charge.

Get the full instructions on how to install Hapity for WordPress here.


How to create your own free livestream with Hapity

  1. Create Your Free Hapity Account: To get started, create your free Hapity account. Go to the registration page and enter your desired login credentials. Or you can also sign in with Facebook or Twitter.

  2. Install and Activate your Free Hapity Plugin: The Hapity plugin is available for free, here on You can download using the link above, or install it directly from your WordPress dashboard. To do that, go to PluginsAdd New in your WordPress dashboard. Then, search for «Hapity» and click the Install Now button. Then, Activate.

  3. In order to connect your Hapity account to the plugin on your WordPress site, you’ll use something called an «Auth ID» to link the two together. To find your Auth ID, log in to your Hapity account and click on Settings in the top-right corner.

  4. Find and paste your Plugin ID: Then, scroll down and find the box for Plugin ID, which contains a long string of numbers and letters. Once you’ve copied the Plugin ID, go to your WordPress site’s dashboard and click on the Hapity option in your WordPress dashboard sidebar.

Then, paste the Plugin ID into the box labeled Enter Your Auth ID and click the Authenticate button. Once you activate the plugin, you should see a new set of options. By default, Hapity is Enabled as soon as you authenticate your Auth ID.

  1. Broadcast your first livestream: Now you’re ready to broadcast your first livestream!

Before you begin, you can give your broadcast an optional name and configure other basic options. If you want to automatically add your free livestream to your WordPress website, you should check the box for Embed into website.

You can share your broadcast before or after on social media by selecting the appropriate icons; the first time you use these, you’ll be asked to log in. You can also share on other platforms including email, SMS, and Whatsapp.

If using a mobile device, your broadcast will be saved onto your device (find this under Gallery on Android, and Photos on iPhone).


Do you have a demo of Hapity?

Yes, we do. You can find a demo of Hapity in action here.

Does it work on other content platforms?

Yes! Hapity is fully compatible with Drupal and Joomla.

How do I share videos to social media with Hapity?

You can share your broadcast before or after on Twitter and Facebook by selecting the appropriate icons; the first time you use these, you’ll be asked to log in.

How do I embed my Hapity free livestream into my WordPress website?

If you want to automatically add your live video stream to your WordPress website, you should first enable Hapity plugin from your WordPress dashboard, and then check the box for Embed into website just before broadcasting.

Which social media platforms support Hapity?

Share Hapity live video streams on Facebook and Twitter. You can also share on other platforms, including email, SMS, and Whatsapp.

Will I be charged extra for hosting videos with Hapity?

Livestreams and data are handled by Hapity servers, so there’s no need to worry about any additional charges for your website hosting. You own all the content you live video stream.

How do I create a backup of my live video stream?

If using a mobile device, your broadcast can be automatically saved onto your device (find this under Gallery on Android, and **Photos **on iPhone) by allowing Hapity access to photos.


18 de diciembre de 2021
does good, but extremely limited live free version to only 5GB data better to just use twitch, youtube or fb live - unlimited data and bandwidth - why such limits when it's on my own server and website ?
5 de enero de 2021
You get the account, download the plugin for WP, and then you're on your own. No Tutorials No help content No visual directions No Help at all Just a Microsoft Word Document and a few videos and how to create the account. And above all ... IT'S FLASH ??? WTF
7 de abril de 2020
Hapity plugin is very easy to set up and use, removes the hurdles of Live streaming and broadcasting. They offer great Support too. Great Work
7 de marzo de 2020
I thought it was interesting that the plugin description didn't mention anywhere what technology drives the embedded player. So I looked in the help section of their website and discovered it's a Flash player. There's even instructions on how to enable Flash in Chrome (which is pointless information because support will be permanently removed at the end of 2020 anyway). Until the player is converted to HTML5, I would not recommending wasting any time on this plugin.
25 de noviembre de 2018
As a blogger who frequently has spontaneous ideas, I find video as a convenient medium for me. Note that Hapity is my client, but I would never have a client on a product I don't love. It's so convenient for me to record a video on my phone wherever I happen to be and have a blog post on my site that is live and public. Of course, I have YouTube live, but that doesn't create a post for me on my WordPress site. Once I live broadcast and click end, this post is done. Hapity is a welcomed edition for my video marketing toolset.
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