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Do you need a simple tool to know your website statistics? Do you need to represent these statistics? Are you caring about your users’ privacy while analyzing who are interested in your business or website? With WP Statistics you can know your website statistics without any need to send your users’ data anywhere. You can know how many people visit your personal or business website, where they’re coming from, what browsers and search engines they use, and which of your contents, categories, tags and users get more visits.

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Data Privacy

WP Statistics stores all data, including IP addresses, safely on your server. WP Statistics respects user privacy and is GDPR, CCPA compliant, as detailed on our GDPR, CCPA and cookie law compliant page. It anonymizes IPs, uses IP hashing with random daily Salt Mechanism for extra security, and follows Do Not Track (DNT) requests from browsers. This keeps user information private while giving you insights into your website traffic.


  • Anonymize IP to Better Privacy
  • Enhance IP Hashing with Random Daily Salt Mechanism
  • Respect for User Privacy with Do Not Track (DNT) Compliance
  • Registros de datos de visitantes, incluyendo la IP, el sitio de referencia, el navegador, el motor de búsqueda, el SO, el país y la ciudad
  • Gráficos y estadísticas visuales impresionantes
  • Visitor’s Country & City Recognition
  • El número de visitantes procedentes de cada motor de búsqueda
  • El número de referencias de cada sitio de referencia
  • Los 10 navegadores más comunes; Los 10 países con más visitantes; Las 10 páginas más visitadas; Los 10 sitios de referencia principales
  • Filtrado de impactos en base al tiempo
  • Estadísticas de contenidos en base a categorías, etiquetas y escritores
  • Widgets para mostrar estadísticas
  • Exportación de datos en formatos TSV, XML y CSV
  • Correos electrónicos con informes estadísticos
  • Statistical of pages with query strings and UTM parameters
  • [Premium] Data Plus
    • Link Tracker: Tracks clicks on outgoing links, offering insights into visitor engagement with external content.
    • Download Tracker: Observes which files are downloaded, providing clarity on content effectiveness.
  • [Premium] Informes más avanzados
  • Y mucha más información representada en gráficos junto con el filtrado de datos


Algunas características avanzadas son premium, lo que significa que necesita comprar extensiones adicionales para desbloquear esas características. ¡Puedes obtener extensiones premium aquí!


If you encounter any bug, please create an issue on GitHub where we can act upon them more efficiently. Since Github is not a support forum, just bugs are welcomed, and any other request will be closed.


  • Resumen
  • Estadísticas de navegadores
  • Países principales
  • Estadísticas de impactos
  • Páginas principales
  • Estadísticas de categorías
  • Estadísticas de referencia de motores de búsqueda
  • Últimas palabras de búsqueda
  • Widgets de escritorio
  • Widget de tema
  • Page Statistics Resumen
  • Link Tracker: Recent Clicks
  • Link Tracker: Top Clicks
  • Download Activity Tracker: Recent Downloads
  • Download Activity Tracker: Top Downloads


  1. Sube wp-statistics al directorio /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activa el plugin a través del menú «Plugins» en WordPress.
  3. Asegúrate de que la fecha y la hora están configurados correctamente en WordPress.
  4. Ve a la página de ajustes del plugin y configura según sea necesario (ten en cuenta que esto también incluirá la descarga de la base de datos GeoIP por primera vez).


¿Cumple el RGPD?

The greatest advantage of WP Statistics is that all the data is saved locally in WordPress.
This helps a lot while implementing the new GDPR restrictions; because it’s not necessary to create a data processing contract with an external company! Read more about WP Statistics compliance with GDPR.

Does WP Statistics support Multisite?

WP Statistics doesn’t officially support the multisite feature; however, it does have limited functionally associated with it and should function without any issue. However, no support is provided at this time.
Version 8.8 is the first release that can be installed, upgraded and removed correctly on multi-site. It also has some basic support for the network admin menu. This should not be taken as an indication that WP Statistics fully supports the multisite, but only should be considered as a very first step.

Does WP Statistics work with caching plugins?

Sí, la compatibilidad con caché se añadió en la versión 12.5.1

Si estás usando un plugin de cache:
* No olvides borrar la caché de tu plugin.
* Debes activar la opción de caché del plugin en la página de Ajustes.
* Asegúrate de que la siguiente variable está registrada en tu WordPress.

Para registrar, ve a la página Enlaces Permanentes y actualiza el enlace permanente pulsando Guardar cambios.

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre visitas y visitantes?

Las visitas son el número de accesos a páginas que ha recibido tu sitio.
Los visitantes son el número de usuarios únicos que han visitado tu sitio.
Las visitas siempre deben ser mayores que los visitantes (sin embargo, hay algunos casos en que esto no será cierto debido a las pocas visitas).
El número promedio de páginas que un visitante visita en tu sitio es visitas/visitantes.

¿Las ubicaciones de todos los visitantes están establecidas a ‘desconocido»?

Asegúrate de que has descargado la base de datos GeoIP y que el código GeoIP está activado.
Además, si estás ejecutando un sitio de prueba interno con direcciones IP no enrutables (como 192.168.x.x o 172.28.x.x o 10.x.x.x), estas direcciones se mostrarán siempre como ‘desconocidas’. Puedes definir una IP de ubicación para estas direcciones IP en el ajuste «Código de país para direcciones IP privadas».

Estoy usando otro plugin/servicio de estadísticas y obtengo diferentes estadísticas del mismo, ¿por qué?

Probablemente, cada plugin/servicio va a darte diferentes estadísticas sobre visitas y visitantes; Hay diversas razones para esto:

  • Detecciones de rastreadores web
  • Métodos de detección (JavaScript o PHP)
  • Exclusiones centralizadas

Services that use centralized databases for spam and robot detections , such as Google Analytics, have better detection than WP Statistics.

No todas las referencias se muestran en la lista de palabras de búsqueda, ¿por qué?

Las referencias de motores de búsqueda y palabras dependen mucho de que los motores de búsqueda nos proporcionen esa información. Desafortunadamente, no podemos hacer nada al respecto; informamos sobre todo lo que recibimos.

Does WP Statistics support the UTM parameters?

Yes, It does! WP Statistics logs all query strings in the URL such as UTM parameters.

PHP v8.0 Support?

WP Statistics is PHP 8.0 compliant.

¿Compatible con IPv6?

WP Statistics supports IPv6 as of version 11.0; however, PHP must be compiled with IPv6 support enabled; otherwise you may see warnings when a visitor from an IPv6 address hits your site.

Puedes comprobar si la compatibilidad con IPv6 está activada en PHP visitando la sección Optimización > Recursos/Información->Información de versión > IPv6 PHP activado.

Si IPv6 no está activado, puedes ver una advertencia como esta:

Warning: inet_pton() [function.inet-pton]: Unrecognized address 2003:0006:1507:5d71:6114:d8bd:80c2:1090

What 3rd party services does the plugin use?

IP location services are provided by data created by MaxMind, to detect the Visitor’s location (Country & City) the plugin downloads the GeoLite2 Database created by MaxMind on your server locally and use it.

Referrer spam blacklist is provided by Matomo, available from https://github.com/matomo-org/referrer-spam-blacklist


14 de marzo de 2024
Before the recent update, for example, a post which got nearly 900 views, is listed as having now only 180. That is not what an update is supposed to do. With every update the views go down, but the traffic on the server is actually increasing, as I can see it from the logs. WPStatistics, therefore, is no longer giving you the real data, but is manipulating that. Dont rely on it. In fact, uninstall it.
15 de febrero de 2024
Have been using this for a while now, maybe two years, and it has been great. I even have all of the add-ons and use most of them. Problem lately is the plugin is killing an extremely overpowered server. Not sure why. Finally had to nix the plugin, and viola! Server CPU and RAM went from 100% usage with 50 or 60 people on the site to 10%. I've reached out to the dev (v14.4.3 was my doing, nagging works) but only just. Doubt they can do anything and clearly large sites (250,000+ hits a month) aren't using this from the reviews. Site was bigger, then this issue started tanking traffic (before Google HCU in 2023) even after doubling my server size (extra $$$ I won't get back). Will update if I'm wrong about that. Just thought I'd share my experience with the plugin. For tech deets: Cloudways hosting on a 16GB Vultr server, PHP 8.2, MariaDB 10.5, varnish, Cloudflare Ent, Wordfence Pro, GeneratePress theme, WP Super Cache, and storing only last 30 days of stats (minimum allowed). Established site with little to no change year to year. This site should be sailing, and it does when this plugin is deactivated. Sadly. Loved it. Very useful and accurate enough to count on it (verified against GA4 and the money guys). Only support request got a quick answer and resolution. 5-star plugin for smaller sites, no question.
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Registro de cambios

14.6.3 – 18.04.2024

  • Fixes: Resolved SQL query issues while purging the table from optimization & getting the browsers count.
  • Fixes: Addressed the builder scripts problem to minify the tracker.js.
  • Fixes: Corrected deprecated jQuery event and resolved errors on the overview page.
  • Improvement: Changed the autoload setting for the dailySalt option to false to compatible with Cache plugins.
  • Improvement: Encoded search query parameter for more consistency in hit request.
  • Improvement: Enhanced visitor identification by flagging users as robots when browser and platform data are absent, improving accuracy of statistics.
  • Improvement: Enhanced performance by optimizing VisitorProfile handling in class Pages

See changelog for all versions.