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WP Page Builder is a free drag and drop WordPress page builder to create websites easily. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just a beginner, you can build stunning websites independently with this frontend editor page builder. Create beautiful web pages effortlessly using the intuitive live page composer without coding in minutes. No design experience needed when creating with our WordPress page builder.

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WP Page Builder is a free and completely front-end based page builder with plenty of design options. Let’s explore the WP Page Builder features below.


  • Create beautiful, classy and pro websites
  • Superfast site development
  • Design your website independently
  • Drag-and-drop editor with live page building system
  • Absolutely no coding required
  • Perfect for any level of users
  • Responsive and mobile-optimized pages
  • Unlimited undo/redo options
  • Customize font styles and colors
  • Beautiful pre-designed templates
  • Built-in blocks
  • A bulk number of addons
  • WordPress widget support
  • Library to save custom blocks and addons
  • Beautifully designed shape dividers
  • Developer options
  • Perfect Parallax effect
  • Resizable columns for easier development
  • Flexible padding adjustment by dragging
  • Device-specific responsiveness settings
  • Create diverse row-column structures
  • Duplicate anything in one click
  • Enable or disable rows/columns/addons
  • Control column horizontal spacing (gutter)
  • Export and import pages
  • Build SEO friendly web pages
  • Insert nested rows into pages
  • CSS blend mode
  • Add custom CSS to pages


When you have the perfect page builder in hand, you can go beyond your imagination. WP Page Builder is such a web page builder plugin that empowers you to create a great website easily. There are lots of design elements such as built-in page layouts, shape dividers, design blocks and many more inside WP Page Builder. You can build a classy professional website with this page builder that can attract the maximum number of visitors.


WP Page Builder is so lightweight, thus takes remarkably less time than all other counterpart page builders to create a stunning and functional site. The plugin is well-coded in order to ensure as less run-time as possible. Therefore, it takes almost no time for a command to be executed while building web pages with it.


You don’t need to hire any designer or developer to build professional websites with our page builder. You can do it all by yourself. It saves you lot of money and time at the same time. Just use all available elements of WP Page Builder and capitalize the functionalities.


WP Page Builder enables you to edit your website on the frontend and see the output in real-time. You can use the ready-to-use elements, create simple to complex layouts, and bring different styles to a website easily with this page builder. It’s superbly easy to create and design pages or edit existing ones with this WordPress page builder’s drag and drop system.


When you have WP Page Builder, there is no need to write a single line of code. Any functionality or design you imagine, can be brought to your site with this rich website builder. The drag-and-drop editor of this WordPress page builder relieves you from writing codes because the required instruments are provided built-in. Just explore and build!


Anyone having a little familiarity with WordPress can build a full-fledged website easily with WP Page Builder. Weather you are just starting out with WordPress or an experienced professional developer, WP Page Builder comes in handy for everyone’s case with all necessary functionalities.


Layouts built with this web page builder plugin will fit into all sizes of devices. No matter how many rows and columns you take on a single page, it will have no issues with responsiveness. WP Page Builder ensures 100% responsive layouts and eye-catching look at the same time. Using the device-specific responsiveness controls, you can render the pages as on different devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones) while editing, and make necessary changes for the perfect responsiveness with our page builder.


The drag and drop page builder has the undo and redo options for any action you take. You can revert to the previous state of the modification and to the recently discarded one by just clicking on the undo and redo button inside the page builder. The drag and drop editor has been made simple for greater flexibility.


Style your website’s typography and modify the colors easily with WP Page Builder. Plenty of IcoFont and Font Awesome font icons are available to use with this WordPress page builder plugin. You can utilize any of the 340+ IcoFont line icons and 670+ Font Awesome icons on your site.


WP Page Builder makes it easier to work with columns and rows. You can resize a column by simply dragging the edge and give it your desired size. On rows, you can drag and set the padding easily without writing any figure in the row configuration fields. It’s surprisingly easy with WP Page Builder.


This frontend page builder for WordPress sites includes tons of stunningly designed ready-to-use page templates. Most importantly, they fit into the maximum categories of websites. So, with this page builder plugin, you are also relieved from creating your site from the scratch. You just need to choose the right pre-built template it and customize your way.


WP Page Builder not only helps you build and edit web pages easily, but also lets you use many predefined section elements. There’s a wide variety of readymade section elements in this web page builder to accelerate your site building process. Save time in designing sections just by dragging and dropping the readymade section elements of your choice!


To design your site with different elements like texts, titles, contact areas, feature boxes, pricing tables, images, icons, buttons, and many more, we have a rich collection of addons in WP Page Builder. All of the addons are described at the bottom of this page. You can simply drag & drop the addons on web pages then modify their look and feel with this page builder.


WP Page Builder comes at FREE of cost. Use this WordPress page builder on your website for free. Advanced features like predesigned templates, ready blocks, library system, device-wise responsive control, and a bulk number of addons don’t usually come at free. Utilize all of these cutting-edge features with many other functionalities.


Alongside using all of the exclusive elements of WP Page Builder, you can also place the WordPress widgets on the site with this page building tool. WP Page Builder keeps the door open for every possible opportunity for a successful web presence.


You can create custom sections, save them to the library, and re-use these sections anywhere on the site using the advaced page builder options. The library feature lets you create sections and save them in the “Section Library” of the WP Page Builder plugin in order to use in future. Each such single section can be used as many times as you want.


Having websites in any language is no more an issue as WP Page Builder has multilingual support. Reach global audience natively.


Bringing a different look to your website is easier with our Shape Divider in page builder. There are plenty of built-in shapes in WP Page Builder to design different sections of your web pages.


WP Page Builder has a whopping 28+ addons to empower you to build sites with versatile page/design elements. If you are a developer and want to use your own addons for any extra functionality/design, you can certainly do that with this web page builder plugin.

WP Page Builder comes with the following addons that let you add different page elements. Experience the infinite possibilities with them while building a site. Let’s take a look at the list.


  • Form: The Form addon gives you a convenient way to create and style your forms as you desire. It can set up any kind of forms without needing to install any additional plugin. Moreover, you can manage other form plugins (e.g. Contact Form 7, weForms, etc.) and enable reCAPTCHA with just a simple click.
  • Carousel: Build stunning hero sliders on your webpages with WP Page Builder. Design each slide with different elements (button, title, text, background image) and more.
  • Accordion: Place collapsible text contents using WP Page Builder Accordion addon.
  • Alert: Insert an alert box with title and alert text.
  • Animated Number: Use it to animate numbers on anywhere on the site.
  • Block Number: Need a text with block number? Do it with your desired style.
  • Post Grid: Display posts in grids defining the number of posts and styling the look.
  • Button: Design and place eye-catching buttons anywhere on the site.
  • Button Group: Create multiple buttons and style each of them individually.
  • Contact Form 7: Have a contact form on anywhere on your site.
  • Feature Box: Display engrossing features with titles, texts, and buttons.
  • Flip Box: Have a flip-box with logo, title, text and button, change flip option and style the look your way.
  • Heading: Use the Heading addon to give a title to anything anywhere on the site.
  • Icon: The plugin includes Font Awesome icons and 250+ icoFont line icons.
  • Image: Display images with titles and captions. Insert a link to the image if required.
  • Image Hover: Place images with hover effect.
  • Person: Have a profile of a person on the website with their name, image, and social media links.
  • Person Carousel: You can have multiple person-profiles on a single place with Person Carousel.
  • Pie Progress: Place a pie progress bar on the site with the Pie Progress addon and customize the look.
  • Progress Bar: Need to show a progress on a bar? WP Page Builder has an addon for that.
  • Pricing Table: Create and display the pricing table of your products with our Pricing Table addon easily.
  • Raw HTML: Insert HTML codes into the page.
  • Social Button: Show social media profiles in different buttons on the site.
  • SoundCloud: You can also add audio bits from SoundCloud.
  • Tab: Insert a tabbed content area with Tab addon.
  • Testimonial: Show what people think about your services anywhere on the site.
  • Testimonial Carousel: Show multiple testimonials on a single place with it.
  • Text Block: Insert text you need on the site and style it your way.
  • Video: Add YouTube or Vimeo videos to your webpage.
  • Video Popup: Placing a video on a popup is also possible with our Video Popup addon in WP Page Builder.


Alongside all the amazing benefits of the free version of this page builder, you will get 15+ premium layout bundles that include 83+ readymade page layouts in WP Page Builder Pro.

Anytime you need a web page builder tool on WordPress, Try WP Page Builder for the smoothest, fastest, and easiest site development experience. If you have any question, please drop us a query. We’ll reach you as soon as possible.

You may find the documentation here
Developer Documentation


  • Pricing Table Addon
  • Feature Box Addon
  • Addon List
  • Drag and Drop Blocks
  • Readymade Layout Packs
  • Heading Addon


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 5.6.0 or greater (PHP 7.1 or greater is recommended)
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater (MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended)

Automatic installation

The automatic installation is the easiest way to install any plugin in WordPress. You can perform an automatic installation of WP Page Builder by logging in to your WordPress dashboard, navigating to the “Plugins” menu and click on the “Add New” button.

This will open up a page showing all the available plugins in WordPress. In the search field, type WP Page Builder. The search result will show you our WP Page Builder plugin, you can then see the detailed info by clicking on “More Details” and to install just click on the “Install Now” button.

Manual installation

To install WP Page Builder manually, you need to download the plugin and upload it to your webserver via any FTP application.

The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.

Preguntas frecuentes

Can I use WP Page Builder with my existing WordPress theme?

Sure, you can use your existing WordPress theme with WP Page Builder.

Is WP Page Builder free?

Yes, it is free and always will be. Also, there is a Pro version with advanced features.

Is there a premium version?

The premium version comes with a bulk number of predesigned layouts and a wide range of ready blocks with priority support. Click here to check details.

Is WP Page Builder compatible with Custom Post Types?

Yes, it is compatible with Custom Post Types. You have to checkmark the post types on WP Page Builder settings.

Where can I get support?

You can post your queries on the support section of this plugin on WordPress plugin directory, or on the Themeum support forums.

Where can I report a bug?

If any bug is found, Please let us know by posting on the support section of this plugin on WordPress plugin directory or directly on our support forums: https://www.themeum.com/support/ 🙂


mayo 29, 2019
It did look promising but it only took me 5 minutes to find a problem with the software unfortunately. Inserting an Image inside a text box doesn't work as it won't let you upload the image - It will let you add the block but no opportunity to upload the image. Its a pretty obvious function that even a 10 year old could discover in a few minutes - Not impressed with the level of testing.
mayo 10, 2019
I am not a web-developer, i own a small business, and have built my site myself. After struggling with a number of other PageBuilders (including the Big Names), i cam across this WP PageBuilder, and WOW - what a pleasure - it works like a charm, is super-quick and easy, and when i ran into a problem, their support was fantastic (even though i am not a Pro-user!), and they went out of their way to help me solve my issue! THIS is definitely the BEST of all the PageBuilders!!! Dont waste your time with the others!
abril 21, 2019
After several days of frustrations... Fahim Marshed went over and beyond to assist and resolved my issue promptly. I am a happy customer 🙂 Thank you sooooo much for your support!!! I will definitely continue to do business here!
febrero 9, 2019
Llevo usándolo desde hace unos días en pruebas y no falla. Muy fácil de usar y una gran cantidad de addons a su disposición. He probado otros y la cantidad de ajustes es tremenda. Asimismo es adaptable de manera diferenciada según el dispositivo, lo cual otros no hacen. Por ahora buen trabajo. No lo dejéis y seguid con su desarrollo.
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Registro de cambios

1.3.0 – July 15, 2019

Update: Title and Description Changed

1.2.0 – April 19, 2019

Fix: W3 Validation issue
Fix: Style Javascript issue
Fix: Spelling mistake issue
Fix: Form, Video, Pricing Table, Tab, Social Button, Feature Box, Progress Bar, Person Carousel, Image Hover, Flip Box addon issue

1.1.0 – March 21, 2019

Fixed: global form event.prevent issue in form addons
Improved: performance

1.0.9 – Feb 18, 2019

Fix: ClassList access from undefined variable

1.0.8 – 2018-12-06

New: Gutenberg support
Fix: Carousel button 2 issue
Fix: Opacity default Value issue
Fix: Animated heading issue
Fix: Title issue in core
Fix: Animated number prefix and suffix
Fix: Blend mode issue
Fix: Duplicate row issue

1.0.7 – 2018-11-14

New: Multiple shape, top bottom position and new shape added
New: CSS blend mode
New: Underlining added on typography field type
Fix: Background2 field removed totally
Fix: Slider navigation issue
Fix: Letter spacing negative added
Fix: Table addons hover CSS issue
Fix: GeneratePress theme support

1.0.6 – 2018-11-05

Fixed: Inner column settings issue

1.0.5 – 2018-11-01

Fixed: Container stretch row without gutter

1.0.4 – 2018-10-31

New: Repeatable inner repeatable support add
New: Fieldtype datetime added
New: CSS filter reset button added
Fix: Boxshadow inner column CSS issue
Fix: Background2 fieldtype remove

1.0.3 – 2018-10-11

New: CSS filter field type added
New: 100% translation ready
Fix : Border radius changed to dimension
Fix: Carousel shortcode issue
Fix: Empty tab issue
Fix: Box shadow issue

1.0.2 – 2018-10-02

  • New: PHP 5.4 support
  • Fix: Language issue
  • Fix: Frontend editor Google Fonts issue
  • Fix: Default addons text overlay issue
  • Fix: Editor full screen view issue
  • Fix: WP Mega Menu, Give & other popular plugin conflict issues
  • Fix: Inner row left, right padding issue
  • Fix: Inner row drug and drop issue
  • Fix: Form addon issue
  • Fix: A few UX and UI issues

1.0.1 – 2018-09-13

  • New: Direct links added to dashboard
  • New: Keyboard shortcut «Control + Z» to undo an action
  • New: Preview button added to page layout thumbs
  • Fix: Delete option removed from single column
  • Fix: Testimonial image size issue
  • Fix: Em changed by fraction issue
  • Fix: Feature box icon/img image position issue
  • Fix: Drag & Drop not working on inner row issue
  • Fix: Library section save issue

1.0.0 – 2018-09-01

  • New: Form addon
  • New: Carousel addon
  • New: Third-party block support
  • New: Third-party page layout support
  • New: Repeated field-type parameter
  • Fix: Multiple media-type selection issue
  • Fix: Pricing Table addon configuration issue
  • Fix: Color2 field-type conflict issue
  • Fix: Dimension field-type unit issue
  • Fix: Image addon configuration issue
  • Fix: Border field-type stability issue

1.0.0-beta2 – 2018-08-09

  • New: 5 predesigned page layouts
  • New: Image size for Post addon, [wppb-medium, w-600,h-450]
  • New: Responsive units (rem, percentage)
  • New: Discard alert for unsaved changes while closing the window
  • New: ‘Loading’ icon on the right side of the editor
  • Fix: Column gutter issue
  • Fix: Flipbox addon slide/fade issue
  • Fix: Inner row spacing issue
  • Fix: Image field-type position issue
  • Fix: Alignment field-type responsive issue
  • Fix: Background field-type issue
  • Fix: Inner row drag and drop, empty space issue
  • Fix: ‘Loading’ icon issue while importing a template

1.0.0-beta1 – 2018-08-02

  • Fixed addon autoload, initialize class

1.0.0-beta – 2018-08-01

  • Initial Release 🙂