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WP-Invoice 4.0 is the most popular and flexible plugin for WordPress that allows you to make your site accept payments. Complete e-commerce solutions out of the box. Flexible and extendable.

WP-Invoice lets WordPress blog owners send itemized invoices to their clients. Ideal for web developers, SEO consultants, general contractors, or anyone with a WordPress blog and clients to bill. The plugin ties into WP’s user management database to keep track of your clients and their information.

Once an invoice is created from the WP admin section, an email with a brief description and a unique link is sent to client. Clients follow the link to your blog’s special invoice page, view their invoice, and pay their bill using one of the available payment system. The control panel is very user-friendly and intuitive.

Credit card payments may be accepted via Authorize.net, PayPal, Interkassa (Eastern Europe), Stripe and 2Checkout. Subscriptions (Recurring Billing) implemented using Authorize.net ARB, PayPal Subscriptions, Stripe Subscriptions and 2Checkout Recurring Billing. More gateways available as Add-ons.

WP-Invoice on GitHub


  • Free Add-ons available.
  • WP-CRM Integration.
  • Brand new user interface for much improved invoicing filtering and searching.
  • Partial Payments with minimum amount.
  • Receipt Page with Invoice Log.
  • Per-defined Line Items.
  • Discount Line Items.
  • Custom Payment Entry, and administrative adjustments.
  • Customizable Invoice and Receipt Templates.
  • Create invoices from the WordPress control panel.
  • Pre-fill customer information using the WordPress user list.
  • Send invoice notifications to customers with a secured link back to the web-invoice.
  • Setup recurring billing using Authorize.net’s ARB (Automatic Recurring Billing) feature.
  • Force web-invoice pages to be viewed in SSL mode.
  • Archive old invoices.
  • Easily use old invoices as templates for new ones.
  • Dynamic and intuitive user interface.
  • Insert an “Invoice Lookup” form using PHP or WordPress shortcode anywhere.
  • Create users directly from WP-Invoice.
  • Customize billing settings per invoice.
  • Customize invoice notification email per invoice.
  • Invoice notification, reminder and receipt templates.
  • Export/Import Invoices (Power Tools Add-on).
  • Sales Visualization (Power Tools Add-on).

Payment Options

  • Authorize.net
  • PayPal
  • Interkassa (Eastern Europe)
  • Stripe
  • 2Checkout
  • PayPal Payments Pro (Add-on)
  • USAePay (Add-on)
  • Mijireh Checkout (Add-on)


  • Invoice Lookup widget allows you to add a simple invoice search form to a front-end. It will be accessible by your clients. Form accepts Invoice ID. Invoice page appears once correct Invoice ID submitted.
  • Invoice History widget allows your clients to see a list of their invoices on a front-end.

Accesos Directos

Shortcodes are replicating widgets doing the same.

  • [wp-invoice-lookup]
  • [wp-invoice-history]

Available Add-ons list

If you found the default functionality of WP-Invoice is not enough for your needs please take a look at the list of available Add ons

Single Page Checkout

The Single Page Checkout (SPC) Add-on for WP-Invoice makes it easy to create one-page-checkout forms that can accept a variety of different payment gateways, such as Authorize.net and PayPal.
More about Add-on

PDF Invoices and Receipts

PDF feature allows you to easily generate PDF versions of your invoices, receipts and quotes. A variety of settings makes it easy to configure PDF appearance.
More about Add-on


The Quotes feature let’s you automate your workflow by creating quotes and letting your clients ask questions regarding quotes directly on your website. Once a quote is approved, it is converted to an invoice with a single click.
More about Add-on

Power Tools

This Add-on allows you to export your invoices in the XML and JSON formats and import data from other WP-Invoice installations. Furthermore, it provides a graphic visualization of your sales, filtered by day, week or month.
More about Add-on


  • Add can add custom payments and charges
  • Insert pre-defined line items and discounts
  • Quickly view invoice status and progression
  • Easily filter and find invoices
  • Show invoice receipts and invoice history
  • Create notification e-mail templates
  • Create pre-defined line items
  • View 3 standard reports - collected vs uncollected invoices, 10 most valuable clients and top grossing line items


  1. Upload all the files into your wp-content/plugins directory, be sure to put them into a folder called “wp-invoice”
  2. Activate the plugin at the plugin administration page
  3. Follow set-up steps on main Invoice page
  4. To create your first invoice navigate to Invoice -> New Invoice, and select the user who will be the recipient.

Please see the wp-invoice plugin home page for details.

Preguntas frecuentes

WP-Invoice FAQ


Very nice

I`m testing other invoices plugins, but for now this is the best.

Worst Plugin Support ive had

Good Plugin, does what I need. However, had a few problems which I have asked questions around in support. The questions initially say that they are waiting for moderator approval... Most of my Questions then got deleted and didnt make it past moderator support. the one that did, did not get answered. Each of my questions, I took to Stackoverflow and got answers there relatively promptly.

Extremly poor support

Update Oct., 7 2018 Couldn't find any support form on homepage, so I used the request form for a paid service and I have got no induvidually answer on what I was asking. Although I paid for plugin Invoice PDF, didn't get any solution of the issues I had. For the past I did some German translations for this company, they treated me with nothing. I can't recommand this enterprise anymore and deleted all plugins I used on my site. --- Several times tried to contact the plugin support by their homepage and here. Did not get any solution for my issue I reported. But it's interesting that they offer a paid service by $70/h

I like it a lot

I like this product a lot. I have been using it for over a year now. I use it with the Single Page Checkout ($75), and the PDF plugins ($50). I think the program is near useless without these. Customers need a way to download and save invoices (thus the PDF plugin) and single page checkout allows you to do online commerce. The basic only allows you to send out the bill. So those cost money but it is a one time $125 charge and I like that. What I also like is that I can set it up to be HIPAA compliant and still use PayPal. I have designed the process to send just amounts to paypal while leaving out the specific order information. Clients can see the order in PayPal but are directed to my website to see the actual invoice for services performed. I like this. So if your are ok with some simple PHP it is easy to customize WP-Invoice to your needs. Usability Dynamics has also been somewhat helpful with questions I have had on the development side. What I do not like: I wish the documentation was more complete. I have had to dig to get clarification on parameters and how to use them. They tell us what the parameters are but provide minimal documentation on how they are used, and in most cases no examples. So from a developers perspective, I have had to dig through the code to try to figure out what in the world this or that parameter is supposed to do. I have emailed them with questions, 80% of the time I get an ok response. 20% of the time they ask if I want to purchase development time from them. So, that is frustrating. Please document better. What is also frustrating, there is no bulk send feature for invoice reminders and notices. Once a week I have to open every open account and tell each one to set up a notice and then send them all individually. That is time consuming. I would like a bulk send reminder option for all open invoices such as is available in PayPal. I miss that a lot. So, overall I give 4 stars. It would be 5 for me if the documentation was more complete and if there was a better system for notifications/reminders.
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  • Fixed warnings related to PHP 7.*
  • Added Support tab
  • Updated FR localization


  • PHP 7.2 Compatibility fixes.


  • Improved Spanish and added French localization
  • Fixed PHP 7.2 Warnings
  • Fixed Stripe Gateway – recurring invoice processing issue related to API Upgrade


  • Fixed calculation of invoice total paid amount.
  • Fixed unnecessary SQL query on every page.
  • Added Feedback form to plugin settings.


  • Improved JavaScript library enqueues to follow common conventions.
  • Updated jquery.maskedinput.js to newer version to fix a JavaScript bug.
  • Moved vendor JavaScript files into scripts/src/vendor.
  • Bundled Angular and jQuery libraries that were loading remotely into scripts/src/vendor.
  • Added object caching to common invoice lookups to reduce number of MySQL queries.
  • Removing extra and write-heavy methods.
  • Added sorting option for line items.
  • Added new feature of Future Publishing.
  • Added actions and filters for developers.
  • Added/Fixed compatibility with other plugins and add-ons.

Earlier versions

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