Compiles .scss files on your wordpress install using ScssPhp. Includes settings page for configuring directories, error reporting, compiling options, and auto enqueuing.

The plugin only compiles when changes have been made to the scss files. Compiles are made to the matching css file, so disabling this plugin will not take down your stylesheets. In the instance where a matching css file does not exist yet, the plugin will create the appropriate css file in the css directory.

Get detailed instructions on github


  1. Subir el plugin al directorio de plugins
  2. Active plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure plugin options through settings page settings -> WP-SCSS.


¿Puedo usar en un tema hijo?

Si, absolutamente. Asegúrate de definir los directorios desde el directorio raíz de tu tema hijo, y que esté activado tu tema hijo. De lo contrario, verás un error con respecto a los directorios que faltan.

What version of PHP is required?

PHP 5.6 is required to run WP-SCSS

How do I @import subfiles

Puedes importar otros ficheros .scss dentro del directorio de ficheros y compilarlo en un solo fichero .css. Para hacerlo, use «@import» como normal en tu fichero .scss. Todos los nombres de ficheros importados deben comenzar con un guión bajo. De lo contrario, se compilarán en tu propio archivo css.

When importing in your scss file, you can leave off the underscore.

@import 'subfile';

¿Este plugin es compatible con Compass?

Currently there isn’t a way to fully support compass with a php compiler. If you want limited support, you can manually import the compass framework. You’ll need both the _compass.scss and compass directory.

compass / frameworks / compass / stylesheets /@import ‘compass’;`

Alternativamente, puedes incluir Bourbon de una forma similar.

¿Puedo usar sintaxis de SASS con este plugin?

Este plugin sólo funciona con formato .scss

No está actualizando mi CSS. ¿Qué está sucediendo?

¿Tienes errores implimiendo al frontend? Si no, compruebe el fichero de log en tu directorio scss. El fichero final de CSS no será actualizado si en tu/s fichero/s .sass contiene errores.

Asegúrate de que tus directorios estén correctamente definidos en la configuración. Las rutas se definen desde la raíz del tema.

Estoy teniendo otros problemas y necesito ayuda

Si estás teniendo problemas con este plugin, crea un reporte en GitHub, y haremos todo lo posible para ayudarte.


27 de diciembre de 2021
This plugin was used when our site was first built. The last update caused a critical failure which took out the site for a few days.
12 de diciembre de 2021
This plugin works exactly as advertised - the ability to auto-compile scss is invaluable. There are actually 2 enhancements that could be useful: 1. The base dir is limited to uploads (not a logical location), the wp-scss plugin (also not logical) and the current theme dir (most logical). I would personally prefer a separate dir under themes so that in the event that the theme is updated or switched, scss files are preserved. 2. Although there are plenty of workarounds, a pro version with a built-in scss editor/syntax checker would be enormously valuable - just make changes in the editor, save and view the changes... But, still it's a 5 star plugin...
11 de mayo de 2021
I continue have issues with this plugin. Every time we make an update to any page, I have to go back to the WP-CSS plugin settings and click "save" to rewrite whatever bug it has. This works to correct my staging and production environments, but my dev environment breaks every single time. The WP-SCSS plugin changes the code when the staging or prod environment gets copied to dev. Then it creates a critical error and won't allow me to overwrite it. I wish the developers would correct this issue and/or find a comparable alternative for us to use.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«WP-SCSS» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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¿Interesado en el desarrollo?

Revisa el código , echa un vistazo al repositorio SVN o suscríbete al registro de desarrollo por RSS.

Registro de cambios


  • Add ‘selected’ to wp_kses on select() shadoath



  • Fix params passed to wp_kses() shadoath


  • Add wp_kses() to echos with potential user input shadoath


  • Wrap check for WP_SCSS_ALWAYS_RECOMPILE with () niaccurshi




  • When enqueueing CSS files Defer to WordPress for URLs instead of trying to guess them. Change by mmcev106
  • Allow setting Base Directory to Parent theme folder. Shadoath


  • Enqueue CSS files using realpath function. Addition by mmcev106


  • Set source URL to be home_url(‘/’) not simply /. Issue found by realjjaveweb


  • Must declare global to use it for $base_compiling_folder.


  • Correction for enqueueing styles not defaulting to get_stylesheet_directory() Issue


  • Bug fixes after merging 2.0.2 and 2.1.0 defaults worked, but new options did not. Shadoath


  • Settings dropdown added for choosing additional base compile locations outside of current theme. Suggestion by pixeldesignstudio


  • Added option in settings to enable an ‘always recompile’ flag. Suggestion by bick


  • Bugfix to add filter for option_wpscss_options to remove Leafo if stored in DB. Thanks to kinky-org for pointing this out
  • Saving plugin settings will update DB with the correct value.



  • Create cache dir if it doesn’t exist [@XNBlank](https://github.com/ConnectThink/WP-SCSS/pull/135
  • Add cache dir as default @mhbapcc



  • Actualizado scssphp a la versión 0.7.5
  • Added source map @iannacone
  • Always define $wpscss_compiler in the global scope @jazbek


  • Updated scssphp to version 0.7.2 @hellerbenjamin
  • Eliminado método deprecado screen_icon()


  • Actualizado scssphp a la versión 0.6.6


  • Changed set version option to update if already exists


  • Fixed a bug where directory inputs were not getting sanitized @mmcev106
  • Made the missing directory warning also display if a specified path is a file @mmcev106
  • Added /vendor to .gitignore @mmcev106
  • Dont enqueue already enqueued stylesheets @bobbysmith007


  • Added filter to set variables via PHP @ohlle
  • Added option to minify CSS output @mndewitt


Various improvements from pull requests by @jbrains and @brainfork


  • Update scssphp to 0.0.12 – pull from #16 @GabrielGil


  • Upgraded scss.inc.php to version 0.0.10; via pull request from kirkhoff


  • Added option to only show errors to logged in users; via pull request from tolnem


  • Add suport for subfolders in scss directory


  • Hotfix for a accidental character


  • Added support for moved wp-content directories


  • Added error handling for file permissions issues
  • Changed error log to .log for auto updating errors


  • Initial Build