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WP SMS – Notificaciones SMS y MMS definitivas, 2FA, OTP e integraciones con WooCommerce, GravityForms y más

WP SMS – Notificaciones SMS y MMS definitivas, 2FA, OTP e integraciones con WooCommerce, GravityForms y más


La solución SMS más avanzada para WordPress

Send SMS from your WordPress site and integrate with over 300 gateways, such as Twilio, WhatsApp Business API, Clickatell, BulkSMS, and Plivo. Supports popular plugins like WooCommerce, GravityForms, and Ninja Forms. It also includes essential features like two-factor authentication (2FA) and one-time password (OTP) verification, customizable messaging buttons, and much more to enhance your site’s communication and security.

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You can also send SMS/MMS notifications to your subscribers, users, and WooCommerce customers about their orders, new posts, products, and more.

Características principales

  • Envía SMS/MMS: Envía SMS/MMS fácilmente desde tu sitio WordPress e intégralo con más de 300 pasarelas, como Twilio, Clickatell, BulkSMS y Plivo.
  • Recopilar números de móvil: Recopila números de teléfono durante el proceso de suscripción al boletín, utiliza números existentes de otros plugins o añade un nuevo campo de número de teléfono a WordPress.
  • Automated Notifications: Automatically send SMS messages to users and administrators in various situations, such as notifying authors when their posts are published.
  • Desuscripción del usuario: Proporciona una opción para que los usuarios puedan darse de baja de los mensajes SMS a través de un widget o una URL.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and OTP: Enhance security with two-factor authentication and one-time password verification.
  • Mobile Number Login: Enable users to log in using their mobile number if they forget their password.
  • Admin Alerts: Notify administrators about important events like new WordPress releases, new user registrations, or specific user logins.
  • Integraciones de formularios: Se integra perfectamente con formularios como Contact Form 7, Formidable y Forminator.
  • Integración con Zapier: Conecta con más de 5.000 aplicaciones a través de Integración con Zapier.
  • SMS Form Widgets: Proporciona widgets, bloques Gutenberg y shortcodes para mostrar un formulario de envío de SMS en tu sitio web.
  • Formulario de boletín SMS: Utiliza widgets, bloques Gutenberg y shortcodes para mostrar un formulario de suscripción al boletín SMS.
  • Support for Webhooks: Enhance functionality with webhook support.
  • Soporte WP REST API: Aprovecha WP REST API para integraciones avanzadas.
  • GDPR Compliance: Ensure compliance with GDPR regulations.
  • Importar/Exportar suscriptores: Importa y exporta fácilmente listas de suscriptores.
  • Botón de mensajería: Permite a los visitantes conectar con tu equipo directamente a través de las plataformas preferidas como SMS, WhatsApp o Telegram con un solo clic.
  • Maneja grandes volúmenes de SMS: Envía SMS de forma eficiente a un gran número de números de teléfono utilizando funciones asíncronas.
  • Ganchos y API extensibles: Utiliza ganchos y una API sencilla para ampliar la funcionalidad e integrarte con otras plataformas y plugins.


To use this plugin, you must have an account with one of our supported gateways. This plugin itself has zero cost for sending SMS.

Paquete Pro

With WP SMS Pro, you can integrate with more plugins and SMS gateways. WooCommerce mobile verification, order notifications, and user registration verification are all included in the Pro version.

Buy Pro Package

Pro Version Features

  • Compatibilidad con numerosas pasarelas: Admite más pasarelas SMS.
  • SMS/MMS programados: Programa mensajes SMS/MMS para enviarlos más tarde.
  • SMS/MMS periódicos: Configura mensajes SMS/MMS periódicos para actualizaciones regulares.
  • Acortador de URL: Acorta las URL de tus mensajes con Bitly.
  • Secure Login and Registration: Enable login and registration with SMS, OTP, and 2FA SMS.
  • Más integraciones: Se integra con WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, BuddyPress, GravityForms, QuForm, WP Job Manager, Awesome Support y Ultimate Members.
  • Compatibilidad con Bitly: Acorta fácilmente las URL en los mensajes SMS con Bitly.com.

Here are the other premium add-ons:

  • WooCommerce Pro: Adds advanced SMS functionality to your online store, including login, registration, password recovery, and checkout verification.
  • Two-way SMS: Receive SMS messages from subscribers and clients and manage them on your inbox.
  • Membership integrations: Enhance communication on your membership site with SMS notifications, integrating with popular membership plugins such as Paid Memberships Pro and Simple Membership.
  • Elementor: Add SMS notifications to your Elementor forms, sending messages to specific phone numbers when a form is submitted.
  • Fluent Integrations: Get SMS notifications with Fluent CRM, Fluent Forms, and Fluent Support.
  • Booking Integrations: SMS notifications with popular booking plugins such as BookingPress, WooCommerce Appointments, and Booking Calendar.


  • Send SMS Page
  • Send SMS Page: Receiver
  • Send SMS Page: Options
  • Bandeja de salida
  • Bandeja de entrada
  • Página de gestión de suscriptores
  • Login With SMS
  • SMS Subscriber Widget
  • SMS Stats Dashboard Widget
  • Email Notification: SMS Failed Delivery
  • Settings
  • Settings: Gateway Configuration
  • Settings: Advanced
  • Settings: OTP & 2FA
  • Settings: WooCommerce
  • Email Notification: SMS Stats
  • Send SMS form (Gutenberg block)
  • Message Button


Este plugin proporciona 2 bloques.

  • Subscribe
  • Send SMS


Installing the WP SMS plugin is similar to installing any other WordPress plugin, the simple way which is recommended is:

  1. Upload wp-sms to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activa el plugin a través del menú «Plugins» en WordPress
  3. To display the SMS newsletter form, go to Themes Widgets, and add a WP SMS Subscribe form.
  4. If you’re using the wp-sms-pro as well, don’t forget to enter your license key on Pro Pack General

If you need more information, please click here.


Who should use WP SMS?

A: WP SMS is ideal for WordPress site owners who want to enhance their communication with users, customers, and subscribers through SMS/MMS notifications. It’s perfect for businesses, bloggers, and e-commerce sites.

Is technical knowledge required to operate WP SMS?

A: No, WP SMS is designed to be user-friendly. You don’t need technical knowledge to set up and use the plugin. Detailed documentation and support are available to assist you with any questions.

Is WP SMS GDPR compliant?

A: Yes, WP SMS is GDPR compliant. It includes features to help you manage user data responsibly and in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Can I export data?

A: Yes, you can easily export your subscriber lists and other relevant data from the WP SMS plugin.

Is there Multi-Site support?

A: Yes, WP SMS supports WordPress Multi-Site.

What gateways are supported in the plugin?

A: WP SMS supports over 300 SMS gateways, including popular options like Twilio, Clickatell, BulkSMS, and Plivo. You can find the full list of supported gateways in our documentation.

Does WP SMS support bulk SMS sending for a large number of subscribers?

A: Yes, WP SMS can handle bulk SMS sending to a large number of subscribers efficiently using asynchronous functions to ensure reliable delivery.

What integrations does WP SMS offer?

A: WP SMS integrates with various popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, GravityForms, Contact Form 7, Formidable, BuddyPress, and many more. Additionally, it supports integration with Zapier for connecting to over 5,000 apps.

Can I have two-way communication with a customer?

A: Yes, with the WP SMS Two-Way add-on, you can receive SMS messages from subscribers or clients and manage incoming messages directly on your WordPress site.

How many SMS can I send?

A: The number of SMS you can send depends on your chosen SMS gateway and their respective plans. WP SMS itself does not limit the number of SMS you can send.

Can I send a text message under my company’s name?

A: Yes, WP SMS allows you to customize the sender ID, so you can send SMS messages under your company’s name, subject to the regulations of your chosen SMS gateway.

Can I use shortcodes in WP SMS?

A: Yes, WP SMS supports shortcodes, which you can use to easily add SMS subscription forms, send SMS forms, and other functionalities to your WordPress site.

What features are available in the WP SMS Pro version?

A: The WP SMS Pro version includes advanced features such as scheduled SMS/MMS sending, recurring SMS/MMS messages, URL shortening through Bitly, login and registration with SMS, OTP and 2FA, and integration with additional plugins like Easy Digital Downloads, BuddyPress, QuForm, WP Job Manager, Awesome Support, and Ultimate Members.

How does WP SMS integrate with WooCommerce?

A: WP SMS integrates with WooCommerce to provide SMS notifications for order updates, mobile verification during checkout, marketing campaigns, abandoned cart reminders, and shipping notifications.

Can I schedule SMS messages with WP SMS?

A: Yes, with WP SMS Pro, you can schedule SMS/MMS messages to be sent at a later time or set up recurring messages for regular updates.

How do I set up two-factor authentication (2FA) with WP SMS?

A: You can enable two-factor authentication (2FA) and one-time password (OTP) verification from the WP SMS settings. This adds an extra layer of security to your login process.

Is there support for webhooks and WP REST API?

R: Sí, WP SMS admite webhooks y WP REST API, lo que permite integraciones avanzadas y mejoras de funcionalidad.

What additional features do the premium add-ons offer?

A: Premium add-ons offer specialized features such as booking integrations, fluent integrations, Elementor form support, membership integrations and two-way SMS communication.

How can visitors connect with my team through the WP SMS plugin?

R: WP SMS incluye una función botón de mensajería que permite a los visitantes conectar con tu equipo directamente a través de las plataformas preferidas, como SMS, WhatsApp o Telegram, con un solo clic.


26 de febrero de 2024 3 respuestas
many thanks to the development and support team they worked hard and now i recommend everyone to buy this plugin but if your are looking for more features like 2way sms and custom sms it is not the right choice for you
13 de febrero de 2024 1 respuesta
Good plugin, tnx dev team. It would be good if there were facilities for styling, as well as translation or changing labels
25 de enero de 2024 1 respuesta
I purchased their pro plugins and they provide a good support until solve the problem. Thank you for the plugins and support.
18 de octubre de 2023 1 respuesta
support was able to troubleshoot and fix the problem I was having.
18 de octubre de 2023 1 respuesta
After writing a question to support, it took about an hour before the answer. The problem was solved, despite the fact that its solution, apparently, took a long time.
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Registro de cambios

v6.9.1 – 31.05.2024

  • New: Added variable %unsubscribe_url% in Subscriber Notification
  • Gateway: Updated Cellsynt SMS gateway
  • Improvement: Enhanced CSRF check in the unsubscribe URL for non-logged users
  • Improvement: Ensured compatibility of Opt-in SMS notification with WooCommerce’s new block-based checkout
  • Improvement: Improved mobile field handler compatibility with WooCommerce’s new block-based checkout
  • Improvement: Fixed and improved issues and styles of the mobile field international flag field
  • Improvement: Implemented minor enhancements

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