SEOPress es un potente plugin para optimizar tu SEO, disparar tu tráfico, mejorar el uso compartido de redes sociales, crear mapas HTML y XML personalizados del sitio, crear migas de pan personalizadas, añadir schemas / tipos de datos estructurados de Google, gestionar redirecciones 301 y mucho más.

No advertising, no footprints, white label, in backend AND frontend
Content analysis to help you write search-engine optimized content
Import your post and term metadatas from other plugins in 1 click

Buy SEOPress PRO: only $39 / year / unlimited sites

SEOPress Free Features

  • Installation wizard to quickly setup your site
  • Titles (with dyanmic variables: custom fields, terms taxonomie…)
  • Meta descriptions (with dynamic variables too)
  • Open Graph Data
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Google Analytics with downloads tracking, custom dimensions, ip anonymization, remarketing, demographics and interest reporting, cross-domain tracking…(GDPR compatibility)
  • Twitter Card
  • Canonical URL
  • Meta robots (noindex, nofollow, noodp, noimageindex, noarchive, nosnippet)
  • Build your custom XML Sitemap to improve search indexing.
  • Image XML Sitemaps to improve search indexing for Google Images.
  • Crea tu propio mapa del sitio HTML para mejorar la navegación a los visitantes y mejorar la indexación de los buscadores.
  • Link your social media accounts to your site.
  • Redirections in post, pages, custom post types
  • Remove stop words (english, french, spanish, german, italian, portuguese, swedish)
  • Remove /category/ in URLs
  • Remove ?replytocom to avoid duplicate content
  • Redirect attachment pages to post parent
  • Import / Export settings from site to site.
  • Import posts and terms metadata from Yoast SEO
  • W3C check
  • Análisis de contenido

SEOPress PRO: to go further with your SEO

  • Import metadatas (titles, open graph, robots…) from CSV file
  • Video XML Sitemap
  • Sugerencias de Google en el análisis de contenido
  • Google Structured Data types ( article, local business, FAQ, course, recipe, video, event, product, job, simple review
  • Esquemas automáticos
  • Breadcrumbs optimized with, A11Y ready
  • Google Analytics Stats in Dashboard
  • Google Local Business
  • Backlinks (required a Majestic paid account)
  • SEOPress BOT: scan all your links in content to find errors (eg: 404…)
  • WooCommerce: disable crawling on cart page, checkout page, customer account pages, add OG Price / OG Currency for better sharing and more
  • Easy Digital Downloads: add OG Price / OG Currency, remove EDD meta generator
  • Dublin Core
  • Custom Breadcrumbs for single post types
  • Google Page Speed
  • Google Analytics Events: track external links, downloads (PDF, DOCX…), affiliate links…
  • Robots.txt
  • Google News Sitemap
  • 404 Monitoring
  • Redirect 404 to homepage/custom url automatically with custom status code (301, 302, 307, 410 or 451)
  • Email notifications on 404
  • 301, 302 and 307 Redirections
  • Import redirections using CSV
  • Import redirections from Redirections plugin (via a JSON file)
  • htaccess
  • RSS

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  • Inglés (traducción profesional)
  • Francés (traducción profesional)
  • Español (traducción profesional)
  • Aleman (traducción profesional)
  • Holandés (traducción profesional)
  • Russian (professional translation)
  • Japanese (professional translation)
  • Hindi (professional translation)
  • Griego
  • Bulgarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Portugués brasileño
  • Vietnamita
  • Rumano
  • Árabe
  • Chino
  • Persa
  • Turco

SEOPress integrates seamlessly with popular e-commerce, translation, performance and analytics tools.

  • WPML
  • Polylang
  • MultilingualPress
  • Weglot
  • Elementor
  • Divi
  • WP-Rocket
  • WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Admin Columns PRO

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  • SEOPress Dashboard
  • Titles & Metas
  • Titles & Metas
  • Titles & Metas
  • Titles & Metas
  • Titles & Metas
  • XML Sitemap
  • XML Sitemap
  • XML Sitemap
  • Mapa del sitio HTML
  • Redes sociales
  • Redes sociales
  • Redes sociales
  • Redes sociales
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Advanced settings
  • Advanced settings
  • Advanced settings
  • Tools: Import / Export / Reset settings
  • SEOPress Bot : scan (PRO)
  • SEOPress Bot : settings (PRO)
  • License settings (PRO)
  • Google Local Business (PRO)
  • Dublin Core (PRO)
  • Structured Data Types (PRO)
  • Breadcrumbs (PRO)
  • WooCommerce (PRO)
  • Easy Digital Downloads (PRO)
  • Google Page Speed (PRO)
  • Robots.txt (PRO)
  • Google News Sitemap (PRO)
  • Monitoring 404 (PRO)
  • htaccess (PRO)
  • RSS (PRO)
  • Backlinks (PRO)
  • Reescritura de URL (PRO)
  • White Label (PRO)
  • Schemas (PRO)
  • Schemas (PRO)
  • Redirections (PRO)
  • Redirections (PRO)
  • Broken links (PRO)
  • SEO metabox
  • SEO metabox
  • SEO metabox
  • SEO metabox
  • SEO metabox
  • SEO metabox
  • Análisis de contenido metabox
  • Análisis de contenido metabox
  • Análisis de contenido metabox
  • Análisis de contenido metabox
  • Tipos de datos estructurados de Google (PRO)
  • Tipos de datos estructurados de Google (PRO)
  • Asistente de instalación
  • Asistente de instalación


  1. Upload ‘wp-seopress’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on SEOPress and apply settings.

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12 de octubre de 2019
I have been using Yoast but SEOpress is now my favorite. It is very friendly and the free version is more complete than Yoast free. I am thinking to buy SEOpress pro
4 de octubre de 2019
Support when you're using the free version is not friendly or helpful. Still giving 5 stars for the features and functionality though.
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  • NEW Custom taxonomy for automatic schemas (eg: Brand for product schema) – PRO
  • NEW Add image caption and title to XML Image Sitemaps
  • NEW Image sitemaps now support shortcodes (useful with DIVI page builder)
  • NEW Add %%post_content%% dynamic variable to get the post content / product description
  • NEW ‘seopress_titles_product_cat’ hook to filter product categories using %%wc_single_cat%%
  • NEW ‘seopress_titles_product_tag’ hook to filter product categories using %%wc_single_tag%%
  • NEW ‘seopress_titles_cat’ hook to filter product categories using %%post_category%%
  • NEW ‘seopress_titles_tag’ hook to filter product tags using %%post_tag%%
  • INFO Improve schemas rendering to avoid «}» missing error in Google Search Console
  • FIX UI – Hide Redirections tab in SEO > Tools if SEOPress PRO is not enabled
  • FIX new meta robots
  • FIX Call to undefined function is_product() in /wp-seopress-pro/inc/functions/options-woocommerce.php:8


  • NEW JobPosting schema (PRO)
  • NEW ‘seopress_metabox_seo_tabs’ hook to filter tabs in SEO metabox
  • NEW ‘seopress_schemas_auto_job_html’ hook to filter JobPosting global schema
  • NEW ‘seopress_schemas_job_html’ hook to filter JobPosting manual schema
  • NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_max_posts_per_sitemap’ hook to filter max posts per paginated sitemap
  • INFO GA: we now follow all external links, even if you have not defined an empty target attribute
  • INFO Performance optimization
  • INFO Improving security
  • INFO Improving the user experience


  • NEW Import metadata from CSV file: title, meta description, meta robots and more… (SEO > Tools > Data) – PRO
  • NEW Support the new Google meta robots (max-snippet:-1, max-image-preview:large, max-video-preview:-1), ON by default
  • INFO Improve translations
  • FIX %%current_pagination%% for first page
  • FIX robots.txt with Elementor didn’t load in specific configurations
  • FIX Outbound links count in content analysis
  • FIX Last separator for breadcrumbs with «seopress_pro_breadcrumbs_crumbs» hook


  • NEW XML Author sitemap
  • NEW ‘seopress_schemas_organization_html’ hook to filter Organization schema
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_titles’ hook to remove Titles and metas block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_xml_sitemap’ hook to remove Titles and metas block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_social’ hook to remove Social block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_google_analytics’ hook to remove Google Analytics block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_advanced’ hook to remove Advanced block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_woocommerce’ hook to remove WooCommerce block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_edd’ hook to remove Easy Digital Downloads block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_local_business’ hook to remove Local Business block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_dublin_core’ hook to remove Dublin Core block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_breadcrumbs’ hook to remove Breadcrumbs block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_schemas’ hook to remove Schemas block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_page_speed’ hook to remove Page Speed block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_robots’ hook to remove Robots block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_news’ hook to remove News block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_redirects’ hook to remove Redirects block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_bot’ hook to remove Bot (broken links) block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_backlinks’ hook to remove Backlinks block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_rewrite’ hook to remove Rewrite block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_htaccess’ hook to remove htaccess block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_rss’ hook to remove RSS block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_tools’ hook to remove Tools (Import / Export) block in SEO > Dashboard
  • NEW ‘seopress_remove_feature_license’ hook to remove License block in SEO > Dashboard
  • INFO Aria-label attribute in breadcrumbs is now translatable
  • INFO %%current_pagination%% is now set to 1 by default
  • FIX ‘seopress_sitemaps_html_pages_query’ hook to include $cpt_key parameter
  • FIX bounce rate with custom dimensions
  • FIX Hierarchical post types in HTML sitemap
  • FIX CSS bug in SEO dashboard with WordPress 5.2.3


  • NEW Add ‘seopress_bot_query’ hook to filter the broken links checker query
  • INFO Relevanssi users: posts marked as noindex are no longer indexed by default (Relevanssi 4.3.2 required)
  • INFO Updated Chart JS library
  • FIX primary category in XML sitemaps
  • FIX meta robots / canonical tags for static blog page
  • FIX Breadcrumbs with before / after HTML hooks (thanks to @wpchannel)


  • INFO Improve code quality
  • INFO Improve security
  • FIX Notice: Undefined index: seopress_backlinks_majestic_key
  • FIX Notice: Undefined index: seopress_robots_file
  • FIX Notice: Undefined index: seopress_rss_before_html
  • FIX Notice: Undefined index: seopress_rss_after_html
  • FIX Saving FAQ manual schema
  • FIX Saving Service description manual schema
  • FIX Saving Recipe ingredients manual schema
  • FIX Saving Recipe instructions manual schema
  • FIX Pixels counter color
  • FIX Some CSS
  • FIX map_meta_cap was called incorrectly. The post type seopress_404 is not registered, so it may not be reliable to check the capability «edit_post» against a post of that type.
  • FIX Undefined variable in installation wizard

  • FIX Video duration for manual edit (automatic schema)
  • FIX Notice: Undefined variable: seopress_excerpt_length
  • FIX undefined ‘post_author’ variable if no posts in author archive
  • FIX %%post_author%% and %%author_bio%% variables
  • FIX Redirections with HTML entities


  • NEW Add custom manual / automatic schema with dynamic variables (PRO)
  • NEW Add custom tracking code after opening body tag like Google Tag Manager 🍾
  • NEW Add meta name «thumbnail» option in SEO > Titles and metas > Single post types to display post thumbnail in Google Custom Search (eg:
  • NEW Add FAQ global schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘keywords’ for Recipe schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘recipeCuisine’ for Recipe schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘recipeIngredient’ for Recipe schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘recipeInstructions’ for Recipe schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘BlogPosting’ for Article schema (PRO)
  • NEW ‘seopress_schemas_auto_faq_html’ hook to filter FAQ global schema
  • NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_single_img’ hook to add custom fields to XML image sitemaps
  • NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_html_pages_depth_query’ hook to filter depth for hierarchical contents in HTML sitemap
  • NEW ‘seopress_custom_body_tracking’ hook to filter custom body tracking
  • NEW ‘seopress_titles_template_variables_array’ && ‘seopress_titles_template_replace_array’ hook to filter dynamic variables for title tag / meta description
  • NEW Add keywords density to content analysis to help you avoid keyword stuffing
  • NEW Add outbound links to content analysis (in links tab)
  • INFO WP-Rocket now automatically detect our XML sitemaps (WP-Rocket 3.3.7 required)
  • INFO Add quick button separator for title fields
  • INFO You can now disable BOT / Broken links checker from the SEO dashboard (admin bar, menu page and post type)
  • INFO Improve content analysis by removing empty target keywords
  • INFO Remove Alexa Rank feature (the API is no longer provided for free by Amazon)
  • INFO Translate Google Analytics UA option field with WPML / Polylang
  • INFO Automatic schemas tab is now the default one in Structured Data Types metabox
  • INFO Checks if the redirects feature is active before importing redirects
  • FIX Some translation strings / localize strings
  • FIX wpml-config.xml file, WPML / Polylang users can now translate Archives title and meta description (eg: shop page)
  • FIX Recipe schema: cooking time / calories / yield / total time
  • FIX Custom tracking code in head
  • FIX Remove Website schema if nositelinkssearchbox option is ON

  • FIX s(…).tabs is not a function in seopress-cookies.min.js


  • INFO PHP 5.6 is now the minimum requirement
  • INFO Small performance improvements
  • INFO Refactoring some JS files (drastic weight reduction)
  • INFO Support %%title%% dynamic variable (alias of %%post_title%%’) in title / meta description
  • INFO Remove query strings for social sharing and image XML sitemaps
  • FIX Canonical placeholder value in SEO metabox for terms taxonomy
  • FIX Undefined variable: html
  • FIX Breadcrumbs shortcode
  • FIX Fatal error SEOPRESS_Language_Packs
  • FIX Notice array to string conversion
  • FIX Saving image fields for automatic schemas


  • NEW Using the pixel to calculate the length of title / meta description (beta)
  • NEW All translations are now maintained on TranslationsPress
  • NEW Remove static Shop page defined in WooCommerce settings from Breadcrumbs (PRO)
  • NEW Google Ads (SEO > Google Analytics > Tracking tab)
  • NEW Import redirects from Yoast Premium (PRO)
  • NEW Service schema (automatic and manual – PRO)
  • NEW «seopress_metaboxe_term_seo_priority» hook to filter SEO metabox priority in terms taxonomy
  • NEW «seopress_gtag_ua» hook to filter Google UA tag + features
  • NEW «seopress_gtag_ads» hook to filter Google Ads tag
  • NEW «seopress_pro_breadcrumbs_crumbs» hook to filter crumbs for breadcrumbs
  • NEW «seopress_sitemaps_html_cpt» hook to filter post types for HTML sitemap
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_auto_service_html’ hook to filter automatic service schema (PRO)
  • INFO Refactoring broken links checker feature (PRO)
  • INFO Remove stop words feature
  • INFO JSON-LD breadcrumbs is now automatically called in the head of your document (if enabled). No longer need to manually add the function in your theme.
  • INFO Improve UI for License page / displaying license error
  • INFO Improve UI for Tools page
  • INFO Improve CSS for Schemas
  • INFO Improve SEO metabox UI for term taxonomy
  • INFO Improve Content Analysis metabox UI
  • INFO Removal of the version number in the header of the SEO dashboard (too confusing)
  • INFO Significant performance improvement for Google Analytics widget in Dashboard
  • INFO Improve select values for automatic schemas
  • INFO Better Admin Columns PRO integration (thanks Stefan from ACPRO team @admincolumns)
  • INFO Minify some JS files to slightly improve performance
  • INFO Remove 100 CSS lines in seopress-pro.css
  • FIX Social meta tags for Shop Page (WooCommerce)
  • FIX Some translation strings
  • FIX Add a check to avoid displaying empty automatic schemas
  • FIX White Label: Remove SEOPress admin header
  • FIX SEO metabox position for term taxonomy is now using the setting defined in SEO > Advanced
  • FIX Undefined variable: article_img_height for article schema
  • FIX Undefined variable: article_img_width for article schema
  • FIX Redirections category filtering in backend
  • FIX JS error ctx is not defined when configuring Google Analytics widget in Dashboard
  • FIX Notice Only variables should be passed by reference in Import tool page
  • FIX CSS position sticky with Safari
  • FIX CSS for FAQ schema (Structured data types metabox)
  • FIX Display the searched keyword in the breadcrumb
  • FIX HTML Entities decode in placeholders for SEO metabox
  • FIX Product Global Identifiers type and value for manual Product schema
  • FIX Using WooCommerce product metas with automatic schemas
  • FIX Broken link checker percentage of completion
  • FIX Strip HTML comments in title / schemas (especially those of Gutenberg)


  • NEW Installation wizard!
  • NEW Import redirects from Redirections plugin
  • NEW Display and automatically accept the user‘s consent on page load (not fully GDPR) for Google Analytics
  • INFO Compatibility with LifterLMS plugin
  • INFO Improve redirections export to CSV
  • FIX Import/export redirects tool for query param
  • FIX Links in SEO Tools
  • FIX Post type archive link if no posts page set in Settings > Reading for HTML sitemap


  • NEW Add 23 LocalBusiness types
  • FIX Sitemap for subdirectory installs
  • FIX get_home_url() with WPML


  • NEW Rank Math importer
  • FIX Notice in HTML sitemap
  • FIX Fatal Error with manual Product Schema if Brand isn’t defined


  • FIX Fatal errors
  • FIX Strings translation


  • NEW brand field for Product Schema (PRO)
  • NEW aggregateRating for Product Schema (PRO)
  • NEW review for Product Schema (PRO)
  • NEW global identifiers field for Product Schema (PRO)
  • NEW SKU field for Product Schema (PRO)
  • NEW priceValidUntil field for Product Schema (PRO)
  • NEW URL for Product Schema (PRO)
  • NEW Remove default JSON-LD structured data (WooCommerce 3+, PRO)
  • NEW ‘seopress_ga_dashboard_widget_cap’ hook to filter Google Analytics dashboard widget capability (PRO)
  • INFO Small performance improvements
  • INFO Add default values for Product schema if empty fields (for manual and automatic)
  • INFO Google Analytics dashboard widget is now only visible for users with «edit_dashboard» capability (PRO)
  • FIX Page Speed screenshots (PRO)
  • FIX Notices in Page Speed analysis (PRO)
  • FIX Esc_attr for term taxonomies
  • FIX Revert itemscope attribute in Breadcrumbs (it’s not possible to be valid both in W3C and in Google Structured Data test tool, PRO)


  • NEW Add ‘seopress_dublin_core_language’ hook to filter Dublin Core language
  • FIX itemscope attribute in Breadcrumbs
  • FIX Conflict between SEO and Schemas metboxes
  • FIX XML sitemaps compatibility with WPML (double slash, prefix in URLs…)


  • INFO Block Ahrefs bot in 1 click (SEO > PRO > robots.txt)
  • FIX robots.txt save in multisite setup
  • FIX Title in Content Analysis
  • FIX CSS typo


  • NEW Add %%sku%% dynamic variable (thanks to Necdet Emre Ozpalamutcu)
  • INFO Improve content analysis by adding nositelinkssearchbox detection
  • INFO Refactoring some JS files
  • INFO Improve UI in redirections edit screen
  • INFO Improve UI in Social pages
  • INFO Display page post type first in HTML sitemap page
  • INFO Display post type archive link in HTML sitemap if available
  • FIX XML Product category sitemaps with latest version of WooCommerce
  • FIX Content analysis if target keywords field empty
  • FIX Undefined index: seopress_analysis_target_kw
  • FIX noimageindex meta tags detection in content analysis
  • FIX Google Optimize if empty
  • FIX CSS conflicts with WooCommerce / Easy Digital Downloads


  • NEW WP 5.2 compatibility
  • NEW Automatic schemas for your posts, pages, post types: article, local business, course, recipe, video, event, product, review (SEO > PRO > Structured Data Types)! (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_auto_article_html’ hook to filter automatic article schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_auto_lb_html’ hook to filter automatic local business schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_auto_course_html’ hook to filter automatic course schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_auto_recipe_html’ hook to filter automatic recipe schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_auto_video_html’ hook to filter automatic video schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_auto_event_html’ hook to filter automatic event schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_auto_product_html’ hook to filter automatic product schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_auto_review_html’ hook to filter automatic review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_article_html’ hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_lb_html’ hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_faq_html’ hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_course_html’ hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_recipe_html’ hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_video_html’ hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_event_html’ hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_product_html’ hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_schemas_review_html’ hook to filter manual review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_titles_article_published_time’ hook to filter article published time meta
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_titles_article_modified_time’ hook to filter article published time meta
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_titles_og_updated_time’ hook to filter article published time meta
  • NEW Add additional tracking code like Facebook Pixel, Hotjar… from SEO > Analytics > Tracking (PRO)
  • NEW Add seopress_gtag_after_additional_tracking_html hook to filter custom tracking
  • NEW White label: remove SEOPress icons on the right in header (changelog, YouTube, Twitter…) – (PRO)
  • NEW Add SEOPRESS_WL_ICONS_HEADER define to remove SEOPress icons
  • INFO WordPress 4.6 is now the minimum recommended version
  • INFO Removing multiple references to SEOPress to improve the white label
  • FIX White label for subsites in a multisite setup
  • FIX TotalTime for recipe schema
  • FIX Remove /category/ in content (thanks to Udo Telaar)! Flush your permalinks!


  • NEW Automatically set the image Title based on filename
  • NEW Automatically set the image Alt text based on filename
  • NEW Automatically set the image Caption based on filename
  • NEW Automatically set the image Description based on filename
  • NEW Redirect attachment pages to the file URL
  • NEW Query parameters of redirections (exact match, exclude all parameters, exclude all parameters and passed them to the redirection)
  • NEW Google Optimize
  • INFO Show content analysis tab even if there is no target keyword entered
  • FIX Escape attribute on custom field dynamic variable (thanks @wpchannel)
  • FIX Word count for Themify builder plugin


  • FIX Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context


  • NEW Paginated XML Sitemaps (NGINX USERS READ THIS PLEASE: you must update your nginx configuration file. More info here:
  • NEW Add categories for redirects (PRO)
  • FIX Redirects with parameters in specific cases
  • FIX CSS admin body class

  • FIX CSS admin body class


  • INFO Update updater
  • FIX The link has expired with very specific configurations
  • FIX Can’t save PRO options with some configurations
  • FIX PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in options-redirections.php on line 18
  • FIX CSS admin body class hook


  • NEW Support Redirects with parameters (PRO)
  • NEW Add Argentina Peso currency (PRO)
  • NEW White label settings + Multisite (PRO)
  • INFO Improve Content Analysis UX/UI if no target keywords
  • INFO Improve UI in Permalink settings page
  • FIX Test redirection link and Test your URL button (PRO)
  • FIX Notice Trying to get property ‘ID’ of non-object in wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress/inc/functions/options-titles-metas.php:439
  • FIX Notice Trying to get property ‘ID’ of non-object in wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress/inc/functions/options-titles-metas.php:807

  • FIX Content Analysis for non UTF-8 characters
  • FIX H1 count for Content Analysis
  • FIX Content Analysis for Images and links detection

  • FIX SSL verification for Content Analysis / Snippet Preview!
  • FIX a problem with cookies that prevented the generation of Snippet Preview / Content Analysis


  • NEW Add seopress_category_rewrite_rules hook to filter rewrite rules for category taxonomy
  • INFO Content analysis is now working with draft / pending review / published posts
  • FIX Date Picker CSS conflict
  • FIX WP Editor in term description


  • NEW Content analysis for all page builders / themes
  • NEW Add Turkish language
  • INFO Improve CSS
  • FIX Security


  • NEW WP 5.1 compatibility
  • NEW German language updated by WP Translations
  • NEW Select a primary category for post permalink
  • NEW WooCommerce dynamic variables for title / meta desc: price with taxes (%%wc_single_price%%), price without taxes (%%wc_single_price_exc_tax%%)
  • INFO Better URL encoding for canonical / dc.relation / dc.source / og.url
  • INFO Add is_wp_error checks for custom taxonomy in title tag
  • FIX Canonical URL for old permalink
  • FIX redirects with + sign
  • FIX CSS in Tools blocking buttons
  • FIX og:image:alt esc_attr

  • FIX Remove Google +


  • NEW Remove the advice if None schema selected option in SEO > Advanced > Appearance (PRO)
  • INFO Add new notification in SEO > Dashboard about 404 cleaning
  • INFO Improve UI/UX for License page / XML Sitemaps
  • INFO Improve UI when clicking Import / Export redirects buttons
  • INFO Google Analytics links to documentation updated
  • INFO Google Suggestions is now localized to your country (PRO)
  • FIX Warning Invalid argument supplied for foreach() when using filters to remove metaboxes (thanks to John Buchanan)
  • FIX Remove Blog page for Tags / Categories option
  • FIX Cross domains tracking if multiple domains
  • FIX OG:type video.other
  • FIX Import SEOPress Google Analytics settings (thanks to @wpchannel)
  • FIX Permalink encoding in Google Snippet Preview / XML Sitemaps (thanks to Tsika Boom)
  • FIX Compatibility with WPML and e-commerce features for XML sitemaps
  • FIX Tribe events for XML Sitemaps
  • FIX Reset License button
  • FIX Compatibility with WPML/Events Calendar/HTML sitemap


  • NEW Add ‘seopress_sitemaps_html_cat_query’ filter to HTML sitemap
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_sitemaps_html_pages_query’ filter to HTML sitemap
  • NEW Add menu_order option for HTML sitemap
  • NEW Remove static Posts page defined in WordPress Reading settings from Breadcrumbs (PRO)
  • NEW Enhanced Google Analytics Dashboard widget (PRO)
  • NEW Add 92 Types for Local Business schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_rgpd_full_message’ filter for user consent message (PRO)
  • NEW Add Persian language
  • INFO HTML sitemap now lists your content hierarchically if the custom post type is (eg: Pages).
  • INFO A11Y for cookie bar
  • INFO Update of the logo for 404 email notification
  • FIX Shortcode for user consent message if privacy page not available
  • FIX 404 filter in post type list
  • FIX Encoding for tags and categories in Video XML sitemap
  • FIX Import / export Redirections
  • FIX SEOPress icon font


  • INFO Allow rel attribute in RSS feeds
  • INFO Improve license notification
  • FIX Multisite: metaboxes did not show up if super_admin user role
  • FIX Google News Sitemap (news:title encoding)
  • FIX Count words column (was displaying unique words instead of words)
  • FIX Warning invalid argument for Page Speed


  • INFO Add admin notice for License / automatic update (PRO)
  • INFO Password posts are now excluded by default from XML Sitemaps
  • FIX Video / Image sitemaps
  • FIX SEO tools URLs
  • FIX Notice: do_shortcode_tag was called incorrectly in XML Sitemaps
  • FIX Progress-bar CSS conflict with WPML
  • FIX PHP Warning: htmlspecialchars(): charset ‘UTF-8;’ not supported, assuming utf-8 (to fix bad server PHP configuration)


  • FIX Notice: Undefined variable: seopress_social_og_thumb


  • NEW Add og:image:width, og:image:height, og:image:alt and og:image:secure_url for better social sharing
  • FIX Notice $is_block_editor


  • FIX Support non unicode characters and accents in Redirections


  • NEW Add Ukrainian hryvnia currency (PRO)
  • INFO Improvement of UI
  • FIX Rollback for executing shortcode in meta description: replace do_shortcode by strip_shortcodes
  • FIX Display meta description only if not empty


  • NEW Add Simple Review schema (PRO)
  • NEW Update Google Page Speed to API Version 5 (PRO)
  • NEW Add Persan language (thanks to Dariush Ojabonian)
  • NEW Add separator button in SEO metabox
  • NEW Use [seopress_privacy_page] in Consent message for user tracking field to get Privacy Page URL dynamically
  • NEW Add og:locale:alternate with Polylang
  • NEW Add Target keywords quick edit from post type list
  • INFO Support DIVI / Elegant Theme Builder / Visual Composer / page builders using shortcodes for meta description / social / Image XML sitemaps… (🍾)
  • INFO User cookie bar A11Y / CSS / HTML improvements
  • INFO Improvement of notification for license activation
  • INFO Improvement of XML Image sitemap
  • INFO Improvement of import/export tool
  • INFO Update seopress-cookies.min.js
  • INFO Allow target (eg: _blank) attribute in consent message for user tracking textarea
  • INFO Phasing out jQuery dependency
  • INFO Update SEOPress webfont
  • INFO Add Validate my schema button for Structured Data Types metabox (PRO)
  • FIX PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function get_category_link(), 0 passed in /wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress-pro/inc/functions/options-breadcrumbs.php on line 488
  • FIX Increase timeout to generate Google Snippet Preview (5 to 15 seconds), useful on slow server
  • FIX Stop words now only applied when post is published, not updated
  • FIX Stop words and Polylang conflict
  • FIX User consent message bar with caching plugins
  • FIX Quick edit in post types
  • FIX Bulk edit for custom post types
  • FIX Logo preview in Structured Data Types
  • FIX Words counter column in post type list
  • FIX Breadcrumbs with custom search URL (PRO)
  • FIX Breadcrumbs with default search URL
  • FIX Notice Trying to get property ‘labels’ of non-object
  • FIX Notice Trying to get property ‘name’ of non-object
  • FIX Notice undefined index ‘seopress_google_analytics_ua’
  • FIX Notice undefined index ‘seopress_google_analytics_opt_out_msg_ok’
  • FIX Notice undefined index ‘seopress_google_analytics_cross_domain’
  • FIX Notice undefined variable ‘seopress_local_business_type_option’


  • FIX Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen()


  • NEW Add hook ‘seopress_real_preview_remote’ to filter Google Snippet Preview remote request and allow htaccess/htpasswd
  • INFO Support maintenance plugin for Google Snippet Preview
  • FIX Gutenberg compatibility if Classic Editor activated


  • NEW Add Guternberg / WP 5.0 compatibility
  • INFO German translation updated (thanks to Nicola Stobbe)
  • INFO Support %%sitename%% (alias of %%sitetitle%%) in titles and description
  • FIX %%post_author%% dynamic variable in meta description
  • FIX CSS on Breadcrumbs
  • FIX Elementor compatibility when creating new single template


  • NEW Add ?replytocom option (SEO > Advanced settings)
  • NEW Add Business type option to Local Business Schema (PRO)
  • NEW Add «None» choice for Contact option (Knowledge Graph)
  • NEW Add Bulgarian lev currency to Product / Event data type (PRO)
  • INFO Add Help tab in Licence page
  • INFO Redirect URL is no longer needed if status code is set to 410 / 451
  • INFO Add 404, 410 and 451 redirects to filters in Redirections list
  • INFO Improve UI/UX
  • INFO Remove max limit to «Number of posts / pages / post types to scan»
  • FIX Remove WooCommerce pages from sitemap if noindex set in SEO > PRO > WooCommerce
  • FIX Video schema publisher logo
  • FIX Dutch translation string (thanks to Dirk)
  • FIX check if XML sitemaps feature on/off
  • FIX Add checks to Structured Data Types fields
  • FIX Words counter
  • FIX conflict with Google XML Sitemaps
  • FIX Undefined notice in admin.php line 177
  • FIX HTML sitemap with WPML
  • FIX article:author / article:publisher
  • FIX JSON-LD Breadcrumbs can now be used without HTML Breadcrumbs


  • NEW Add %%sep%% dynamic variable (custom separator)
  • NEW Add %%post_modified_date%% dynamic variable for meta title / desc
  • NEW Add meta property article:author and article:publisher for Open Graph
  • NEW Capture the user agent for 404 monitoring (PRO)
  • NEW Add itemCondition for Product schema (PRO)
  • INFO Improve UI
  • INFO Add option to disable Knowledge graph (select None in Person or organization field, in SEO > Social Networks)
  • FIX Snippet preview counters if no custom title / meta desc set
  • FIX WPML XML sitemap issue
  • FIX Breadcrumbs with WooCommerce
  • FIX Disable date archives


  • FIX Image sitemaps


  • NEW WPML officially supported (still one issue with duplicate sitemap)
  • NEW Polylang compatibility for translating options (site title, global titles / meta desc, google analytics user consent message…)
  • NEW The SEO Framework import tool
  • NEW Add Local Business schema on a per post basis (PRO)
  • NEW Add FAQ schema on a per post basis (PRO)
  • NEW Add orber/order by option for HTML Sitemap (SEO > XML / HTML Sitemap > HTML Sitemap)
  • NEW ‘seopress_404_exclude’ to filter 404 error creation
  • NEW Add 410 (gone) and 451 (Unavailable For Legal Reasons) redirections type
  • NEW Add Arabic language (thanks to Moqbel Bajri)
  • NEW Prevent Google to display a sitelinks searchbox in search results (nositelinkssearchbox)
  • NEW Remove Genesis SEO link in WP Admin Menu (SEO > Advanced > Appearance)
  • NEW Add Indonesian rupiah currency to Product / Event data type (PRO)
  • INFO Updating Google Analytics API source
  • INFO Better UI for meta robots
  • INFO Automatically exclude URLs starting with «wp-content/cache» from 404 monitoring
  • INFO Exclude base64 img from XML Sitemaps
  • INFO New notifications to detect already active SEO plugins to avoid conflicts
  • FIX Import tool (AIO, Yoast, The SEO Framework)
  • FIX XML Video sitemap
  • FIX dynamic variables in term titles / term description
  • FIX ‘seopress_breadcrumbs_after_html’ hook
  • FIX redirects
  • FIX Video and News sitemaps template_include
  • FIX First thumbnail from the_content for OG/Twitter img
  • FIX Couldn’t fetch XML sitemaps with the new Google Search Console
  • FIX Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /****/wp-content/plugins/wp-seopress/inc/admin/admin.php:3074)
  • FIX Avoid error 500 if mbstring PHP module is not installed, add fallback if not available


  • FIX Yoast/AIO import tool
  • FIX Updater! (PRO)


  • NEW All In One SEO importer
  • NEW JSON-LD for Breadcrumbs (PRO)
  • NEW Add German language (thanks to Nicola Stobbe)
  • NEW Add Greek language (thanks to Stratos Karavarakis)
  • NEW Add author biography tag for meta description
  • NEW Add seopress_404_cleaning_query hook to filter 404 cleaning query (PRO)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_rgpd_message’ hook to filter user consent message (RGPD)
  • NEW Add Valid from / Image / Description in Event data type (PRO)
  • NEW Add new types of Events for Structured Data types (PRO)
  • NEW Add Indian Rupee / Chilean Pesos / Vietnamese đồng currency to Product data type (PRO)
  • INFO Complete refactoring of the breadcrumb trail: more flexible, more efficient
  • INFO Add link to post type archive in SEO > Titles & metas > Archives (if has_archive is true)
  • INFO Remove Whois tool
  • INFO Change default ItemCondition from UsedCondition to NewCondition for Product schema (PRO)
  • INFO Improve Yoast importer tool
  • INFO Improve Google Snippet Preview UI
  • INFO Add date picker in Event data type to improve UX/UI (PRO)
  • INFO Improve Reset License action
  • INFO Improve UI
  • INFO Improve performance
  • FIX Undefined index: responseCode
  • FIX Post update messages if 404 monitoring is on
  • FIX Undefined variable: seopress_404_test
  • FIX 404 cleaning after 30 days (PRO)
  • FIX Ping Google manually link
  • FIX Disable News Sitemap if green toggle off
  • FIX Some strings translation / wrong text domain
  • FIX TechArticle selected value in admin
  • FIX Fixing updater / license «the link has expired»
  • FIX If default search parameter is empty, do not display quotes in breadcrumbs / meta title
  • FIX Calculation of title length / meta description for content analysis
  • FIX Use OG if no Twitter Cards
  • FIX OG/Twitter cards thumbnail if Your latest posts is set for homepage


  • NEW 404 monitoring will now automatically exclude crawlers (robots/spiders)
  • NEW Hide SEO tools option in SEOPress dashboard page
  • NEW Hide Useful links option in SEOPress dashboard page
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_404_bots’ hook to filter bots list
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_adminbar_icon’ hook to filter SEOPress icon in adminbar (White labeling)
  • NEW Add SEOPRESS_WL_ADMIN_HEADER define to remove SEOPress admin header (White labeling)
  • NEW Add SEOPRESS_WL_ADMIN_HEADER_LOGO define to change SEOPress logo in admin header (White labeling)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_content_analysis_content’ hook to filter the analyzed content (eg: adding custom fields, ACF fields…)
  • NEW Add ‘seopress_custom_tracking’ hook to add your custom tracking code (Facebook Pixel, Hotjar…) with user consent
  • NEW Breadcrumbs: add translation for homepage option
  • NEW Breadcrumbs: add translation for 404 error option
  • NEW Breadcrumbs: add translation for Search results option
  • NEW Breadcrumbs: add translation for No results option
  • INFO Improve UI / UX
  • INFO Improve CSS / JS registering
  • INFO Performances improvement
  • INFO A11Y for Breadcrumbs (remove title attr)
  • INFO Better microdata markup for Breadcrumbs
  • INFO Remove News keywords / genres / standout tag for News XML Sitemap to match new guidelines
  • INFO You can now delete «Your theme doesn’t use add_theme_support(‘title-tag’);» notice
  • INFO Add compatibility for Admin Columns > 4.3 (older versions of AC will stop working with SEOPress, please update)
  • INFO Improve content analysis
  • INFO Decrease meta description length to 160 characters
  • INFO Meta robots for articles and terms (noindex, nofollow, nosnippet, noodp, noarchive, noimageindex) are now precoched according to the global parameters.
  • FIX Change og:price:amount prefix to product
  • FIX Change og:price:currency prefix to product
  • FIX Event calendar compatibility with Breadcrumbs
  • FIX If Google News sitemap is off, Video tab doesn’t display in SEO metaboxe
  • FIX [seopress_breadcrumbs] shortcode to return instead of echo
  • FIX jQuery accordion error
  • FIX %%archive_date%% in title/meta desc
  • FIX Udpater

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